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StarTiger - Browsing Entries matching Tag BirthYear%3A:1928
Browsing Entries matching Tag BirthYear%3A:1928
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  1. speed skater
  2. nobel physics laureate 2003
  3. Actor: David Copperfield, Z Cars, House That Dripped Blood, The Three Musketeers, The Little Prince, Rough Cut, The Sicilian, Lethal Weapon 2, The Hunt for Red October, Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey, The Mighty Ducks, A Kid in King Arthur's Court, Crusoe
  4. Chicago White Sox 1948-50
  5. Author-Topsy and Tim
  6. Singer/Musician
  7. costume designer
  8. Bishop of Urgell & co-Prince of Andorra (1971-2003)
  9. Playwright - Whos Afraid Of Virginia Woolf? ('62 Tony), Breakfast At Tiffanys ('66), The Zoo Story ('58), The Sandbox ('59), A Delicate Balance ('66 Pulitzer), Seascape ('74 Pulitzer), Three Tall Women ('94 Pul.), Tiny Alice ('65), The Goat... ('02 Tony)
  10. Actor: The Sopranos, Ryan's Hope, Damages, Boardwalk Empire, *batteries not included, What About Bob?, The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Henry Ford, Cold Mountain, Law & Order, Other People's Money
  11. Italian actress born movies from 1950-97.'Life is Beautiful','Black Sabbath','Open Doors','The Trojan Horse','Hercules','Where the Hot Wind Blows','Morgan the Pirate','Komm Suesser Tod'
  12. Former Governor of Mississippi (1984-1988)
  13. American actor born movies from 1950-60.'Death of a Salesman','The Eddie Cantor Story','Not as a Stranger','The Caine Mutiny','Redhead From Wyoming','The Star','World Without End'
  14. Retired German general, lives in Bremen, Germany
  15. psychic & paranormal debunker / magician / escape artist
  16. British T.V. and Stage Actor born 1928.'Draughtsmans Contract','Treasure Island','Benjamins Struggle','Lady Oscar','A Man for all Seasons','The Professionals','I Claudius','Hamlet','Fortunes of War'...
  17. Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, University of California, Berkeley, and a Senior Scientist at Children's Hospital Oakland Research Institute (CHORI)
  18. Retired football player played for the pittsburgh steelers debut 1952
  19. Ruth Anderson  (2)
    American composer
  20. American Poet,Singer,Actress and Director born 1928.Books->'The Black Family Pledge','Insomniac','Preacher Dont Send Me','Song for the Old Ones','Brave and Startling Truth','I Know Why Cage Bird Sings',Movie->'How to Make an American Quilt'
  21. Director: Orgy of the Dead, Five Loose Women, Beach Bunnies
  22. Musician
  23. French actor born movies from 1958-81.'The Red Circle','Justine De Sade','Monsineur Gangster','Ballad for a Hoodlum','Marie Antoinette','Whats Cooking in Paris?'
  24. NBA, Hall of Fame guard for the Philadelphia Warriors
  25. football
  26. One of the founders of the, 'American Conservative Union,'.. Right wing group
  27. Author
  28. 1950's and 1960's country singer. 'Talk Back Trembling Lips'
  29. Governor of Florida (1971-79); U.S. Trade Representative (1979-81)
  30. Basketball Player Baltimore Bullets 1953-54, minor league pitcher in Redsox organization. '48 to spring training 1952
  31. French Actress born 1928.'To Catch a Thief','Man in the Iron Mask','Rendezvous in July','Aristocrats','Under the Paris Sky','Women of Paris','Victor','Navarro','Antoine et Antoinette'
  32. French Actress,Writer and Director born 1928.'The Black Rose','Belle and Sebastian','Jeune Fabre','Poly','Manon','Bluebeard','Barbe-Bleue','Tanz in der Sonne'
  33. Former Canadian speed skater and Olympic medalist. He received a bronze medal at the 1952 Winter Olympics in Oslo, shared with Arne Johansen
  34. former coach/player; Redskins, NY Giants, Steelers
  35. Composer (usually w/lyricist Hal David) - Walk On By, Alfie, Anyone Who Had A Heart, I Say A Little Prayer, The Way To San Jose, The Look Of Love, Close To You, Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head, What The World Needs Now, 70 Top 40 Hits
  36. Italian actor born movies from 1968-82.'Caligula','A Man Called Magnum','Madam Kitty','why does One Kill a Magistrate','Secret of the Green Pins','Ace High','Confessions of a Police Captain'
