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StarTiger - Browsing Entries matching Tag BirthMonthAndDay::06-26
Browsing Entries matching Tag BirthMonthAndDay::06-26
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  1. Famous Conductor
  2. Former U.S. Representative from Hawai'i - 1st District (1991-2010); Former Governor of Hawai'i (December 6, 2010 - December 1, 2014)
  3. Former soccer player for Fulham, Charlton Athletic and Leyton Orient Football Clubs
  4. Soccer Player
  5. Amercian Football; College Nebraska-Omaha; Position, Back; NFL Redskins, Colts
  6. Associate Head Coach & Linebacker Coach at Florida State. Former head football Coach At N.C. State
  7. Paul Anderson  (2)
    Author - Hungersbräute
  8. Screenwriter & Director: There Will Be Blood, Magnolia, Boogie Nights, Hard Eight, The Master
  9. Author
  10. Former Canadien Hockey Player
  11. Former Chicago Bears offensive lineman
  12. AFL Football Player
  13. Author
  14. Noted Civil War and World War II Historian. WWII Marine, 3rd Raider Battalion (Battle of Guadalcanal), Chief historian for the National Park Service 1981 - 1994
  15. Russian cosmonaut, Voskhod-2 (With Alexeij Leonov)
  16. French writer, film director and sometimes actor
  17. Author - Elbridge Gerry: Founding Father and Republican Statesman and General John Glover and His Marblehead Mariners.
  18. Athlete - Runner Long Distance
  19. American Former Politician. Republican Member of the Arkansas State Senate Representative Arkansas 2009-2013
  20. Baseball / 1993-94 / Boston Red Sox - Outfielder & DH / 1989 First Round Draft Pick / Played in 22 Career Games
  21. Hockey Player
  22. French actor, writer, director and humorist
  23. TV Host
  24. American Former Baseball Player - Outfielder- 'Milwaukee Brewers' (1976), 'Toronto Blue Jays' (1977)
  25. Played Memnon in The Scorpion king
  26. American Female Author - Children's Books - Novel - 'One Small Place in a Tree' (2004), 'If you lived in Williamsburg in colonial days' (2000), 'Voices : Poetry and Art from Around the World' (2000), 'Annie's Pet'(1989), 'Beaver's Beware'(1991) Plus More
  27. Australian Former Female Opera Singer - Soprano
  28. football player
  29. American Former Female Author - First American Woman To Win The Nobel Prize For Literature - Novel - 'The Good Earth' (1931), 'East Wind, West Wind' (1930), 'Sons' (1932), 'Pavilion Of Women' (1946)A House Divided' (1935)Imperial Woman' (1956) Plus More
  30. American Actress - TV Series - 'All My Children' (1998-2007), 'General Hospital' (2014- ), 'L.A.'s Finest' (2019), 'Guiding Light' (1997-1998), 'Hope & Faith' (Guest Role)(2003-2004), 'Castle' (Guest)(2011). Movie -'Perfect Child' (2007). Plus Many More
  31. Portuguese Actress - TV Series - 'Perfeito Coração' (2009-2010), 'Mistura Fina' (2004-2005), 'Sonhos Traídos' (2002), 'Um Estranho em Casa' (2002), 'Terra Mãe' (1998), 'A Grande Aposta' (1997-1998), 'Floribella' (2006-2007) Plus Many More Roles
  32. American Former Actor - TV Series - 'Little House On The Prairie' (1974-1983), 'Mannix' (1968-1974), 'Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea ' (1964-1968). Movie - 'High Plains Drifte' (1973), 'Witless Protection' (2008), 'Newman's Law' (1974) Plus Many More
  33. Silent Screen Actor, a few Talkies (1915-1946). 205 films. Writer. Director
  34. Dick Butkus' nephew. center at Illinois. signed with bears as a free agent and played in NFL Europe. former offensive line coach for Bears; currently coaches Quality Control - Offensive Line for Seahawks
  35. Soccer Player
  36. Soccer Player
  37. Martinique writer
  38. MC - Jurassic 5
  39. Actor: The PJ's, Robbery Homicide Division, The Closer, Army of One, Death of a Cheerleader, Spy Game, The Glass House, U.S. Marshals, The Goonies, Falling Down, Major Crimes
