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StarTiger - Browsing Entries matching Tag deathYear::2005
Browsing Entries matching Tag deathYear::2005
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  1. Ace Adams  (2)
    Minor League Baseball Coach currently in the Houston Astros Organization
  2. Kentucky Commissioner of Agriculture 1951-55
  3. American Actor,Writer and Director born 1923.Maxwell Smart on'Get Smart'(1965-1970),Gadget on 'Inspector Gadget' (1983-1986),'The Love Boat','Match Game','The Nude Bomb','Jimmy The Kid','Pepper Ann','Fantasy Island'
  4. Actor-Carolina Parakeet
  5. was a British actor
  6. Actor: The Happy Hooker, Omen III, Lou Grant, F/X, Morningstar/Eveningstar, Knight & Daye, Toy Soldiers, Son in Law, Not of This Earth, Houseguest, Hudson River Blues, From the Earth to the Moon, The Lesser Evil, Life Among the Cannibals
  7. Tuskegee Airmen 332nd Fighter Group!
  8. 2006 Rams
  9. JFK - Head of the Blue Key Society of Southwestern Louisiana Institute at Lafayette (now ULL) who met and got photographed with future President Kennedy at the Crowley Rice Festival in 1959
  10. One Man Rock & Roll band - The Hunch, Chicken Walk
  11. Author
  12. Financier/Executive Producer of the 'Halloween' film series
  13. Actor: Green Acres, Switch, Roman Holiday, Oklahoma!, Attack, I'll Cry Tomorrow, The Sun Also Rises, The Joker Is Wild, The Longest Day, Capt. Newman MD, The Longest Yard, Heartbreak Kid, Out Of The Fog, Dreamscape, Columbo, Murder She Wrote, Time Trax
  14. Gaming Journalist
  15. journalist and author
  16. Actor-Airport For Birds
  17. 'Mr. Rosso' on 'Freaks and Geeks', The Troubadour on 'Gilmore Girls'
  18. Dave Allen  (3)
    Deceased Irish Comedian
  19. Joe Allen  (3)
  20. John Allen  (2)
    Author - Christmas Gifts, Christmas Voices
  21. Children's Book Author-I'm Not Cute
  22. The Apprentice
  23. U.S. telecommunications businessman
  24. Ron Allen  (2)
    Baseball / Former Pitching Prospect for Red Sox / Career Cut Short by Injuries
  25. Actor: Played TV Weatherman in Stephen King's The Shining (1997)
  26. Steve Allen  (3)
  27. WWII Ace (5 kills) 5th September 1944 - Destroyed 5 aircraft, to become 'An Ace in a Day' - USAAF
  28. editor
  29. Andy Anderson  (5)
    Actor, 'Days of Our Lives', 'eCupid'
  30. Bob Anderson  (5)
  31. Hell's Kitchen
  32. Football Player
  33. 1979 KC Chiefs
  34. Don Anderson  (2)
    Storyboard Artist
  35. Journalist
  36. Author-Border Crossing
  37. John Anderson  (17)
    Viscount Waverley, British Politician
  38. USS Arizona survivor; veteran of Pearl Harbor
  39. Football Player
  40. Pitched for the Indians and Mariners in the early 80's
  41. 1st Sergeant C co, 6th Ranger Battalion during the Great Raid WWII
  42. Actor: American Horror Story, Boston Legal, X-Files, Star Trek: The Next Generation, The Stand, Matlock, The Marshall Chronicles
  43. model
  44. American Beefcake Actor born 1920.'Clash By Night' with Marilyn Monroe,'Blackbeard The Pirate','Girl Most Likely','Tora!Tora!Tora!','The Lucy Show','Cannon','Away All Boats','2nd Greatest Sex','Farmers Daughter','Interlude','Back from Eternity'
  45. Chris Andrews  (2)
    Gary, the Yellow coat in BBC comedy series 'Hi-de-Hi!', 1981-88 - also celebrity bodyguard.
  46. In 1954 Ed Andrews was the New York Yankees' first Negro League pitcher. Unfortunately Andrews never panned out as expected or he and not Elston Howard would have been the first black player in team history.
