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StarTiger - Browsing Entries matching Tag deathYear%3A:2007
Browsing Entries matching Tag deathYear%3A:2007
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  1. MTV Real World
  2. Ace Adams  (2)
    Minor League Baseball Coach currently in the Houston Astros Organization
  3. Kentucky Commissioner of Agriculture 1951-55
  4. Pro wrestler known as Crush
  5. Author
  6. Actor-Carolina Parakeet
  7. Tuskegee Airmen 332nd Fighter Group!
  8. JFK - Head of the Blue Key Society of Southwestern Louisiana Institute at Lafayette (now ULL) who met and got photographed with future President Kennedy at the Crowley Rice Festival in 1959
  9. Inventor of the Wireless Remote Control (TV)
  10. football college fb hof purdue/illinois
  11. Hockey Player
  12. Michigan State Basketball Player In 1960s/Indiana Pacer
  13. Ballet Dancer - American Ballet Theatre
  14. Gaming Journalist
  15. children author/illus (the high king) nwbery 69
  16. wrestler, WCW/WWE
  17. Australian Rugby Player
  18. Actor-Airport For Birds
  19. Joe Allen  (3)
  20. John Allen  (2)
    Author - Christmas Gifts, Christmas Voices
  21. Children's Book Author-I'm Not Cute
  22. The Apprentice
  23. costume designer (mrs doubfire, little shop/horrors)
  24. Ron Allen  (2)
    Baseball / Former Pitching Prospect for Red Sox / Career Cut Short by Injuries
  25. Actor: Played TV Weatherman in Stephen King's The Shining (1997)
  26. Steve Allen  (3)
  27. WWII Ace (5 kills) 5th September 1944 - Destroyed 5 aircraft, to become 'An Ace in a Day' - USAAF
  28. editor
  29. Golfer
  30. American writer
  31. Andy Anderson  (5)
    Actor, 'Days of Our Lives', 'eCupid'
  32. Bob Anderson  (5)
  33. Hell's Kitchen
  34. Football Player
  35. 1979 KC Chiefs
  36. Don Anderson  (2)
    Storyboard Artist
  37. Author-Border Crossing
  38. John Anderson  (17)
    Viscount Waverley, British Politician
  39. USS Arizona survivor; veteran of Pearl Harbor
  40. Football Player
  41. Pitched for the Indians and Mariners in the early 80's
  42. 1st Sergeant C co, 6th Ranger Battalion during the Great Raid WWII
  43. Actor: American Horror Story, Boston Legal, X-Files, Star Trek: The Next Generation, The Stand, Matlock, The Marshall Chronicles
  44. businessman
  45. commander of nautlius (1st atomic submarine)
  46. model
  47. Inventor of Ramen noodles
  48. Australian politician, Author
  49. Chris Andrews  (2)
    Gary, the Yellow coat in BBC comedy series 'Hi-de-Hi!', 1981-88 - also celebrity bodyguard.
  50. In 1954 Ed Andrews was the New York Yankees' first Negro League pitcher. Unfortunately Andrews never panned out as expected or he and not Elston Howard would have been the first black player in team history.
  51. Actor-Pool Days,Touched By An Angel
  52. Mike Andrews  (2)
    Author-How To Break Web Software
  53. American Actor and Singer born 1920.'Mr.Roberts','Until They Sail','Last Tycoon','China Doll','Star Trek','Kojak','Gunsmoke','Phil Silvers Show','Gomer Pyle','Mod Squad','CHiPS'
  54. former NFL player - Detroit Lions (1953-59)
  55. Adult Model-Penthouse Pet November 1998
  56. Austrian Filmmaker
  57. businesswoman
  58. Football Player
  59. movie director
  60. Baseball Player - El Paso Diablos
  61. Director of Photography
  62. motorsports hof
  63. President of Iraq 1966 - 1968
  64. Professional Wrestler
  65. Author
  66. Founder of psycology of Art
  67. Actor
  68. Military
  69. Actor
  70. Baseball Player - Myrtle Beach Pelicans
  71. Writer/Actress wrote Emmanuelle which became a soft porn film series aka Marayat Bibidh aka Marayat Rollet-Andriane aka Marayat Andriane
  72. Socialist, Philantrophist, distributed almost $200 million in grants to various organizations
  73. Member of French Resistance. WWII
  74. Actor: Played Bridgemaster in Maximum Overdrive