  37. French criminal lawyer and politician, former minister
  38. TV writer. Bewitched among others. He acted in Citizen Kane and also was uncredited associate producer.
  39. Belgian cyclist
  40. Spanish cyclist
  41. Slovenian actor in european movies born 1928.'Winnetou movies','Dead Body on Broadway','Caruga','Thundering Mountains'
  42. Actor - Flight Of The Phoenix (Oscar nom.), Waking Ned Devine, The Hill, Hope & Glory, The Offence, To Walk With Lions, Gandhi, A Tale Of Two Cities, Gorky Park, Bite The Bullet, Damage, Battle Hell, Station Six-Sahara, Mister Moses, The MacKintosh Man
  43. Romanian Born Actress. Starred In Hungarian Movies
  44. singer - four freshmen
  45. cartoonist - flash gordon, the phantom
  46. Author, forensic anthropologist and founder of the University of Tennessee Anthropological Research Facility, better known as 'The Body Farm'
  47. Author half of Jefferson Bass who wrote books such as the Body Yard
  48. movie director
  49. Former Head of Government of Liechtenstein (1962-1970)
  50. Third-baseman who debuted for the Dodgers while they were still in New York and played briefly for them in Los Angeles and for the Indians. He passed away in 1996
  51. Former U.S. Senator from Indiana (1963-1981)
  52. Actor, Author, Game Show Panelist . The Hobbit (1977) Voice of Bilbo Baggins in animated LOTR, married to Actress Alley Mills
  53. syndicated Hollywood reporter/gossip columnist
  54. Film Director - The Onion Field, Malice, Sea Of Love, Taps, Vision Quest, The Boost, Mercury Rising, Domestic Disturbance, The Black Marble, City Hall, The Ragman's Daughter
  55. Composer/Songwriter
  56. Fr Owner of Seattle Seahawks, buisnessman /billionaire
  57. Former MLB Star for Pirates, Reds, Mets and Braves/Father of Buddy Bell
  58. Chess player
  59. John Bennett  (2)
    British Actor born 1928.'The Pianist','Forsythe Saga','Dr.Who','House That Dripped Blood','Greek Tycon','Wolfman','It Takes a Thief','Fifth Element','The Saint','Mulberry','Z-Cars'
  60. Max Bennett  (2)
    Jazz bassist, composer, session musician who has recorded/performed with/for a myriad of people like Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, Elvis, Peggy Lee, Barbra Streisand, Miles Davis, Aretha Franklin, Beach Boys, Nelson Riddle, Frank Zappa and many others,
  61. 30s-40s big band singer with clyce mccoy band, whom she married - maxine bennett mccoy, was 100 yrs old in dec '15 appling care ctr, 1536 appling care ln, cordova tn 38016
  62. Former Australian General, Chief of the Australian Defence Force 1984-1987
  63. Author. Before the Mayflower. Editor for Ebony and Jet magazines
  64. Secretary of Agriculture (1977-81); US Representative from Minnesota (1970-1977)
  65. ski jumper
  66. Baseball Coach. Los Angeles Dodgers 1961-72 & Phillies 1973-78 '1949 & 1950 Fort Worth Cats'
  67. Author
  68. Actor
  69. German Voice and Movie Actor born 1928.German Voice of Marlon Brando and Peter Falk.'Charleys Aunt','Christel von der Post','Glueck und Liebe in Monaco','Donkosakenlied','Scala','Die Beine von Dolores','Fireworks','Hotel der Toten Gaeste'
  70. Archbishop of Bologna, Italy (1984-2003)
  71. track athlete
  72. TV Director & Producer
  73. Author
  74. Mlb Player 1955 Detroit Tigers, 1956 Baltimore Orioles, 1958 Los Angeles Dodgers
  75. UK Entertainer and currently playing Childcatcher in Stage version of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
  76. American Actor born 1928.'Dead Man Walking','Frequency','Addicted to Love','Palookaville','Mambo Cafe','Kennedy','Mothman Prophecies'
  77. theater director actor writer
  78. Author of The Exorcist
  79. Former Swedish Foreign Affairs minister, head of the UN weapons inspectors in Iraq in 2002.
  80. Actor - Bonanza (as Hoss Cartwright), Cimarron City, Come Blow Your Horn, Lady In Cement
  81. children author (gathering of days) newbery medal
  82. American Actress - Movie - 'Mildred Pierce' (1945), 'The Great Caruso' (1951), 'Our Very Own' (1950), 'The Helen Morgan Story' (1957), 'The World in His Arms' (1952), 'Another Part of the Forest' (1948), 'Mr. Peabody and the Mermaid' (1948). & Many More
  83. Right-handed pitcher who debuted for the Browns in 1953, and then pitched for them as they became the Orioles, in 1954. He passed away in 2004
  84. Composer (with Sheldon Harnick) - Fiorello! (Tony Award for Best Musical & Pulitzer Prize for Best Drama - 1959), Fiddler On The Roof, The Apple Tree, The Rothschilds, Tenderloin, Man In The Moon, She Loves Me
  85. Survivor Borneo/All Stars
  86. Former President of Nicaragua (2002-2007)
  87. Former Italian Male Football Player - Striker - Juventus (1946-1961). Italy 38 Caps (1947-1960)
  88. Director
  89. German actor born movies from 1953-89.'Der neue Fimmel','Zu jeder Stunde','Berlin - Ecke Schoenhauser','Hexen','Albert Einstein' German wwii veteran
  90. Test Pilot/Astronaut - Mission Gemini 7 and Apollo 8, Eastern Airlines CEO
  91. Former Prime Minister of Hungary (1993-1994)
  92. Dutch Female.One Of Anne Frank's Best School Friends. She Moved To The United States At Age Eleven, Just Before The Nazi Takeover Of Holland
  93. French Film Director/Screenwriter - Sundays & Cybele (Oscar 1962), The Picasso Summer, The Reward, Two Weeks In September, Le Sourire
  94. Author
  95. American Music Producer, Composer, Arranger, And Trumpeter. Composed.Film scores -'Benji' (1974), 'For The Love Of Benji' (1978)
  96. American educator who most notably served as Chancellor of the State University of New York, United States Commissioner of Education, and President of the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching
  97. Author - Coldest War; Marines of Autumn; Warning of War; Marine
  98. movie producer
  99. Former Notre Dame football player/Coach
  100. Former Governor of Alabama (1968-1971)
  101. Author/Cartoonist - Clifford the Big Red Dog books, The Witch Next Door, A Tiny Family. There are over 126 million copies of his books in print in 13 languages
  102. British car-designer, born in 1928
  103. English Former Female Author And Art Historian - Novel - 'Hotel du Lac' (1984), 'A Start In Life' (1981), 'Look At Me' (1983), 'Latecomers' (1988), 'The Rules Of Engagement' (2003), 'Fraud' (1992), 'Strangers' (2009), 'Misalliance' (1986) Plus Many More
  104. costume designer (start, the cardinal, darling lili)
  105. Former Illinois All-American; played for University of Illinois & Chicago Cardinals; owns NCAA career INT record (29); member of College Football Hall of Fame
  106. tv writer
  107. football
  108. American Former Female Singer - R & B, Soul, Jazz, Gospel, And Funk Music. Known As The 'Queen of R&B Music. (1949-2006)
  109. Vanessa Brown  (3)
    Austrian - Born American Former Actress - TV Series - 'My Favorite Husband' (1955). Broadway - 'The 7 Year Itch' (1953). Movie - 'Tarzan And The Slave Girl' (1950), 'Youth Runs Wild' (1944), 'The Bad And The Beautiful' (1952). Plus Many More Roles
  110. Actor
  111. National Security advisor to Jimmy Carter from 1977 to 1981
  112. M.l.b
  113. Northern Ireland-Born American Female Author - Children's Books - Novel - 'Smoky Night' (1994), 'A Day's Work' (1994), 'Train To Somewhere' (1996), 'The Wall' (1990), 'The Memory String' (2000), 'One Green Apple' (2006), 'Night Ree' (1991) Plus More
  114. American Child Actor of 30/40tys born 1928.Brother of Child-Actors Ann,June and Tommy Bupp. 'Citizen Kane','No Place to Go','Renegade Trail','Love is on the Air','Three Faces West','Lost Horizon','Sergeant York','Devil and Daniel Webster'
  115. Eddie Burns  (3)
  116. Baseball Player
  117. American Former Female Author - Novel - 'Summer Of The Swans' (1970), 'The Eighteenth Emergency' (1973), 'The Pinballs' (1977), 'The Cartoonist' (1978), 'The Night Swimmers' (1980), 'Keeper of the Doves' (2002), 'The Computer Nut' (1984). Plus Many More
  118. He was Steel on American Gladiators
  119. British Actor born 1928.Det.Sgt.Andy Crawford on 'Dixon of Dock Green'(1955-75),Derek on 'Bread'(1986-91),'Carry On Cabby','Blakes 7','Doctors','Reach for the Sky','Holby City'
  120. German Actor in British Movies born 1928.Kaiser Franz Josef in 'Sissi' Filme mit Romy Schneider.'Peeping Tom','Brothers Grimm','Alraune','Playgirl After Dark','Come Fly With Me','La Paloma','Dreimaederlhaus'.Leader of a 3rd World Donation Organisation
  121. Author
  122. Artist - 'First Man on the Moon' stamp, 'General MacArthur' stamp, 'Gemini Space Twins' stamp, MANY others
  123. Washington Senators and Texas Rangers Coach
  124. John Campbell  (4)
    Basketball player. Played for Clemson. Drafted by the Phoenix Suns in the 3rd Round #13 of the 1980 Draft. Did not make it to the NBA. Played in the CBA.