  47. Actor-Pool Days,Touched By An Angel
  48. Mike Andrews  (2)
    Author-How To Break Web Software
  49. British Broadway and TV Actress born 1918.'The Green Man','Family Way','Coronation Street','Devils of Darkness','Staircase','Be My Guest','Two a Penny','Cry of The Penguins','Dads Army'
  50. Adult Model-Penthouse Pet November 1998
  51. Football Player
  52. Director: Orgy of the Dead, Five Loose Women, Beach Bunnies
  53. Baseball Player - El Paso Diablos
  54. Senior PGA Golfer, former Masters Champion
  55. Director of Photography
  56. Golfer Jack Nicklaus' Caddy
  57. Professional Wrestler
  58. Author
  59. Actor
  60. Actor
  61. Baseball Player - Myrtle Beach Pelicans
  62. weaponeer on Bockscar WWII
  63. Austrian Actor in American Movies born 1907.General Burkhalter on 'Hogans Heores'(1965-71),'The Robe','One,Two,Three','Road to Bali','Valley of Kings','Terror of Dr.Mabuse','Double Trouble','Maltese Bippy','Frightmare','Sindbad'
  64. Turkish Belly Dancer. Danced in 'Son of Sinbad' & 'Fanny'
  65. jockey hof
  66. 1940s Basketball - Michigan State And Detroit Falcons
  67. Football Player
  68. film scores (emmanuelle 1 & 5 gwendoline)
  69. Author
  70. American Architect
  71. Prefect of the Congregation for the Causes of Saints (1975-80)
  72. Guitarist , Author
  73. USS Pueblo
  74. Actor: Vegas, The Rockford Files, Back Roads, The Surrogate, Night Court, Penitentiary 3, Vultures, Ally McBeal
  75. Norman Baker  (2)
    WWII - Iwo Jima. Seabee with the 4th Marine Division, built Motoyama No. 2 airfield
  76. Author - Stars
  77. blues rocker (don't try to lay no boogle woogie)
  78. Co-founder of Starbucks, with Gordon Bowker and Zev Siegl
  79. Actress - The Miracle Worker ('62 Oscar), The Graduate, The Elephant Man, The Turning Point, The Pumpkin Eater, The Hindenburg, Prisoner Of Second Ave., Agnes Of God, GI Jane, Don't Bother To Knock, NY Confidential, The Raid, Gorilla at Large
  80. British comedy legend born 1929. one half of The Two Ronnies, Fletcher in Porridge, Arkwright in Open All Hours, Going Straight, Clarence, Seven Of One
  81. Cricketer
  82. Assistant weaponeer on Bockscar during Nagasaki mission
  83. Hungarian Soccer player
  84. Texas Nightclub dancer & burlesque star in 50's & 60's, associate of Mickey Cohen, Jack Ruby. Lives in Texas
  85. Colonel pilot of Air Force One for Presidents Bush I and Clinton
  86. MLB second baseman in 1948, 49 and 51 with the Pirates. Dodgers coach in 1983
  87. Minor League legend: hit 72 home runs in 1954
  88. JFK - one of the doctors that tried to save John F. Kennedy at Parkland hopital on 22 Nov 1963
  89. Comedian (b: 1906). Appeared on many TV variety shows ('50s-'70s). Actor - The Love Machine, The Family Jewels, Car 54... (as Bennie the Bookie)
  90. Actress - Best known as Midge Wood in Hitchcock's 'Vertigo' {1958} & Miss Ellie on 'Dallas'
  91. Ice Skater. Actress - Suspense, The Hunted, The Gangster, The Man On The Eiffel Tower, Never Let Me Go, Invitation To The Dance, Silk Stockings, Silver Skates, Lady Let's Dance
  92. Born 1916.Last living female 'Monuments Men' of the 2nd wave of Monuments Men which began their work after the war had ended. She is related to writer Virginia Woolf
  93. Author - Whistle Down The Wind. Actress. Wife of actor John Mills. Mother of actresses Hayley & Juliet Mills
  94. Creator of the soap opera Young and the Restless
  95. Winner of the 1976 Nobel Prize in Literature
  96. General, Author
  97. John Bennett  (2)
    British Actor born 1928.'The Pianist','Forsythe Saga','Dr.Who','House That Dripped Blood','Greek Tycon','Wolfman','It Takes a Thief','Fifth Element','The Saint','Mulberry','Z-Cars'
  98. Singer/Musician
  99. Actress-Rise of The Foot Soldier
  100. singer - four tops
  101. moesha, tales from the hood
  102. Berenstain Bears Authors
  103. concert pianist
  104. 'WW2 Navajo Indian Code Talker'
  105. Former NFL football player. Played safety for the Chargers 1972-74.College: Cal State Long Beach
  106. played for Northen Ireland
  107. nobel physics laureate 1967 helped develop a-bomb
  108. Canadian Actress - Movie - 'Danger pour la societe' (1970), 'Deformation personnelle' (2003)
  109. cinematographer
  110. Sergei in 007's Spy Who Loved me
  111. British Actor born 1920.'Lord of the Rings','Whistle Down the Wind','The Hill','Burn Witch','Mind Benders','Maniac','Black Torment','First Men in the Moon','Doomwatch','The Saint','Dandy in Aspic'
  112. British Actor born 1932.Cmdr.Straker in 'U.F.O.'(1970-73),'James Bond-You Only Live Twice','Diamonds Are Forever',Battle Beneath The Sea','2001:A Space Odyssey','War Lover','Serpent of Death','Hiroshima','Dick Turpin','Cpt.Scarlet'
  113. baseball
  114. Folk Singer/Developed following folk festival circuit. Recorded 5 albums, opened for Ray Charles & Shawn Colvin, and played at the Kennedy Center. Won Kerrville Folk Songwriting Award & Wildflower Songwriting Contest. Finalist Telluride Troubadour Contest
  115. Czech Republic Adult Film Star
  116. Cartoonist - Tiger
  117. English Producer, Writer And Director
  118. American Baseball Player 1955-1966
  119. NHL Forward: Vancouver Canucks / Playing Career: 1970-1983
  120. former soccer player and international of the German Democratic Republic (DDR)
  121. Author
  122. Former 49ers & Panthers player
