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  1. Athlete-Long Distance Runner
  2. Dina Abbott on Young and the Restless; Days of Our Lives
  3. Former college/AFL/NFL/AAFC kicker; played for University of New Mexico & fourteen professional teams; Dallas Cowboys kicking coach for 20 years; 2X NFL champion (Giants 1956 & Packers 1961); one of two players to play in NFL/AFL/AAFC. Born:08/28/1919
  4. Robert Aitken  (2)
    Canadian composer and flautist. Member of the Order of Canada
  5. Lacrosse Player
  6. Professional Footballer
  7. Australian politician, Author
  8. Baseball / Third and First Baseman 1995-2002 / Expos, Cubs & Red Sox / First Round Draft Choice in 1990
  9. Actor - Death Valley Days (Host - The Old Ranger - 1952-1963), Superman & The Mole Men, Little Orphan Annie (radio - voice of Daddy Warbucks), many TV guest-starring roles, mostly Westerns (1951-1963)
  10. singer (part of 80's pop-duo Mel & Kim)
  11. 'American Dreams','Supernatural',House,M.D.','Bones',Played Ted Sprague in Heroes
  12. Men's Basketball Coach South Alabama
  13. Wide Receiver for the Kansas City Chiefs; Formerly with Akron
  14. Lord of the Flies (Ralph)
  15. Country Singer // Actress: Facts Of Life, Exile, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Shadows of the Heart, An American Summer
  16. former college/NFL quarterback; played for University of Maryland, Bears & Jets
  17. Soccer player
  18. Ryan Bailey  (2)
    Rugby Player
  19. USA Water Polo
  20. WWII fighter ace - 10 Kills - USAAF - DSC
  21. Football Player, Linebacker, California, San Francisco 49ers
  22. Actor - One Life To Live, The Princess and the Frog
  23. businesswoman
  24. Andy Bathgate  (2)
    Pittsburgh Penguins 5th Round Pick 2009
  25. Former NFL football player for the Pats, Rams, Cardinals and Dolphins in the 80's.College:Stanford
  26. Former Yankees, Blue Jays, and Pirates reliever
  27. Canadian Actress - Movie - 'Watchman' (2009). TV Series - 'Remedy' (2014- )
  28. American Football, NFL, Tight End, Purdue, NFL, Falcons 1984-1985, Redskins 1987 (Replacement Player, SB XXII), Saints 1987-1988
  29. Author
  30. Actor: The X-Files, Touched by an Angel, Waterworld, Dead Man Walking, The Cable Guy, Mars Attacks!, The Jackal, I Still Know What You Did Last Summer, High Fidelity, Shallow Hal, Ice Age, School of Rock, King Kong, Kung Fu Panda, Bernie
  31. Swedish Male Ice Hockey Legend. Won Silver Medal At 1964 Innsbruck Olympic Games. Won Gold Medal At 1962 Colorado Springs/Denver World Championships. Gävle IK (1956?1961), Västra Frölunda IF (1961?1972)
  32. American Actress/Model - Miss America 1972.- TV Series - 'The New Mike Hammer (1984-1987), 'The Dukes of Hazzard' (1979-1981). Movie - 'H.O.T.S' (1979)., 'Sixpack Annie'(1975), 'Cover Girl Models'(1975), 'Hughes & Harlow'(1977), Super Password (1985-1987
  33. Invented Lasik Surgery Technique; Inventor Hall of Fame inductee
  34. British-Born Canadian Actress - Movie - 'Vampire Circus' (1972), 'The Wars' (1983), 'Afterglow' (1997), 'The Trotsky' (2009). TV Series - 'Mount Royal' (1998), 'Scoop III' (1994). TV Mini Series - 'Armistead Maupin's More Tales of the City' (1998)
  35. Author
  36. Canadian Actress - Movie - 'Kaw' (2007), 'Cruel Intentions 2' (2000), 'Sex After Kids' (2013). TV Series - 'MVP' (2008), 'ReGenesis' - Guest (2004-2005), 'Producing Parker' (2011), 'Signed, Sealed, Delivered' (2014), 'Orphan Black' (2014-2015)
  37. Professional Cyclist Of Italy
  38. Finnish Formula 1 driver. Currently races for Mercedes
