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Browsing Category Home->Artist/Designer->Illustrator , A-Z Filter: S
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  1. Author of the Septimus Heap series
  2. Artist; Illustrator
  3. Comic Book Artist
  4. American painter of Contemporary Figurative Fine Art. Works in the film industry as a Visual Concept Designer and Cinematic Artist. He is also in a select group of painters for Disney Fine Art
  5. Children's Author
  6. Star Wars artist
  7. Artist / Painter / Comics
  8. Artist for Red Sonja Comic
  9. Walt Disney Artist
  10. Comic Book Artist - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Dial H, American Vampire, Catwoman, Covergirl
  11. Effects Animator/Story Artist - Has worked at Disney, Dreamworks, Sony and currently works at Paramount
  12. Author and illustrator of the 2016 Ezra Jack Keats New Writer Honor winning book, The Bear Ate Your Sandwich, as well as Subway Story, and The Secret Place. Director/Producer of the award-winning short animated film, Call of the Wild
  13. comic artist,painter, cover art for 2 dio albums, killing the dragon and master of the moon
  14. Children's book author and illustrator. Painter
  15. Children's Author & Illustrator (published over 300 books, 300-Million sales worldwide)
  16. Comic book artist
  17. German Painter and Designer,Illustrator born 1955 in Mülheim, Germany
  18. Book Illustrator
  19. Cartoonist and illustrator for The Onion
  20. Illustrator
  21. German Book and Calenderarts, Painter, Poem, Photograph and Designer, known as the old Hansen, PeToSchu Born 05.03.1944 in Friedeck German, lives in Mülheim Germany,married has 2 children, got the organisation helping heart
  22. Artist and character designer for Disney Animation. Worked on Tangled, Princess and the Frog, Wreck It Ralph, Frozen, Moana, Frozen 2
  23. Children's author/illustrator
  24. Children's books author and illustrator. His most popular characters are Splat the Cat and Russell the Sheep. In 2013 his title Splat the Cat What was That? made The New York Times Best Seller List
  25. Scribe  (2)
    Artist, Painter, Illustrator, Toy Design
  26. Illustrator/Artist
  27. Colorist for Marvel comic titles such as ROM Spaceknight, Ghost Rider and Iron Man
  28. Illustrator
  29. Artist
  30. Illustrator
  31. Comic book illustrator
  32. French artist and cartoonist, does New York covers
  33. Illustrator
  34. Comic book illustrator
  35. David Shannon  (2)
    Children's book author and illustrator -- No David!, A Bad Case of Stripes, Duck on a Bike
  36. Comic colorist
  37. Artist and animator
  38. Comic book illustrator
  39. Children's Author
  40. Illustrator
  41. Artist for MTG
  42. WWII: 603rd Engineers Camouflage Division, 23rd Headquarters Special Troops, the 'Ghost Army'. Long and prominent career as an illustrator after the war, working for National Geographic, Life, Sports Illustrated, Smithsonian and NASA
  43. Animator
  44. Artist
  45. 2018 Topps Gallery artist
  46. Animator - Worked at Walt Disney Animation for 21 years from 1988-2009
  47. Toy package artist / MEGO star Trek, Micronauts and others
  48. Card Artist
  49. Russian Animator did 38 Parrots, The Scarlet Flower, The Snow Queen and other cartoons
  50. American ornithologist. He is the author and illustrator of The Sibley Guide to Birds
  51. Comic book artist, 'Elektra: Assassin', 'The New Mutants'
  52. Artist ,comic books the new yorker cover(dec 30 2019)
  53. Comic book illustrator
  54. Disney artist
  55. Children's Author
  56. Artist, Garbage pail kids, cereal killers
  57. Comic book artist
  58. Cartoonist comic book artist
  59. Penciler for hanna barbara
  60. Star trek artist
  61. Comic book artist
  62. Artist, Painter, Toy Designer