  125. Italian Comedian, famous for his roles in Bud Spencer Movies
  126. TV Horror Host - Chiller Theater (1963-1983, Pittsburgh, Pa.). TV Wrestling Host - Studio Wrestling (1960's-1972, Pittsburgh, Pa.). Actor - Night Of The Living Dead. Father of actress Lori Cardille
  127. Baseball player with the great Chicago White Sox and Cleveland Indians teams of the 1950s. He played in the 1951, 1953, 1954 and 1955 all-star game.
  128. German actor in european movies born 1928.'Dark of the Sun','The Quiller Memorandum','Zeppelin','Tender Scoundrel','Es muss nicht immer Kaviar sein','Scampolo','08/15','Wie einst Lilli Marlene','Under Ten Flags'
  129. American Actor (b: 1928) - Col. Tigh on 'Battlestar Galatica'(1978-79), Sgt. Broadhurst on 'McCloud'(1970-77), 'Foxy Brown', 'Abby', 'Benji', 'Phil Silvers Show/You'll Never Get Rich', 'Company of Killers', 'Parrish'
  130. British actor born in movies from 1955-2011.
  131. American Female Actress -Movie - 'A Tale of Two Cities' (1935), 'The Dark Angel' (1935), 'The Personal History, Adventures, Experience, & Observation of David Copperfield the Younger' (1935), 'On the Sunny Side' (Uncredited)(1942)
  132. television executive
  133. Played the Gill Man in 'Creature From the Black Lagoon'
  134. Designer, inventor, and builder in the automotive industry
  135. television ex. consumer activist
  136. Renowned author, Linguistics Professor at MIT
  137. Football Player
  138. Author
  139. Alan Clark  (2)
  140. Former U.S. Senator from Iowa (1973-1979)
  141. director of enter the dragon
  142. French actress in german movies born movies from 1956-68.'Es muss nicht immer Kaviar sein','Diesesmal muss es Kaviar sein','The Cousins','Die lustige Witwe','Ferien vom Ich','The Joker','Wenn man Baden geht auf Teneriffa'
  143. Singer/Musician
  144. movie director producer
  145. Actor - Affliction (AA win), The Magnificent Seven, The Great Escape, Charade, Hell Is For Heroes, Americanization Of Emily, Hard Contract, Pat Garrett & Billy The Kid, Bite The Bullet, Hard Times, Waterhole #3, Sky Riders, Midway, The Last Of Sheila
  146. Minor League Baseball Player currently in the Ottawa Champions Organization
  147. U.S. Representative from Missouri (1977-1993)
  148. Actor - Battlestar Galactica, Star Trek/Star Trek: DS9 (as Kor), The Postman Always Rings Twice '81, Creepshow, Anne Of The Thousand Days, Scorpio, Drum, The Last Don, Breaking Point, Doctors' Wives, X-Men (v/Apocalypse)
  149. children's author (my brother sam is dead)
  150. French actor, directer and writer
  151. American Actor and Writer born 1928.Ike Godsey on 'The Waltons'(1972-81),'Mr.Ed','Brady Bunch','Doctor Please Help Me','80 Steps to Jona','Blueprint for Robbery','Dragnet','Dennis the Menace','Green Acres','Gunsmoke'
  152. Actress: The Young and the Restless, L.A. Law, The Redhead from Wyoming, The Man from the Alamo, Shadows of Tombstone, Maverick, Hawaiian Eye, Bonanza, Perry Mason, Bracken's World, Carpool Guy, Frozen Assets
  153. Inventor of Cell Phone
  154. Belgian singer & actress: 'Le chanteur de Mexico', 'Le passager de la pluie', 'Le chat', 'Rue haute', 'Cigarettes, whisky et petites pépées', 'Viktor und Viktoria', 'Ces messieurs de la famille'
  155. nobel chemistry laureate 1990
  156. Former president of Italy (1985 - 1992)
  157. Hall of Fame basketball player
  158. American Actor (b: 1928) - The Jeffersons (1975-1985 as Tom Willis - 187 episodes), The Stepford Wives, Wall Street, A Woman Called Golda (as Hubert Humphrey), The Day The Bubble Burst (as Herbert Hoover), Zits, Almost Heroes
  159. Hogan 'Hogan's Heroes'
  160. (November 10, 1928 - September 28, 1973) was an actress of stage, film and television. Among her best known roles was that of Golde in the 1971 film adaptation of Fiddler on the Roof. She starred in They Call Me MISTER Tibbs! and Penelope
  161. Outfielder, 1952 StL Browns
  162. NFL linebacker, played for the Eagles and Saints from 1971-1973
  163. Much loved British Actor: Carry On, The Railway Children, Daleks: Invasion Earth 2150AD, Doctor Who (2009), She, Casino Royale (1967), Hitchcock's Frenzy, Coronation Street, The Avengers, Jackanory, The Water Babies, Fawlty Towers. Voice of The Wombles
  164. John Cronin  (2)
    Author - The Riverkeepers
  165. Actor: Halloween 3
  166. Designer: Daleks and other early Doctor Who
  167. French foil fencer. Olympian won 4 Gold Medals and 2 Silver Medals in foil competitions in the 1948, 1952 & 1956 Olympics.
