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  1. Football Coach
  2. Houston Oilers Head Football Coach from 1981-1983
  3. Football Coach
  4. Former head coach of the Cleveland Browns
  5. NFL, DT, Denver Broncos 1975-86. College - Miami. Head coach, Florida A&M 2005-07
  6. Football Coach
  7. NFL - Defensive Coordinator, Indianapolis Colts
  8. Football Coach
  9. University of Virginia Head Football Coach
  10. former USC & Pittsburgh Head Coach; current quarterbacks coach of the Raiders
  11. NFL, Miami Dolphins Offensive Coordinator. Former Falcons, Chargers, and Boston College head coach. College, William and Mary (QB)
  12. Former South Carolina football coach, former Notre Dame coach. Current ESPN Analyst
  13. Played for usc in 1956; offensive line coach for new england 85=92
  14. Former college football player, Maryland 1950-53. Head Coach, University of Detroit 1962-64. Assistant coach for various college and professional football teams
  15. Football Player
  16. Football Coach
  17. Head Football Coach at the University of Colorado (2013-?); Head Football Coach at San Jose State University(2010-2012)
  18. Football Coach
  19. Defensive Coordinator for University of Michigan. Former head coach at Syracuse
  20. football coach
  21. Michael Smith  (10)
    Football Player
  22. Mike Smith  (4)
    NFL - Baltimore Ravens 2007
  23. NFL, Atlanta Falcons Senior Assistant Coach. Formerly with the Kansas City Chiefs Defensive Coordinator, New York Jets Defensive Coordinator. Former Army Football Head Coach (1991-1999)
  24. NFL Coach, Atlanta Falcons Defensive Coordinator
  25. Head football coach at Kansas. Former head coach of Notre Dame. Former Offensive coordinator for the University of Florida, New England Patriots, and Kansas City Chiefs
  26. VMI Football Coach
  27. longtime NFL Offensive Coaching Guru
  28. Head FB Coach The Citadel
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