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  1. German politician - member of Deutscher Bundestag
  2. German Born, Canadian Actress TV Series - 'Neon Rider' (1989-1992), Star Trek (Guest)(1967), 'Mission: Impossible' (Guest)(1967-71)The Twilight Zone (Guest)(1963), 'Columbo(1974) Movie - 'Prom Night' (1980), 'Superbeast' (1992), 'Die Sister, Die!'(1978)
  3. Actor
  4. Ski Jumping
  5. Author
  6. Producer / Writer / Director: Stargate, Godzilla, Independence Day, The Day After Tomorrow, White House Down, 2012, The Patriot, 10 000 BC, Universal Soldier
  7. German physicist, 2007 Nobel Prize in chemistry
  8. German Politician
  9. Ex-Foreign minister of Germany
  10. European Space Agency astronaut and geophysicist
  11. NHL Center (Panthers, Sharks, Predators)
  12. Female Tennis Player/Model - Australian Open(4 Championship Titles), French Open(6 Championship Titles), Wimbledon(7 Championship Titles), US Open(5 Championship Titles). Swimsuit Model - 1993 Portfolio Trading Card Company
  13. Politician - European Parlament
  14. German TV Host (n-tv)
  15. Ian Harding  (2)
    Adventureland, Pretty Little Liars (as Ezra)
  16. Former Mercedes Formula 1 Team Manager, now broadcaster for ARD
  17. Mike Jenkins  (2)
    Dallas Cowboys corner back. Attended South Florida
  18. German actor
  19. Actor
  20. German Tennis Player
  21. German politician - member of Deutscher Bundestag
  22. Singer, Winner of 'Deutschland sucht den Superstar' (Casting TV Show) in 2011
  23. Political (Die Gruenen) - Member of German Parliament
  24. Mountainbike
  25. German politician - member of Deutscher Bundestag
  26. German economist and president of the Deutsche Bundesbank
  27. Actor: Nash Bridges, Beverly Hills 90210, Home Invasion, Star Trek DSN
  28. Actress-Tatort,Pope Joan,The Pursuit of Unhappiness
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