  40. Male Voice Over Talent
  41. NFL, T, Green Bay Packers 2000-present. College - Tennessee
  42. Composer/Songwriter
  43. Actress-Twin sister of Katie Cockrell, played alien twins in 'Star Trek: Into Darkness
  44. James Collins  (2)
    Male Model
  45. Cricket Player
  46. Former NFL football player with the Oliers and Bucs in the 70's
  47. Actor - Seinfeld/'Crazy' Joe Davola, L.A. Firefighters, Se7en
  48. Singer/Musician
  49. Director
  50. Silent Film Actress - 106 films (1910-1933). Sister of actress Shirley Mason
  51. Actor: License To Kill, Profiler, Maniac Cop, Wiseguy, Showgirls, Predator 2, Wild Orchid 2, Cops & Robbersons, Stargate - Atlantis, The Goonies, City Heat, No Contest, Die Hard
  52. singer the 5th dimension
  53. Ex west ham footballer
  54. Comic Book Artist
  55. Soccer Player
  56. French Politician, member of the National Assembly of France
  57. Singer/Musician
  58. Outfielder for the Washington Nationals, formerly of the Tampa Bay Devil Rays
  59. Driver - NHRA
  60. USA Gymnastics
  61. British Politician
  62. Cinematographer - the pianist
  63. Soccer Player
  64. Playboy Playmate-Miss September 1983,Playmate of the Year 1984
  65. Actress, 'The Bill'
  66. plays in the early 60's in 'The Forest Rangers'
  67. NHL Player
  68. French actress
  69. Robert R. Everett (born ca. 1920) is a computer scientist known to be the father of electronic computers
  70. r&r singer-keyboardist (yeh yeh, bonnie & clyde)
  71. Former Professional Wrestler/'The Fabulous One'/Wrestled in Memphis and all over the world/2009 NWA Hall of Famer Inductee
  72. Author
  73. basketball player signed by the New York Knicks played for the Charlotte Bobcats and plays the position of point guard
  74. Director
  75. Actor: The Young Riders, Child's Play 3, Quantum Leap, Menendez - A Killing in Beverly Hills, The Thin Red Line, Girl Interrupted, Tomcats, Family Law
  76. Executive producer
  77. Soccer Player
  78. Actor; portrayed Francis Poldark in first series of 'Poldark' played 'Morris Drummond' in The Piglet Files
  79. Clive Francis  (2)
    Author - There Is Nothing Like a Dane!; There Is Nothing Like a Thane!
  80. Notre Dame Standout Basketball Player
  81. Canadian Football Player
  82. Actress and dancer on 'Dance On Sunset'
  83. a mathematics professor and game designer who created the card games Magic: The Gathering, Netrunner, BattleTech, Vampire: The Eternal Struggle (originally known as Jyhad), The Great Dalmuti, Star Wars Trading Card Game, and the board game, RoboRally
  84. singer
  85. Major League Baseball Shortstop for the Atlanta Braves (68-72) and the Giants in 1964
  86. French actress - 'Julie Lescaut'
  87. Soccer Player
  88. Actress
  89. Brazilian singer songwriter
  90. Former Australian Test Cricketer
  91. Graphic Designer; designed the 'ILoveNY' logo
  92. Andy Goldberg  (2)
  93. Author
  94. Broadway performer: '13'; Actress: 'Victorious'; Model; Singer
  95. former NFL cornerback
  96. Singer/Musician
  97. bassist - radiohead
  98. Basketball Hall of Famer
  99. minor league baseball player
  100. Former mlb pitcher and current pitching coach for the norfolk tides
  101. Mike Griffin  (2)
    Reds prospect
  102. Former Bengals football player 1978 debut
  103. Auto Racer
  104. Author
  105. film scores (on golden pond, tootsie, the firm)
  106. American Football, Notre Dame, QB, NFL, Redskins 1955, 1958-60, Cardinals 1961, Giants 1962-63, Eagles 1963
  107. Politician - European Parlament
  108. former college/NFL/WFL quarterback; played for Texas A&M, Saints, Oilers & Shreveport Steamers
  109. former NASA astronaut
  110. Author
  111. Director
  112. Jack on Will & Grace
  113. 40s-50s Child Actor ~ The Fallen Idol, The Wonder Kid
  114. Former baseball player (1926-37,45)
  115. Luis Hernndez  (4)