  75. Author
  76. Football Player
  77. Computer Scientist Developed Fortran
  78. Baseball Player
  79. USS Pueblo
  80. MLB catcher from 1953-66 with Reds, Giants, Braves, Cubs, and Angels. Hit a home run in 1962 World Series. Best season was 1956, getting 28 home runs in 383 at - bats with 75 RBI's and .300 batting average
  81. Actor: Vegas, The Rockford Files, Back Roads, The Surrogate, Night Court, Penitentiary 3, Vultures, Ally McBeal
  82. John Baker  (3)
    Former Steelers DT
  83. Norman Baker  (2)
    WWII - Iwo Jima. Seabee with the 4th Marine Division, built Motoyama No. 2 airfield
  84. retired football player for eagles
  85. Co-founder of Starbucks, with Gordon Bowker and Zev Siegl
  86. Alan Ball  (2)
    ex Arsenal, Southampton & England footballer
  87. Lucille Ball's Brother
  88. NHL Forward: Vancouver Canucks, New York rangers, Montreal Canadiens / Playing Career: 1956-1974
  89. hockey player
  90. Opera Singer
  91. The urban peasant
  92. MLB pitcher 1960-74 for Orioles, Braves, Angels, Yankees, Giants, Cubs, Pilots. 2x All - Star. Best in 1961 with 18-12, save, 3.33 ERA, 1963 went 20-13 with 2.73 ERA, and 1966 going 15-10, 2.69 ERA
  93. Musician-Danny Barcelona was a jazz drummer best known for his years with Louis Armstrong's All-Stars. He was a Filipino-American born in Waipahu a community of sugar cane plantation families East of Honolulu, Hawaii
  94. Assistant weaponeer on Bockscar during Nagasaki mission
  95. Colonel pilot of Air Force One for Presidents Bush I and Clinton
  96. Professional Wrestler
  97. Former Prime Minister of France (1976-1981)
  98. AAGPBL Baseball
  99. Actress in five films and 1 tv episode played Chickie in The Acid Eaters 1968
  100. Actress: Friday the 13th
  101. Oldest person in the world. Born 1888 Lives in Belarus
  102. American Actress born 1918.'The Phantom','Mask of Diijon','Sabaka','Bury Me Dead','The Strangler','Eraserhead','Soul of a Monster','Wagon Train','Ben Casey'
  103. Jazz
  104. MLB outfielder 1948-61 for Yanks, A's. 3x All - Star.. Manager 1961-62 A's, 64-68 Yanks (World Champs in 66) , 69 Orioles. Led league in triples in 1957. Best in 1956 with 26 HR./ 9 World Series (7x Champ) 21 RS. 2 doubles, 3 triples, 7 HR, 24 RBI
  105. Ralph Beard  (2)
    UK Basetball Player In 40s And NBA Player In The 50s
  106. former MLB player - st. louis cardinals (1963, 1970-71), houston astros (1964-65, 1970), atlanta braves (1967), cincinnati reds (1968-69), milwaukee brewers (1965), new york mets (1972-73)
  107. Olympian Gold 1928 1000 Meter Cycling Sprint
  108. Former Georgia Tech and New York Giant guard
  109. Former Giants, Padres, Cubs closer
  110. Former Marine General
  111. Screenwriter
  112. German Avatarix
  113. ballet dancer choreographer
  114. Born 1916.Last living female 'Monuments Men' of the 2nd wave of Monuments Men which began their work after the war had ended. She is related to writer Virginia Woolf
  115. Singer/Musician
  116. Mexican Actress 1940's-2000's. Born: 08/22/1919
  117. Former pro basketball player. illinois university, 1954 milwaukee hawks, 1957 st. louis hawks
  118. German Luftwaffe ace of WWII, 93 victories
  119. American Actor born 1906.'Tarzan','Treasure of Sierra Madre','Dark Passage','Sahara','Mildred Pierce','Sudden Fear','Love Me Tender','Alligator People','Cosmic Man'...Star shot putter at the Olympic games 1928
  120. Actress-Rise of The Foot Soldier
  121. WWE/ECW/WCW Wrestler
  122. Actor - NCIS
  123. American Actor born 1918.Joseph Aynders in 'Dynasty'(1981-83),'Bob&Carol&Ted&Alice','North and South','Falcon Crest','Hogan Heroes','Star Trek','Mission Impossible','Perry Mason','Soap'
  124. German Art Collector
  125. retired director - Scenes from a Marriage, Persona, Fanny and Alexander
  126. 'WW2 Navajo Indian Code Talker'