  168. Player of the 1950 NCAA Tournament; led New York City College to 1950 NCAA title; #1 pick of New York Knicks in 1950
  169. American Singer and Actor (b: 1928) Films: Rich, Young and Pretty, The Strip, Frogwoman, Athena, Deep in My Heart, Hit the Deck, Kismet - Songs: You're Breaking My Heart, You Do, Wonder Why, My Heart Cries for You, Ebb Tide, April in Portugal, Again
  170. British Actor born 1928 (father of Jack Davenport). Sir Edward Frere in Howards Way, Man for All Seasons, Chariots of Fire, Greystoke: Legend of Tarzan, Zulu Dawn
  171. concert pianist
  172. Former college tackle born 1927; played for Georgia Tech & Boston Yanks; member of College Football Hall of Fame; All-American & All-SEC
  173. Blues Singer/Harmonica Player
  174. French director
  175. Former prime minister of Italia
  176. Actor - Willard Whyte in Diamonds are Forever, Country singer, hit song - 'Big Bad John', Owner of Jimmy Dean Enterprises (Food Company/Sausage)
  177. Dutch Author
  178. Actress
  179. Baseball SS 1951-61 White Sox, Browns, A's , Yankees; All-Star 1957
  180. Boxer
  181. concert pianist
  182. Hockey Player
  183. Former Governor of California (1983-1991)
  184. original member of 4 Seasons (Frankie Valli & Four Seasons), Rock & Roll Hall of Fame member, actor (
  185. Author
  186. R&B Singer/Guitarist/Songwriter - Bo Diddley, Road Runner, Say Man, Crackin' Up, You Can't Judge A Book By The Cover, Diddley Daddy, Pretty Thing, Bring It To Jerome, Before You Accuse Me, Diddy Wah Diddy, Rock & Roll hall of fame inductee 1987
  187. Actress, guest starred on The Golden Girls (Dorothy's sister)'Mother Nature'. Born: 12/04/1928
  188. former major league second baseman; played for Boston/Milwaukee Braves & Detroit Tigers; played football, baseball & basketball at University of Iowa; member of University of Iowa Sports Hall of Fame
  189. Former Football Manager
  190. R&B Singer/Songwriter - Blueberry Hill, The Fat Man, Ain't That A Shame, I'm Walkin', I'm In Love Again, Blue Monday, Whole Lotta Loving, I Want To Walk You Home, My Girl Josephine, 1986 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductee
  191. Tom Donahue  (2)
    1996 rock and roll hall of fame inductee
  192. Actor: Flamingo Road, Time Trax, The X-Files, The Godfather, Deep End, The Game, Skin Deep, The China Syndrome, War of Roses, School Ties
  193. Actor: Popeye, Sixteen Candles, Cars, Breaking Away, Paternity, Hairspray, Insomnia, Runaway Bride, Shakes the Clown, My Boyfriends Back, Grace Under Fire, Once & Again, Coming of Age, Star Trek DS9, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Huge
  194. Irish Singer.Hits include Paddy McGinty's Goat
  195. former NFL
  196. American Model and Actress born 1928.Movies->'Harvey','Bright Victory','You Never Can Tell','I Want You','Woman in Hiding','Sleeping City','Shakedown','Undertown','Reunion in Rio'
  197. John Doyle  (5)
    Author - A Great Feast of Light
  198. Actress: Dark Shadows, Ryan's Hope, Hide in Plain Sight, Ghostbusters, Night Court, Funny Farm, Animal Behavior, Awakenings, Money for Nothing, Law & Order, In & Out, House of D, The Honeymooners
  199. Actor - From Here To Eternity, The Caine Mutiny, The D.I., From The Earth To The Moon, Tribute To A Bad Man, The Prize, The Illustrated Man, Death Wish 2, many TV guest roles (including The Twilight Zone, Gunsmoke, Rawhide, Dragnet, Little House, Dynasty)
  200. Country Singer-Many trucking songs in the '60s and '70s
  201. German actor born 1928.'Das Lied der Matrosen','Der kleine Prinz','Der Fliegende Hollaender','Orpheus in der Unterwelt','Solo Sunny','Kaethe Kollwitz','Polizeiruf 110'
  202. composer/lyricist
  203. Actor: Alan Bradley in Coronation Street, Marco Polo in Doctor Who, Number 100 in The Prisoner
  204. Actress - That Hagen Girl, April Showers, Feudin' Fussin' & A-Fightin', My Wild Irish Rose, Two Guys From Texas, Tucson, many Westerns. Commercials - The Lux Girl, The Palmolive Girl, The Tiparillo Girl. Mother of actress Deborah Winters
  205. Photographer
  206. Musician/Flamenco Guitarist
  207. Comic book artist
  208. French artist : writer, film director, clown, poet and actor
  209. Author
  210. former major league pitcher; played for Pirates, Expos & Tigers; 3X All-Star; recorded 17 straight wins in 1959; member of Pirates 1960 World Series Championship team
  211. Former U.S. Senator from North Carolina (1993-1999)
  212. Baseball HOF Detroit announcer
  213. Singer/Musician
  214. Philadelphia Eagles Center 51-54
  215. USMC Ace during WWII-[5 victories] Member of VMF-312
  216. Famous Trumpeter
  217. American Actress born 1928.Ruth Martin on'All My Children'(1981-2000),'Pueblo','Bonanza','Daniel Boone','The Edge of Night'
  218. Created Childrens Tv Classics such as Bagpuss & The Clangers
  219. conductor / composer
  220. Founder of The Gap
  221. Singer - Oh My Pa-Pa, Any Time, Heart, Lady Of Spain, Maybe, Wish You Were Here, I'm Walking Behind You, Count Your Blessings, Tell Me Why, I Need You Now, Even Now, Dungaree Doll. Married to Debbie Reynolds & Eliz. Taylor. Father of Carrie Fisher
  222. Pianist
  223. Played the Gangster in the movies Kevin watched in Home Alone 1 & 2
  224. MLB H.O.F. pitcher 1951-67 for Yankees. Cy Young 1961. 10x All - Star. W.S. MVP. ERA Title 2x (1956, 58). Led league in wins 3x. Best in 1961 going 25-4 with 3.21 ERA & 1963 with 24-11, save, 2.74 ERA. 11 W.S. (6x Champs) 10-8, 2.71 ERA
  225. American Dancer,Model and Actress born 1928.'Venegance Valley','Mystery Street','Not Wanted','Son of Sindbad','The Strange Door','While the City Sleeps','Code Two','Kissing Bandit','Ride the High Iron','Rawhide','Valentino'
  226. British comedian, dancer, entertainer and TV host, born 1928. The Generation Game, Strictly Come Dancing, Bruce Forsyth Show, You Bet, Play Your Cards Right, Slingers Day
  227. Governor General of the Bahamas (2010-present)
  228. Actor - A Hatful Of Rain (AA nom), A Face In The Crowd, The Long Hot Summer, Wild Is The Wind, The Naked Maja, Career, Rio Conchos, The Drowning Pool, The Swinger, Fathom, Death Wish 2, Across 110th St., Finder Of Lost Loves, Matt Helm (TV - title role)
  229. Actor - A Hatful Of Rain (AA nom), Face In The Crowd, The Long Hot Summer, Wild Is The Wind, The Naked Maja, Career, Period Of Adjustment, Rio Conchos, The Swinger, Across 110th St., The Drowning Pool, Death Wish 2, Finder Of Lost Loves, Matt Helm (TV)
