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  1. Comic book writer
  2. Rugby Player
  3. Actor/Director -MASH, The Aviator, ER, Paper Lion, The Glass House, California Suite, The 4 Seasons, The Moonshine War, Same Time Next Year, The Seduction of Joe Tynan, The West Wing, What Women Want, Murder at 1600, Betsy's Wedding,Crimes & Misdemeanors
  4. Pornstar- digital playground
  5. Winner of Big Brother 2004
  6. Female Model/Actress-Snow Dogs,The Confident
  7. Actress-Lost Soul,The Groper,Playing With Fire,Isabelle and Lust,Femme Fatale,Paul and Michelle,Rampart of Desire,Christa,Playboy June 1975
  8. French actor who played in 'Would I Lie to You?'
  9. baseball
  10. Professional Footballer
  11. porn star
  12. Soccer Player
  13. 1 part of the comedy duo cannon and ball
  14. Actor - Hogan's Heroes (as Sgt. Schultz)
  15. Basketball Forward for New York Liberty and Russian Olympic team
  16. U.S. Representative from Pennsylvania (2011-19); Mayor of Hazleton, Pennsylvania (2000-11)
  17. NFL - New England Patriots 2006
  18. Religious Leader, started the Wallbuilders organization
  19. basketball coach executive
  20. Actor - The Other Side Of Midnight, Rollerball, Audrey Rose, Sleeper, Three In The Attic, Sky Riders, Pat Garrett & Billy The Kid, The Big Bus, TimeCop 2, Dallas, Flamingo Road, Passions, Nichols, Days Of Our Lives
  21. former MLB pitcher - los angeles dodgers (1978-83), kansas city royals (1984-85)
  22. Playboy Model - December 1973/January 1975/January 1989/July & August 2009. Country-Western singer - Hee-Haw. Actress - Deathstalker, Hospital Massacre, How Did A Nice Girl Like You...?, Sugar Time. Publisher Hugh Hefner's girlfriend (1969-1976)
  23. NFL Defensive Back-Browns/Falcons
  24. German Singer - Pop Artist
  25. Retired swedish hockeplayer, played for Frölunda, HV71 and LHC
  26. Majopr League baseball player outfielder for the 1953 Pirates
  27. German politician
  28. U.S. Representative from California - 49th District (1995-2001) and 50th District (2006-present)
  29. Jazz Clarinet Player (Stranger on the Shore)
  30. English Former Female Wrestler. Real Quality Wrestling Women's Champion. Nicknamed 'The Jezebel'. Retired 2008
  31. Swedish Female Former Athlete - Gymnastics. Gold Medal At Helsinki Olympic Games 1952 - Team Portable Apparatus. Gold Medal At 1950 Basel World Championships - Team All-Around
  32. American Actress - Movie - 'Three Cornered Moon' (1933), 'Ruggles of Red Gap' (1935), 'The Women' (1939), ' Pride and Prejudice' (1940), 'Six Of A Kind'(1934), 'Mama Runs Wild (1937), 'Marry the Girl'(1937), 'College Holiday'(1936), 'Six of a Kind'(1934)
  33. Italian Actress - Movie -'Donna d'ombra'(1988), 'The Worst Christmas Of My Life(2012), 'L'amore molesto'(1995), 'Fratelli e sorelle'(1992), 'Dove siete? Io sono qui'(1993), 'Black And White'(2008), 'Viva la libertà'(2013), 'Il Postino: The Postman'(1994)
  34. NFL, C, Oakland Raiders practice squad 2007. College, OL, Utah
  35. Canadian Actress - Movie - 'I Spy' (2002), 'The Invader'(1997), 'Final Destination 2 '(2003), 'Silver Wolf'(1999) 'Disturbing Behavior'(1998),'Falcon Beach'(2005), 'Leaving Metropolis (2002). TV Series - 'The Crow:Stairway To Heaven'(1998-99) Many More
  36. British Politician
  37. football player (31) (s)
  38. NHL defenseman for the Detroit Red Wings and New York Rangers
  39. American Actress - TV Series - 'All That' (2000-2005), 'Aspen The Series' (2012), 'The War At Home' (Guest Role)(2006), 'Drake & Josh' (Guest)(2004), 'Gilmore Girls' (Guest)(2003), 'What I Like About You' (Guest)(2012). Movie - 'Lure' (2010)
  40. motorsports hof open wheels
  41. basketball player/coach
  42. American Actress And Model - Miss Washington (1971) 'Grease' (1978), 'The Amazing Howard Hughes' (1977). TV Series - 'When The Whistle Blows' (1980), 'Deadly Blessing' (1981), 'The Brady Bunch Variety Hour ' (1976-1977). Plus Many More Roles
