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Browsing Entries matching Tag BirthMonthAndDay::06-03
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  1. Rugby Player
  2. Rugby Player
  3. Former Pakistan Test And One Day International Cricketer
  4. Minor League Baseball Player currently in the Los Angeles Dodgers Organization
  5. Played Vorena the Elder in HBO's Rome
  6. nobel medicine laureate 1978
  7. British Actor: Robert Silkin in TV's Hawkin, Charles Blount in TV's The Virgin Queen, Art Critic in TV's The Impressionists, Comte de Provence in Marie Antoinette, Prince George in TV's The Palace, Charles V in TV's The Tudors & Sparkler in Little Dorrit
  8. French actress-The Most Beautiful Girl In The World
  9. Singer dancer and actress
  10. Coach emeritus, Louisiana Tech. Basketball Hall of Fame (2003), Women's Basketball Hall of Fame (2003)
  11. Brian Barnes  (2)
    Golf Player
  12. Host of The Gong Show
  13. U.S. Representative from Maryland
  14. New Zealand Rugby Player
  15. Actor; brother of Matthew 'Stymie' Beard
  16. Former NHL Hockey Player
  17. First Lady of the United States (2021-??)
  18. English Female Singer And Musician - Punk Rock - Plays Guitar. Lead Singer Of Music Group Vice Squad (1978-1985. 1997- )
  19. MEP European Parliament, Politician
  20. Women's Basketball Coach Oklahoma State
  21. Scottish Male Former Football Player And Manager - Right Back - 'Ipswich Town' (1973-85), 'Sunderland' (1985-88), 'Gillingham' (1988-89), 'Motherwell (1989-91, 93-94), 'Falkirk' (1993), 'Colchester Utd' (1994). Scotland 11 Caps (1979-82) Manager(2008-09)
  22. Head basketball coach at Incarnate Word (2006-?)
  23. French Actress - Short Film - 'Madame' (2020). TV Mini-Series - 'Un ours pas comme les autres' (1978), 'Les dames de la cÃ'te' (1979). TV Series - 'Louis la brocante' (1998-2013). Movie - 'Return of the Hero' (2018), 'The Red Ibis' (1975) Plus Many More
  24. Bill Callahan  (2)
    American singer-songwriter
  25. British actor from Father Dear Father
  26. Rugby Union Player
  27. navy admiral
  28. Football Player
  29. President of Cuba (2008-??); Former Vice-President & Brother of Fidel Castro
  30. Cinematographer: American Psycho 2, Diminished Capacity, 30 Rock
  31. Is an American film critic and film writer and director
  32. Soccer Player
  33. dancer choreographer
  34. drummer (byrds)
  35. Soccer Player
  36. Governor of Kansas, USA
  37. Undress the Nation
  38. Host of 'Anderson Cooper 360 degrees' -CNN/NYC Studios; son of fashion designer and railroad heiress Gloria Vanderbilt
  39. Actress - The Waltons (as Grandma Walton - 3 Emmy wins), I Remember Mama (AA nom., Golden Globe win, '49), Caged, Its A Wonderful Life, Shane, Sabrina, The Gunfighter, Macabre, Trackdown (TV-24), Madame Bovary, Edge Of Doom, Bowery Boys Meet The Monsters
  40. Jr. Welterweight Boxer
  41. Assistant Coach for the Memphis Grizzlies
  42. Author
  43. former football player for the vols
  44. NBA Hall of Famer
  45. American Actor born 1925.was married to actress Janet Leigh,father of Jamie Lee Curtis.Movies->'Some Like it Hot','Defiant Ones','The Vikings','Operation Petticoat','Spartacus','Taras Bulba','Trapeze','Great Race','Lepke','Boston Strangler'
  46. retired left-handed pitcher in minor league baseball, sometimes called the fastest pitcher in baseball history
  47. Actor
  48. navy admiral
  49. Belgian minister
  50. Author
