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StarTiger - Browsing Entries matching Tag BirthYear::1909
Browsing Entries matching Tag BirthYear::1909
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  1. Author
  2. Opera Singer, Performed in Follies in Concert. Born: 07/22/1913
  3. Actor - It's A Wonderful Life, Psycho, The Hucksters, many 1950's-1960's TV guest starring roles
  4. Musician/Guitarist
  5. Author
  6. Author
  7. Former Governor of Minnesota (1951-55)
  8. Ken Anderson  (6)
    Disney animator, writer & art director
  9. Dana Andrews  (2)
    Am. Actor (b: 1909)- Laura, The Best Years of Our Lives, The Ox-Box Incident, Fallen Angel, State Fair, The Purple Heart, Boomerang, A Walk in the Sun, Where The Sidewalk Ends, The Frogmen, Madison Ave., Night of The Demon. Brother of Actor Steve Forrest
  10. Heather Angel  (2)
    Actress - The Informer, Lifeboat, Hound Of The Baskervilles, Suspicion, Last Of The Mohicans, Daniel Boone, The 3 Musketeers, Pride & Prejudice, Time To Kill, Bulldog Drummond films (5), Peter Pan (v/Mrs. Darling), Alice In Wonderland (v/Lorina)
  11. Maria Bailey  (2)
    Founder of, writer, & public speaker
  12. Author
  13. Author
  14. John Beal  (2)
    Actor: The Vampire, les Miserables '35, Madame X, The Man Who Found Himself, The Cat & The Canary, So Dear To My Heart, The Sound & The Fury, Ten Who Dared, Amityville 3D, The Firm, Dark Shadows, The Defenders
  15. Canadian Actor - 2001: A Space Odyssey, Capt. Horatio Hornblower, Where Eagles Dare, Superman 3-4, Doctor Who '66, Martian Chronicles, Secret Of Dr. Mabuse, Calling Bulldog Drummond, Tarzan & The Lost Safari, Pink Panther Strikes Again, Odd Man Out
  16. Producer. 'Two Thousand Weeks' (1969). Born: 10/06/1909
  17. Actor - I Was A Teenage Frankenstein, I Was A Teenage Werewolf, Creature from the Black Lagoon, Gunfight At The OK Corral, The Defiant Ones, The Time Machine, Hud, Seven Days In May, The Time Tunnel, many '50's-'70's TV guest-starring roles
  18. cinematographer
  19. Governor of Delaware (1953-60); U.S. Senator from Delaware (1961-73)
  20. Pianist/Comedian
  21. English Actress - Movie - 'Death Drives Through' (1935), 'The Happy Hangman' (1939), 'Lucky Days' (1935), 'Ghost Goes West' (1935), 'Old Mother Riley's New Venture' (1949), ' The Counterfeit Plan' (1957), 'The Dark Stairway' (1938), 'Purse Strings'(1933)
  22. Diplomat and former CIA Deputy Director 1977-79. 08/24/1909
  23. Ab Box 
    Canadian Former Football Player - Running Back - 'Toronto Balmy Beach Beachers' (1930-1931), 'Toronto Argonauts' (1932-1934), 'Toronto Balmy Beach Beachers' (1935-1938)
  24. American Production Designer - Movie 'North By Northwest' (1959), 'Fiddler on the Roof' (1971), 'The Shootist' (1976), 'Gaily, Gaily' (1969). Oldest Person to receive an Oscar (Honorary 2008)
  25. Scientist; Manhattan Project (Trinity); was in charge of the final assembly of the Trinity test bomb in July 1945┬┤
  26. producer of james bond films
  27. Russian Publisher
  28. sportswriter hof
  29. Secretary of Agriculture (1971-76)
  30. MLB outfielder from 1930-42 for White Sox, Browns, Indians, Tigers, Senators. Best season in 1933 with 87 RS, 38 doubles, 8 triples, 16 HR's, 106 RBI's, .277 BA / In 1940 World Series got 9 hits (double, HR) with 5 RBI's and .360 BA
  31. Baseball Player
  32. Former Rugby League Player
  33. Author
  34. Italian Mountaineer/Born:01/02/1909
  35. MLB third baseman, shortstop and second baseman trom 1934-37 for the Tigers. Best season had .255 batting average. Despite size 5'11' was given nickname of the 'Flea' due to irritating the opponents