  39. Scottish Musician/Actor-Lord Of The Rings:Fellowship Of The Ring/The Two Towers/Return of The King(Peregrin 'Pippin' Took),The Soldiers Legs,Urban Ghost Story,Sniper 470,Master and Commander:The Far Side Of The World,Seed of Chucky,Stories of Lost Souls
  40. Actor
  41. british actor
  42. Australian Rugby Player
  43. actor
  44. Rugby Player
  45. American Female Singer - Punk Rock, Horror Punk, Deathrock, Gothic Rock (1979- ). Music Group - '45 Grave' (1979-1985, 1988-1990, 2005- ). Soundtrack - 'The Return Of The Living Dead' (1985), 'Night Of The Demons' (2009)
  46. French Politician, member of the National Assembly of France
  47. voice actress - The Wild Thornberrys, Hulk Hogan's Rock N' Wrestling
  48. American Born African Activist
  49. Retired NBA Basketballer now analyst
  50. Professional Cyclist
  51. Astronaut
  52. Author of childrens sports books
  53. Broadway Actor/Singer/Dancer/Director
  54. Greg Clark  (4)
    British Politician
  55. NFL, DT, Philadelphia Eagles 1978-1987, Seattle Seahawks 1988, Minnesota Vikings 1989-91. College - Syracuse
  56. Hot Rod Builder, Star Of TV Show American Hot Rod
  57. Former U.S. Senator from Maine (1979-1997); Secretary of Defense (1997-2001)
  58. Eve6,Vocals, Bass
  59. Actress: Legally Blonde, American Pie, Best In Show, Down to Earth, A Night At The Roxbury, Joey, American Dreamz, Robots, Cinderella Story, Testosterone, American Wedding, As Virgins Fall, A Mighty Wind, Zoolander, King of the Hill, Trial and Error
  60. Pianist
  61. French actress 'Julie & Julia' 'Mister Nobody'
  62. Singer/Musician
  63. Soccer Coach
  64. former major league outfielder; played for Cubs, Yankees, Mets, Brewers, Phillies & Angels
  65. Irish actor - cast of Shackelton
  66. Professional Footballer
  67. Actress - Lovejoy, Pie In The Sky, P.O.W., The Royal
  68. cornerback Cleveland Browns 70's
  69. Author
  70. Welsh Actor: It Aint Alf Hot Mum, Carry On films, Never the Twain
  71. Driver in the Verizon Indy Car Series
  72. 'Zookeeper','King Of Quenns'Married To Kevin James
  73. motorcyclist motorsports hof.
  74. Former MLB Umpire
  75. opera singer
  76. Actor from the Netherlands best known as 'Swiebertje'
  77. Third Baseman; Florida Marlins Prospect; #12 overall pick n the 2007 draft
  78. Former Rugby League Player
  79. President of Angola
  80. poet pulitzer prize (thomas & beulah) 1987
  81. Retired basketball player played for the detriot pistons debut 1970
  82. Subject of the film Melvin and Howard
  83. Singer/Musician
  84. Fmr United States Congressman
  85. Opera Singer
  86. Former Wright State Basketball Player
  87. Child actress - starred in Eyes Wide Shut
  88. Figure Skater, 1996 World Champion, & 6 time United States National Champion (1990,1991,1995,1997,1998,2002)
  89. Wrestling
  90. legendary burlesque entertainer
  91. Olympic swimmer
  92. Ex Aston Villa, Everton & Bolton Wanderers footballer now Manager
  93. golf
  94. Talk radio host 'The Ben Ferguson Show' Does spots on numerous Fox News Channel programs
  95. Spanish actor - Belle Epoque
  96. Director of Seven, Fight Club, The Game, Panic Room, Alien 3 (Special Edition)
  97. Retired NHL Forward (New York Islanders, Florida Panthers, Colorado Avalanche, Nashville Predators, Chicago Blackhawks, Toronto Maple Leafs & Boston Bruins) - Currently Assistant to the General Manager of the Pittsburgh Penguins (NHL)
  98. Played 'Pierce' on All My Children
  99. Cornerback, San Diego Chargers
  100. Football Player, LB
  101. Actor
  102. Writer, Author of Owl Do Cry
  103. Quarterback For The Cleveland Browns