  51. Actress - Avonlea, Anne Of Green Gables, Murphy Brown (2 Emmy wins), Between 2 Women (Emmy win), Tribute, Annie Hall, Exorcist 3, The Dead Zone, The Cowboys, McQ, Ice Castles, Dying Young, A Fine Madness, When A Stranger Calls, The Blue & The Gray, A.D
  52. Lead Guitar and Vocals for surf band Untamed Youth, Lead Guitar/vocals Dave & Deke Combo,Leader of Deke Dickerson and the Ecco-Fonics
  53. British Politician
  54. Author
  55. Actress
  56. Baseball / Played 18 Seasons with 7 Different Teams / One of the Top Pinch Hitters in History / Currently a Minor League Hitting Coach
  57. f/x (star wars, star trek, the motion picture)
  58. playboy playmate - miss june 1971
  59. David Evans  (6)
    RAF officer
  60. Maurice Evans  (3)
    Actor - Planet Of The Apes & Beneath The Planet Of The Apes (as Dr. Zaius); Bewitched (as Samantha's father); Rosemary's Baby; Androcles & The Lion. Stage Actor - many Shakespearean plays, orig. 1952 Dial M For Murder, The Apple Cart, Man & Superman
  61. Pornstar
  62. British Politician
  63. Currently playing for Newark in the Atlantic League, 2 Time All-Star. Former Met, Astro, Red Sox, Ranger & White Sox. Member of 2005 WC Whitesox
  64. Heath Braxton in Home and Away, Dillon in Power Rangers RPM
  65. Football Player
  66. tennis player
  67. Native Italian, Belgian singer
  68. pro tennis player
  69. baseball player, KC Royals, 1970's
  70. French actress : 'Select hotel', 'Les cent et une nuits', 'Pourquoi pas moi?', 'Delphine1 - Yvan 0'
  71. Baseball / Former MLB Hard Hitting 1st Baseman - Brooklyn Dodgers (1957), Los Angeles Dodgers (1958), Baltimore Orioles (1960-63), Kansas City Athletics (1964-65), Houston Astros (1965-66), Toronto Blue Jays (1965), Cleveland Indians (1966)
  72. Baseball / Pitcher during the 1970's / Played for the NY Mets and Detroit Tigers
  73. American Actress born 1910.was married to Actors Charlie Chaplin and Burgess Meredith.Movies->'The Great Dictator','Modern Times','The Women','Sins of Jezebel','Cat and Canary','Second Chorus','Reap the Wild Wind','Pot oGold'
  74. Professional Footballer
  75. Actor - Angels With Dirty Faces, Dead End, Dead End Kids films, East Side Kids films, Bowery Boys films, It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World/cab driver
  76. bassist - phish
  77. Soccer Player - New York Red Bulls
  78. NHL Player Played 4 games in the nhl
  79. Author
  80. tv host
  81. German soccer player
  82. Power Hitting slugger for the Cleveland Indians
  83. football player (81) (wr)
  84. Jazz musician
  85. Former P for White Sox, Braves & Astros. Currently pitching for Texas Rangers
  86. Carry on Doctor, Carry on Follow that Camel
  87. Singer
  88. Author
  89. movie director
  90. Politician - European Parlament
  91. Footballer
  92. Singer/Songwriter
  93. Adult Film Star/Adult Model
  94. Author
  95. Danish Comedian
  96. Actor- Plays the PC on the Mac commercials
  97. My Name Is Earl,Nip Tuck, Boston Pubic, Days of Our Lives, Cold Case
  98. R&B singer (hey there lonely girl 1969)
  99. Rugby Player
  100. Blood Scarab, Countess Dracula's Orgy of Blood
  101. Ex Mott the Hoople singer
  102. John Hunter  (3)
  103. Pro Golfer
  104. Pole vault russian champion
  105. Played X-Ray in 'Holes'
  106. Baseball Player
  107. Urban Singer/Musician
  108. Chris Jensen  (2)
    Baseball Player
  109. WHA hockey player, Calgary Cowboys
  110. Football Player
  111. Gary Jones  (7)
    Soccer Player