    former Royals and Orioles IF, currently in Texas organization
  116. Gonzaga Bulldogs Basketball
  117. football player
  118. Rugby League Player
  119. journalist/investigative consumer affairs reporter - former host of 'Fight Back!' (tv series, '80s)
  120. Former American football fullback in the National Football League for the Washington Redskins. He played college football at the University of Central Oklahoma
  121. Rex Hunt  (2)
    Former governor of Falkland Islands, also during the time of the Falkland Crisis
  122. Politician - European Parlament
  123. Singer/musician/actor - hit song with 'Wicked Game', The Silence of the Lambs, A Dirty Shame
  124. He was in the show called California Dreams
  125. Current Director of US National Park Service
  126. Adult Film Star
  127. MLB player - NY Yankees shortstop and team captain AL Rookie of the year 1996 All star and World Series MVP 2000 World Series champs 1996, 1998, 1999, 2000 & 2009 holds record for most hits ever by a New York Yankee Gold Glove winner 2004-2006 & 2009
  128. Cdric Jimenez  (2)
    French producer and film director
  129. Former WWE/WCW superstar
  130. Paul Johnson  (2)
    Rugby Player
  131. Paul Johnson  (4)
    Soccer Player
  132. Paul Johnson  (3)
    Soccer Coach - Arsenal
  133. Barry Jones  (2)
    UK House of Lords
  134. Billy Jones  (2)
    Soccer Player
  135. Brad Jones  (6)
    Hockey Player
  136. Brad Jones  (4)
    Former NHL Hockey Player
  137. Co - lead singer and guitarist of The Clash , Lead singer of Big Audio Dynamite
  138. Professional Footballer
  139. New Orleans Saints Fullback 1986-92. McNeese State.
  140. Florida Panthers (NHL) Defenseman - Formerly of the Vancouver Canucks & Phoenix Coyotes
  141. Former player for the New York Islanders
  142. Hockey Player
  143. Rugby Player
  144. Pro Wrestler
  145. Author
  146. former Cubs, Pirates, Brewers All-Star catcher/currently with Kansas City
  147. Actor - Casbah, Song Of Scheherazade, Ma Barker's Killer Brood (as Baby Face Nelson), Gang Busters (TV '52 as Baby Face Nelson in 3 episodes)
  148. basketball player
  149. Christian Rapper sings Rise Up, Dear Slim
  150. PGA Golf Player
  151. Actor - Bad Lieutenant, The Gambler, 1 episode of Law & Order
  152. Author
  153. Soccer player
  154. tv writer
  155. USA Softball Olympic Team Member
  156. English poet, novelist, and screenwriter
  157. Former Cyclist and 3 time Tour De France Winner
  158. NASCAR - Nationwide Series - driver # 61
  159. played captain love in 'the mask of zorro'
  160. Attorney General under Ford
  161. Cycling
  162. basketball player
  163. Australian actor, 'Cut', 'Angst' (2000), TV Series: 'Love is a Four-Letter Word', 'Outriders', 'McLeods Daughters' (in Season 7)
  164. member of the original Iwo Jima Flag Raisers
  165. Politician - European Parlament
  166. USA Olympic springboard diver/married to former NBA player Danny Schayes
  167. football player (34)(rb)
  168. UK House of Lords
  169. Lacrosse Player
  170. Belgian minister
  171. AC Milan Soccer Star
  172. British mercenary and former British Army officer, who participated in the failed coup d'etat in 2004 in Equatorial Guinea, was released from prison Nov. 2009 and is living in England again
  173. Uk big brother
  174. Cleveland Indians Catcher
  175. Baseball Player
  176. Canadian ice hockey player who competed in the 1956 Winter Olympics and 1960 Winter Olympics
  177. Former Rugby League Player
  178. Actor, Producer, son of James Mason, husband of Belinda Carlisle; former Special Assistant to President Ronald Reagan and Chief of Protocol of the United States
  179. Serial Killer - Basis for 'Hannibal Lecter' One of the most dangerous men in Britain
  180. USA Luge
  181. football player (88) (wr
