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StarTiger - Browsing Entries matching Tag AlmaMater::University_of_Cambridge
Browsing Entries matching Tag AlmaMater::University_of_Cambridge
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  1. Writer-Notes For A New Culture
  2. new jouralist puiltzer prize 1990
  3. Professor of Physiology, Oxford. Author,'Life at the Extremes'
  4. Author - Fiction
  5. Actor - plays Moss in TV's The IT Crowd, The Watch
  6. Author
  7. BBC sports presenter
  8. writer
  9. Author
  10. Peter Barnes  (2)
    Actor-The Bill,The Squad
  11. American TV personality and educator. Won 7 Emmys
  12. Freelance Writer And Presenter - - Two best-selling books - I?m Bored! (Bloomsbury, 2003) and I?m Bored...Again! (Bloomsbury, 2005)
  13. Nobel Prize 2009 of Medicine
  14. Automotive consumer advocate, Author - Car Buyer's and Leaser's Negotiating Bible
  15. English Actress - TV Series - 'Casualty' (2002-04), 'Bleak House' (2005), 'Ripper Street'(2014), 'Sherlock'(2010-17), 'Clique'(2017), 'A Discovery of Witches'(2018), 'The Widow'(2019). TV Mini-Series - 'Mayo' (2006), Movie - 'Containment (2015) Plus More
  16. Lord. UK House of Lords
  17. Author
  18. keyboardist (bad english journey)
  19. Author
  20. Australian theoretical physicist, best known for his work on the properties of black holes in the Solar System
  21. Biochemist, Biophysicist, and Gold Medal-Winning Olympic Sailor. Gold Medal in 1952 Olympics07/24/1913
  22. Author - Non-Fiction
  23. Author
  24. Author - The Riddle of the Sands
  25. Actor - Remington Steele, Hill Street Blues
  26. Actor - Tom Marvolo Riddle in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
  27. Former U.S. Senator from Iowa (1975-1981)
  28. Screenwriter: The Guilty, Ghost in the Machine, Twins, The Real McCoy
  29. Author Of Many Historical Books, Including The Pulitzer-Prize Winning 'Guns, Germs, And Steel'
  30. 2000 Templeton Award winner
  31. Writer/Actor/Author: Gosford Park, James Bond, Never Mind The Full Stops, Downton Abbey
  32. Luxembourg Minister
  33. Author
  34. UK House of Lords
  35. Physicist former director f Brookhaven National Laboratory. Born: 04/18/1911
  36. Dave Green  (2)
    Camera Assistant
  37. David Green  (3)
  38. David Green  (5)
  39. Actress - 28 Days Later, Pirates of the Caribbean 2&3, Miami Vice, The Night Watchman, The Tomorrow People, Skyfall
  40. Actor - Loki in Thor and The Avengers, played Bill Hazeldine in the TV series Suburban Shootout
  41. John Hopkins  (3)
  42. Author/National Syndicated Columnist
  43. Jim Jackson  (2)
    Founder and Chairman of Project CURE, Author - Non-Fiction
  44. Actor (b:'38) - I Claudius (BAFTA win), Gosford Park, Gladiator, Henry V, Hamlet, Little Dorrit, Love Is The Devil, Dead Again, Inside The Third Reich (Emmy nom), The Kings Speech, My Week With Marilyn, The Golden Compass, Dr. Who '03, Frasier (Emmy win)
  45. former Governor General of Canada (2010-2017)
  46. Children's Author
  47. Nobel laureate physics 1973
  48. Author
  49. UK Presenter
  50. Lord Fellowes of West Stafford, British Politician
  51. Author
  52. Author
  53. Author
  54. movie director
  55. Economist and author
  56. Actor - Lolita, North by Northwest, A Star Is Born '54, 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea, Journey To The Center Of The Earth, Georgy Girl, The Boys From Brazil, The Desert Rat, Julius Caesar, The Verdict, Salem's Lot, Evil Under The Sun, Lord Jim
  57. Author
  58. Simon May  (2)
  59. Author
  60. Iconic British stage/movie actor - The Lord of The Rings/the Hobbit movies (Gandalf - AA nom), X-men movies (Magneto), Gods and Monsters (AA nom), Richard III, Vicious, Beauty and the Beast, Mr. Holmes, Last Action Hero, Stardust, The Da Vinci Code,
  61. Author
  62. Producer & Director: American Beauty, Road to Perdition, Away We Go, Revolutionary Road, Jarhead, Skyfall, Spectre
  63. Author of The First Assassin
  64. Jon Miller  (2)
    Director of Photography
  65. British Theater/Opera Producer/Director. Writer/Producer - Beyond The Fringe
  66. Author
  67. Nate Miller  (2)
  68. Author - Broadside: The Age of Fighting Sail, 1775-1815, FDR: An Intimate History, and War at Sea
  69. Author - Reinventing Gravity
  70. John Moore  (4)
    Author - Slay and Rescue, Heroics for Beginners, Unhandsome Prince
  71. John Moore  (7)
    Old school of monster trucks.Owner/Driver of No Problem monster truck.
  72. Author - Chemistry Made Simple
  73. Author - River of Lost Footsteps
  74. movie director
  75. Son of Henry Fairfield Osborn, Zoologist, Author of Our Plundered Planet
  76. Author
  77. Author
  78. 02 winner Templeton Award
  79. British Politician
  80. 1989 Nobel Prize Winning Physicist. Born:08/27/1915
  81. David Rees  (2)
    Comic strip Get Your War On
  82. Adam Roberts  (3)
  83. Author
  84. Crime Author
  85. actor-Penny Dreadful
  86. Author
  87. Scientist Chemistry, 2005 Nobel Prize in Chemistry
  88. Archbishop of York
  89. writer
  90. Lord Stern of Brentford, British Politician
  91. Lord Stoddart of Swindon, British Politician
  92. Author
  93. Actress-Michael Clayton,Adaptation,Stephanie Daley,The Chronicles of Narnia:The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe,The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian,Broken Flower,Constantine,Thumbsucker,Absent Presence,Vanilla Sky,The Deep End,The Beach,The War Zone,
  94. British Politician
  95. Lord Templeman, British Politician
  96. Poet Laureate of Great Britain and Ireland during Queen Victoria's reign. 'The Charge of the Light Brigade', 'Break, Break, Break', 'Crossing the Bar'
  97. Actress-Nanny McPhee,Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban,Angels in America,Love Actually,Primary Colors,Junior,Sense and Sensibilty,In The Name of the Father,Remains of the Day,Much Ado About Nothing,Howards End,Dead Again,Impromtu,Alfresco
  98. Decorating T.V. show host for “Debbie Travis’ Painted House” and “Facelift”
  99. Nobel Laureate Chemistry 2008
  100. Elected U.S. Senator (2008); Former U.S. Representative from New Mexico
  101. British Politician
  102. Actress- The Constant Gardener (AA win), The Fountian, Constantine, The Mummy, The Mummy Returns, Oz; the great and Powerful, Runaway Jury, About A Boy, The Lobster, The Bourne Legacy, Page Eight, The Lovely Bones, Agora. (Married to actor Daniel Craig)
  103. Patrick White  (2)
  104. British actor / extra, was a Stormtrooper on 'Star Wars - Episode IV: A New Hope'
  105. British Politician
  106. Works with Cloning
  107. 'One Against The Wind',Zaphod Beeblebrox in The Hitch-Hiker's Guide To The Galaxy radio & TV versions (1978-80, 1981 & 2004)