  112. Jason Jones  (6)
    Daily Show correspondent
  113. singer of the band Stereophonics
  114. Soccer Player
  115. Actor, born 3 June 1974, Villa Del Parque, Buenos Aires. Telenovela: 'El auténtico Rodrigo Leal', 'El rostro de Analía'
  116. Baseball Player
  117. Plays Tina McIntyre in Coronation Street, married to Mark Wright
  118. Guitar player for Slayer
  119. Former soccer goalkeeper for Portsmouth Football Club
  120. Former First Lady of Poland 1995-2005
  121. Miranda on Disney's 'Lizzie McGuire'
  122. Former Director of the Office of Management and the Budget (1977)
  123. Female Body Builder
  124. DB West Virginia
  125. Baseball / 1995-2000 / Utility Infielder & Good Hitter / Mets, Orioles, D-Rays and Rockies
  126. French comic book artist
  127. Kurk Lee (born June 3, 1967) is a retired American professional basketball player. He spent one season in the NBA, for the New Jersey Nets in 1990-91
  128. Transexual porn star
  129. French Politician, member of the National Assembly of France
  130. Director and Producer and Writer of BeetleBorgs and Executive Producer of Vr Troopers also is The Director of Power Rangers and Executive Producer)
  131. Football Player
  132. Soccer Player
  133. Baseball/ Infielder / 1980's - 90's / Toronto Blue Jays & Pittsburgh Pirates, Current manager for Burlington Royals (R)
  134. Actress, Plays Susan on Sesame Street
  135. Actress - The Black Cat '34 (female lead with Karloff & Lugosi), Saturday's Millions, Horseplay
  136. former MLB player - new york mets (1986-90), los angeles dodgers (1990-91), california angels (1991), chicago white sox (1995)
  137. former major league third baseman/outfielder; played for White Sox, Braves, Expos & Red Sox
  138. Steve Lyons  (3)
    Minor leaguer in Mets organization. Never actually played in a major league game, but has cards that some collectors may want signed. Currently a coach for Gulf Coast League Indians in the rookie league
  139. catcher (29)
  140. Rugby Player
  141. NFL - Philadelphia Eagles 2006
  142. Athlete
  143. Rugby Player
  144. Director 'The Merry Wifes of Windsor' role 'The Owl and the Pussy Cat'
  145. British actor: Robin of Sherwood (Little John), The Vicar Of Dibley (Simon Horton), Holby City (Mike Barratt)
  146. Actor
  147. Author
  148. Dave Martin  (2)
    Soccer Player
  149. David Martin  (7)
    Soccer Player
  150. Actor
  151. Singer/Musician
  152. opera singer
  153. R&B Singer/Songwriter - The Impressions: Amen, It's All Right, Keep On Pushing, I'm So Proud, Gypsy Woman, Woman's Got Soul. Solo: Superfly, Freddie's Dead, Future Shock, Kung Fu, If There's A Hell Below-. R&R HOF: 1999. Charted 32 R&B hits (1970-1997)
  154. Pennsylvania supreme court justice
  155. English Politician
  156. NASCAR Busch series driver and Winston Cup winner
  157. Author - Lonesome Dove (Pulitzer Prize), Streets Of Laredo, Dead Man's Walk, Comanche Moon, The Berrybender Narratives (4), The Last Picture Show, Texasville, Terms Of Endearment, The Evening Star, Anything For Billy, Buffalo Girls, Telegraph Days.Screenw
  158. New Zealand Rugby Player
  159. Former Linebacker, Saints, Panthers, now Asst Coach, Panthers
  160. Ski Alpine
  161. aaa baseball players mlb/toronto blue jayes
  162. Baseball / Current Rays Backup Catcher / Former Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Catcher / Brother of Bengie & Yadier Molina
  163. Jazz musician