  182. B.7/26/1924 Former CIA agent, later involved, as electronics expert, in Watergate burglaries which precipitated the Watergate scandal. Arrested during the second break-in to DNC Headquarters. Wrote; 'A piece of tape; the Watergate story: fact and fiction'
  183. Soccer player
  184. The Kids in the Hall, Superstar, Dog Park. Brain Candy, SNL
  185. Retired NHL goalie. Played for the Vancouver Canucks
  186. Hockey Player
  187. former NFL running back
  188. former soccer player
  189. Soccer Player
  190. British Politician
  191. New York Mets SP/RP
  192. Lead singer of the 1950s Doo Wop group 'The Willows' who had a 1956 hit 'Church Bells May Ring' (#62 Hot 100, #11 R&B). Embarked on a solo career in the US and Europe later. He is cited as an influence on many younger vocalists
  193. Campmaster on Trouble show 'Cruel Holiday'
  194. President of the Philadelphia Phillies
  195. Relative of prisoner Frank Morris
  196. Wrestling
  197. Cinematographer: Alone with a Stranger, The Night Caller, DEBS, New Suit
  198. Mike Myers  (3)
    Long Island Ducks 2008
  199. Mike Myers  (2)
    Chicago White Sox Reliver
  200. pitcher (66)
  201. Rally driver
  202. Professional Cyclist
  203. Mike Neal  (2)
    Shortstop prospect, signed as a free agent by the Yankees in 1987; he never played in the major leagues
  204. Football Player
  205. Actor
  206. German actor - Tatort Mnchen
  207. Politics
  208. Soccer Player
  209. Top Fashion Model, Actress and was the hostess on 'Bruce's The Price is Right'
  210. British Politician
  211. Former co-host and managing editor of The Screen Savers on TechTV
  212. former college/NFL running back; played for Kent State University, Dolphins & Colts; member of Dolphins Super Bowl VIII championship team
  213. pop/rock singer, formerly of band Berlin,Penthouse February 1977
  214. Defensive lineman for the Philadelphia Soul of AFL. Former University of Colorado Buffalo
  215. AFL Football Player
  216. Actor: NCIS: Los Angeles, Scent of A Woman, School Ties, Batman Forever, Batman & Robin, The Bachelor, Grey's Anatomy, Fried Green Tomatoes
  217. Actor - Ron Swanson from Parks and Recreation
  218. astronaut
  219. Greg Palast  (2)
    Author - Armed Madhouse
  220. Actress (b: 1922) - Detective Story (AA nom), Caged (AA nom), Interrupted Melody (AA nom), Of Human Bondage, Woman In White, Valentino, Scaramouche, Naked Jungle, Man With The Golden Arm, A King & Four Queens, Return To Peyton Place, The Sound Of Music
  221. College - Marshall University; NFL - retired quarterback, played for Miami Dolphins and New York Jets
  222. Author
  223. Paul Phillips  (3)
  224. Paul Phillips  (2)
  225. NFL - Houston Texans 2006
  226. bodybuilder
  227. Actress/Comedienne-Funny People, April on Parks and Recreation
  228. Pitcher 1953 Pittsburg Pirates {Died 8/8/1974} is in the 1953 Topps Archives
  229. Cyclist
  230. Soccer Player
  231. WNBA Player, Minnesota Lynx
  232. Nobel physics laureate 1996
  233. Former Surgeon General 1977-1981
  234. Football Player - San Jose SaberCats 2007
  235. Governor of Virginia (1982-1986); U.S. Senator from Virginia (1989-2001); husband of Lynda Bird Johnson
  236. MLB outfielder, 1st & 3rd baseman 1966-83 for Braves, Yankees, Pirates, Phillies. Known as 'Weaser'.Best season -1977 with 74 RS, 32 doubles, triple, 26 HR's, 104 RBI's, .304 BA. 4X hit 21 or more HR's. 1979 World Series had double, 2 RS, 2 RBI, .263 BA
  237. Actor: Halloween II, Heart Like A Wheel, River's Edge, Black Widow, Russkies, The Accused, Relentless, Maniac Cop, One Night At McCools, Hardcastle & McCormick, Raw Justice, JAG, Casualties of Love
  238. Medal of Honor, US Army, World War II
  239. Actress
  240. 'Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire' : Karkaroff's Aide
  241. French singer
  242. Author
