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StarTiger - Browsing Entries matching Tag AlmaMater::Tulane_University
Browsing Entries matching Tag AlmaMater::Tulane_University
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  1. Former U.S. Senator from Colorado (1979-1991)
  2. U.S. Senator from Tennessee (1967-85); White House Chief of Staff (1987-88); U.S. Ambassador to Japan (2001-05)
  3. Congressman
  4. Member of the U.S. House of Representatives from Louisiana
  5. Conservative American publisher, commentator for The Washington Times, and author
  6. actor
  7. Former District Attorney for New Orleans. Father of Harry Connick Jr. He is also a singer.
  8. Talk show host, former husband of Tina Louise
  9. Basketball Player
  10. Famed Heart Surgeon
  11. U.S. Senator from Louisiana (1937-1972)
  12. businessman co-creator of yahoo
  13. Author/Lawyer/Judge/Investigator of the Kennedy Assassination/Oliver Stone film 'JFK' about Jim
  14. Fmr. House Speaker
  15. Longest-serving member of the United States House of Representatives from the state of Louisiana
  16. Historian/Southeastern Louisiana University professor emeritus of history/known for research into assassination of JFK in which Kurtz theory Oswald did not act alone/'Crime Of Century: Kennedy Assassination From A Historian's Perspective'
  17. Operatic Tenor. Actor - Boardwalk Empire
  18. Former Congressman from Louisiana. Speaker-Elect
  19. Author - Every Man A King
  20. Mayor of New Orleans, Louisiana (2002-2010)
  21. American Actor born 1928.'Night of Blood Beast','Brain Eaters','Bucket of Blood','Swamp Woman',Attack of Crab Monster','Cry Baby Killer','T-Bird Gang','Midway','Boneyard','Airport-75','Benji','Twilight Zone','Gunsmoke'
  22. Attorney & Democratic U.S. representative and U.S. senator from Louisiana. His committee memberships Appropriations, Manufactures, Commerce, & Irrigation & Reclamation.
  23. U.S. Representative from Puerto Rico (2009-17)
  24. U.S. Representative from Mississippi (1989-2011)
  25. Former Governor of Louisiana (1980-1984)