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StarTiger - Browsing Entries matching Tag BirthDate::1941-00-00
Browsing Entries matching Tag BirthDate::1941-00-00
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  1. Prime Minister of Niger (1983-1988)
  2. Author-Formula 2+2
  3. Harry Allen  (3)
  4. critic
  5. Secretary of the Evanglical Lutheran Church in America (1988-2007)
  6. Author-The Letters of Evelyn Waugh
  7. photographer
  8. Author
  9. Author
  10. Author
  11. Actor-All Saints,The Time Of Our Lives,Australia
  12. Author, former president of the Radio-TV News Directors Association - Making Your Point
  13. Author
  14. British Actor, played The Master in Doctor Who among others
  15. Author
  16. Mayor of Durham, North Carolina (2001-17)
  17. Author
  18. German author
  19. Author of True Crime novels, 'Bitter Blood' which was mad into a TV movie, 'Death Sentence,' etc.
  20. Ruth Brown  (2)
    Author - Market Square Dog; Smudge, The Little Lost Lamb; James Herriot's Treasury of Inspirational Stories for Children
  21. Author - Grandmother's Guide to Babysitting
  22. Marilyn Burns  (2)
  23. Author
  24. Author - The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz
  25. fashion designer
  26. Author
  27. Author
  28. Author - Space Race: The US-USSR Competition to Reach the Moon (1999)
  29. Author
  30. Actor-Lord Of The Rings:Fellowship Of The Ring(Otho Sackville-Baggins),King Kong,Forgotten Silver
  31. US jazz musician
  32. Author
  33. Actor: Splash, Alice, Remington Steele, Knots Landing, Rampage, The Oldest Rookie, Night Court, Dallas, Sibling Rivalry, Rocky V, Dr. Giggles, Full House, Seinfeld, Home Improvement, The Magnificent Seven
  34. Author
  35. Actress during the early 1960s in the nudie cuties of the day, wrote an advice byline for Adam magazine (I believe) also worked as a stripper and model during the 60s listed as having 38-25-36 measurements
  36. Author
  37. Actor
  38. Author
  39. Retired basketball player played for the anaheim amigos debut 1967
  40. Author
  41. Author
  42. Children's Author
  43. Scientist
  44. Author
  45. Author
  46. Author
  47. Author
  48. German visual and conceptual artist
  49. Steve Fisher  (3)
    Author of The World is Your Litter Box
  50. Author
  51. Author
  52. Actress - L.A. Law, The Savage Seven, The Young Animals, married to Actor Alan Rachins of L.A. Law & Dharma & Greg
  53. Actor, 'Sepp Herberger' in 'Das Wunder von Bern'
  54. Author - Fiction
  55. Tremors, Phenomenom
  56. Author
  57. Author
  58. Author
  59. Author
  60. Writer
  61. Actor
  62. Dave Hanson  (2)
    Voice Over Talent
  63. Australian actor and producer - Best known for 1974 movie 'Stone'
  64. Children's Author
  65. Author
  66. Author, Ian In This Is Spinal Tap
  67. Author
  68. Author
  69. Author
  70. Author
  71. Author
  72. Author
  73. Author
  74. Anna Jacobs  (2)
  75. Voice Actress - original voice of Velma on Scooby Doo (1969-1973 & 2001-2004), The Trouble With Girls, Marlowe, The Love Bug
  76. Singer Songwriter from Llangefni, Anglesey, UK. Rock / Electroacoustic. His music consists of melodic verses and anthem-like choruses, though I do like to rock out every now and again
  77. Author
  78. Journalist and historian
  79. Author
  80. Actress - Orson Welles' The Other Side of the Wind
  81. Author
  82. Author
  83. 50s pop singer of "your wild heart," joy layne - klang, 3833 madison av, brookfield il 60513
  84. author, cook, host of Lifystyles Of The Rich & Famous
  85. author - 'The Dreyfus Affair'
  86. Stunt Performer / Actor / Director
  87. Author
  88. Presenter of documentries under the banner of 'Ask the Leyland Brothers'
  89. Author
  90. After-Dinner Speaker
  91. Author
  92. US actress born 1941. 'Brave New World'(1980),'Steel'(1980),'Mitera Target'(1977),'Glitter Place'(1977),'The Killer Elite'(1975),'Starsky and Hutch','McCloud','Fantasy island'.
