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StarTiger - Browsing Entries matching Tag AlmaMater::Juris_Doctor
Browsing Entries matching Tag AlmaMater::Juris_Doctor
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  1. U.S. Representative from California (1993-present)
  2. Mayor of Boise, Idaho (2004-present)
  3. U.S. Ambassador To The United Nations (2005-06)
  4. Author
  5. Former U.S. Attorney General under President Lyndon Johnson
  6. U.S. Senator from Mississippi (1979-2018)
  7. U.S. Representative from Mississippi (1987-1993); Secretary of Agriculture (1993-1994)
  8. US Representative from South Carolina. Chairman of the House Select Committee investigating the Benghazi attack
  9. U.S. Senator from South Carolina (2003-present)
  10. miss america 2003
  11. U.S. Attorney General (2009-2015)
  12. Representative from Virginia
  13. Reverand, Civil Rights Leader, founder of 'Rainbow Push Coalition', author and lecturer
  14. Illinois Congressman, Rev. Jesse Jacksons son.
  15. Tim Johnson  (4)
    Former U.S. Senator from South Dakota (1997-2015)
  16. U.S. Representative from Illinois
  17. Mike Lee  (5)
    U.S. Senator from Utah (2011-)
  18. U.S. Senator from Connecticut (1989-2013)
  19. Author
  20. United States Senator from Massachusetts (2013-present), United States Representative (1976-2013)
  21. U.S. Senator from Missouri (2007-19)
  22. James McClure  (2)
    Former US Senator (R) From Idaho Born Dec 27, 1924 Dec. Feb 26, 2011
  23. Former U.S. Senator from Idaho (1973-1991)
  24. United States Representative from Michigan
  25. Former Governor of South Carolina (1965-1971)
  26. White House Counsel, Nominee for U.S. Supreme Court
  27. Judge on Peoples Court
  28. U.S. Senator from Kansas (2011-??); Former U.S. Representative
  29. Former Governor of Nebraska (1991-1999); U.S. Senator from Nebraska (2001-2013)
  30. Former Governor of Rhode Island (1973-1977)
  31. Former Supreme Court Justice, First ever female on court
  32. U.S. Representative from North Dakota (1993-2011)
  33. U.S. Senator from Arkansas (2003-15)
  34. Chief Justice of U.S. Supreme Court
  35. Governor of Idaho (2006); U.S. Senator from Idaho (2009-present)
  36. Trumpgate/Voted for the removal of Trump from office/U.S. Senator from Utah (2019-??); Former Governor of Massachusetts (2003-2007)
  37. Representative from Alabama
  38. U.S. Representative from Arizona
  39. Governor of Michigan, former Chief Executive Officer of Ardesta LLC, and former President and Chief Operating Officer of Gateway
  40. Former Editor The Ring Magazine
  41. U.S. Representative from California (1975-present)
  42. U.S. Senator from Mississippi (2007-present)