  36. Jimmy 'Butler' Coffey (born 26 October 1909) is a retired Irish sportsperson. He was born in Newport, County Tipperary
  37. Actor - King Of The Rocket Men (title role), Spy Smasher, Perils Of Nyoka, The Corpse Vanishes, Jesse James Rides Again, 26 Men, MANY TV guest star roles (inc. 4 Adv. of Superman)
  38. {1909-1982} English actor had a thriving career for fifty years on TV, Film & stage
  39. American Striptease Artist (Minsky's Burlesque, 1940 - $1,000/week + 25% of the house receipts). Actress - Swamp Woman, Jungle Siren, Call Of The Jungle, Sarong Girl. Broadway (Director & Performer) - This Was Burlesque, 1965
  40. Author
  41. Member of the New York State Senate 1955-56
  42. Actor - The Wizard Of Oz, The Terror Of Tiny Town (as The Hero), Superman & The Mole-Men (as a Mole-Man), Saboteur, Meet John Doe, High Plains Drifter, The Thing '51 (as the small version of The Thing), Man Of 1,000 Faces, The Incredible Shrinking Man
  43. Actor - Sergeant York, The Lost Weekend, The Sea Wolf, The Blue Dahlia, They Live By Night, The Great Gatsby (1949 & 1974), 1776 (as Ben Franklin), The Missles Of October (as Khrushchev), many TV guest-starring roles (1950-1983)
  44. American Actress born:08/23/1909.Mrs.Washington on'The Rosary Murders'(1987),'L.A.Law','The Cosby Show','Garbo Talks','Death Mask','Bennys Place','Pieces of April'.Celebrated her 100th Birtday in August 2009
  45. Australian cricketer
  46. Jim Davis  (6)
    Western & Character actor- I Spy, Man from U.N.C.L.E., F Troop, I Dream of Jeannie, Star Trek (Creature), Daniel Boone, Land of the Giants, Hawaii Five-O, Marcus Welby,M.D., Mission: Impossible, Mannix, Griff, Banacek & best known as Jock Ewing on DALLAS
  47. French Banker & Aristocrat
  48. American Actress born 1909.was married to Actor Joel McCrea.Mother of Actor Jody McCrea.Movies->'I Walked With a Zombie','Of Human Bondage','Little Woman','Becky Sharp','Souls at Sea','If I Were King','A Man Betrayed','Bel Ami','Gypsy Colt'
  49. British Actor (b: 1909) - Curse Of The Demon, Countess Dracula, Day of Jackal, The Nanny, Sunday Bloody Sunday, Sink The Bismarck!, The 7th Dawn, Blood Beast From Outer Space, Paranoiac, Hysteria, The Alphabet Murders, After The Fox, Doctor Who '84
  50. boxer
  51. Secretary of treasury JFK John F. Kennedy & LBJ
  52. US educator/writer
  53. Commissioner of the NYC Department of Welfare 1959-65
  54. dancer choreographer
  55. Frank Edwards  (2)
    Musician/Blues Guitarist
  56. Screenwriter - Gilda
  57. Screenwriter - Casablanca (AA win, with his brother Philip), Arsenic & Old Lace, The Male Animal, Mr. Skeffington, Four Daughters, The Man Who Came To Dinner, The Bride Came COD, The Last Time I Saw Paris, The Tender Trap, Pete 'n' Tillie, House Calls
  58. Actress - Heidi '20 (title role), Dinner At 8, David Copperfield, Army Girl, The Mayor Of Hell, The 13th Chair, Helldorado, Espionage, Pennies From Heaven, The Show-Off, What Every Woman Knows, Beauty For Sale, Fugitive Lovers, Guilty Hands
  59. Actor - Baretta, The Seven Year Itch (Golden Globe win), Adam's Rib, State Fair, Up Front, Back At The Front, Tender Is The Night, The Girl Can't Help It, Lost In Alaska, A Life Of Her Own, They Only Kill Their Masters, Easy Money, Best Of The West
  60. Actor - Little Caesar, Gunga Din, The Prisoner of Zenda, Sinbad the Sailor , The Corsican Brothers, The Dawn Patrol, Stella Dallas '25, ...Catherine The Great, The Jazz Age, Angels Over Broadway, The Fighting O'Flynn, Mr. Drake's Duck, Ghost Story