  123. American Actor born 1924.Cecil Colby on 'Dynasty'(1981-82),'Tony Rome', 'The Detective','Harlow','Point Blank','The Dunwich Horror','Ulzana's Raid','Man In The Glass Booth','Churchill','Naked Gun 2-1/2','Twilight Zone' (To Serve Man!),'Batman'
  124. hockey
  125. Actor - Our Gang/Little Rascals (as Butch); Superman '48 & Atom Man Vs. Superman '50 (as Jimmy Olsen); Hot Rod '50. Prop Management - The Carol Burnett Show, Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In, Mary Hartman-, Tony Orlando & Dawn, You Asked For It
  126. actor
  127. Former Chief Judge of the Dist. Court of Georgia 1961-72
  128. Brazilian Actress - Movie - ' Poeira de Estrelas' (1948), 'Barnabé Tu Ã-s Meu' (1952), 'Aviso aos Navegantes' (1950), 'Eva no Brasil' (1956), 'Carnaval em Marte' (1955), 'Aviso aos Navegantes' (1950), 'Garotas e Samba' (1957), 'Vamos com Calma' (1956)
  129. American Actress - Movie - 'The Grapes of Wrath' (1940), 'Drums Along The Mohawk' (1939), 'Young Mr. Lincoln' (Uncredited)(1939), 'The Moon Is Down' (1943), 'Jeannie' (1940), 'Down On The Farm' (1938), 'Always Goodbye' (Uncredited)(1938)
  130. American Former Baseball Player - Pitcher - 'Boston Red Sox' (1935-1937)
  131. American Former Baseball Player - Pitcher - 'Chicago White Sox' (1938-1939)
  132. Welsh Female Former Musician - Piano. TV Mini - Series - 'Anglo Saxon Attitudes' (Pianist)(1992)
  133. concert violinist
  134. American Former Actress - Movie - 'The Big Heat' (1953), 'Ten Wanted Men' (1955), 'Nightfall' (1956), 'Step Down To Terror' m(1958), 'The Ugly American' (1963), 'Bus Riley's Back In Town' (1965), 'The Chase' (1966), 'Mommie Dearest' (1981) Plus Many More
  135. Actor Director Writer active from the 50's into the 70's. Directed several religous themed films in the 50's. Appeared in small tv roles. Was the son of censor Joseph Breen
  136. Threw 2-0 2 Hitter in 71 WS for Pirates
  137. Former NFL Player
  138. sportswriter hof
  139. Actor: The Sheriff of Cochise, Paid in Full, The Furies, Ring of Fear, Revenge of the Creature, The Big Bluff, Crime Against Joe, Hot Cars, Curucu Beast of the Amazon, U.S. Marshal
  140. Australian Former Female Opera Singer - Soprano
  141. costume designer (start, the cardinal, darling lili)
  142. Aaron Brown  (6)
    Left-hand-batting outfield prospect who was 3rd-Round draft pick of the Phillies in 2014
  143. Adam Brown  (3)
    WHL Player - Kelowna Rockets
  144. blues singers/guilartis/violinsit/drummer
  145. Singer/Musician
  146. Original singer Molly Hatchett in S.Fla.
  147. Basketball Player
  148. Argentinian Former Actress - Movie - 'Its a Wonderful Life' (1946), '7 Faces of Dr.Lao' (1964), 'The Great Caruso (1951)', 'The Caddy' (1953), 'Anything Goes' (1956), The 'Money Trap' (1965), 'Make Haste to Live' (1954). Plus Many More TV And Movie Roles
  149. WW2 Luftwaffe Ace and Me262 pilot.
  150. Voice of Tito in Rocket Power
  151. Author
  152. Character actor - Mr Blue in Reservoir Dogs
  153. Eddie Bunker  (2)
    Fiction writer and memoirist - Education of a Felon, Stark
  154. Reservoir Dogs
  155. Russian Publisher
  156. Professional basketball player. university of illinois. 1950 sheboygan redskins
  157. George Burns  (2)
    Comedian & Actor: The George Burns & Gracie Allen Show, Six of a Kind, International House, A Damsel in Distress, The Sunshine Boys, Oh God!, Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, Going in Style, 18 Again!, Radioland Murders, The Sunshine Boys (1975)
  158. World Rally Driver (Subaru Team)
  159. Blues Singer/Guitarist - It's Bad You Know (Sopranos Soundtrack), Black Snake Moan (Soundtrack), Mr. Wizard (1997)
  160. German ww2 ME262 pilot born 1924. Was never in the Wehrmacht; author - The last of the few: An Me.262 Pilot remembers, flew the buckner 181, 131, fw 44, ar 66, f-13, w33, w34, ju86, ju88, ju52, me110, me210, me40, me262, klemm 35, sg38, kranich
  161. Medal of Honor recipient WWII
  162. Played baseball with the Washington Senators 1943-1944
  163. Musician/Guitarist
  164. Iwo Jima survivor,Navy Cross recipient
  165. Former Prime Minister of United Kingdom (1976-1979)
  166. Baseball Player - Sioux City Explorers
  167. Mystery Writer
  168. Singer/Songwriter - Here's To You. Actor - Second City (Chicago), The Committee (San Francisco), He & She, lots of TV. Voice Actor - Starcrash (as Elle), DuckTales (as GizmoDuck)
  169. Actor: Killer Workout, Scarecrows
  170. Don Campbell  (3)
    Male Voice Over Talent
  171. Female Model
  172. Jane Campbell  (2)
    Baroness. UK House of Lords
  173. Lingerie/Legends Football League (LFL) Baltimore Charm 2010-
  174. Governor of South Carolina (1987-95)
  175. Wrestler
  176. American Actor born 1922.Peter Clifford in 'McCloud'(1970-77),'Cool Hand Luke','Death Wish 2','Call to Glory','Raise The Titanic','Scorpio','Krakatoa','F.B.I.','Invaders','Gunsmoke','The Defenders','Alias Smith and Jones','Rawhide'
  177. singer drummer (traffic)
  178. opera singer
  179. government offical england
  180. Opera Singer
  181. Bob Carpenter  (2)
    MLB pitcher from 1940-47 for the Giants and Cubs. Best seasons:1941 going 11-6, two saves, and 3.83 ERA. 1942 going 11-10 with 3.15 ERA
  182. ace (WW2)
  183. 2014 Medal of Honor recipient, Afghan war veteran, retired US Marine
  184. Baseball player with the great Chicago White Sox and Cleveland Indians teams of the 1950s. He played in the 1951, 1953, 1954 and 1955 all-star game.