  43. Juventus Soccer Team Star Goalie
  44. german comedian/actor
  45. Scating / Actor
  46. Basketball Player
  47. Jim Caldwell  (2)
    Former NBA and Georgia Tech Player
  48. Canadien Hockey Player, *17. April 1991
  49. hocky player/coach
  50. Forward for the Los Angeles Kings of the NHL. Formally played for the Chicago Blackhawks, Philadelphia Flyers and the Phoenix Coyotes
  51. Professional Footballer- England & Liverpool FC
  52. Chris Carter  (3)
    English noise musician
  53. Musician
  54. Singer for Backstreet Boys, acted in The Hollow
  55. Football player
  56. Author and National Book Award winner in Fiction for Trust Exercise
  57. Buccaneers QB Coach
  58. US men's hockey team, gold medalist 1960
  59. Survivor Borneo
  60. Writer. 'Last Of The Summer Wine'. 'Open All Hours' 'Keeping Up Appearances' etc.
  61. Formula Ford Driver
  62. 'Andromeda' 'All My Children' 'Eyes Beyond Seeing'
  63. Actress: Kickboxer 4, Breaker High, One Life to Live, As the World Turns, Hong Kong 97, Spitfire, iMurder, 30 Rock
  64. Trail Blazer Guard; Ex-St. John Red Storm Point Guard now in the NBA
  65. Rugby League Player
  66. Soccer Player
  67. Broadway Actor/Vocalist - Voice Over Talent
  68. Director - Inc Casualty, Night & Day, The Bill, Midsummer Murders and many more..
  69. Actor - Dark Shadows (as Joe Haskell & Lt. Nathan Forbes), Secret Storm, Edge Of Night, Santa Barbara, Somerset
  70. MLB P.H., outfielder, first baseman from 1996-2005 for Indians, Giants, Reds, Rockies, Tigers. Best season was 1999 with batting average of .330 in 88 at - bats
  71. former college/NFL quarterback; played for Central Florida, Lions, Vikings, Dolphins & Raiders; current free agent
  72. Co-founder of Acorn Computers, a British computer company established in Cambridge, England, in 1978. The company produced a number of computers which were popular in the UK. Due to its innovative designs, Acorn is sometimes known as the 'British Apple'
  73. Footballer, Actor - Star Wars: Episode VII (Stormtrooper)
  74. Writer & Director: The Shawshank Redemption, The Green Mile, The Mist, Nightmare On Elm Street 3, The Fly 2, The Blob, Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, The Blob, Young Indiana Jones Chronicles, The Walking Dead, The Majestic
  75. Soccer Player
  76. Minor League Baseball Player currently in the Aberdeen IronBirds Organization
  77. Spanish composer
  78. Cyclist
  79. Soccer Player
  80. Guard for the Charlotte Hornets (1996-1997), Golden State Warriors (1997-1999), Sacramento Kings (1999-2000), Phoenix Suns (2000-2002), Boston Celtics (2002-2003), Dallas Mavericks (2003-2004), Atlanta Hawks (2004-2006), and the Detroit Pistons (2006)
  81. Figure skating
  82. Soccer Player
  83. British Politician
  84. Televangelist
  85. Basketball Player
  86. former major league outfielder; played for A's, White Sox, Royals and Braves; 2 All - Star & 2005 World Series MVP and champion (White Sox)
  87. American Football; RB, Grambling NFL; Redskins, Rams
  88. hockey
  89. Athlete - Heptathlon, Long Jump
  90. former NASA Astronaut
  91. First Female Member of Canadian Cabinet
  92. WWE Superstar
  93. N'Sync Member
  94. Actress: White men can't jump, ER, Boyz in the Hood, Jungle Fever, Empire, Poetic Justice, Law and Order: SVU, The Twilight Zone
  95. pitcher (36)
  96. Opera star
  97. Tim Flannery  (2)
    Writer, scientist and explorer - The Future Eaters, Throwim Way Leg and Country
  98. french actress notable for lead in 1952's 'Moulin Rouge' with Jose Ferrer
  99. Justin Fox  (2)
    Author - The Myth of the Rational Market
  100. Colin Fraser  (2)
    Los Angeles Kings (NHL) Forward - Formerly Played for the Chicago Blackhawks & Edmonton Oilers - Stanley Cup Winner: '10 & '12