  61. American author
  62. Hungarian born political philosopher
  63. Oldest Living Medal of Honor (Navy WW 2) Born: 07/23/1909.Lieutenant John William Finn (born July 23, 1909) is a retired officer of the United States Navy who received the Medal of Honor in recognition of heroism and distinguished service during the Japan
  64. Best known for her distinguished career on the Broadway stage, where she first made an indelible impression as Elizabeth Barrett's (Katharine Cornell's) maid Wilson in 'The Barretts of Wimpole Street' (1935)'Mrs. Miniver (1942) as Gladys
  65. Co-founder of NASCAR
  66. film director (caltiki-the immortal monster)
  67. famed wine maker
  68. Vaudevillian w/Ted Healy/Stooges, charactor actor-tv/films
  69. hockey player
  70. actor/writer
  71. French film actress, appeared consistantly in French films from 1933 until 1995; most notable as one of Belle's sisters in Cocteau's Beauty and the Beast
  72. baseballs golden era 1930's
  73. Involved with hiding Anne Frank and her family. Born: 02/15/1909
  74. U.S. Senator from Arizona (1953-1965 and 1969-1987); Candidate for President in 1964
  75. UK Editor/Writer. 1930's-60's. Born: 09/25/1909
  76. Publisher of the Las Vegas Sun newspaper
  77. JFK - Secret Service; driver of President Kennedy's car on November 22, 1963
  78. Italian World War 2 Hero and Diplomat. Born: 02/07/1909
  79. MLB Ballplayer 1935-1950
  80. Baseball player, 1932-1947, Chicago Cubs
  81. White House Press Secretary for President Eisenhower (1953-1961)
  82. Australian Mining Magnate
  83. MLB pitcher 1928-47 with the Indians. Known as 'Chief'. 4x All-Star. ERA title in 1933. Led league in shutouts with 6 in 1934. Best seasons were 1934 going 20-12 with 5 saves, 2.61 ERA and in 1935 went 22-11 with 2 saves and 3.29 ERA. 25 career shutouts
  84. 4 Star General
  85. American Actor and Director born 1909.was married with Actress Ida Lupino.'And Then There Were None','Son of Monte Cristo','Man in the Iron Mask','Black Arrow','Pirates of Capri','Terror in Wax Museum','Cpt.Blood','Simon Templar'
  86. Art Director. 1940's-50's. Born: 03/15/1909
  87. Former NFL Center, New York Giants 1931-1945. Hall of Fame; 1963
  88. Radio/TV announcer for NBC, actor - Pee Wee's Big Adventure, Who framed Roger Rabbit
  89. MLB H.O.F. 2nd & 3rd baseman 1931-47 for 5 teams. 10x All-Star. With 300+ AB, 7x over.300 BA. Led League: 1935 with hits, doubles (57), and sac hits, and in 1939 with 18 triples. 4 W.S. had 3 doubles, triple, HR. Manager - Pirates 1947, Red Sox 1954-56
  90. Actress - Honey West (Aunt Meg), Mr. Peabody & The Mermaid, Night Monster, Three Godfathers, Destry Rides Again, Gang Busters, Play Misty For Me, Cactus Flower, many TV guest-starring roles (1952-1978)
  91. Author
  92. Bill Hewitt  (2)
    Football Player
  93. Football Player
  94. British Actress 50's-70's
  95. Former Rugby League Player
  96. composer
  97. Romanian Actress in European Movies born 1909.was married to Actor Marcel Dalio.'The Golem','Gervaise','The Gauntlet','Live and Loves of Beethoven','Underworld','Dr.Terrors House of Horrors','Rasputin','Satans Paradise','Cafe Au Lait','Angel of Street'
  98. Jany Holt  (2)
    French Actress (Films: 'Rasputin', 'Gervaise')
  99. Singer, and comedian Bob Hope's wife. Born: 05/27/1909
  100. Hockey Player
  101. opera singer
  102. Actor/Voice Work-Lord Of The Rings:The Fellowship of The Ring/Return of The King(Voice of The Ring),The VIP's,The Americanzation of Emily,Notorious Woman,Dakota Road,Oxford Blues,The Cook The Thief His Wife and Her Lover