  185. Opera Singer
  186. Nurse, Attorney, former contestant on reality t.v. series, 'Survivor: Marquesas'
  187. Actress - The Betty Hutton Show, I Married A Monster From Outer Space, The Phenix City Story, The Party, Sanctuary, Here Come The Jets, many TV guest roles (inc. Twilight Zone, Untouchables, The Andy Griffith Show as Daphne, 1 of the 2 Fun Girls)
  188. The Tonight Show
  189. governor de.
  190. Author
  191. WWII American Fighter - Ace (9 Victs.)- USAAF
  192. Mexican boxing legend, many times world champion
  193. Medal of Honor recipient, US Army, WWII
  194. Author
  195. first afro--american woman elected to congress 1968)
  196. Actress - The Three Stooges In Orbit (female lead), The Big Show, Freckles, Swingin' Along. Spouse: actor Dwayne Hickman (1963-1972, divorced)
  197. Daughter of President Warren G. Harding
  198. NFL, end (WR), Washington Redskins 1941-42, 1946; Chicago Bears 1947-48. College - Tennessee
  199. German actor - voice of Pumuckl, Hui Buh
  200. Negro Leaguer briefly with the 'K.C. Monarchs' 1956-1957
  201. Played for 1940's Chicago Bears
  202. Actor - The Hideous Sun Demon, The Astounding She Monster, The Man From Planet X, The Incredible Petrified World, Beyond The Time Barrier, Captive Women, Hard Fast & Beautiful, Outlaw Queen, Tales Of Robin Hood (title role), Frankenstein Island
  203. Baseball player - firstbaseman for the Pirates, Mets, Cardinals. 1969 World Series MVP.
  204. Last surviving worker involved in the construction of Mount Rushmore during the years of 1927 to 1941
  205. 1943 Phil A's Died 10/01/2005
  206. O.J. Simpson Defense Attorney, author of the best-selling book 'Journey To Justice'
  207. former college/NFL running back; played for Indiana University, Colts, Steelers & Dolphins
  208. UK Actor 'The Professionals', 'Rock Around The World', 'Train of Events'. Born: 01/29/1911
  209. Actor.Chaplin..1992
  210. Forward/Center Atlanta Hawks
  211. Larry Collins  (2)
    Author - Paris Burning?, Or I'll Dress You in Mourning, Freedom at Midnight, The Fifth Horseman, and Is New York Burning?
  212. Played investigative reporter Jack McGee on 'The Incredible Hulk'
  213. WWII - Mine Platoon of the Anti-Tank Company, 69th Infantry Division, 271st Regiment. First combat at the 'Siegfried Line' in February 1945; crossed the Rhine on March 27, 1945; arrived at the KZ Buchenwald one day after its liberation
  214. NFL player
  215. Montreal Canadiens goalie
  216. Author
  217. MLB pitcher from 1950-57 for Senators, White Sox, Orioles, Giants. All - Star in 1954 going 16-3 with 4 saves and 2.69 RA. Led league in 1954 with best w - l %
  218. Director/actor/writer 'Return to Tarawa: The Leon Cooper Story' 'Random Passage'/4 years Naval officer in WW2. Landing craft officer-Boat Group Commander for my ship-landing assault troops on the beaches of six Japanese island strongholds
  219. Actor - The Flintstones (voice of Fred Flintstone, 1977-2000), Atom Ant/Banana Splits (v/Bez/Paw Rugg), Jonny Quest (voices), The Chipmunks (voices), ...Walter Mitty, The Monkees, I Dream Of Jeannie (Jeannie's father), Return To The Planet Of The Apes
  220. screen play writer, author, actor
  221. Director, 'Tombstone,' 'Rambo First Blood Part II'
  222. Former Pittsburgh Steelers Lineman
  223. Blue from 'Old School,' Jackson from 'Almost Heroes,' and Leslie Ward Cabot from 'Best in Show'
  224. Author
  225. Journalist and a producer for the American news programme 60 Minutes
  226. Screenwriter
  227. Scientist
  228. WWII Fighter Ace (5.25 Victs) - US Navy - Navy Cross, flew the hellcat, skyraider, f8f bearcat, iwo jima, okinawa
  229. U.S. Air Force brigadier general (Ret.)& author 'Around the World with LBJ: My Wild Ride As Air Force One Pilot', White House Aide, & Personal Confidant/Military aide & chief Air Force One pilot under President Lyndon B. Johnson
  230. 1960 Boston Patriots football player
  231. American Actress (b: 1910) - 'Blithe Spirit','Cyrano de Bergerac','Haunted Honeymoon','The Big Timer','Behind the Mask','Movie Crazy','Battle of the Sexes','Night After Night','American Madness','The Last Man'. Broadway - 'Wings' (Tony Award win 1979)
  232. British U-Boat hunter of the costal command in WW2
  233. Major-League Baseball Player
  234. hockey