  63. Comic Book/ Illustrator
  64. Bob Smith  (4)
    Comic Book Inker and Artist - Archie Comic Strip
  65. Comic Book Artist
  66. aka Hydro74 (Artist)
  67. Lane Smith  (2)
  68. Owen Smith  (3)
  69. An American comic book writer, inker, and cover artist. Worked on many of the X-Men titles
  70. Artist and Toy Designer. Plush Series 'Shawnimals'
  71. Tom Smith  (9)
  72. Cartoonist 'Andy Capp'
  73. Artist, Painter, Illustrator, Toy Design (aka Anna Mullin)
  74. Children's Author
  75. Illustrator
  76. Artist trading cards and comics
  77. New York Times bestselling co-creator of the Ladybug Girl series with his wife Jacky Davis, as well as author and illustrator of Three Bears in a Boat and The Monster Next Door
  78. Creator of scooby doo, jabberjaw, josie and the pussycats
  79. illustrator writer (maus) pull. prize 92)
  80. children's author/illus. (noah's ark)
  81. Artist, Illustrator, born 1927. Did most of the background paintings for the Peanuts specials and films, back to A Charlie Brown Christmas. One of the last living animators to work on the Christmas and Great Pumpkin specials
  82. Illustrator
  83. Artist, Illustrator, Toy Design, Skateboard Design
  84. Comic Book Artist
  85. Author
  86. Artist, illustrator, Tattoos
  87. Animation Director/Artist/Layout Supervisor - Has worked at Disney, Hanna Barbera, Starz and Digimax. Inventor of the Deep Canvas animation method first used in Tarzan
  88. Former Disney artist
  89. Comic artist, Archie
  90. Artist
  91. Artist from the uk New Yorker cover artist
  92. Fantasy artist who resides in the suburban area of Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A., and is a veteran of the fantasy, science fiction and furry convention scenes. Published in The American Journal of Anthropomorphics and Anubis: Dark Desire
  93. Peter Stein  (2)
    Children's author
  94. Artist
  95. Illustrator
  96. Dave Stevens  (2)
    Award-winning artist, comic book illustrator,creator of THE ROCKETEER
  97. Illustrator
  98. Artist, illustrator
  99. Comic Book Artist
  100. Illustator
  101. Artist, 'The Science Fiction Art of L. Ron Hubbard'
  102. Illustrator - Star Wars Galaxy
  103. Children's Author
  104. Magic The Gathering card illustrator
  105. Comics artist; primarily known for Captain Confederacy
  106. Born in Burbank, California, is an American animator, screenwriter, producer and director best known for his work for The Walt Disney Company, where he worked from 1974 to 2003. His most notable credits for Disney include creating, writing and
  107. Drawing: Die Sendung mit der Maus
  108. Cartoonist
  109. Illustrator of 'Spooky Tricks'
  110. Artist - lives in Santiago, Chile
  111. Artist
  112. Artist, Toy Design
  113. Nigerian artist, rape survivor
  114. Illustrator
  115. Author
  116. Artist, Illustrator, Toy Design
  117. Artist
  118. David Sutherland (born 1934) is an artist with DC Thomson, responsible for The Bash Street Kids (1961-present), Dennis the Menace (1972-1998, still does work for annuals) for The Beano and the second version of Jak for The Dandy
  119. Comic book artist
  120. Animator, Teen Titans
  121. Illustrator
  122. Superman penciller , also staff artist from 1942-1944 of the London-Paris editions of Stars and Stripes
  123. Children's author/illustrator
  124. Fantasy Book Artist
  125. Artist whose work has appeared in role-playing games; produce interior illustrations for many Dungeons & Dragons books and Dragon magazine since 1992. Swekel also illustrated cards for the Magic: The Gathering collectible card game
  126. Animator - Worked for Walt Disney Animation
  127. Sketch card artist for DC, The Walking Dead, Adventure Time, as well as a pinup set entitled Calendar Girls. Created a Harley Quinn pinup print for BAM Box in February 2018