  127. Baseball Player-1934-45 (Brooklyn, Pittsburgh, Boston Bees & N.Y. Giants)
  128. Canada's oldest person Born 1891
  129. American Actress - Movie - 'Lookin' to Get Out' (1982). Mother of Angelina Jolie
  130. Author
  131. Actor: Sheriff Coltrane on 'The Dukes of Hazzard'(1979-85),'Killer Shrews','Shock Corridor','Sounder','Cimarron Kid','Last of Badman','Verboten!','Black Gold','Brain Machine','Death Mask','Gunsmoke','Rawhide','Twilight Zone','Wagon Train','Hooper', The Du
  132. French Politician
  133. Wrote for such tv shows as 'The Big Valley', 'The Virginia' and 'Rawhide'
  134. Former Prime Minister of Pakistan
  135. Canadian Actress - Movie - 'Danger pour la societe' (1970), 'Deformation personnelle' (2003)
  136. Life Peer of the House of Lords in England
  137. Rapper
  138. Professional Wrestler 'Bam Bam Bigelow'
  139. Actor, Direcor, Screenwriter
  140. American Actor and Singer born 1918.member of the 'Rat Pack'.'The Joey Bishop Show'(1961-65),'Oceans Eleven','Delta Force','Betsys Wedding','Whats My Line','Match Game PM','Onionhead','Mad Dog Time','Whos Minding the Mint','Johnny Carson Tonight'
  141. Czech Republic Adult Film Star
  142. American Actress - Movie - 'Tonight and Every Night' (1945), 'My Sister Eileen' (1942), 'Once Upon a Time (1944), 'Gallant Journey' (1946), 'Fabulous Dorseys' (1947), 'The Black Arrow Strikes' (1948), 'Tars and Spars' (1946), 'Boys Night Out' (1962)
  143. English Producer, Writer And Director
  144. Author
  145. Actor - The Velvet Vampire (title role), Beyond the Valley of the Dolls, The Trip. Writer - Turner & Hootch, Rent-A-Cop
  146. football player (74) (g)
  147. baseball
  148. American Jurist
  149. Dutch officer for the Salvation Army, also writer
  150. American Former Baseball Player - Third Baseman - 'Kansas City Athletics' (1955-1957), 'New York Yankees' (1959-1966), 'Atlanta Braves' (1967-1971), 'Taiyo Whales' (1972-1975). World Series Champion Twice (1961, 1962)
  151. Author
  152. English Former Actress - TV Series - 'Eastenders' (2002-2005), The Bright Side' (1985), 'Brookside' (Guest Role)(1984), 'L for Lester' (Guest)(1982), 'Citizen Smith' (1977-1980), 'Couples' (1976), 'The Newcomers' (1965-1966), 'Emmerdale'(1977) Plus More
  153. Acting Surgeon General from 1981-1982
  154. army general
  155. the brecker brothers (reeds)
  156. Actor Director Writer active from the 50's into the 70's. Directed several religous themed films in the 50's. Appeared in small tv roles. Was the son of censor Joseph Breen
  157. golf
  158. American Female Former Singer - Popular And Jazz Music. (1949-1999)
  159. Rugby Player
  160. U.S. Senator from Maryland (1963-1969)
  161. French New Wave Actor - The Lovers, Les Innocents, Les Cousins, The 400 Blows, Christine, Eglantine, The Judge & The Assassin. Director
  162. Actor
  163. singer (mission bell 1960)
  164. actor (f-troup/trooper vandebuilt)
  165. Aaron Brown  (6)
    Left-hand-batting outfield prospect who was 3rd-Round draft pick of the Phillies in 2014
  166. Adam Brown  (3)
    WHL Player - Kelowna Rockets
  167. football
  168. Centenarian (1901-2007). Was last living US Navy veteran of WWI
  169. Basketball Player
  170. Actor - Films: Black Like Me, The Liberation Of L.B. Jones, The Cowboys, Logan's Run, Twilight's Last Gleaming, Uptown Sat. Night, Legal Eagles, The Beast, Babe 1&2 (narrator). TV: Soap, Falcon Crest, Spider-Man (v/Kingpin), A Different World
  171. American Former Actress - Movie - 'Trains & Automobiles' (1987), 'American Gigolo' (1980), 'Behind the Eight Ball' (1942), 'Keep 'Em Flying' (1941). TV Series - 'WKRP in Cincinnati' (1979-1982), 'Knots Landing' (Guest Role)(1981) The Golden Girls
  172. Former baseball player with the 1961 Twins
  173. French World War One Veteran, Deceased
  174. newspaper columist