  235. One of the founding members of the 60's band 'The Searchers' Hits include 'Needles and Pins', 'Sweets for my Sweet'
  236. Founded, US watchdog group,'The Lawyers Committe for Civil Rights Under Law'
  237. football hof navy
  238. hockey hof referee
  239. Soccer Player
  240. Author - Non Fiction
  241. played Vinny Ricorso in 'Batman'
  242. harness racing driver
  243. Scientist
  244. Great grandson of Charles Darwin, the famous English naturalist
  245. singer/actor
  246. football hof army, 1946 Heisman Trophy Winner
  247. Actor: Car 54 Where Are You?, The Defenders, Avenging Angel, School Days, Do the Right Thing, B.L. Stryker, Jungle Fever, Gladiator, Grumpy Old Men, The Stand, Evening Shade, The Client, Get on the Bus, Promised Land, Bubba Ho-Tep, The L Word
  248. Tim Davis  (2)
    Voice of Flower (adolescent)& Thumper (adult) in the 1942 film of Bambi
  249. soul singer (turn back the hands of thime 1970)
  250. Right-handed hitting catcher who was signed by the Cardinals as a free agent in 2006
  251. Puerto-Rico-born right-handed pitcher drafted in the 24th round by the Dodgers in 2013
  252. American actor (Tales of the City)
  253. Writer
  254. life magazine photographer
  255. Actress (b: 1942) - Gidget (title role), Imitation Of Life, A Summer Place, Portrait In Black, Tammy Tell Me True/Tammy & The Doctor (title role), Take Her She's Mine, If A Man Answers, Come September, That Funny Feeling, The Dunwich Horror
  256. Actress, 'Meet the Parents', 'The Court'
  257. cinematographer - Once Upon a Time in America
  258. DeLorean Motor Company
  259. bodybuilder model
  260. French Soccer Player - Celtic
  261. Mrs. Teevee in the film Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory [1971]
  262. American pianist/composer/arranger (b: 1921) - Quiet Village, A Taste Of Honey, The Enchanted Sea, Martinique, Ebb Tide. Originated 'The Exotic Sounds of Martin Denny' (w/Arthur Lyman & Julius Wechter). 'The Father of Exotica (music)'
  263. American Comedian and Actor born 1935.Gilligan on 'Gilligans Island'(1962-66),Maynard on'Loves of Dobie Gillis'(1959-63),Dusty on'Dustys Trail'(1973-74),'Whos Minding the Mint','Take Her Shes Mine','High School USA'
  264. Singer/Musician
  265. Author;'Just A Kid, A Guard at the Nuremberg Trials' 18 years old when drafted in 1944, into infantry. Found himself standing guard over Nazi war criminals, & watched as atrocities were described in detail throughout the Nuremberg Trails
  266. composer
  267. Baseball player 1966-1973 Giants and Dodgers
  268. UNC Basketball In 40s And NBA
  269. opera singer
  270. cartoonist (perishers)
  271. Actor from the Netherlands best known as 'Swiebertje'
  272. Candian Actor born 1920.Comdr.Montgomery SCOTTY on 'Star Trek'(1966-94),Comdr.Canarvin on 'Jason of Star Command'(1978-80),'Pretty Maids All in a Row','Man in Wilderness','Bug Buster','Through Dead Eyes','Bonanza','Twilight Zone'
  273. Husband of late Marilyn Monroe
  274. Actor (PT 109, Galaxy Being in first 'Outer Limits' episode), son of Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas
  275. singer/pianist
  276. WWII veteran, born in 1913, believed to be the oldest living Pearl Harbor survivor. He served on the USS W> Virginia during the attack, and later served in the Korean War
  277. Bats: Right , Throws: Right Height: 6' 3' , Weight: 185 lb. Born: August 31, 1928 in Waco, TX Schools: Baylor UniversitySigned by the Washington Senators as an amateur free agent in 1947. (Date given is approximate. Exact date is uncertain.) (All
  278. US educator/writer
  279. drummer for jefferson airplane 1966-1970
  280. American fighter ace VF-15, 5 Kills - US Navy, f4f hellcat, p-47, p-51
  281. French actor
  282. Actress - Attack of the Crab Monsters, The Undead, My Gun Is Quick, many TV guest star roles (1951-1963)
  283. U.S. Secret Service agent assigned to the White House detail during the Kennedy years, Duncan served as the advance agent for Fort Worth during the Texas visit in November 1963
  284. Actor - Twilight Zone and numerous Westerns
  285. Actor: Mutant Captain in 'Battle For The Planet of The Apes'
  286. Eric Edwards  (2)
    Country Singer aka..Alberta Slim
  287. Buffalo Soldiers of WW2 'Age 90'