  103. Governor
  104. French Actress, born 10/15/1908, starred in French Silent Films of 1920s,30s... last appearance in 1938. One of the last surviving Silent Film Stars
  105. Actor - The Big Country (Oscar win), Cat On A Hot Tin Roof, East Of Eden, Desire Under The Elms, Day Of The Outlaw, Ensign Pulver, So Dear To My Heart. Folk/Pop Singer - A Little Bitty Tear, Funny Way Of Laughin', A Holly-Jolly Christmas
  106. John Jackson  (2)
    Negro League Player
  107. Belgian Roman Catholic Biship Born 1909
  108. Author
  109. Oldest felmale pilot ,aka 'Mama Bird'Born: 11/04/1909
  110. British Actor born 1909.Father of Actress Gemma Jones.Movies-->'Comedy of Errors','Kill Her Gently','Wicked Lady','Notorious Gentleman','First a Girl','King Henrys Battle at Agincourt','Became a Criminal','Miranda','A Yank at Oxford','Black Arrow'
  111. movie director
  112. baseball coach
  113. member of Preservation Hall Jazz Band
  114. actress of the 1930's
  115. Ernie Koy  (2)
    MLB outfielder from 1938-42 for Dodgers, Cardinals, Reds, Phillies. Known as the 'Chief'. Best known for stealing bases. went 52-0 before being caught stealing. Best season 1938 (Rookie) w/ 78 RS, 29 doubles, 13 triples, 11 HR, 15 SB, .299 BA
  116. former college/NFL running back/fullback; played for University of Texas & NY Giants; member of Longhorns 1963 National Championship team; 1X Pro Bowler; father Ernie Koy played major league baseball
  117. Centenartian. Japanese Photographer/Illustrator. Born: 07/12/1909
  118. Actress/Bill Maher/ESPN/MadTV/Born :05/13/1909
  119. American Actress, Born: 10/20/1909. Dancer and Photograph born 1909.Niece of Producer Carl Laemmle.'Dracula'(1931),'Phantom of the Opera','Uncle Toms Cabin','Broadway Melody of 1929','Frankenstein Files','Mystery of Edwin Drood','Vampire Hunters'
  120. Actor - many Western films. Voice Actor - the voice of 'Mister Ed'
  121. Arthur Lessac (born September 9, 1909) is the creator of Lessac Kinesensic Training for the voice and body. Lessac?s voice text teaches the ?feeling process? for discovering vocal sensation in the body for developing tonal clarity, articulation
  122. nobel med. laureate 1986
  123. Robert Lewis  (2)
    Acting Teacher - Co-founded The Actors' Studio. A foremost proponent/teacher of the Stanislavski System of acting (AKA: Method Acting). Actor - Dragon Seed, Ziegfeld Follies, Son Of Lassie, Monsieur Verdoux, Paris After Dark, The Lost Volcano
  124. Personal secretary to President John F. Kennedy (1953-1963
  125. Author
  126. Author
  127. Actor - All This & Heaven Too, The Fighting 69th, A Letter To 3 Wives, the Four Daughters films, Million Dollar Baby, It All Came True, The Roaring '20s, Black Bart, Flight From Destiny, Strange Bargain, Underground, Whiplash, BUtterfield 8, Tony Rome
  128. Famed Mathematician
  129. 30's Actress. Born: 06/02/1909
  130. Born November 16, 1909 is a Japanese poet. He was awarded the Hans Christian Andersen Award in 1994
  131. Baseball from 1930's, Born: 10/05/1909
  132. First President Of Malta
  133. Movie Director & Producer - won 4 Oscars- directed 'The Ghost and Mrs. Muir', 'A Letter to Three Wives', 'All About Eve'
  134. Wrote the song Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
  135. Centenarian. American Botanist/Educator. Born: 05/30/1909
  136. German playwright, stage and TV actor