  243. Photographer & Director: Puzzle of a Downfall Child, The Panic in Needle Park, Scarecrow, The Seduction of Joe Tynan, Honeysuckle Rose, Misunderstood, No Small Affair, Street Smart, Clinton and Nadine
  244. American Artist
  245. actor (star of rushmore)
  246. Larry Sharpe  (2)
  247. former college/NFL tight end; played for Savannah State University, Denver Broncos & Baltimore Ravens; second all-time receiving tight end; 8X Pro Bowler; 3X World Champion (XXXII, XXXIII & XXXV); NFL broadcaster for CBS
  248. Olympic Athlete: Former sprinter from Canada who won an Olympic bronze medal in 4 x 100 metres relay in Los Angeles 1984
  249. Former Governor of Alaska (1982-1986)
  250. Former 1st Baseman for the University of Utah, Tigers,Pirates and Rangers/ currently in the Astros organization
  251. Actor: Game Day, Better Luck Tomorrow, The New Guy, NCIS, Dead Scared, Tru Calling, Hatchet, General Hospital
  252. Basketball Player
  253. Stephen Silas  (2)
    Baseball Coach
  254. NBA, Golden States Warriors 2006
  255. Oscar winning make-up artist, worked on Amadeus and The Exorcist
  256. Richard Smith  (6)
  257. singer / songwriter - formerly of scandal - '80s hits w/ goodbye to you, the warrior
  258. Wide receiver who played for Fordham and was not drafted but managed to play for the Jets for several years in the mid-1980s
  259. Actor: Witness, The Stepford Wives, Dirty Harry, Silkwood, Absence of Malice, Hide in Plain Sight, Rollover, The Betty Ford Story, The Mighty Ducks, Iceman, DARYL, Nobody's Fool, Dracula's Widow, Hothouse, Law & Order, Invasion, X-Men The Last Stand
  260. Former Tennessee Vol running back
  261. Carnival Sideshow Freak, 'Lobsterboy'
  262. Cricketer
  263. football
  264. Politician - European Parlament
  265. Racing Driver
  266. Australian Olympic Long Jumper
  267. Singer (b: 1979), frontman of pop group OneRepublic, Winner of the MTV FreeLance Entertainment contest. sings 'The Look'
  268. Former St. Louis Cardinals Baseball Coach
  269. Actor: Da Vinci's Inquest, Adventures of Sinbad, Sweating Bullets, Fire With Fire, 21 Jump Street, the Commish, The X-Files, Elektra, The 4400, Intelligence, Sanctuary, Hell on Wheels, Rogue, Heartland, The 100, Continuum, Bates Motel, Project Blue Book
  270. Former Rugby League Player
  271. Former U.S. Senator from California (1971-1977), son of boxing Heavyweight world champion and hall of fame member Gene Tunney and socialite Polly Lauder Tunney
  272. Director/Writer - La Bamba, Zoot Suit, The Cisco Kid '94, The Chicanos Story. The 'Father of Chicano Theater' in the United States. Brother of actor Daniel Valdez
  273. Singer/Musician
  274. Olympic Basketball Womens coach HOF
  275. Soccer Player
  276. Retired QB; Played for the Atlanta Falcons (2001-2008), Philadelphia Eagles (2009-2013), New York Jets (2014), Pittsburgh Steelers (2015). Played College for Virginia Tech
  277. Swedish actor, husband of Christina Schollin
  278. Actress - Monster On The Campus, Blue Hawaii, The Singing Nun. She quit show business in 1967 to concentrate on her work as a Christian minister
  279. Actor (b: 1955) - Films: 16 Candles, Gung Ho. Volunteers, Vamp, UHF, Gremlins 2, Boys On The Side, Perfect Alibi, Alfie '04, Mulan II (v/Ling). TV series: ER, Gung Ho, Down Home, Sesame Street
  280. former 'Abercrombie & Fitch' model
  281. Soccer Coach
  282. syndicated cartoonist of slylock fox and comics for kids
  283. British Computer Scientist. Born: 06/26/1913
  284. David Williams  (13)
    Songwriter co-wrote Whole Lotta Shaking Goin On
  285. 2005 No. 3 NBA Draft pick of Utah Jazz, University of Illinois standout
  286. Author
  287. Country music singer 'Redneck Woman'
  288. British Politician
  289. football player
  290. US jazz musician
  291. Golf
  292. Soccer Player
  293. Alpine Skier
  294. Childrens author - mr. rabbit & the lovely present. Born: 06/26/1915