  93. British music composer. Composed the theme music to the BBC Programmes Grandstand, Wimbledon and The Big Match. Married to singer Selena Jones. His soundtracks were frequently used for NFL films
  94. 1964 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Cover Model
  95. Author
  96. Author
  97. Author
  98. Author novels from Spain. Novels: 'The dark side', 'The River of Eden', etc
  99. Author
  100. Singer/Musician
  101. Author
  102. Author
  103. Actor-Lord Of The Rings:Fellowshp of The Ring(Bounder),Hunters Gold,Backstage,Marlin Bay,Shortland Streets,The Piano,Hercules:Legendary Journeys,Savage Honeymoon,Mercy Peak,Spooked
  104. Author
  105. American photographer best known for his photos of wine country and the image Bliss that was used as a default wallpaper in Windows XP
  106. Author/Playwright
  107. Professional Wrestler
  108. Author
  109. Children's Author
  110. costume designer (the age of innocence)
  111. Author
  112. Author
  113. Author
  114. Actor: They Live, Posse, Repo Man
  115. Comic book artist and inker, best known for his work with pencilers Russ Manning and Jack Kirby. In later life Royer became a freelance product designer and character artist for The Walt Disney Company
  116. Spanish fighter ace from WW2
  117. French singer
  118. Acting Teacher, Author - Great Scenes and Monologues for Actors; Play the Scene
  119. Singer/Musician
  120. British artist of the Pop-Art movment, living in Norfolk, UK
  121. Children's Author
  122. Author
  123. Author
  124. Author
  125. Warren Commission Assistant Counsel/for the investigation of the JFK Assassination/Author 'Binding Promises'
  126. Police Officer, Author - Terrorists Among Us, Swat Teams, The Militia Threat
  127. Children's Author
  128. Male Voice Over Talent
  129. Model Lives in London. Widow of Laurence Harvey and of Mark Burns. Mother of Domino Harvey
  130. Author
  131. David Thomson  (2)
  132. Italian jazz musician
  133. Artist
  134. Composer
  135. Nationally recognized monumental sculptor. Designed the reverse side of the American Eagle gold bullion coin
  136. Artist - Album cover designs for: The Beatles 'Magical Mystery Tour', The Rolling Stones 'Exile on Main Street', 'The Endless Summer', KISS 'Hotter Than Hell', Jefferson Airplane 'Crown of Creation'
  137. Actress, 1962-1964 Played Marika the girl on the beach in Mr. Hobbs Takes a Vacation.
  138. Australian actress
  139. Director
  140. Author - The Feud That Sparked the Renaissance
  141. Author
  142. Female singer one hit wonder with 'Wonderful Summer'; session singer active 1954-1979; dozens of tv theme songs such as Flipper, Batman and The Partridge Family. Sang in hundreds of tv commercials most notably for Rice-a-Roni (
  143. Author
  144. Author
  145. Author
  146. Pat White  (2)
    Author - Shattered Secrets, Intrigue, Nocturne
  147. Peter White  (5)
    Author - It Pays to Play
  148. Kate Williams  (2)
    British actress: Love Thy Neighbour, EastEnders, Family Affairs, May to December, Widows/She's Out, Quadrophenia, Poor Cow, Holiday on the Buses
  149. Author
  150. Ian Wilson  (2)
  151. John Wilson  (8)
    Poet/Author - Ink on Paper
  152. Author
  153. Steve Wilson  (3)
  154. Author
  155. Author