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  1. editor columnist
  2. Fmr United States Congressman
  3. 16th wealthiest person in the world
  4. nobel economics laureate 1972
  5. Nobel Laureate Economics
  6. nobel medicine laureate 1970
  7. Former Bronx Borough President (1965-70); former Congressman: 21st District (1971-77)
  8. Author
  9. Secretary of Labor under Ford
  10. American Female Author - Novel - 'Ella Enchanted' (1997), 'Fairest' (2006), 'The Two Princesses Of Bamarre' (2001), 'Fairy Dust and the Quest For The Egg' (2005), 'Ogre Enchanted' (2018), 'A Tale of Two Castles' (2011)
  11. American playwright, screenwriter and novelist. He is the only person to have won three solo Academy Awards for Best Screenplay/Film's; 'The Hospital' & 'Network'
  12. born April 1, 1942, also known as 'Chip', an American author, professor & literary critic. Works includes a number of novels, many in the science fiction genre, as well as memoir, criticism, and essays on sexuality and society
  13. American mathematician and former professional magician and poker player. He teaches statistics at Stanford University. He is particularly known for tackling mathematical problems involving randomness
  14. Actor: Pretty Woman, Runaway Bride, The Princess Diaries, The Flamingo Kid, Beverly Hills Cop 3, American Gigolo, The Dain Curse, Exit To Eden, The Taking Of Pelham 1-2-3, Report To The Commissioner, Chicago Hope, Cane, Monk, Leviathan, Last Man Standing
  15. Writer; 'The Mambo Kings Play Songs of Love'
  16. Actor: Columbo, Delvecchio, Taxi, Ordinary People, Teachers, Running on Empty, Dear John, Independence Day, George & Leo, A Beautiful Mind, Regular Joe, Numb3rs, Tower Heist, Damages, Forever, The Big Bang Theory, Superior Donuts
  17. 2006 Inductee of Inventor Hall of Fame; Co-inventor of TCP which is basis for modern internet
  18. Nobel chemistry laureate 1985orn: 06/18/1918
  19. Author
  20. actor/comedian/animator
  21. 1969 professor at ucla, internet pioneer
  22. Former Mayor of New York City, New York (1978-89)
  23. Nobel physics laureate 1988
  24. Actor - 'Uncle Leo' on Seinfeld, Papillon, Birdman of Alcatraz, Everybody Loves Raymond, The Outlaw Josie Wales, Kelly's Heroes, Shack Out On 101, Son Of The Beach, How To Stuff A Wild Bikini, many gangster types
  25. Author of Ella Enchanted, Princess Tales, etc.
  26. Actor: Barney Miller, Search for Tomorrow, Godzilla vs. the Sea Monster, Blacke's Magic, Jack's Place, The Boys are Back, Out to Sea, The Rockford Files, Gilmore Girls, The Bold and the Beautiful, Supernatural
  27. Actor - The Wild, Wild West (as Artemus Gordon), Mr. Lucky (TV), Experiment In Terror, The Great Race, The Colossus Of New York, Return Of Charlie Chan, Stump The Stars, MANY TV guest roles, inc. The Twilight Zone (The Four Of Us Are Dying, Death Ship)
  28. Actress, 'Gone With The Wind'
  29. American physicist, radio astronomer and Nobel laureate in physics (1978) who is co-discoverer of the cosmic microwave background radiation, which helped establish the Big Bang theory of cosmology
  30. Secretary of State of New York (2011 - )
  31. U.S. Secretary of State 2001-2005, Chairman Joint Chief of Staff 1989-1993, Author
  32. American Biologist - Inventor of Vaccine for Polio
  33. Actor: The Bodyguard, Hoffa, My Life, Se7en, The Arrival, Volcano, Deep Impact, Doctor Dolittle, Roswell, The West Wing, The Cape, Criminal Minds - Suspect Behavior, Johnny English Reborn, NCIS, Man of Steel, Murder in the First, The Good Doctor
  34. co-ownewr of the pacers
  35. Author
  36. Actor - Baby Doll (Golden Globe nom), The Mag. 7, The Good-Bad-Ugly, The Misfits, Godfather 3, The Deep, Lord Jim, Act One, 7 Thieves, Cinderella Liberty, Crazy Joe, The Sentinel, The 2 Jakes, Poppy Is Also A Flower (Emmy win), Batman (TV-Mr. Freeze)
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