  104. Actor
  105. German Actor 'Sturm der Liebe'
  106. Actor: Run For Your Life, Anatomy of a Murder, Capone, Husbands, Convicts 4, The Strange One, Arrest & Trial, Neptune Factor, Bloodline, Killing of a Chinese Bookie, Inchon, St. Jack, Road House, The Big Lebowski, Shadow Conspiracy, Dogville, Buffalo '66
  107. Basketball Player
  108. Actor The Young & The Restless, The Beast Master, Home And Away
  109. adult film star
  110. Baseball / 1960-71 / All-Star Outfielder for Philadelphia Phillies / Also Played for Reds, Padres, Braves & Angels
  111. Politician - European Parlament
  112. grand ole opry star
  113. Jeff Green  (2)
    Georgetown Basketball Player/ Plays for the Seattle Sonics
  114. Director of Uncovered:The war on Iraq, Wal-Mart:The high cost of low price
  115. Professional Poker Player
  116. Baseball player and manager, played 1916-1936, managed 1932-1960
  117. ML pitcher 1975-88 for Yankees. Known as 'Louisiana Lightning or Gator'. Cy Young 1978, 4x All - Star, 5x Gold Glove. 2x ERA Title. Best in 1978 with 25-3, 1.71 ERA .Led league in wins 2x, shutouts 1x./ 3 W.S.(2x World Champs) going 3-1, 1.69 ERA
  118. Actor (b: 1956) - Boogie Nights, Magnolia, Traffic, The Bone Collector, The Limey, Q&A, Black Rain, Carlito's Way, Out Of Sight, Snake Eyes, Punch-Drunk Love, Anger Management, The Substitute, Innocent Blood, ...Pelham 123, Oz, How To Make It In America
  119. Soccer Player
  120. swedish athlete. Won gold in the 3000 m Steeplechase event in the 1976 Olympics.
  121. Actress (The Land Girls; Queer as Folk; Clocking Off; Queer as Folk 2; Fat Friends; Spooks; Sons and Lovers; etc)
  122. Sci Fi - Fantasy Writter, Star Wars author
  123. Professional Wrestler - The Assassin
  124. Champion Figure Skater
  125. Singer/Musician
  126. Golf
  127. Bob Harris  (3)
    Soccer Player
  128. Robert Harris  (4)
    Soccer Player
  129. Former 2B/OF for the Orioles, White Sox, Braves, Nationals and Mets, now in Reds organization
  130. Author
  131. Bob Hartman  (2)
    Retired Major League Pitcher - 1959 & 1962
  132. Female Bodybuilder
  133. Football Player
  134. Former NFL football player for the Bears, cowboys, and Bills in the 50's and 60's
  135. Seattle Seahawks rookie outside linebacker
  136. Hockey Player
  137. Hockey Player
  138. NFL - Tennessee Titans 2006
  139. Rugby Player
  140. Former Footballer
  141. Model
  142. Tennis Player
  143. track & field
  144. British Politician
  145. German Soccer Player
  146. Skiing
  147. PGA Golfer and 1998 US Open Champion
  148. Actor: Scrubs, The Abyss, Wiseguy, Air America, Homefront, The Stand, Last Dance, Courage under Fire, Fled, I am Sam, Welcome to Paradise
  149. Prime Minister of the Faroe Islands (2008-present)
  150. Model/Actress-Hostel 2,Tahtitehdas
  151. President of Croatia (2010-present)
  152. Actor
  153. Adult Film Star
  154. USA Women's Hockey player
  155. Actress: Mackenzie Browning in The Young and the Restless, Meredith Hudson in Days of Our Lives, Petty Officer Erica Perelli in NCIS, Michelle in Heroes
  156. Comedian
  157. Actress
  158. Politician - European Parlament
  159. Soccer Player - New York Red Bulls
  160. Presenter
  161. Actress
  162. Actress - played 'Jane Hathaway' on 'The Beverly Hillbillies'
  163. Biathlete
  164. infamous teacher caught in scandal
  165. Driver - Busch Series Car # 7
  166. Hockey Player
  167. Adult Film Star/Adult Model/Exotic Dancer
  168. Football Player
  169. Drummer in the 1960s british band [the honeycombs
  170. Member Of The 1994 U.S. Soccer Men's World Cup Team
