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  1. French Politician, member of the National Assembly of France
  2. Author-The Arab Predicament
  3. Lebanese Writer
  4. Basketball Player
  5. Director
  6. Former Rugby League Player
  7. bodybuilder
  8. Opera Singer - Soprano
  9. The voice of The New York Knicks on the MSG Network
  10. Boxer
  11. drummer (system of a down)
  12. Lebanese-born cinematographer, film director and writer - The Attack
  13. Lebanese singer, songwriter and actor. Called the 'Voice of Lebanon'
  14. Basketball Player
  15. Miss USA 2010 winner from Michigan
  16. Actor
  17. Swedish director (zozo, jalla jalla etc)
  18. Professional Poker Player, World Series of Poker
  19. Author
  20. Former President of Lebanon
  21. Author
  22. Composer, organist
  23. Australian based Actor of the Seventies, now based in Malaysia
  24. NHL Forward: Detroit Red Wings, Vancouver Canucks / Playing Career: 1968-1974
  25. Artist
  26. Co-founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Swatch Group
  27. Known best in 'Trigger Happy TV', Also,'This Is Dom Joly' and his Triger-Happy-type show 'World Shut Your Mouth.' Contestant on ITV's 'Deadline,' 'Dom Joly's Happy Hour,' Author
  28. Film Producer: Rambo, Extreme Prejudice, DeepStar Six, Total Recall, The Doors
  29. Head coach of the Golden State Warriors; former NBA player - San Antonio Spurs, Chicago Bulls; most accurate 3-point shooter in NBA history
  30. Actress
  31. Lebanese singer
  32. Screenwriter
  33. Director
  34. Libanese politician
  35. Italian/Greek Actres In Films Of The 50's And 60's
  36. Singer/Musician
  37. Actor
  38. Singer; Real Love, Rush The Floor
  39. football player physician
  40. Singer/Musician
  41. Secretary General of the Lebanese Islamist Party, leader of Hezbollah (1992-present). Force behind Israel's withdrawal from South Lebanon in 2000 and its defeat in the 2006 Israel-Lebanon conflict
  42. Conductor
  43. Actor: River's Edge, The Night Before, Dangerous Liaisons, Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure, Point Break, Bram Stoker's Dracula, Speed, The Devil's Advocate, The Matrix, The Watcher, Constantine, A Scanner Darkly, John Wick
  44. Author
  45. Film Producer
  46. Basketball Player
  47. former college/NBA center; played for Syracuse University, Heat, Magic, Nets & Warriors; All-American' #9 overall pick 1988 NBA Draft
  48. Lebanese Actress - The Day Of The Jackal, The Discreet Charm Of The Bourgeoisie, Stolen Kisses, Faces Of Love, India Song, A Doll's House, The Black Windmill, I Sent A Letter To My Love
  49. Actor - The Visitor, 24, American Dreamz, Nurse Jackie
  50. Author
  51. Karl Wolf  (2)
  52. Actor - Meet The Spartans
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