  175. Children's Author
  176. American Child Actor of 30/40tys born 1928.Brother of Child-Actors Ann,June and Tommy Bupp. 'Citizen Kane','No Place to Go','Renegade Trail','Love is on the Air','Three Faces West','Lost Horizon','Sergeant York','Devil and Daniel Webster'
  177. MLB pitcher 1950-67 for 6 teams. 3x All-Star. 1957 W.S. MVP going 3-0 with 0.67 ERA. Best season - 1956 with 19-10, save, leading the league in ERA 2.70 & Shutouts (2x in career). Also led league other yrs in wins (21), W-L %, CG. No-hitter in 1960
  178. Actor: A Perfect World, The Legend of Zorro, City by the Sea, Limbo, The Equalizer, The Abyss, Article 99, The Devil's Advocate, Law & Order, Gangs of New York, Baywatch, Flo, Innocent Blood, Fly by Night, True Blue
  179. George Burns  (2)
    American Former Male Comedian & Actor - TV Series - 'The George Burns & Gracie Allen Show' (1950-1958). Movie - 'Six of a Kind' (1934), 'Oh God!' 1977), ' The Sunshine Boys' (1975), '18 Again!' (1988), 'A Damsel In Distress' (1937) Plus Many More Roles
  180. Actor, Remington Steele
  181. Actor, Son of George Burns and Gracie Allen
  182. Actor
  183. German ww2 ME262 pilot born 1924. Was never in the Wehrmacht; author - The last of the few: An Me.262 Pilot remembers, flew the buckner 181, 131, fw 44, ar 66, f-13, w33, w34, ju86, ju88, ju52, me110, me210, me40, me262, klemm 35, sg38, kranich
  184. Soccer Player DDR
  185. Singer/Musician
  186. MLB pitcher from 1943-57 for Yankees, Browns, White Sox, Senators. 1944 & 45 Military Service. All - Star. Best seasons 1949 going 15-7, 3.72 ERA & 1955 with 16-5, 2 saves, 3.15 ERA, led league in w - l %. Four World Series going 1-1 with 2.53 ERA
  187. Rugby League Player (Retired)
  188. Iwo Jima survivor,Navy Cross recipient
  189. 6-7 right-handed pitcher who appeared in four games for the A's in 1983. He passed away in 2007
  190. Actor: Charles on Charge, Dr.Kildare, Return of the Living Dead 3, Lady Sings the Blues, The Burning Bed, Hero, Golden Girls, Knight Rider, Lou Grant, Perry Mason, Twilight Zone, Invanders, Picket Fences, The A-Team, Remington Steele
  191. Canadian Former Female Author, Journalist, And Social Activist - Novel - 'The Man Who Lost Himself' (2000), 'Twelve Weeks In Spring' (1986), 'The Sleepwalker' (1970), 'Trial Without End: A Shocking Story Of Women and AIDS' (1995)
  192. Baseball Player - Sioux City Explorers
  193. Actor: Killer Workout, Scarecrows
  194. Don Campbell  (3)
    Male Voice Over Talent
  195. English Female Model
  196. Jane Campbell  (2)
    English Female Former Politian - 'Commissioner Of The Equality And Human Rights Commission' (2006-2008). UK House Of Lords Crossbencher (2007- )
  197. American Female American Football Player - Defence Back/Fullback. Lingerie/Legends Football League (LFL) 'Baltimore Charm' (2010-2013 ) 'Las Vegas Sin' (2014-2015)
  198. Irish Female Psychiatrist And Author - Novel - 'The Mental Health Of Young People In Ireland: A Report Of The Psychiatric Epidemology Research Across The Lifespan (PERL) Group' (2013) She Wrote The Printed Column In Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine
  199. Movie Producer: 'Planet of The Apes' film series
  200. American Former Male Actor - TV Series - 'Barney Miller (1976-1982), 'The Montefuscos' (1975), 'The Corner Bar' (1973), 'Lucky Luke' (1992), 'Have Faith' (1989). Movie - 'Silent Movie' (1976), 'History Of The World Pt. 1' (1981),
  201. Country-Western Singer - Skip A Rope
  202. American Former Actress And Opera Singer - Movie - 'A Night At The Opera' (1935), 'Hollywood Canteen' (1944), 'Murder At Vanities (1934), 'She Loves Me Not' (1934), 'Here Is My Heart' (1934), 'Larceny With Music' (1934), 'Radio Days' (1987)
  203. American Former Female Actress - Movie - 'The Monster Of Piedras Blancas' (1959), 'Born Reckless' (1958), 'Untamed Youth' (1957), 'The Devil's Hand' (1961), 'The Three Outlaws' (1961), 'War Drums' (1957), 'The Naked Monster' (2005)