  137. US House of Representative Arkansas(D)1939-77 Chairman Ways and Means 50s 60s 70s Candidate for President 1972 Born May 24, 1909 deceased May 02,1992
  138. set decorator with Hitchcock on The Birds, Marnie, Pshcho & Torn Curtain. Oscar Nominations 1961-Psycho, 1962-Judgement at Nuremberg & 1963-That Touch of Mink
  139. Actress - silent film star - the inspiration for the character Rosemary in F. Scott Fitzgerald's book 'Tender Is the Night' - born 1909, died 1990
  140. Actress - Scarface, Dinner At 8, The Mask Of Fu Manchu, Mata Hari, Pride & Prejudice, Arsene Lupin, The Phantom Of Crestwood, Devil's Squadron, The Littlest Rebel, The 13th Hour, Framed
  141. Author
  142. Australian philanthropist and Mother of Rupert Murdoch. Born: 02/08/1909
  143. Daughter of Rupert Murdoch
  144. race car driver
  145. Actress - Adventures Of Ozzie & Harriet, Follow The Fleet, Cocoanut Grove, Red Skelton's radio program. Singer. Mother of Ricky & David Nelson
  146. Palaeontologist/geologist
  147. Director - This Island Earth, 711 Ocean Drive, Lucky Nick Cain, Love Nest, Tarzan The Ape Man '59, David Copperfield (Oscar nom. Best Assistant Dir. '36), San Francisco (Oscar nom. Best Assistant Dir. '37), Twilight Zone (4), Alfred Hitchcock Hour (10)
  148. Soccer Player
  149. Fmr Governor of Rhode Island
  150. Actress in westerns & musicals of the 1930's & 1940's
  151. Composer/Musician
  152. MLB pitcher from 1935-47 for Cubs, Pirates & Phillies. Was 20-13 with 2.50 ERA in 1940 & 19-14 with 2.68 in 1942. 4-time All - Star. Led league in K's in 1939. World Series in 1945 giving up 7 hits in 16 2/3 innings with 2.70 ERA
  153. Boxer - Featherweight Champion
  154. Art Director on tv show Dennis the Menace
  155. Author
  156. Author
  157. Australian Actor - 1940's to 1970's
  158. Olympic Gold Medalist (1936); last surviving male athletics medalist from the 1932 Olympic Gamesl; Born: 05/14/1909
  159. Canadian Football Player
  160. Paul Reed  (3)
    American artist most associated with the Washington Color School and Color Field and the last of the Washington Color School still alive today
  161. car 54 where are you
  162. Film Editor Them
  163. Actor - The Day The Earth Stood Still, Soldier Of Fortune, Phone Call From A Stranger, Les Miserables '53 (as Jean Valjean), The Robe, Desiree, The Rains Of Ranchipur, Third Man On The Mountain, The Lost World, The Third Man (TV series - as Harry Lime)
  164. Author/'The Accidental Victim: JFK, Lee Harvey Oswald, and the Real Target in Dallas'/A veteran author who was a speechwriter in the Kennedy adminstration concludes that Oswald acted alone, but his target was Texas Gov. John Connally, not Kennedy
  165. representative nj
  166. American Documentary Photographer.Born: 12/30/1909
  167. Boxer, Golden Gloves and Intercity Champion 1929, first Golden Gloves champion to win a World Title. Was World Lightweight Champion, Welterweight Champion and Junior Welterweight Champion
  168. American jazz producer and author, founder of Dial Records.
  169. Actor - The Wild Bunch / Bad Day at Black Rock / The Set-Up
  170. Director 1950's-80's. Born: 11/30/1909
  171. German actress born 1909.mother of actress Romy Schneider.'Sissi-Movies','Wenn der Weisse Flieder wieder bl├╝ht','Liebelei','Die Deutschmeister','Die Halbzarte','Dreimaederlhaus','und ewig bleibt die Liebe'
  172. Author
  173. Composer did the music for the film The Gleiwitz Case
  174. American physicist born March 14, 1909, at the 'Manhattan Project' (Trinity). Wrote 'The Los Alamos Primer' who was a printed project 'Wiki' for new team members.
