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Browsing Entries matching Tag Award%3A:Defense_Distinguished_Service_Medal
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  1. Commander-In-Chief U.S. Central Command
  2. (September 15, 1914 - September 4, 1974) was a general in the United States Army who commanded military operations in the Vietnam War from 1968?72 which saw U.S. troop strength in Vietnam fall from a peak of 543,000 to 49,000. He served as Chief of Staff
  3. Coast Guard Admiral who took charge of the Hurricane Katrina Relief effort after the FEMA director was fired
  4. air force general
  5. US Secretary of Defense, Retired United States Army general, 12th commander of United States Central Command
  6. marine corps general
  7. Astronaut - Former NASA Administrator
  8. USMC General
  9. American Retired Four - Star Navy Admiral
  10. army general
  11. Vice-Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (2007-??)
  12. U.S. Army Chief of Staff
  13. Air force general
  14. Army General
  15. Admiral, Chief of Naval Operations
  16. Former NATO Supreme Allied Commander; Candidate for President in 2004
  17. Retired General
  18. Retired General
  19. Commandant, United States Marine Corps
  20. Supreme Allied Commander Europe
  21. marine corps general
  22. 4-Star General
  23. Admiral, former Joint Chief under Reagan and Bush
  24. marine corps general
  25. Army General
  26. Former U.S. Senator from Alabama (1981-1987); Author of 'When Hell Was In Session'
  27. navy admiral
  28. general army
  29. former Air Force General
  30. navy admiral
  31. navy admiral
  32. Commander US Pacific Command
  33. Navy admiral
  34. U.S. Army General
  35. 4 Star GeneralBorn Aug.17,1952
  36. navy admiral
  37. marine corps general
  38. Vadm. U.S. Navy, appointed Supreme Allied Commander
  39. cmdr.-in-chief, sup. allied command/europe)
  40. Former Commandant or Chief of Staff for the Marines
  41. Supreme Allied Commander Europe (1974-1979); Secretary of State (1981-1982)
  42. National Security Agency Director (1999-2005); CIA Director (2006-2009) retired United States Air Force four - star general
  43. air force general businessman
  44. former Marine Corps General
  45. navy admiral
  46. Former Chief of Navy Operations (1974-1978)& commander of 1st nuclear sub
  47. Lt. Gen. Commander Of 1st U.S. Army, Spearheaded Aid In New Orleans During Hurricane Katrina Clean-up
  48. retired Navy admiral/deputy assistant of National Security Affairs under President George Bush Sr., PhD, NATO commander, author
  49. US Army officer. Former Director of the (DIA) Defense Intelligence Agency (1996-1999)
  50. US Army General
  51. Major General Eldon W. Joersz is an American pilot, who currently holds the World Air Speed Record
  52. air force general
  53. Retired USMC General born 1937
  54. Former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
  55. James Jones  (11)
    Head basketball coach at Yale (1999-?)
  56. ABA /NBA Player
  57. army general
  58. air force general
  59. Commander US Northern Command
  60. marine corps general
  61. air force general
  62. army general
  63. Joseph Kernan  (2)
    USN Admiral
  64. air force general
  65. air force general
  66. army general
  67. Commandant of the Marine Corps (1995-99)
  68. Retired Navy Admiral
  69. Retired USMC General
  70. Navy Admiral
  71. 4 Star General Born Oct 28, 1954
  72. Army General
  73. Retired General
  74. General and U.S. Commander in Afghanistan
  75. navy admiral
  76. Retired Army General
  77. army general
  78. Admiral; Navy SEAL; was actually in charge of the military operation that went in and got bin Laden
  79. army general
  80. Lz-xray-idarag valley-we were soldier- is a ret general
  81. us navy admiral
  82. navy admiral businessman
  83. Chief of Staff US Air Force, 4 star general
  84. marine corps general
  85. Former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
  86. U.S. Brigadier General, Desert Storm
  87. 4 Star General Born May 5, 1954
  88. marine corps general
  89. U.S. General
  90. USN Admiral
  91. navy admiral
  92. Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff
  93. Former Army General
  94. C.G. US Army Combined Arms Command; Director of the CIA (2011-)
  95. Former Vice Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff (1996-2000); Supreme Allied Commander Europe NATO (2000-03)
  96. army general chief of staff
  97. Air Force General
  98. C.G. 82nd Airborne Division
  99. army general
  100. USN Admiral
  101. 29th Navy Chief of Naval Operations (CNO)
  102. Former United States Army lieutenant general; Author - Wiser in Battle
  103. Chief of Staff of the Army (2003- )
  104. U. S. General - Desert Storm Fame born 1934
  105. U.S. Representative from Pennsylvania (2007-2011)
  106. former Joint Chief of Staff
  107. 4 Star General
  108. Former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Professional Speaker
  109. U.S. Secretary of Veterans Affairs (2009-present)
  110. air force general
  111. Retired USMC General
  112. U.S. Navy 4-Star Admiral; NATO Supreme Allied Commander (2009-2013); Commander, U.S. Southern Command (2006-2009)
  113. US Army General (Ret). Co-authored 'Shadow Warriors' With Tom Clancy. Former Commander Of U.S. Special Operations Command.
  114. US Admiral
  115. Female Model
  116. navy admiral
  117. navy admiral
  118. army general
  119. army general
  120. Retired General
  121. navy admiral
  122. Army general
  123. 63rd Inspector General of the Army. Served as Chief of Staff, CENTCOM during OIF and OEF
  124. Secretary of the Army (2001-03)
  125. army general
  126. Commander US Pacific Fleet
  127. medal of honor marines ww11
  128. 4 Star General, Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff; CO of the USS Enterprise (CVN-65) which was on her way back home during the September 11 attacks who, without authorization, did a 180 degree turn to take station in the Arabian Sea