  230. French politician
  231. American post-painterly abstraction artist
  232. Top Commercial Artist, Did Connan and Tarzan covers.
  233. Retired basketball player
  234. Flight (scientist)
  235. mexican author-dramalist (our land)
  236. Actress - The Mummy,La Dolce Vita,Repulsion,...The Count Of Monte Cristo,The Secret Of Dr. Mabuse,The Genie,The Green Slime,House of The Arrow,The Lion Of Thebes,The Girlfriends,The Charge Of The Black Lancers,Cross Channel,Night Train To Milan
  237. American Beefcake Actor/Body Builder/Nude Model - 'Ursus','Maciste','Colossus and the Amazon Oueen','Erotikus:History of Gay Movies','Athena','Student Prince','Wild Woman of Wongo','Cannon','Columbo'
  238. air force general
  239. Argentinian author
  240. Retired hockey player played for the montreal canadiens debut 1950
  241. hockey olympics
  242. Author
  243. Professional Soccer Player
  244. French actress and play writer. Born: 01/04/1928
  245. Author - Fiction
  246. singer - coasters
  247. Actor: Maverick, The Rockford Files, 8 Simple Rules..., Great Escape, Space Cowboys, Marlowe, Move Over Darling, Grand Prix, The Fan, Atlantis, Support Your Local Gunfighter, Support Your Local Sheriff, Legalese, Fire in the Sky
  248. Cartoonist -HEATHCLIFF
  249. Chilean bolero singer
  250. Midget wrestler - Ring name of Sky Low Low
  251. Actress - Dr. No, From Russia With Love (Sylvia Trench in both films), The Revenge Of Frankenstein, Carry On Admiral
  252. M*A*S*H writer, director; Tootsie; Oh God!
  253. Former East German politician, Head of state of East Germany from Dec. 1989-Apr. 1990
  254. former major league outfielder/first baseman; played for Reds,Red Sox, Cubs, Tigers & Colt 45's; former minor league manager and big league scout
  255. singer guitarist songwriter
  256. Comic Artist / Cartoonist - Mary Worth
  257. Former player for the Dodgers
  258. Lt. General, USAF, Retired; President, InternationalConsulting Asspciates; MBA w/Distinction; CPA, PSIA
  259. Author
  260. Author
  261. Actor
  262. NFL - Owner Tampa Bay Buccaneers (1995 - present)and the Manchester United F.C. of the English Premier League
  263. Painter
  264. French/German Author - Der Stoff des Schreibens, Der unterbrochene Wald
  265. basketball hof coach
  266. Tennis pro - World's #1 tennis player for 8 years in the 1950's and 1960's - born 1928, died 1995
  267. hockey
  268. Singer/Musician
  269. Australian Ballerina
  270. Baseball player for the 1954-55 Milwaukee Braves
  271. Legendary Grammy and Emmy winning singer alongside husband Steve Lawrence. Also made many Latin albums which are very popular. Host of 'The Steve Lawrence & Eydie Gorme Show' (t.v., 1958), and series regular The Tonight Show (t.v., 1954-57)
  272. Former U.S. Senator From Washington (1981-1987, 1989-2001)
  273. Author
  274. Reverend to Rosa Park's Church; Secretary of the MIA aka Montgomery Improvement Association that helped support the boycott, appeared at meetings led by MLK
  275. Dobro Player for Flatt And Scruggs until 1977
  276. British Actor born 1928. 'Diamonds are Forever', 'You Only Live Twice', 'Rocky Horror Picture Show', 'Night of Generals', 'The Beast Must Die', 'Devils Bride', 'Cromwell', 'Jigsaw Man', 'Julius Caesar'
  277. 1960s TV westerns actor (Alias Smith and Jones, Bonanza, The Virginian, High Chaparral, Iron Horse, Gunsmoke, Have Gun/Will Travel)
  278. The Queen of Sheba, Nights of Cabiria, The Cry
  279. Marine corps general/29th Commandant of the Marine Corps
  280. author (irish gold, patience of a saint)
  281. jazz sax.
  282. Former Washington Senators Pitcher in the 1960's
  283. basketball
  284. British cookery writer
  285. Australian actor from the seventies - starred in Bluey and later remade into barge-arse
  286. Actor: The Twilight Zone, From the Terrace, Alfred Hitchcock Presents, Warning Shot, Bachelor Party, The Stranger Within, The Deliberate Stranger, The Adams Chronicles, Comes a Horseman, Golden Girls, Law & Order, Flags of our Fathers
  287. Singer/Musician
  288. Am. Actress (b: 1928) - The Dick Van Dyke Show (as Millie Helper '61-'66), The Nanny (as Grandma Yetta '93-'99), The Fanelli Boys, Pickett Fences, The New Andy Griffith Show, Hey Landlord, Grumpier Old Men, Viva Max, Sour Grapes, How Sweet It Is!