  171. judo athlete
  172. Soccer Player
  173. Former Adult Film Star/Former Publisher of High Society Magazine
  174. Author
  175. Actor - The Killers, Brute Force, Crossfire, Boomerang, Dial 1119, Killer McCoy, 2 Thin Man films, Sweet Smell Of Success, Slaughter on 10th Ave, Babe Ruth Story, Designing Woman, Act One. Broadway: orig. role of Nathan Detroit in Guys & Dolls (1950)
  176. pro baseball player for the Red Sox
  177. Hockey Player
  178. Survivor Amazon
  179. Former NBA Player
  180. John Long  (3)
    Former Rugby League Player
  181. John Long  (2)
    basketball player
  182. Newsies, Roundhouse
  183. Football Player - New Orleans VooDoo 2007
  184. former college/NFL/AFL linebacker; played for University of Notre Dame & Kansas City Chiefs; member of College Football Hall of Fame; member of Chiefs Super Bowl IV championship team; member of Notre Dame 1964/1966 national championship teams;AFL All-Star
  185. former Phillies reliever/closer, now with Reds
  186. Sri Lankan Cricketer
  187. Rugby League Player
  188. in the band CKY, Bam Margera's brother
  189. Member of Parliament for the Riding of LaSalle-Émard in Quebec. Member of the Liberal Party of Canada.Former Prime Minister of Canada 2004-2006
  190. That's So Raven
  191. Brazilian race car driver from Belo Horizonte who currently resides in Miami. He currently drives in the IndyCar Series for de Ferran Dragon Racing. He was the 2008 Firestone Indy Lights Series champion and the 2007 Champ Car Atlantic Series champion.
  192. LA Dodgers 1st round draft pick 2006, Son of Don Mattingly
  193. Baseball Player
  194. New Zealand Rugby Player
  195. Former college/NFL linebacker; played for Stanford University, 49ers & Raiders; 2X Super Bowl champion; son of former NFL player, Bill McColl
  196. sci.-fi author (star wars, the crystal star)
  197. Star Point Guard for Syracuse mens bball team
  198. Soccer Player
  199. model/makeup artist - basis for the expanded Star Wars character/action figure 'Mara Jade'
  200. Author
  201. Musician, Singer, Songwriter: Lead singer of Boy Meets Girl 'Waiting for a Star to Fall' which he co-wrote with ex-wife Shannon Rubicam; also wrote songs for Whitney Houston: 'I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me)' & 'How Will I Know?'
  202. Cyclist
  203. Soccer Player
  204. Former WWE Diva
  205. Kansas City Chief CB, 1964-71, played in Super Bowls I and IV
  206. medal of honor army korean war
  207. Ski Alpine
  208. Edna Abbott Harper on Everwood (WB series)
  209. Voice Actor, Stargate Atlantis
  210. Soccer Player
  211. Soccer Player
  212. Actor: Hunk, The Edge of Night, Loving, Santa Barbara, Killer Klowns from Outer Space, Deathstalker and the Warriors from Hell, Baywatch, Follow Me Home, Sheena, 24, Vanished, Privileged, Feast III, Crisis, Red Band Society, Crazy Ex - Girlfriend
  213. Singer/Musician
  214. Screenwriter/Director
  215. Actor/Dancer - Singin In The Rain, Theres No Business Like Show Business, Anything Goes, Million Dollar Legs, Sing You Sinners, Call Me Madam, The Merry Monahans, Francis The Talking Mule films, The Buster Keaton Story (title role), The Milkman, Ragtime
  216. Author
  217. Actor - Kolchak: The Night Stalker (as Tony Vincenzo, Kolchak's boss), Psycho, Bullitt, West Side Story, I Want To Live, The Sand Pebbles, Tony Rome, Murder Inc., The Satan Bug, Baa Baa Black Sheep (TV), many TV guest-starring roles (1956-1983)
  218. Doug Oliver  (2)
    Head Women's Basketball Coach at UC Irvine
  219. Bassist - The Wrecking Crew
  220. Singer