  288. Silent Film Child Actor, Born: 09/26/1920.'I Do' (1921), 'Gramdma's Boy' (1922), 'So This Is Marriage' (1924), 'Eastside Kids' (1940)
  289. American TV-Host,Producer and Writer born 1913.TV-Host on 'This Is Your Life'(1953-1987),'Wide Country','It Could Be You','Bzzz','Peoples Court','Radio Stars on Parade','Family Medical Center'
  290. Wasp (wwii pilot)
  291. Author
  292. cartoonist (the spirit)
  293. Actor - TV series: MacGyver ('85-'92 as Pete Thornton), Black Sheep Squadron, Dark Shadows, Baretta. Films: The Sting, Fail-Safe, The Boston Strangler, WC Fields & Me, Baby Blue Marine, St. Ives, 2010, The Missles Of October, Pendulum, Zigzag
  294. Actor - Arthur 1-2, Beverly Hills Cop, Death Wish, Report To The Commissioner (title role), Remo Williams, The Hindenberg, Jac. Bouvier Kennedy/Young Joe (as Joe Kennedy, Sr.), Falcon Crest, Dallas, St. Elsewhere, Exec. Suite, Chicago Hope, Captain Video
  295. Steve Elliott  (3)
  296. aaa baseball players mlb/oakland athletics
  297. Famous kansas city sports radio personality
  298. born 5-28-67, former football with atlanta falcons in 90's
  299. Baseball Player
  300. Mike Evans  (7)
    Football player - 2014 draft - WR
  301. Musician, Actor - Titanic
  302. American Actor born 1922.'Brain That Wouldnt Die','Escape from Planet of Apes','Illustrated Man','Green Berets','Channing','Guns Of Will Sonnett','Barracuda','Claws','Basket Case 2','Star Trek','Mannix','Mission Impossible','Gunsmoke','Happy Days'
  303. Governor of Nebraska (1971-1979); U.S. Senator from Nebraska (1979-1997)
  304. President of Togo
  305. voice actor -- Cernunnos in the Extreme Ghostbusters episode 'Witchy Woman'
  306. football
  307. Singer/Musician
  308. Actor - 12 Angry Men (Juror #2), Winnie The Pooh (v/Piglet), Bob Newhart Show (Mr. Peterson), Odd Couple, Raisin In The Sun, True Grit, many Disney films, many TV guest spots (inc. 2 Twilight Zone, Star Trek, 3 Alfred Hitchcock, Munsters, 6 Bewitched)
  309. Boston Red Sox Pitcher, 1947
  310. Porn star
  311. Irish Actress - Wuthering Heights (AA nom), Dark Victory, Watch On The Rhine, The Gay Sisters, Wilson, OSS, 3 Strangers, Flight From Destiny, 10 North Frederick, The Pawnbroker, Rachel Rachel, Easy Money, Poltergeist 2, The Mango Tree, Harry & Tonto
  312. Retired baseball player played for the st louis cardinals debut 1988
  313. french actress notable for lead in 1952's 'Moulin Rouge' with Jose Ferrer
  314. Accordion Player (Lawrence Welk)
  315. civil war author
  316. Author
  317. British Actress born 1911.Ethel Skinner on 'EastEnders'(1985-00),'Shadow of Fear','Die,Monster','Twisted Nerve','Night Visitor','Ragtime','George and Mildred','Black Adder'
  318. Professional Artist
  319. Author/Playwright
  320. Retired basketball player
  321. former football player
  322. English Playwrite
  323. Author
  324. Actor, Born in Vienna, Austria, Starred In Diamonds Are Forever (1971)
  325. Former Professional Football Player
  326. basketball hof coach
  327. medal of honor marines ww11
  328. Author
  329. baseball player 1944, 1945 NY Giants, 1950 Cardinals
  330. football hof center
  331. Actor - Checkmate, The Untouchables, Dark Shadows, Search For Tomorrow, Once Life To Live, Three Bad Sisters, Chicago Confidential, lots of TV guest-starring roles
  332. Band
  333. MLB pitcher from 1945-55 for the Yankees, Indians, White Sox, Senators, Giants and Cardinals. Best seasons 1946 going 6-7 with 2.97 ERA and in 1947 going 11-10 with 3.20 ERA
  334. Former NBA Player
  335. Fmr United States Congressman
  336. Italian conductor
  337. Brorther Of Mahatma Ghandi's Assassin
  338. Composer
  339. Harry Golden  (2)
  340. Russian art director - Foreign Correspondant
  341. basketball hof coach
  342. English footballer. Plays centre abck for Liverpool
  343. Alex Gonzalez  (5)
    Baseball, right handed pitcher drafted by the Texas Rangers with the 23rd overall pick in the 2013 amateur draft
  344. cmdr.-in-chief, sup. allied command/europe)
  345. Famous Native American Artist from New Mexico
  346. American Actor/Impersonator (b:'33) - Batman (The Riddler), Invasion Of The Saucer Men, Drag Strip Girl, Studs Lonigan, George Raft Story, Bells Are Ringing, Where The Boys Are, Sail A Crooked Ship, That Darn Cat!, Star Trek (Bele ... Last Battlefield)