  164. Brandon Moore  (2)
    NFL - New York Jets 2006
  165. Michael Moore  (6)
    English Politician
  166. world champion boxer
  167. British Actor, Vampir Circus, A night to Remember (1958, Titanic Passenger, uncredited), 55 Days at Peking (uncredited), Heidi (TV 1968, Peter), Bekenntnisse des Hochstaplers Felix Krull (1982, Adult Felix Krull), Young Alexander the Great (2010)
  168. Hockey Player
  169. Spanish tennis player; 4 time French Open Champion (2005-2008) and Wimbledon Champion 2008
  170. Photographer 'Alice Springs'
  171. Soccer Player
  172. Author
  173. army general
  174. medal of honor marines vietnam
  175. Country Music singer 'There is No arizona', 'Trying to Find My Atlantis','Like A Woman'
  176. Model, a fashion designer
  177. Former baseball player
  178. Cricketer
  179. U.S. Representative from Texas
  180. German boxer
  181. Basketball Player
  182. British Actor - Law & Order: UK, Little Dorrit, Criminal Justice, Sea Of Souls, Miss Potter, Trust, Ed Stone Is Dead, Swallow, Wives & Daughters, Melissa, Shrinks, Auf Wiedersehen Pet, The Killing Fields, Adv Of Baron Munchausen, The Witches
  183. Jacksonville Jaquers DE
  184. Playboy Playmate - Miss March 1976, Funny Lady, The Winds of Autumn, Bird of Prey, Life and Loves of a She Devil, The 1 Game, formerly married to Shaun Cassidy
  185. Soccer Player
  186. actress - Mary Margaret in 'Love & War', 'K'Ehleyr' 'Doctor Selar' in Star Trek TNG
  187. Football player
  188. 28 Weeks Later, Fright Night, Need for Speed
  189. Prince of Luxembourg; son of Grand Duke Henri I and Grand Duchess Maria Teresa
  190. Prince of Luxembourg; son of Grand Duke Henri I and Grand Duchess Maria Teresa
  191. Prince of Luxembourg; son of Grand Duke Henri I and Grand Duchess Maria Teresa
  192. Prince of Luxembourg; youngest son of Grand Duke Henri I and Grand Duchess Maria Teresa
  193. British Actor: Nick Stuart in Catherine Cookson's The Tide of Life, Mr. Lawrence in the BBC's The Tenant of Wildfell Hall, Rawdon Crawleyin Vanity Fair, Colville in A Knight's Tale, Tom Bertram in Mansfield Park, Marc Antony in HBO's Rome
  194. Female Figure Skater
  195. rock singer/songwriter/bassist/actress/radio host - hits with can the can (1973), 48 crash (1973), daytona demon (1973), happy days (t.v. series, recurring role), annie get your gun (broadway stage production)
  196. Baseball Coach
  197. Former Australian Test Cricketer
  198. Host
  199. Jazz Saxophonist/Played On Elvis, Roy Orbison, and Brenda Lee recordings.
  200. Ukrainian Footballer- Plays For Ukrainian National And Dynamo Kyiv In Ukraine
  201. Australian Tennis Player
  202. former major league pitcher; player for Royals, Rockies and Devil Rays
  203. track athlete
  204. Actor
  205. Former NFL football player for the Seahawks and Lions in the 90's
  206. Jimmy Rogers  (2)
  207. 'Robert Scorpio' on the ABC daytime drama, 'General Hospital' (1980-92, 1995, 2006)
  208. Former NBA Player
  209. Actor - Ghosbusters, Copycat and played Edward Felt in United 93
  210. Bam Margera's Wife, Bam's Unholy Union
  211. former Cardinals pitching prospect, now in Orioles organization
  212. Snowboarder
  213. Pro-tennis player /ARM
  214. race car driver{winston cup}
  215. Greg Scott  (2)
    WHL Player - Seattle Thunderbirds
  216. Female Model
  217. Former Alabama player, former assistant coach of the Miami Dolphins, Former Alabama coach and son of coaching legend Don Shula.
