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StarTiger - Browsing Category Home->Artist/Designer->Fine Artist , A-Z Filter: A
Browsing Category Home->Artist/Designer->Fine Artist , A-Z Filter: A
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  1. Norwegian Artist
  2. artist
  3. Artist, Wildlife & Nature Artist, does a lot of artwork featured on stamps
  4. Peformance Artist,Writer,Painter
  5. Sculptor born in 1930
  6. Artist
  7. Created the brand Off White and is one of the most famous designers in the world. He is also a DJ
  8. Artist
  9. Animator, artist. Worked for Disney in the 50s, then later with Hanna-Barbera, Looney Tunes, and other studios
  10. Artist
  11. Mexican comic colorist. He is usually credited simply as Aburtov, and is the founder of art studio Graphikslava. His other coloring credits have included Batman/Catwoman for D.C., Herc and Ultimate Thor for Marvel Comics, and G.I. Joe f
  12. Artist
  13. Artist
  14. Did album art for heavy metal album cover for the movie and probably a lot of other stuff for the magazine
  15. director, artist, author
  16. From L.A. Ink with Kat Von D
  17. Artist
  18. Artist
  19. Painter
  20. Artist for garbage pail kids cards
  21. Italian painter
  22. Italian painter and artist, is living in Paris, France
  23. American born painter; painted a series of paperback book covers for Agatha Christie in the 1960's-1970's
  24. American Painter and Illustrator.
  25. Sculptor
  26. The Walking Dead comic artist/Actor -Walking Dead Walker
  27. Actress - Grease 2, Eat Your Heart Out, Down The Shore, Say Anything; Voice Actress --Tinkerbell, Lucky on 101 Dalmatians: the series, Bobby on King of the Hill
  28. Artist
  29. Painter
  30. Wildlife Artist, Conservationist
  31. Artist
  32. Photographer
  33. Artist
  34. Tattoo Artist
  35. Artist
  36. Artist, Designer
  37. Artist
  38. Artist
  39. Storyboard Artist
  40. Artist
  41. Athabascan artist Rose Albert lives in Alaska's Iditarod country, where she works and once upon a time mushed as the first Alaska Native woman in The Last Great Race
  42. Artist; Has worked for Marvel, DC Comics, Warner Brothers, AMC, Nickelodeon, Disney, Coke, Cartoon Network, Sesame Street
  43. artist
  44. Peintre et graveur belge né en 1927
  45. Graphic Artist
  46. Storyboard Artist
  47. Kristin Allen  (2)
    Sketch Artist
  48. Artist
  49. Terry Allen  (5)
  50. Artist
  51. Artist
  52. German drawer
  53. Artist
  54. Disney storyboarder / artist
  55. Artist
  56. Artist
  57. Belgian artist, lives in Mexico City
  58. VP, Content & Char Development at Marvel. She also co-created Marvel's first solo series to feature a female Muslim superhero called Ms. Marvel
  59. Artist
  60. Choctaw bead artist, glass artist, painter, fashion designer, and performance artist, living north of Santa Fe, New Mexico. He is known for his highly realistic beadwork portraits
  61. Artist
  62. Artist
  63. Conceptual Artist, Designer, Engineer
  64. Actress and artist - The Dragon Prince, MLP:FiM
  65. South African Artist, Illustrator and Designer
  66. Artist
  67. Don Anderson  (2)
    Storyboard Artist
  68. MTG Artist
  69. Artist
  70. Artist
  71. Artist
  72. minimalist sculptor
  73. Co-creator of Ultimate Ninjago, Legends of Chima, NEXO Knights, and LEGO Ninjago
  74. American painter
  75. Sword Swallower
  76. Artist/Scupltor-Star Wars 1993 Chess Set
  77. Artist
  78. American Actress And Model- Movie -'Earth Girls Are Easy' (1988), 'Dangerous Love' (1988), 'Hardcase and Fist' (1989), 'Homer and Eddie' (1989), 'Malibu Beach Vampires' (1991), 'Flies on Cupid' (2000)
  79. Artist
  80. Canadian Artist and Social Activist. Member of the Order of Canada
  81. Artist provided the sketches in the film 40 Carats 1973 and did the covers of record albums by the Hampton Hawes Trio, The Banjo Kings & Lyle Murphy
  82. Artist
  83. Artist
  84. Cover artist- moody blues, days of future passed
  85. Artist
  86. Celebrity hairstylist; star of reality series
  87. Artist, Illustrator, Designer
  88. Artist
  89. Fantasy artist
  90. Artist
  91. Israeli industrial designer, artist, and architect. He designed The Design Museum Holon in Israel
  92. Artist
  93. Artist, Painter, Toy Design
  94. Artist
  95. MTG artist
  96. Israeli born painter, is now living in Paris, France
  97. Artist; graphic designer; illustrator
  98. Artist
  99. Swiss Artist
  100. Tattoo Artist
  101. Artist
  102. 3D Artists/Supervisor
  103. Painter
  104. Female Model, And Artist
  105. Artist
  106. Famous Spanish painter (living in Paris and in Madrid)
  107. Disney artist
  108. Tattoo model, bikini model, artist, welder
  109. Artist
  110. Spanish painter
  111. Head sculptor at Carlo's Bakery and appears on tv show 'Cake Boss'
  112. Artist, Painter
  113. Artist
  114. Female nowegian painter
  115. Artist, Toy Design
  116. Cheryl Austin  (2)
    Animator - Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers (video game)
  117. Artist
  118. Artist
  119. Artist
  120. Aka Elizabeth (Betty) Fitzgerald is a centenarian and a famous English portrait painter
  121. Artist. Painted the burning map seen in the opening of the tv show Bonanza
  122. Artist
  123. Artist and moviemaker