  289. French actor
  290. Actor: The Virginian, The Tall Man, The Killers, The Last Picture Show, McQ, Winning, Tapeheads, Nightmare On Elm Street 2, Return of the Living Dead, The Hidden, The Offspring, Feast, I'm Gonna Git You Sucka, Other Side Of Midnight, North & South
  291. Former Swedish soccer player, 2nd place at the 1958 World Championships
  292. concert violinist
  293. Actor: Dr. Hiram Baker on 'Little House On The Prairie', also appeared in the series 'Land of The Giants', guest starred on 'Lost In Space' and 'The Twilight Zone', appeared in the TV movie 'Bonanza: The Next Generation'
  294. Poet Laureate 2006-07
  295. Former University of Kentucky Basketball Coach
  296. Actress (b: 1928) - I The Jury '53, Dirty Little Billy, Ulzana's Raid, Poco... Little Dog Lost, Space Patrol (1), Gunsmoke (1)
  297. Baltimore orioles outfeilder 50's
  298. Session Drummer on Over 18,000 Recordings
  299. Negro Leaguer 'Birmingham Black Barons 1951' MLB OF (1955-61 Indians, Red Sox)
  300. Seinfeld, Out to Sea, Lost & Found, Toy Story 2
  301. Producer, Director, Writer ~ Lolita, Paths Of Glory, The Killing
  302. Kevin Hart  (4)
    Australian Painter
  303. football college hof notre dame
  304. American actress born 1928.'Twilight Zone','Outer Limits','Gunsmoke','The Band Wagon','A Girl in Every Port','Batman','Lost in Space','The Time Tunnel','Perry Mason'
  305. Lithuanian actor born in 1928.Oscar nominated in 1960 for Best actor in 'Room At The Top'.66 Movies 1948-1974
  306. Neil Harvey  (2)
    Former Australian cricketer
  307. Singer/Musician
  308. Co-founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Swatch Group
  309. former wrestler, commentator aka lord alfred
  310. navy admiral
  311. former NFL-51 Redskins
  312. U.S. Senator From Nevada (1983-1989); U.S. Ambassador to The Bahamas (1989-1994)
  313. Criminal famed lipstick murderer
  314. Artist
  315. producer - Midnight Cowboy
  316. German actor born in 1928.'Edgar Wallace','Helden','Jaegerblut','Die grünen Teufel von Monte Massino','Brainwashed','Buffalo Bill',Duell at Sundown'.50 movies from 1950-1982
  317. (November 3, 1928 - February 1, 1981) was an American film and television actress.She made her first film, Confidential Agent, in 1945. By the late 1940s, she was being included in more prestigious films, such as Ride the Pink Horse (1947) and Miss Tatloc
  318. Left-handed-hitting outfielder who played in 14 games for the Pirates in 1954
  319. Soccer keeper
  320. Playwright
  321. Former Prime Minister of Iceland (1983-87 and 1988-91)
  322. Veteran race car driver. Winner 24 Hours of Le Mans in June 1970 with the Porsche 917K
  323. UK House of Lords
  324. Author
  325. British Actress (b: 1928) - Strangers On A Train, Psycho, Stage Fright, Alfred Hitchcock Presents (10). Author. Daughter of the late director, Alfred Hitchcock
  326. Former Third Baseman for the Brooklyn Dodgers
  327. Dutch Author
  328. Governor of Maryland (2015-present)
  329. Actor: Forbidden Planet, Giant, Gunfight At The OK Corral, The Rainmaker, The Bridges At Toko-Ri, The Big Combo, The Sons Of Katie Elder, Police Woman, Hotel, Wide Country, P.S.I. Luv U, NightMan, Caroline in the City, Delta
  330. Presenter of Quiz Shows Blockbusters
  331. 2008 Inductee Inventor Hall of Fame; invented LED that worked in visible light spectrum
  332. David Howard  (2)
  333. Actor: Cool Hand Luke, Psycho, Cocoon, Apollo 13, How The Grinch Stole Christmas, A Beautiful Mind, Splash, Gung Ho, Parenthood, Cinderella Man, Grand Theft Auto, Ghosts of Mississippi // Father of Clint Howard and Ron Howard
  334. Hockey Hall of Fame and Mr. Hockey
  335. Singer And Showman Of British Origin
  336. Sculptor
  337. Actress: It Came From Outer Space, Mother Knows Best, Mr.Belvedere Goes To College, Sally and Saint Anne, The Golden Blade, Cult of the Cobra, Unwed Mother, Brackens World, The Take, Revenge, Take Care Of My Little Girl, For Men Only
  338. David Hume  (2)
    Author - Standing Nude
  339. Baseball / Infielder 1953-58 for Browns, Orioles, Yankees, A's & Indians / Manager 1977-78 for Rangers
  340. former college/NBA power forward/center; played for Brigham Young University, Knicks, Pistons & Hawks; All-American; 4X All-Star
  341. John Hutton  (2)
    Lord Hutton of Furness, British Politician
  342. Author
  343. NBA, Minneapolis Lakers
  344. MLB relief pitcher from 1955-61 with Senators and Orioles. Got most relief wins in 1958 in which he went 10-3 with 18 saves and 1.75 ERA
  345. Pop Artist (bold, simple, iconic images, especially numbers & short words like LOVE, EAT & HUG)
  346. Actor: Days of Our Lives, General Hospital, Land Before Time, Stitches, Paw Paws, Acceptable Risks, Amazon Women on the Moon, Defense Play, Heathers, Cast the First Stone, RoboCop 2, Repossessed, Stepfather III, Death Becomes Her, The Drew Carey Show
  347. Author
  348. Canadian Billionaire Businessman
  349. Author
  350. Film Director - Howard's End, Remains Of The Day, Jefferson In Paris, Surviving Picasso, Mr. & Mrs. Bridge, Quartet, The Wild Party '75, A Room With A View '85. Writer. Producer
  351. Author
  352. sports broadcaster
  353. Actor
  354. American actor born 1928.Mr.Handford on'Sesame Street'(1990-92),Harry Cupper on'Shining Time Station'(1989-95),'The Brother from Another Planet','A Rage in Harlem ','The Color Purple','Car Wash'
  355. Author
  356. concert pianist
  357. Actor: Beyond Glory, Let's Rock, The Happy Hooker, Quark, The Buddy Holly Story, Oh God! Book 2, Mork & Mindy, Brewster's Millions, Mr. Saturday Night, The Cable Guy, Frasier, Maneater, Bad Blood