  101. Baseball Player
  102. WWII and Korean War Ace-[28 victories - WWII and 6.5 victories -Korea]!
  103. Survivor: Africa
  104. Soccer Player - Chivas USA
  105. football player (65) (c)
  106. French Politician, member of the National Assembly of France
  107. football player (51) (lb)
  108. Politician - European Parlament
  109. actress - saturday night fever
  110. Actor - You'll Never Get Rich (AKA: The Phil Silvers Show) (Private Doberman), Top Cat (v/Benny The Ball), The Teenage Millionaire, The Thrill Of It All
  111. NASCAR driver
  112. Actress
  113. Philadelphia Eagles Scout
  114. British Swimmer
  115. Singer/Musician
  116. Production Designer
  117. Soccer
  118. Singer who came forth in fame academy first series.He had a top 5 with 'keep me a secret'
  119. Scored most famous goal in hockey history, retired NHL All-Star
  120. Venezuelan-born right-handed pitcher who pitched in a few games for the Astros in 1997, the Marlins in 1998, and the Tigers in 2002
  121. Paul Henry  (2)
    Soccer Player
  122. played Hermi Oodle in Star Wars Episode IV: Return of the Jedi
  123. Screenwriter & Director: The Terror, Blood Bath, House of Evil, The Fear Chamber, The Woman Hunt, The Big Bird Cage, The Big Doll House, Coffy, Foxy Brown, The Swinging Cheerleaders, Switchblade Sisters, Death Ship, Sorceress
  124. astronaut
  125. former college/NFL center; played for Seahawks, Colts, Browns & Oilers; 1X Pro Bowler; assistant coach for Giants; former member of Giants coaching staff during Super Bowls XXI, XXV
  126. Soccer Player
  127. Former Drug Dealer the movie Alpha Dog is based on him
  128. Singer, Drummer & Actor
  129. Actor, 'Tormented', 'Merlin', 'Doctor Who', 'Casualty'
  130. David Howard  (2)
  131. American Actress (b: 1944) - 'Dallas'(1979-87 as Donna Culver Krebbs),'Petrocelli'(1974-76 as Maggie Petrocelli),'Moonshine County Express','Sidewinder','Superdome','Star Trek'(1st actress to portray a Klingon),'I Dream of Jeannie','Rockford Files'
  132. Head FB Coach Chattanooga
  133. Actress
  134. Actress-guest Cold Case
  135. Soccer Player
  136. NBA player - Philadelphia 76ers (2004-)
  137. Actor - Stan Shunpike in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
  138. Former Rugby League Player
  139. NFL - Offensive Tackle, Detriot Lions. Formerly w/ Washington Redskins. College; Michigan
  140. former college/NFL defensive tackle; played for University of Alabama and Tampa Bay Buccaneers; All - SEC selection; USA Today High School All - American 1982
  141. Jane Jensen  (2)
    Author - Judgment Day, Gabriel Knight series
  142. Author
  143. Actor - Running With Scissors
  144. Female Pro Golfer
  145. Baseball AA - Huntsville Stars
  146. Native Swiss actress - 'Black Sunday', 'marathon Man', 'Fedora'
  147. Actress
  148. Winnipeg Jets (NHL) Prospect
  149. Sports Shooting
  150. University of Michigan Halfback 1948 National Championship Team
  151. Actress (b: 1957) - Arachnophobia, Parenthood, When Harry Met Sally, Harts Of The West, Knightwatch, Bringing Up Jack, You Wish, Santa Barbara, Guiding Light, Texas, House On Sorority Row, Emma's Wish. Agatha Award-Winning Mystery Author 2004
  152. former college/NFL tackle/defensive lineman; played for Texas A&M & San Fransisco 49ers; 2X All-American; 2X Pro Bowler; brother of former NFL DE/DT Rolf Krueger; #70 retired by 49ers
  153. Soccer Player
  154. Actor
  155. Actress
  156. hockey player (9) (lw)
  157. Ex member of Steps, Actor in Grease The musical
  158. Cricketer
  159. Late '40's Starlet - Arrested with Robert Mitchum on August 31, 1948, for possession of marijuana. Soon afterwards in 1949, she starred in the cult 'classic' film, 'Wild Weed' (AKA: 'She Shoulda Said No!')
