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StarTiger - Browsing Entries matching Tag BirthPlace::Nazi_Germany
Browsing Entries matching Tag BirthPlace::Nazi_Germany
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  1. Played 'The Architect' in 'The Matrix Revolutions.', Home And Away - George Morris (1988)/Peter Fraser (1998)
  2. German politician- Bundestag
  3. German Actress - Movie - 'Don't Torture A Duckling'(1972), 'Casino Royale'(1967), 'Sweet Charity' 1969), 'Please Come Home! (1965), 'Amuck'(1972), 'Death Rage'(1976), 'Ricco'(1973), ' In Harm's Way'(1965), 'Agent for H.A.R.M.'(1966), 'Sweet Charity(1969)
  4. Actor: The Young and the Restless, The Rat Patrol, Combat!, Dayton's Devils, Colossus - The Forbin Project, Escape from the Planet of the Apes, Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo, The Ambulance, Titanic, Meet the Deedles, The Man Who Came Back
  5. German Actor in European Movies born 1933.Father of Actor Christopher Buchholz.'Magnificent 7','Monpti','Felix Krull','Teenage Wolfpack','One,Two,Three','Great Waltz','Aphrodite','Fanny','Tiger Bay','Marco Polo'
  6. Prime Minister of Poland (1997-2001); Member of European Parliament (since 2004)
  7. German actress
  8. German Politician
  9. Male Model
  10. Author
  11. President of Austria, 2004-2016
  12. Soccer Player
  13. Former french soccer player (VfB Stuttgart)
  14. German Actor. Over 100 Movis & TV-Series since 1965
  15. Hockey player
  16. Director - Rescue Dawn, Grizzly Man, Queen of the Desert, Stroszek, Cobra Verde, Bad Lieutenant II
  17. Nobel Laureate Physics 2005
  18. 1st German in Space
  19. played in Charlotte Gray, Barry Lyndon, but best remembered for playing Col. Dietrich in Raiders of the Lost Ark
  20. Actor: Andy Warhol's Dracula, Suspiria, Trauma, Mark of the Devil, The Story of O, My Own Private Idaho, Ace Ventura, Europa, Johnny Mnemonic, Barb Wire, Blade, Shadow of the Vampire, Halloween, Feardotcom, The Kingdom, Borgia, Dogville
  21. President of the Czech Republic
  22. German Actor 'Schultze Gets the Blues' 2003
  23. Former Communist leader of East Germany, successor to Erich Honecher
  24. Played the character 'Mantrid' in the black comedy Sci-Fi series 'Lexx', 'Doctor' in Human Centipede 1 & 2
  25. Former Soccer Player
  26. Soccer Player
  27. German lawyer & advocate radical ideals. Was extreme-left militant, Founder of Red Army Faction (RAF). Became Maoist & shifted to extreme-right. Convicted of Volksverhetzung incitement of popular hatred & Holocaust denial serving 12-year prison sentence
  28. Former Goalkeeper from FC Bayern München - Known as 'Katze von Anzing'
  29. Pop. German singer - song: Über den Wolken
  30. German Soccer Player-worldcup Winner With Germany/1974
  31. Bernd Patzke (born 14 March 1943) is a former German football player
  32. Writer & Director: Das Boot, Air Force One, In the Line of Fire, The Perfect Storm, Poseidon, Troy, Outbreak, Enemy Mine, The NeverEnding Story, Shattered
  33. Prime Minister of Croatia (2000-03)
  34. German author
  35. German Director, Screenwriter - The Tin Drum, The Ninth Day, Homo Faber, The Story of Rita
  36. Miss Universe 1961
  37. Soccer Player
  38. Former Chancellor of Germany
  39. German politician - member of Deutscher Bundestag Now finance minister
  40. Only german actor to guest star in Star Trek TNG (series 3, Esoqq in episode Allegiance), also guest starred in MacGyver, Knots Landing, Simon & Simon, Babylon 5, Sliders, JAG, The Magnificent Seven, Law & Order & many more
  41. soccer player
  42. Former Soccer Player
  43. Member Of The European Parlament
  44. nobel physics laureate 1985
  45. German virologist, 2008 co-Nobel Prize in Medicine