  218. Actress, a model, a talk show host and a writer
  219. Is an American attorney and judge in the state of Oregon. He is currently a senior judge on the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit
  220. Played Elsa On Power Rangers Dino Thunder
  221. Chicago Cubs Prospect
  222. Acress - Downhill Racer, The Trouble With Angels, Murderer's Row, Assignment K, Mackennas Gold, The Geek Tycoon, Caboblanco, Valley of the Dolls, Survival Zone, America 3000, The Naked Truth
  223. Musician/Singer: Republica
  224. Burlesque Stripper
  225. singer
  226. Author
  227. Former NFL football player. Wr for the Chargers and Falcons in the 90's.College: Virginia Tech
  228. NFL, T, Oakland Raiders 1999-2003, Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2004. College - Georgia
  229. Swimmer
  230. Oral Roberts Head Basketball Coach
  231. Football Player
  232. NFL, Atlanta Falcons Assistant Head Coach / Secondary Coach, former Chiefs Football Player
  233. Hockey Player - St. Louis Blues
  234. German director - Bang Boom Bang, Was nicht passt, wird passend gemacht, Nicht mein Tag
  235. Baseball player astros 1991
  236. Ex Soccer Player, Now Turned Coach
  237. Former Red Sox infielder
  238. Actor: Family Ties, Deadtime Stories, The Demon Lover, Killer Instinct, The Unborn 2, Frostbite, Paranoia, Object of Obsession, To Sleep With a Vampire, Black Scorpion, Carnosaur 3, Phantom 2040
  239. Cyclist
  240. Author co founderof amway
  241. South African Rugby Player
  242. Hockey Player
  243. Hockey player for la starting in 72-73
  244. gymnast
  245. Actress: Lake Dead
  246. U.S. Olympic Gold Medalist - Swimming
  247. Broadway star, Tony Award winner
  248. US Snowboarder
  249. Singer/Musician
  250. Retired hockey player
  251. nobel med. laureate 1981
  252. Lieutenant Governor of Tennessee (1971-2007)
  253. R&B Singer - Free, Silly, Let's Hear It For The Boy, It's Gonna Take A Miracle, Do What You Feel, Never Say Never, I Can't Wait, What Two Can Do. Duets w/Johnny Mathis - Too Much Too Little Too Late, You're All I Need To Get By, Love Won't Let Me Wait
  254. Actress/singer
  255. Former Rugby League Player
  256. Soccer Coach - New York Red Bulls
  257. Football Player - Hamilton Tiger-Cats 2007
  258. Rugby League Player
  259. Actress: Blame it on the Bellboy, Carrington, Freedom, Othello, Doctor Who, Ever Decreasing Circles, Downton Abbey, Shaun of the Dead, Pride & Prejudice, Match Point, Calendar Girls
  260. Actor: M*A*S*H, Nine to Five, The Feather and Father Gang, Herman's Head, Soap, Dallas, Empire, Falcon Crest, Hollywood Beat, The Angry Beavers, Special Delivery, Porky's 2, From the Hip, Columbo
  261. Second-baseman who played in 15 games for the Philadelphia Phillies in 1951 and 5 games for them in 1952
  262. Actor - Maniac Cop films (as Matt Cordell), Hellhole, Tango & Cash, Samurai Cop, Mobsters, Soultaker, Dragonfight, Grotesque, The Divine Enforcer, Frogtown 2, Beastmaster 2, The Rockville Slayer, Red Line
  263. Pianist
  264. Plays Nicole Walker on 'Days of our Lives',married to former co-star Kyle Lowder(Brady Black)
  265. Author