  160. Swedish scientist specialising in cancer research.In 2015, he was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry jointly with American chemist Paul L. Modrich and Turkish chemist Aziz Sancar for mechanistic studies of DNA repair
  161. British author ('L'Auteur'l'Auteur')
  162. NFL - Miami Dolphins 2007
  163. Head women's basketball coach at Loyola (Maryland) 2005-?
  164. Mike Lonergan is in his fourth season as head coach for men's basketball at George Washington University, leading the Colonials back to the NCAA Tournament for the first time since 2007 with a trip in the Big Dance in 2014
  165. Actor
  166. political cartoonist
  167. bowler
  168. Forward 2003-2004 Timberwolves
  169. Author
  170. As the World Turns
  171. Thomas Mann  (2)
    Politician - European Parlament
  172. Greg Mathews  (2)
    Football Player
  173. Former Notre Dame and Packer wide reciever
  174. Actor - Captain Jack, Nora, Fergus's Wedding, Sea Of Souls
  175. singer/songwriter, started The Lilith Fair Tour
  176. Author
  177. NE Patriots
  178. NFL - Chicago Bears 2006
  179. Former baseball pitcher-Texas Rangers
  180. Head basketball coach at UNC Greenboro (2011-?)
  181. football player (50)(lb)
  182. Soccer Player
  183. former college/NFL kicker; played for Michigan State University, 49ers, Chargers & Redskins; 1X Pro Bowler
  184. Canadian Olympic Diver
  185. Football Player
  186. Actress: Cold Case, Minority Report, Pensacola - Wings of Gold, Paycheck, The Magnificent Seven, L.A. Firefighters, A Friend to Die For, Xena - Warrior Princess, Deterrence, Paycheck, The Sweeter Side of Life, Colony, Reverie
  187. Actor
  188. Singer/Musician
  189. Member of the dutch band 'The Cats' with her hit in 1971 'One Way Wind'
  190. Actor
  191. Actor - Detour, Another Thin Man, The Brute Man, Bowery At Midnight, Jungle Girl
  192. Australian Cricketer
  193. US Hockey Player, *28. January 1991
  194. British Stage and TV Actor born 1937.'Doctor Who','David Copperfield','Stardust','Hitlers S.S.','Brontes of Haworth','The Edwardians','Life of Shakespeare','Jack the Ripper','War of Roses','Sakharov'
  195. track athlete
  196. US Hockey Player, *28. January 1991
  197. Artist- huge sculptures of everyday objects
  198. Soccer Player
  199. former Chicago White Soxs, and current Detroit Tigers outfielder
  200. Swedish actor - Hunger, The Emigrants, The Night Visitor, A Dandy In Aspic, Secrets, The Blockhouse, The Girl Who Played With Fire (2009), The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet's Nest (2009)
  201. former major league 1st baseman; played for Brewers, Yankees, Blue Jays, Pirates, Dbacks and Braves; member of Dbacks 2001 World Series championship team
  202. Female Adult Star
  203. Hockey Player
  204. Writer
  205. baseball
  206. John Perkins  (3)
    Author - Confessions of an Economic Hit Man , A Game As Old As Empire
  207. played Astronema/Karone in Power Rangers In Space and Power Rangers Lost Galaxy
  208. Basketball Player
  209. Michael Perry  (2)
  210. aaa baseball players mlb/cincinnati reds
  211. Sam Phillips  (2)
  212. CNN Anchor / Reporter
  213. Soccer Player
  214. former Capitols center
  215. San Antonio Spurs Basketball Coach
  216. Actor, Son of Rambow
  217. PGA Golfer, 1992 and 1994 PGA Champion, 1994 British Open Champion
  218. Actor: General Hospital, Beverly Hills 90210, Less Than Zero, Risky Business, Hoffa, Smile, The Bronx Zoo, Omen 2, Airplane!, The Happy Hooker, The Falcon and the Snowman, Eight Is Enough, East of Eden, NYPD Blue, Party of Five
  219. Soccer Player
  220. Soccer Player
  221. Rugby Player
  222. Australian Rugby Player
  223. rap artist - eric b & rakim
  224. Rugby Player
  225. Singer, Songwriter
  226. Actress ~ Taken
