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  1. Cinematographer: Flightplan, Gangs of New York, The Family Jewels
  2. German Born, Canadian Actress TV Series - 'Neon Rider' (1989-1992), Star Trek (Guest)(1967), 'Mission: Impossible' (Guest)(1967-71)The Twilight Zone (Guest)(1963), 'Columbo(1974) Movie - 'Prom Night' (1980), 'Superbeast' (1992), 'Die Sister, Die!'(1978)
  3. German Actress-2001:A Space Travesty,Dracula 3000,The Thrill,The Red Phone:Manhunt,Barbara Wood:Traunzeit,Shadow Fury,Half Past Dead,A Crime of Passion,Sumuru,Deep Freeze,3 Wild Angels
  4. cinematographer
  5. Actress
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