  221. Played christe in the new tekken movie
  222. Basketball Player
  223. Actor
  224. Actress
  225. Former Erotic Film Star - Most known for starring in the 'Taboo' series
  226. Coach of the professional cyclingteam Quick Step
  227. Author
  228. aaa baseball players mlb/kansas city royals
  229. Football Player
  230. Tour de France Champion 1967
  231. former major league outfielder/manager; played for Yankees, Indians, Royals & Orioles; managed Reds, Devil Rays, Cubs, Mariners & Yankees; won 2 championships as a player, one as manager; 1969 AL Rookie of the Year; 1X All-Star
  232. Children's Author
  233. Author
  234. Actress - Legend, I.Q., The Lost Saucer. Voice Actress - Doug (as Beebee), Amityville 2 (as the Demon Voices), Heavy Metal, My Little Pony, Felix The Cat: The Movie
  235. UK Presenter
  236. 'Tru Calling',Plays on the TV show 'Popular'
  237. Former Lead Singer of, Hey Monday // Winner of Season 3 of The Voice. // Country Singer
  238. 50s cubs baseball player, dead now:)
  239. Actor: Beverly Hills 90210, Tombstone, Coldblooded, Calendar Girl, The Highwayman, Dark Side, Tru Calling, Call Me Fitz, Love Monkey, Sister Kate, Eye of the Beholder, Termination Point, Everest, Haven, Private Eyes
  240. Jason Priestley's Sister,Cyberteens In Love
  241. Soccer Player
  242. Randall has been variously described as a 'serial killer', despite only having two convictions for murder, and as a 'notorious criminal'.
  243. Wrestler
  244. Composer/Songwriter
  245. British Politician
  246. Actor: Angel, Conviction, Raising the Bar, Why Do Fools Fall in Love, Good Burger
  247. Detriot Shock and Olympic foward
  248. country/pop singer
  249. Actress In Movies Disturbia, Grudge 2, Wristcutters: A Love Story
  250. Ed Rogers  (2)
    Baltimore Orioles 1999 shortstop prospect
  251. Screenwriter & Producer: Dr. Quinn, Dark Skies, Party of Five, The Magnificent Seven, The Agency, Birds of Prey, The O.C., Step Up, Twilight, Dexter, Red Widow, Jessica Jones
  252. Actor: Pacific Blue, ER, Top Gun, The Terminator, Roxanne, The Lords of Discipline, Streets of Fire, Spellbinder, Paint It Black, Navy Seals, Tropical Heat, New Crime City, Cover Me, Black Scorpion, Warning Sign, Losin' It
  253. Actress/Singer/Dancer - Universal's answer to MGM's Mickey Rooney & Judy Garland. Starred in 8 musical films with Donald O'Connor (1942-1944). Hawaii Five-0 - Jenny, the governor's secretary, in 49 episodes
  254. Actress, Hercules: The Legendary Journeys
  255. Actress: Arabian Adventure, More Wild Wild West, General Hospital, Ellis Island, Murder in Three Acts, Dynasty, The Colbys, Lady and the Highwayman, The Shrimp on the Barbie, Delirious, Illusions, Models Inc, Humanoids from the Deep, Holby City, Doctors
  256. COO of Facebook, Author
  257. Baseball / 1961-70 / Rare Combination of Infielder & Catcher / Angels & Red Sox / Also a Standout at USC
  258. Noted investor
  259. German actress 'Ein fliehendes Pferd'
  260. British Actress (b: 1933) - Broadway: Irma La Douce (Tony win, Original Lead Role, Best Actress, 1961), The Corn Is Green. Films: Vampire Circus, Radio Cab Murder, Trouble In The Sky, Town On Trial, Mack The Knife
  261. Drummer for Rock band 'Chicago'
  262. Author
  263. Female USAC Race Car Driver
  264. Major League Prospect
  265. Coach of the professional cycling team Astana
  266. opera singer
  267. Actor (b: 1935) - 'The Dukes of Hazzard' & 'Enos' (as Deputy Enos Strate), 'I'll Fly Away', 'Bastard Out Of Carolina', 'Pelican Brief', 'Ray', 'Forrest Gump' (as Paul 'Bear' Bryant), 'Van Wilder', 'The Devil & Max Devlin', 'The Rosa Parks Story'