  358. UK House of Lords
  359. Author
  360. Former U.S. Senator from Iowa (1979-1985)
  361. American trumpeter, jazz poet and painter
  362. football WC silver 1958
  363. Seattle Mariners manager 1977-80
  364. Boxing hof
  365. Jimmy Johnson  (2)
    Chicago blues guitarist/singer
  366. Author - Sam Patch, the Famous Jumper; Shopkeeper's Millennium
  367. Author - Creators, George Washington, Modern Times, and Art: A New History
  368. Hockey HOF
  369. Voice work on Scooby Doo,Transformers and many other cartoons.
  370. Singer/Musician
  371. Baseball born 1927, Green Bay Bluejays 1952
  372. Director
  373. 9th richest in the world
  374. former college/NBA center; played for Holy Cross, Bullets, Celtics & Knicks; member of 1947 NCAA Championship basketball team Holy Cross
  375. German Critic, Director at Süddeutsche Zeitung;
  376. Major League ball player from the 40's and 50's
  377. basketball player
  378. marine corps general
  379. Widow Of Former Senator & Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy
  380. Actor & Writer: Get Smart, I'm Dickens He's Fenster, Camp Runamuck, The Grasshopper, The Courtship of Eddie's Father, Green Acres, Your Three Minutes Are Up, Love at First Bite, Happy Days, Sledge Hammer, Full House
  381. Medical activis/Euthanasia Supporter - basis for the movie 'You Don't Know Jack.'
  382. Former MLB Umpire
  383. former child actor - the little rascals (t.v. series, aka our gang, 'woim,' 1937-39)
  384. 24 crime/mystery novels featuring Father Robert Koesler, a Catholic priest who doubles as a detective. The Rosary Murders (1978), which was made into a 1987 movie starring Donald Sutherland as Father Koesler. Books are set mostly in Detroit, Michigan
  385. basketball
  386. Baseball player. He pitched for the Pirates 1954-1957
  387. wrestler
  388. Pitcher who debuted for the Phillies in 1953 (he passed away in 2006)
  389. Actress born 1928, was married to whitlock, had a daughter shawn
  390. Set records for highest balloon ascent, highest parachute jump, longest freefall and fastest speed by a man through the atmosphere.
  391. MLB shortstop, 3rd & 2nd baseman from 1952-63 for Braves, Red Sox, Orioles, Senators, Phillies. Second in voting for R.O.Y. in 1955. Best season in 1956 with 91 RS, 29 doubles, 5 triples, 7 HR's, 59 RBI's, .271 BA. Brother of ML infielder Bob Klaus
  392. German politician
  393. Author
  394. Baltimore orioles outfielder 1954
  395. German sex educator, author
  396. author of scruples, princess daisy, the jewels of tessa kent, spring collection
  397. Author, Enviromental activist
  398. nobel physics laureate 2000
  399. German Actor - The Flight Of The Phoenix, The Wild Geese, Barry Lyndon, Hatari!, The Red Tent, Sundays & Cybele, A Bridge Too Far, War & Remembrance, The One That Got Away, Blue Fin, Liane Jungle Goddess
  400. German actor, son of Hardy Krüger
  401. Director
  402. German jazz musician
  403. Catholic priest, Swiss theologian, Author
  404. Singer/Musician
  405. Actor: Ed Wood, Tucker, Crimes & Misdemeanors, North By Northwest, Cleopatra, Sliver, Meteor, The Being, Nevada Smith, Edtv, The Majestic, Mission Impossible, Space 1999, Alone in the Dark, Without Warning, The X-Files, Without a Trace, Entourage
  406. Played baseball with the 1950-1952 Brooklyn Dodgers
  407. Pass NASCAR owner, Driver
  408. Actress - Touch Of Evil, A Hole In The Head, Who Was That Lady?, Joe McDoakes shorts, The Bob Cummings Show, The Beverly Hillbillies, Klondike, lots of TV guest starring roles, including The Adventures Of Superman (as 'Mrs. Superman')
  409. U.S. Representative from California 'Holocaust Survivor portrayed in film 'Memoirs of Holocaust'The only Holocaust Survivor in Congress
  410. New York State Senator (1991-present)
  411. American Actor (b: 1928) - Adventures of Superman(TV - Jimmy Olsen, 1952-1958), Kid Monk Baroni, Battle Zone, Fighter Squadron, Flat Top, Man Crazy, About Mrs. Leslie, Johnny Trouble, A Wonderful Life, Star of Texas, Superman Returns, Navy Log. Poet
  412. Former Prime Minister of Tuvalu (1978-81); Governor-General of Tuvalu (1990-93)
  413. James Lawson  (2)
    United Methodist pastor and civil rights activist
  414. Bill Lee  (2)
    composer - Do The Right Thing
  415. Late '40's Starlet - Arrested with Robert Mitchum on August 31, 1948, for possession of marijuana. Soon afterwards in 1949, she starred in the cult 'classic' film, 'Wild Weed' (AKA: 'She Shoulda Said No!')
