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StarTiger - Browsing Entries matching Tag BirthPlace::Neuilly-sur-Seine
Browsing Entries matching Tag BirthPlace::Neuilly-sur-Seine
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  1. French actress-Last Tango In Paris. Daughter of Simone Signoret
  2. French actor-Quantum of Solace
  3. French director
  4. French Politician, member of the National Assembly of France
  5. Director
  6. French Actor born 1933, over 80ty movies since 1956 like 'Angel on Earth'(1959),'La Novice'(1960),'Leon Morin'(1961),'La Rocca'(1961),'Cartouche'(1962),'Le Doulos'(1962),'Man from Rio'(1964),'Le Voleur'(1967),'The Incorrigible'(1975),'Le Marginal'(1983).
  7. American Musician. Children's Musical Artist. Plays Guitar And Sings In The Laurie Berkner Band
  8. French Politician, member of the National Assembly of France
  9. French Actress - Movie - 'For your Eyes Only' (1981), 'A Business Affair' (1994), 'The Persian Lamb Coat' (1979), 'Blank Generation' (1980), 'Bingo Bongo' (1982), 'The Bridge' (1999), 'That Obscure Object of Desire' (1977), 'Nemo' (1984)
  10. French actor, son of Claude Brasseur
  11. French Actor born 1936.Son of Actor Pierre Brasseur.'La Boum','Le Souper','Horror Chamber of Dr.Faustus','Only for Love','Elusive Corporal','7 Deadly Sins','Banana Peel','Band of Outsiders','Rififi in Paris','Annuity','Un Elephant','Josepha','Simple Story
  12. French actor
  13. Rugby Player
  14. Starred in The Godfather Part II, Apocalypse Now Redux, Hearts Of Darkness: A Filmmakers Apocalypse, Gunslinger and Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace. Also directed the film CQ and is Francis Ford Coppola's son.
  15. French ballet dancer
  16. Actress
  17. French singer
  18. French writer and academician
  19. French actor
  20. French artist (female) born in 1921/Friend of Picasso
  21. Politician - European Parlament
  22. French actress
  23. Former French minister
  24. French actor, former husband of Cristiana Reali
  25. French Actress (b: 1962) - Breathless, The Gypsy, The Public Woman, Aphrodite, Milena (title role), Stradivari, 3 Women, Year Of The Jellyfish, Desire in Motion, Glam, My Friend The Traitor, L'internat, Playboy December 1983
  26. Actress
  27. French director
  28. French director
  29. Actor
  30. Minister of Finance in France
  31. Politician - European Parlament
  32. Music Director of the New York Philharmonics, son of actor Lincoln Maazel.
  33. French Rugby
  34. French film director
  35. French actress and director, daughter of Micheline Presle
  36. French actor, 'Take It From the Top' (1978), 'The Troubles of Alfred' (1972), 'Crime Does Not Pay' (1962), 'It Happened All Night' (1960), 'Les Cordier, Juge et Flic'
  37. French Actress (b: 1920) - Passage To Marseille, Marie Antoinette (title role), Napoleon (Josephine), La Symphonie Pastorale, The Chase '46, The Fallen Idol, The Grand Maneuver, Port Of Shadows, Bluebeard, Maxime, Higher & Higher, Joan Of Paris (Joan)
  38. Author
  39. French minister
  40. French tennis player pro
  41. Author
  42. Director Zombie Lake
  43. Frencb writer and academician
  44. Singer, Actor
  45. French actress, daughter of Johnny Hallyday and actress Nathalie Baye
  46. French economist, lawyer, politician (minister), former director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF)
  47. Writer & Director
  48. French actor