  347. hockey
  348. Second-baseman who debuted with the Kansas City A's in 1957 (he passed away in 2005)
  349. Classic Walt Disney Animator
  350. World War II RAF Eagle Squadron Pilot and 5 victory ace
  351. Jonathan Gray  (2)
    Baseball player, pitcher, Colorado Rockies 2015-
  352. Former Acting-FBI Director - Watergate Figure.
  353. Tuskegee Airmen
  354. Cinematographer - Great Expectations (AA win), Oliver Twist, Disney's Robin Hood, Disney's Rob Roy, I Am A Camera, Decameron Nights. Director - A Patch Of Blue, Diamond Head, The Mark, Light In The Piazza, 55 Days In Peking, The Magus, Once Is Not Enough
  355. Former World Record Hurdler
  356. Pilot and Ace, Medal of Honor (WWII-Army)
  357. British actress born 1928.'The Man Who Never Was','The Purple Plain','Rheingold Theatre','The Spanish Gardener'.on stage with Peter Ustinov from 1951-52 in the play 'Moment of Truth
  358. Former Washington Senators Pitcher in the 1960's
  359. former NFL-Packers
  360. MLB relief pitcher from 1946-59 with Giants, Tigers, White Sox, Red Sox and Cardinals. Best seasons were 1954 going 10-7 with 19 saves and 2.35 ERA and In 1956 going 1-1 with 7 saves and 1.56 ERA
  361. Wrestler, WWE
  362. basketball coach
  363. Author
  364. Juan Guzman  (2)
    World boxing champion
  365. us army colonel war hero. world war 2,korea and vietnam.jls
  366. Former N.Y. Yankee 1st baseman in the 1960's
  367. Actor: Dr. Hiram Baker on 'Little House On The Prairie', also appeared in the series 'Land of The Giants', guest starred on 'Lost In Space' and 'The Twilight Zone', appeared in the TV movie 'Bonanza: The Next Generation'
  368. football college hof mississippi
  369. Football, DT at Auburn, CFL
  370. Famous Baseball Memorabilia collector; part owner of Yankees
  371. former Reds, Braves & Royals outfielder; holds minor league record for stolen bases in one season (155); currently plays for San Francisco Giants
  372. governor ak.
  373. hockey
  374. John Hanna  (2)
    Hockey Coach
  375. Bobby Hansen  (2)
    Baseball Player born 1989, from 2008 MLB June Amateur Draft
  376. radio operator (memphis belle)
  377. J. J. Hardy  (2)
    Herman - Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Ralphy - Nobody's Fool
  378. arr./composer/conductor (fly me to the moon/1962)
  379. Billy Harris  (2)
    NHL right wing from 1973-84, 12 seasons with Islanders, Kings, Maple Leafs. 1976 All - Star. Had 2 Hat Tricks during the 1973-74 season
  380. Baseball player born 1926, 1948-51 Philadelphia A's and the 1951 Cleveland Indians
  381. Played football for 1960'Los Angeles Chargers
  382. Tuskegee Pilot
  383. Lawyer, professor, and mayor from the U.S. state of Michigan
  384. Actress - The Slime People, Pajama Party, Ride The Wild Surf, City Under The Sea, Dr. Goldfoot & The Bikini Machine, The Ghost In The Invisible Bikini (title role). Wife of A.I.P. president James H. Nicholson from 1964 until his death in 1972
  385. James Harvey  (2)
    Tuskegee Airmen
  386. Children's Author
  387. Secretary of Interior for 1 month under Ford
  388. American Actress,Singer,Dancer and Model born 1926.was married with Actor Fred MacMurray.Movies->'Dolly Sisters','Look for the Silver Lining','Ill Get By','Oh You Beautiful Doll','Daughter of Rosie oGrady','Love Nest','Girl Next Door'
  389. former wrestler, commentator aka lord alfred
  390. Ex English footballer
  391. Actor: Gun Law Justice, Riders of the Dusk, Night Riders of Montana, The Range Rider, The Roy Rogers Show, The Lone Ranger, Rawhide, Wagon Train, Bonanza, The Virginian, Lassie, The Incredible Melting Man, Claws, V, Pulse, Little Giants
  392. Former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (1970-74)
  393. jazz bassist - modern jazz quartet
  394. Actor - Hollyoaks
  395. Comedian/Actor
  396. U.S. Senator from Alabama (1979-1997)
  397. Olympic Silver 1956 Gold 1960 - figure skating/ three stooges meet snow white
  398. Artist
  399. Centenarian (1898-2005), last known visitor to the 1904 St Louis World's Fair. Stamp collector in the American Numismatic Association Hall of Fame
  400. orchestra leader (the tonight show)
  401. Former Baseball player, Coach for the Baltimore Orioles
  402. Creator of Beverly Hillbillies and Petticoat Junction
  403. Author
  404. hockey player
  405. Cabaret singer
  406. Producer of 'Halloween', 'Halloween II', 'Halloween III', 'Escape From New York', 'The Fog', 'Crazy In Alabama', 'Roadracers', & 'The Dead Zone', longtime collaborator of John Carpenter
  407. Country Music Singer, Former Grand Ole Opry Member, Wife of singer Carl Smith
  408. Old Time Hockey - 1937-46 Bruins, Rangers, red Wings, Canadiens
  409. Songwriter (w/Al Kasha). Double Academy Awards for theme songs in 'The Poseidon Adventure' and 'The Towering Inferno'. His songs were recorded by many artists including Elvis Presley
  410. Saw, Dead Silence
  411. Baseball player for Pittsburgh Pirates in 1950's
  412. Author, Lt. general alberta
  413. Lobot from Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back
  414. Romanian Actress in European Movies born 1909.was married to Actor Marcel Dalio.'The Golem','Gervaise','The Gauntlet','Live and Loves of Beethoven','Underworld','Dr.Terrors House of Horrors','Rasputin','Satans Paradise','Cafe Au Lait','Angel of Street'
  415. Jany Holt  (2)
    French Actress (Films: 'Rasputin', 'Gervaise')
  416. Jek Porkins (Red 6) in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, also in Raiders of the Lost Ark and The Omega Code
  417. singer
  418. Author (Non-Fiction) - Dying: A Memoir, Ten Steps to a More Tolerant Australia
  419. Medal of Honor, US Army, World War II
  420. Hockey Player
  421. Actor
  422. baseball player
  423. 1937 St. louis BrownsDied Feb 22 2005
  424. Actor, - NCIS, Joey, CSI: Miami, born 1975
  425. Actor - played The Young Master in the TV series Doctor who
  426. British WWII Rear Admiral
  427. Author - The Blackboard Jungle, Strangers When We Meet, Last Summer. 87th Precinct novels (as Ed McBain)
  428. Robert Hunter  (2)
    Founding member of the Greenpeace Foundation; Author - 2030
  429. Actress - The Philadelphia Story (AA nom), The Uninvited, Northwest Passage, The Women, Another Thin Man, Tender Comrade, Susan & God, The Great Gatsby, Flight Command, Maisie, That's My Boy, Stars & Stripes Forever, Man-Proof, Louisa, The Facts Of Life