  268. Model-World's Tallest Model
  269. football player (74)(dt)
  270. Ex BBC producer/director. Worked on shows including: Dads Army, It Ain't Half Hot Mum, Keeping Up Appearances, The Dick Emery Show
  271. Congressional Medal of Honor, USMC, WWII
  272. Actor: Starsky & Hutch, Here Come the Brides, The Yellow Rose, Casablanca, UnSub, Magnum Force, Salem's Lot, Johnny Got His Gun, The Hanoi Hilton, Appointment With Death, Through Naked Eyes, Pentathlon, Farewell // Singer: Don't Give Up On Us Baby
  273. Actor - Mamma Mia!, The Knock, Eastenders
  274. Actor: Breaking Away, Diner, Blue Thunder, C.H.U.D., Born in East L.A., D.O.A., Leviathan, Home Alone, City Slickers, The Wonder Years, Rookie of the Year, Bushwhacked, Celtic Pride, Very Bad Things, Dilbert, Whip it, Manhattan, Shrill
  275. NFL - Tennessee Titans 2006
  276. Iain Stewart  (2)
    British Politician
  277. Ian Stewart  (4)
    Lord Stewartby, British Politician
  278. Mexican actor, born 1940, starred in many European horror movies
  279. Basketball Player
  280. Creator of Pokemon and founder of Gamefreak
  281. Executive producer
  282. Stargate SG-1; Sanctuary
  283. Actor - Spartacus, NCIS, Sopranos
  284. Football Coach
  285. Terry Taylor  (2)
    Bill Wyman's Rhythm Kings - Guitarist
  286. Actor: The Terminator, Cobra, Falcon Crest, Pass the Ammo, Fright Night Part 2, Alien Nation, Lionheart, Star Trek Generations, DragonHeart, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The X-Files, Charmed, Fan Wars
  287. Football, Giants CB in late 80s, early 90s
  288. former college/NFL/AFL defensive tackle; played for University of Syracuse, Oakland Raiders and Philadelphia Eagles; #22 pick overall 1969 NFL Draft
  289. MLB pitcher 1967-84 / Pitcher for 7 teams. 7x won over 14 games. Best in 1975 going 20-9 with 3.06 ERA. In 1977 World Series went 2-0 with 2.50 ERA. . Gave Up Legendary Homer to Bucky Dent in 1978 Red Sox - Yankees Division Playoff
  290. football player (57) (lb)
  291. Football Player
  292. Opera singer
  293. Australian Cricketer
  294. Writer/Illustrator
  295. NHL player - buffalo sabres (1987-1992), new york islanders (1991-1995), montreal candiens (1994-1997), st. louis blues (1996-2000), dallas stars (2001-present)
  296. Country & Pop Singer: I'm Gonna Getcha Good, Up, Come on Over, Man I feel Like a Woman, That Don't Impress Me Much, From This Moment, You're Still The One, Any Man of Mine, No One Needs To Know, Don't Be Stupid, Honey I'm Home
  297. Hockey Player
  298. 'Diagnosis Murder'
  299. Science Fiction Author/Writer. Born: 08/28/1916
  300. Designer on 'Surprise By Design' on the Discovery Channel
  301. German actor - The Blue Max
  302. Female Model
  303. Singer/Musician
  304. Rugby League Player
  305. Author
  306. NFL - Pittsburgh Steelers 2006
  307. Enron exec and whistleblower; author
  308. German actor Tatort
  309. Chicago Cubs Starting Pitcher
  310. 'Pad Leader'/'Fuhrer of the Pad' Mercury & Gemini Space Flights & Apollo Missions 1967-1975
  311. Alan Williams  (5)
  312. Author - Seeing a Color-Blind Future; Open House
  313. Football Player
  314. pitcher (45)
  315. Singer/Musician
  316. former major league shortstop; played for Reds, Cardinals, Mets, Expos & Giants; NL All-Star 1981; currently Tucson Sidewinders manager
  317. Basketball player for the WNBA team Tulsa Shock played college basketball at Pittsburgh
  318. Wilfred, Family Guy, American Dad, King of the Hill
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