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StarTiger - Browsing Entries matching Tag BirthPlace::German_Empire
Browsing Entries matching Tag BirthPlace::German_Empire
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  1. Founder of psycology of Art
  2. Supercentenarian Born: 01/27/1902. A longtime civic activist who has lived in Middle Village since 1938
  3. photographer
  4. nobel physics laureate 1967 helped develop a-bomb
  5. portrayed German soldiers in the Longest Day, Battle of the Buldge, and The Bridge at Remagen
  6. Actor - The Searchers, Drums Of Fu Manchu (title role), L&H's Babes In Toyland (aka March of the Wooden Soldiers), Buck Rogers, Two Rode Together, Garden Of Allah, The Paleface, Scared Stiff, Vera Cruz, The 10 Commandments, The Land Unknown
  7. German Politican for the SPD.1957-64 major of West-Berlin.1976-1992 President of he SPD.Friedens Nobel Price winner in 1971
  8. Soccer Player DDR
  9. The 'burbs
  10. German Politican for CDU.5th Bundespresident of Germany 1979-84.President of the Deutschen Bundestages 1976-79
  11. [1898-1974] Great stage actress won a Tony Award in 1948 for Antony and Cleopatra
  12. Original "Operation Paperclip" Wernhervon Braun rocket scientist team born August 5, 1912. Deputy Manager of Saturn rocket program, rec'd NASA Exceptional Service Medal for successfully initiating development of the Saturn V rocket
  13. German actor, March 8 1904 - April 8 1973, Pension Schoeller (1930), Tannenberg (1932), Die goettliche Jette (1937), Wir machen Musik (1942), Des Teufels General (1955), Bomben auf Monte Carlo (1960), Winnetou und sein Freund Old Firehand (1966),
  14. Movie director
  15. German actress and singer in american Movies born 1901.'Morocco','Blonde Venus','Witness for the Prosecution','The Blue Angel','A Foreign Affair','Judgment at Nuernberg','Shanghai Express','The Garden of Allah','Destry Rides Again','Rancho Notorious'
  16. Author
  17. Author
  18. German Politician
  19. nobel chemistry 1973
  20. Father of Anne Frank, Concentration Camp Survivor
  21. German Nazi lives in Garbsen-Auf der Horst (near Hannover/Lower Saxony)
  22. German actor (1901?1973, father of actor Thomas Fritsch), 'Women in the Moon' (1929), 'Der Kongress tanzt' (1931), 'Ferien vom Ich' (1951), 'Am Brunnen vor dem Tore' (1952), 'Die Fledermaus' (1942) etc
  23. Author
  24. German actor born in 1877.over 100 UFA movies from 1917-1962."Der Golem","Der alte Fritz","Wilhelm Tell","Fridericus","Bismarck"
  25. German philosopher, Author
  26. December 25, 1904 - March 3, 1999/Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1971 for contributions to the knowledge of electronic structure & geometry of molecules, particularly free radicals'. Herzberg's main work concerned atomic & molecular spectroscopy
  27. French diplomat, former ambassador, and French resistance fighter and BCRA agent. He participated in the drafting of 'the Universal Declaration of Human Rights' of 1948 ; born in 1917
  28. German-born American Political Economist. Born: 04/07/1915
  29. German ww2 pilot
  30. German Philospher/Director Born 1906
  31. nobel med. laureate 1970
  32. Adolf Hitler's Chauffeur
  33. West German Chancellor
  34. American Businessman - Metromedia
  35. Actor - The Mummy's Curse, House Of Horrors, The Frozen Ghost, She-Wolf Of London, many Nazi roles in the '40's
  36. German World War 1 and 2 Veteran,Born: 03/10/1900
  37. German-American science writer, spaceflight advocate, and historian of science who helped popularize rocketry, spaceflight, and natural history in both Germany and the United States. The crater Ley on the far side of the Moon is named in his honor
  38. German Director, Born: 01/25/1911
  39. Author
  40. Evolutionary Biologist
  41. Nazi during WW2. As of 2010 resides in Kiel in Germany
  42. German stage and film actress
  43. German political scientist12/19/1916
  44. German Actress (Now or Never; mother of discounts in the media markt ad)
  45. German actor born in 1910.'A Bridge Too Far','The Boyz from Brazil','Salzburg Connection','Anzio','Von Ryans Express','Night of the Vampires','Dr.Mabuse','The Master Touch','Is Paris Burning?'
  46. German-Jewish actress, born 1910. The first actor to win Oscars in two consecutive years: 1936 for Anna Held in 'Great Ziegfeld' and 1937 for O-Lan in 'The Good Earth'. Oldest Living Actress to win 'Best Actress' (1937-37)
  47. Supercentenarian Born 1897 lives in Switzerland
  48. German director, Made the propaganda-films for nazi-dictator Adolf Hitler
  49. German film actor
  50. Former Boxer - Heavyweight Worldchampion 1930 - 1932
  51. Actress
  52. Economist
  53. Nazi officer
  54. Israeli composer
  55. Author
  56. Author
  57. German Actress, started filming in the 30' ('Der Monddiamand')
  58. Attempted to assassinate Hitler.
  59. German-born rocket scientist, aerospace engineer, space architect, & leading figure in development of rocket technology in Nazi Germany during World War II & the United
  60. German Ambassador in London 1970-77. WWII received Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross
  61. Actor and director
  62. Director
  63. Polish Freedom Fighter during WWII