  430. R&B singer (love power, slick) prod.
  431. Race car driver
  432. Lingerie/Legends Football League (LFL) Baltimore Charm 2011
  433. Gan in Blake Seven/Only Fools and Horses,Space:1999
  434. American Actress born 1910.Miss Emily Baldwin on 'The Waltons'(1972-81),'Exorcist III','Audrey Rose','Airport','Fun With Dick and Jane','Skinned Alive','Targets','F.B.I.','Hardcastle&McCormick','Barnaby Jones'
  435. 'Tuskegee Airmen' & fighter ace of ww2
  436. writer
  437. USS Indianapolis survivor
  438. Author
  439. Veteran Broadcast Journalist, Anchor of ABC's 'World News Tonight'
  440. Ba Jin 
    Chinese writer
  441. negro league ball player
  442. Pearl Harbor Survivor, aboard U.S.S. Maryland when the attack took place. Also fought in the Korean War
  443. Bomb Aimer, 617 Squadron (Dambusters)
  444. Pearl Harbor survivor (7 Dec 1941), USS Oklahoma
  445. nascar driver/ winner first world 600
  446. Pianist of Chuck Berry. He is the guy in the song Johnnie be Good!
  447. Member of rescue Ship USS Bassett to the aid of the USS Indianapolis Survivors
  448. horse racing hof trainer
  449. Architect/Designed the A T & T building in NY
  450. WWII US Fighter Pilot, 56th FG, Zemke's Wolfpack
  451. WW2 vet, born 1921, and the last surviving member of Richard Byrd'sThird Antarctic Expedition in 1939. Also returned with Byrd on his 1946 and 1947 expeditions
  452. MLB pitcher from 1944-46 for the Red Sox and Indians. Best season was 1945 going 6-4 with two saves and an ERA of 4.01
  453. 'Space:1999',Capungo in 007's Goldfinger
  454. Alex Jones  (5)
    The One Show
  455. Adult Model-Penthouse Pet April 1998
  456. Singer/Musician
  457. Joe Jones  (2)
    r & b singer
  458. Musician/ Blues Guitarist
  459. Richard Jones  (4)
    Baseball Player born 1988 - Cubs prospect, Daytona Cubs
  460. German Singer/Entertainer
  461. Artist
  462. playboy playmate - miss september 1976
  463. British Actor born 1916.Minister of Defence Sir Frederick Gray in'James Bond Movies'(1977-87),'Taste the Blood of Dracula','Doomwatch','Berserk','Dr.Zhivago','Museum of Horrors','Mogul','Mind Benders'
  464. Author
  465. Brian Kelly  (2)
    Actor - Flipper (as Porter Ricks, the father), Around The World Under The Sea, Thunder Island, 21 Beacon Street, Straightaway
  466. Pat Kelly  (2)
    retired baseball player, most known as an Oriole, younger brother of football player Leroy Kelly
  467. Author
  468. diplomat/historian
  469. MLB outfielder, 3rd baseman from 1939-57 for White Sox, Indians, Orioles, Dodgers, Tigers. In 1948 World Series went 1 -2 with RBI. Most productive season was 1950 with 79 RS, 27 doubles, 5 triples, 9 HR's, 57 RBI, .276 BA. Father of catcher Terry
  470. former Australian Television star, I.M.T., Blankety Blanks.
  471. Baseball player for 1939-1957 White Sox and Indians
  472. U.S. Congressman (4th CD) from Massachusetts. Son of Joseph P. Kennedy II, grandson of Ethel Kennedy and the late Robert F. Kennedy. Elected to Congress in 2012
  473. Actress - played Lily Mattock in Eastenders.
  474. Olympic Gold Medalist India/Field Hockey
  475. Inventor of Microchip / Nobel Prize
  476. singer/song writer
  477. opera singer
  478. Jim King  (2)
    Played basketball for 1969 Cincinnati Royals
  479. Ted King  (3)
    WWII ship Reuben James survivor
  480. Composer/Songwriter
  481. Israeli satirist, dramatist, screenwriter, and film director
  482. Paul Kitson  (2)
    Former american soccer player
  483. Former pro basketball player, notre dame university, fort wayne pistons 1949-50
  484. drummer/singer - doobie brothers
  485. ww 11 army hero (cmh)
  486. American Football, End, Notre Dame, NFL Redskins, Cleveland Rams of the NFL in 1938
  487. Soccer Player
  488. football hof college texas
  489. hockey - Boston Bruins