  227. Hosts 'The Randi Rhodes Show' on Nova M radio
  228. Gay adult film star
  229. Former Correspondent on 'The Daily Show With Jon Stewart'
  230. former Nordiques and Rangers defenceman
  231. TNA NWA Wrestler
  232. Rapper
  233. Actor - A Knight's Tale
  234. MLB 1st & 2nd baseman, shortstop 1951-64 for Senators, Red Sox, Colt .45's. 5x All-Star. 2x Bat Titles. Best productive seasons - 1956 with 72 RS, 29 doubles, 9 triples, 8 HR's, 76 RBI's, .310 BA & in 58 with 103 RS, .322 BA. Manager 1966 Red Sox 8W-8L
  235. Former Washington Redkins Player
  236. Actress
  237. representative california
  238. Gospel Artist
  239. Former President of France (2007-2012)
  240. Former F-1 driver. Current Indycar driver; winner of the 2017 and the 2020 Indianapolis 500
  241. Actor, 'Street Fighter', 'IP Man'
  242. Lord Mayor of Darwin, Australia (2008-present)
  243. Singer - Major Tom
  244. British Jazz Saxophonist
  245. currently on the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
  246. Former Governor of New Hampshire (1997-2003); U.S. Senator from New Hampshire (2009-present)
  247. David Sharp  (2)
    Musician; former guitarist for The Alarm
  248. Head basketball coach at William & Mary
  249. New York Mets baseball player
  250. Director
  251. Soccer Player
  252. Singer/Musician
  253. NHL prospect (Anaheim) now with Cincinnati(AHL)
  254. Rusty Smith  (2)
    Tennesse Titans quarterback,drafted in the 6th round of the NFL Draft,176th overall
  255. Former NHL Player
  256. Wrestler - Pro Wrestling Unplugged
  257. Soccer Player
  258. Ex-Guitarist for Anthrax
  259. infielder (37)
  260. AHL Prospect(Cleveland Barons)
  261. LPGA Player
  262. former college/NFL wide receiver/kick returner; played for Middle Tennessee State University, Steelers, Jets & Panthers; after football became a police officer
  263. Professional Woman Wrestler
  264. Ex footballer, chelsea, forest, villa, crewe. now coaching
  265. Born Jan. 28, 1954 Was A Honor Guard (?) and helped Betty Ford at Gerald Ford's funeral
  266. composer
  267. Former Bass Player of Rolling Stones 1961-2. According to Wikipedia lives on the Isle of Wight
  268. Composer/Songwriter
  269. Preacher, public speaker, radio presenter
  270. Photographer
  271. U.S. Representative from Mississippi (1993-present)
  272. Left-handed prospect for the Red Sox in the late 1990s. Pitched in several major league games for the Tigers in 2000 and 2001 and then for the Red Sox in 2003
  273. Actor/Stuntman-The Walking Dead
  274. Ohio State Buckeye lineman, NFL, Dolphin 1989-1993, Sainte 1994-1995, Redskins 1996-1998
  275. Professional Cyclist From The Netherlands
  276. Carrie Vaughn  (2)
    Author - Kitty series, Voices of Dragons
  277. Golf Player
  278. Baseball / Starting Pitcher for Tampa Bay Devil Rays / Made His MLB Debut in 2003
  279. Baseball Player
  280. Left-handed pitcher who played for the Chicago White Sox in 1998 and 1999
  281. Author of The Purpose Driven Life
  282. British Actress born in 1937. was married to actor Peter Gilmore. 30 TV-Series 1961-2012
  283. Bill White  (3)
    pitcher/currently in the Philadelphia organization
  284. Baseball Player
  285. Professional Footballer
  286. Speed Racer played young Trixie, Modern Family
  287. Actor-Lord Of The Rings:Fellowship of The Ring/The Two Towers/Return of The King(Frodo Baggins),Happy Feet,Bobby,Sin City,The Faculty,Deep Impact,The Ice Storm,North,The Good Son,Forever Young,Radio Flyer
  288. Meteorologist, Good Day New York
  289. Coach of the Univeristy of Minnesota Gophers Hockey Team (1985-1999)
  290. Actor - Psych
  291. Chicago Cubs Pitcher, Astros relief pitching prospect
  292. Shifty Powers in 'Band Of Brothers' (2001)
  293. European Rugby Player
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