  416. Actor: Ernest goes to Jail, Grim Prairie Tales
  417. Author jazz historian and critic known for his pugnacious, highly personal essays and biographies of such jazz greats as Oscar Peterson, Woody Herman and Johnny Mercer
  418. MLB pitcher from 1952-61 for Dodgers, Orioles, and Phillies. Pitched two shutout innings in 1952 World Series. Best season ws 1957 going 8-3 with 6 saves and 2.52 ERA
  419. Hitlers messenger boy, author, peace activist
  420. Humorist/Satirist/College Prof.
  421. Musical Composer, best known for 'Man Of La Mancha'
  422. baseball player
  423. Former baseball player with the NY Giants and Cubs 1954-1957
  424. Played Sollozzo in the Godfather.
  425. Don Levine  (2)
    Gi joe creator
  426. UK House of Lords
  427. Artist
  428. Actor
  429. Finnish actor and a director
  430. Actor: The Andy Griffith Show, The Aristocats, Mayberry R.F.D., Treasure of Matecumbe, Snowball Express, The Rescuers, Take This Job and Shove It, Cannonball Run II // Guest Star: The Twilight Zone, Gomer Pyle USMC, Gunsmoke, Hee Haw, CHiPs, M*A*S*H
  431. Actress - The Goddess, Gable & Lombard, A Star Is Born, The Seduction, Scorpio, James Dean '01 (as Hedda Hopper), many TV guest-starring roles (including Star Trek, The Twilight Zone, Gunsmoke, Alf. Hitchcock Presents, The Fugitive, Bonanza, Columbo)
  432. Basketball hof contributor, one of the first black NBA players
  433. Villain from Thunderball
  434. 10th Premier of Alberta, Canada
  435. Author
  436. Architect
  437. German Mezzo Soprano Born 3/16/1928
  438. Actress - Prehistoric Women, DOA, Kim, Killer Shark, Siren Of Bagdad, Adventures Of Dr. Fu Manchu (TV). Model. Arguably, gave Marilyn Monroe her professional name
  439. Actor - The Rockford Files (Lt. Doug Chapman), Norma Rae, I Escaped From Devils Island, Ben, The Hidden, Star 80, Feds, Fade To Black, Moment To Moment, First Ladies Diaries (Emmy win as Geo. Washington), Days Of Our Lives, Santa Barbara, Valeries Family
  440. Secretary of the Interior (1989-1993)
  441. Author
  442. Author
  443. Former St. Louis Bomber, Boston Celtic and St. Louis Hawk; Member of Pro Basketball Hall of Fame
  444. Composer/Musician. Composer of the Broadway musical Hair. Songwriter's Hall of Fame in 2009
  445. Actor- born 1928, original cast member of All My Children
  446. British actor born 1928.'The Ipcress File','Flash Gordon','The Whisperers','Modesty Blaise','The Frozen Dead','Tales from the Crypt','Secret Agent','Department S','Jason King'
  447. movie director
  448. Actor: Search for Tomorrow, The Mugger, Route 66, Quick Before It Melts, The Satan Bug, A Covenant with Death, Land Raiders, The Last Day of the War, The Most Deadly Game, The Victim, Mission Impossible, Rich Man, Poor Man, Doppelganger
  449. 50s baseball
  450. composer conductor
  451. Actress 'Lou Grant' 'The Sopranos'
  452. Sexy Singer during the late 1950s and worked with Jan Murray
  453. United States Secretary of Labor (1977-1981)
  454. Billy Martin  (2)
    Former 2nd baseman for the New York Yankees won the World Series as a player in 1951,1952,1953 and 1956 and won as a manager in 1977. Managed the Twins, Rangers, Tigers, Yankees and A's and got Twins, Tigers, Yankees and A's all into the playoffs
  455. Comedian, Caddyshack II
  456. UK Radio Presenter - BBC Radio 2
  457. Former Prime Minister of France (1981 - 1984), currently Senator fron Nord
  458. Singer
  459. Author
  460. Claude Greengrass in Heartbeat English program & Actor
  461. Children's Author
  462. Actor- played the school teacher in PINK FLOYD THE WALL
  463. 70's Country Music Singer/Comedian/Songwriter/Advertising Exec.
  464. Actress - Sheena Queen Of The Jungle (TV - title role), She Demons, The Beat Generation, 5 Bold Women, Hands Of A Stranger. Model - Varga Girl, Playboy
  465. MLB 2nd & 3rd baseman, shortstop from 1951-60 for Yankees. In 8 World Series had 23 RS, 4 doubles, triple, 7 HR's, 24 RBI's, 20 walks. R.O.Y. in 1951. 6x All - Star. Best season 1953 with 82 RS, 27 doubles, 7 triples, 10 HR's, 83 RBI's, .285 BA
  466. Actor: How Green Was My Valley, My Friend Flicka, Lassie Come Home, Macbeth, Kidnapped, Cleopatra, The Poseidon Adventure, The Loved One, Legend Of Hell House, Planet Of The Apes, Fright Night, Columbo, Cutting Class, Class of 1984, Deadly Game
  467. former college/NFL halfback; played for University of Washington, 49ers, Vikings, Giants & Lions; member of college/NFL Hall of Fame; Rookie of the Year 1952
  468. football player
  469. Irish Actor,Producer and Director born 1928.John Drake on'Secret Agent'(1964-68),John Drake on'Danger Man'(1960-62),#6 on'The Prisoner'(1967-68),'Columbo','Ice Station Zebra, Escape from Alcatraz',Scanners,Lost Legend,Judge Omar Noose from A Time To Kill
  470. Kansas City A's baseball player
  471. American Boxer and Actor lives now in Australia, made 34 movie 36 Tv Seraials from 1973-2001.father of actor Paul Mercurio
  472. Former Governor of Connecticut (1971-1975)
  473. Guitarist - The Funk Brothers (studio Musicians For Berry Gordy's Hitsville USA/Motown), Standing In The Shadows Of Motown (docu Film, 2002)
  474. Lz-xray-idarag valley-we were soldier- is a ret general
  475. playboy playmate - miss june 1955
  476. AAGPBL player for the 1944 Kenosha Comets and Minneapolis Millerettes
  477. soccer coach
  478. former college/NBA power/small forward; played for Hamline University & Minneapolis Lakers; 4X NBA Champion; 6X All-Star; member of Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame; former coach/GM of Minnesota Pipers (ABA)
  479. Actor: It Conquered the World, The Little Shop of Horrors, Night Call Nurses, Big Bad Mama, Piranha, The Howling, Twilight Zone, V - The Final Battle, Gremlins, The Terminator, Night of the Creeps, Chopping Mall, Evil Toons, The Flash, Demon Knight
  480. Politician DDR
  481. 1959 Boston Red Sox
  482. U.S. Representative from New York (1981-89); Staten Island Borough President (1990-2001)
  483. French director - La Cage aux Folles
  484. Algerian cyclist
  485. Inventor
  486. Vice President of The United States (1977-1981), 1984 Democratic Presidential Nominee
  487. TV Host/Presenter
  488. wrestler
  489. Baseball player
  490. UK House of Lords
  491. actress,'vera cruz'and'serenade'