  175. Author
  176. Billy Graham Crusade singer. 02/01/1909
  177. Billionaire/Business
  178. American Football, T, Duquesne, NFL, Boston Redskins 1934-36
  179. Miss America 1926
  180. Sam Smith  (6)
    Soccer Player
  181. Actress - The Ann Sothern Show, Private Secretary, My Mother The Car (v), The Whales Of Aug.(AA nom), A Letter To 3 Wives, Maisie films, Kid Millions, Panama Hattie, Cry Havoc, April Showers, Words & Music, The Blue Gardenia, The Best Man, Crazy Mama
  182. American Film Editor
  183. Author
  184. Tom Steele  (2)
    Actor - The Masked Marvel (title role). Stunts (300+ film/TV projects) - The Thing (stunts/James Arness), Flash Gordon films, Buck Rogers, Gunga Din, Destry Rides Again, King Of The Rocket Men, Zorros Black Whip, Flying Disc Man From Mars, MANY Westerns
  185. Author
  186. Peter Stevens  (2)
    Hockey Player
  187. Author
  188. Brazilian Actress 1940's-70's. Born: 11/21/1909
  189. Actress
  190. American Science Populariser - Childrens Television
  191. Singer/Musician
  192. Dutch journalist and news anchor. Born: 09/13/1909
  193. Us airman, fighter ace in spanish was in 36-38
  194. Actress - The Parradine Case, The Seventh Veil, Things To Come, Madeleine (title role), The Son Of Captain Blood, The Return Of Bulldog Drummond, So Evil My Love, One Woman's Story, The Green Scarf, Breaking The Sound Barrier, Scream Of Fear
  195. Michael Todd  (3)
    {1909-1958} Film producer was one of the major contributors to technical innovation in the 1950's. Was married to Elizabeth Taylor at the time of his death in a plane crash
  196. American Blues Artist/Pianist
  197. blues guitarist and pianist
  198. American gutarist
  199. Author
  200. Actress - I Love Lucy (as Ethel Mertz)
  201. football college hof coach
  202. Actor- 'Forever Amber,' 'In Harm?s Way,' 'Destry Rides Again' and 'Paris Underground.' among others
  203. Edwin Walker  (3)
    11/10/1909-10/31/1993 US Army officer fought in WW2 & Korean. Known for ultra-conservative political views & criticized by Ike for promoting a personal political stand while in uniform/Lee Harvey Oswald attempted to kill him 4/10/1963
  204. MLB pitcher, 3rd baseman 1934-48 for Phillies, Reds, Braves. MVP. 6x All-Star, Triple Crown, 2x ERA Titles. 1939: 27-11, 2.29 ERA, 1940: 22-10, 2.48 ERA, 1948: 23-8, 2.40 ERA./ 1934 hit 24 doubles, 7 triples, 8 HR's. 16 career triples. 2W-2L in 2 W.S
  205. Local author
  206. Singer/Musician
  207. Author
  208. Pulitzer Prize winning author
  209. government official
  210. Detroit TIgers outfielder in the 1930's
  211. Irish Hurler. Born: 07/31/1909
  212. Children's Author
  213. Dutch Cardinal
  214. Jack Williams  (2)
    Fmr Governor of Arizona
  215. actress of 30's-40's/speed to spare-1937
  216. Writer/Producer aka. Warren Burke 1930's-1950's. Born: 05/11/1909
  217. 1/27/1909-3/18/2001 American aviatrix along with husband Jimmie Woods, formed longest-lasting air circus, the Flying Aces Air Circus. Served with the Civil Air Patrol during WW2 later becoming an aircraft mechanic and piloting teacher
  218. Former Olympic Track & Field Athlete - '20s - '30s
  219. cartooniest(buck rogers)
  220. Member of the U.S. House of Representatives
  221. Singer/Musician
  222. Austrian Film Editor. 1920's-70's. Born: 05/26/1909