  204. Baseball Radio Broadcaster for Minnesota Twins 1961-Present / Baseball HOF in 1996
  205. 2014 Medal of Honor recipient, Afghan war veteran, retired US Marine
  206. Old Time Hockey - New York Americans 1934-41, Maple Leafs 1941-46
  207. American Former Female Supercentenarian. (1895-2007)
  208. Opera Singer
  209. Nurse, Attorney, former contestant on reality t.v. series, 'Survivor: Marquesas'
  210. TV Writer: I Love Lucy
  211. American Former Female Politician -'Member Of The U.S. House Of Representatives From Indiana'(1997-2007), 'Member Of The Indiana Senate From The 34th District'(1976-1990), 'Member Of The Indiana House Of Representatives From The 45th District'(1972-1976)
  212. French Actor,Director and Writer born 1932.Father of Actor Vincent Cassel.'Murder on Orient Express','Crimson Rivers','Pret-a-Porter','Killing Game','The Bear and Doll','Army of Shadows','La Rupture','Legend of Doom House','From Hell to Victory','La Trui
  213. Singer/Musician
  214. Actor: The Ghost and the Darkness
  215. WWII American Fighter - Ace (9 Victs.)- USAAF
  216. Actor - Baby Doll, The Birds, Hour Of The Gun, The Stalking Moon, The Reivers, I Walk The Line, The Border, 52 Pick-up, lots of TV guest star appearances (1951-2000)
  217. Mexican boxing legend, many times world champion
  218. Author
  219. 17th validated oldest person in the world, 7th in the US. Born 3/4/1895
  220. track athlete
  221. Italian World War One Veteran.
  222. fashion desgner
  223. film director for Porky's, A Christmas Story, Baby Geniuses, Black Christmas, Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things
  224. Negro Leaguer briefly with the 'K.C. Monarchs' 1956-1957
  225. Character French actor and singer
  226. WWII - US Navy (USS Lexington) Flying Ace, 5 victories; later Air race pilot
  227. Canadian WW1 vet. One of the last 3 living Canadian vets at his death
  228. Last surviving worker involved in the construction of Mount Rushmore during the years of 1927 to 1941
  229. wwf wrestler
  230. World War One Veteran. Lives in Ohio.
  231. Author
  232. British Historian
  233. Professional Wrestler from 1928-1958 Born: 09/30/1905
  234. British Actor born 1919.'Top Secret Live of Edgar Briggs','Edge of Sanity','Doctor Who','Avengers','Kim','Ivanhoe','Emmerdale Farm'
  235. WWII - Mine Platoon of the Anti-Tank Company, 69th Infantry Division, 271st Regiment. First combat at the 'Siegfried Line' in February 1945; crossed the Rhine on March 27, 1945; arrived at the KZ Buchenwald one day after its liberation
  236. Italian film director
  237. actor (macon country line, ret. to macon country)
  238. Montreal Canadiens goalie
  239. Actress: The Bold and the Beautiful, The Young and the Restless, General Hospital, Days of our Lives, Capitol, Faces, Tough Guys, Gentle Savage, The Birds
  240. Actress 40's-60's
  241. British jazz writer, magazine editor and former record company executive
  242. aaa baseball players mlb/milwaukee brewers
  243. Director/actor/writer 'Return to Tarawa: The Leon Cooper Story' 'Random Passage'/4 years Naval officer in WW2. Landing craft officer-Boat Group Commander for my ship-landing assault troops on the beaches of six Japanese island strongholds
  244. Author
  245. Lightweight Boxing Champion
  246. football player
  247. Australian politician. Premier of Western Australia 1974-82. Father-in-Law of tennis great Margaret Court.
  248. Actor
  249. Professional Cyclist Of South Africa
  250. Author
  251. MLB umpire for N.L. from 1956-75. Umpired 3 World Series (1961,63, 69) & 3 All - Star games (1959, 61, 68). Also the N.L. Championship Series in 1971. Not many argued his calls, as most knew of his hobby of boxing
  252. American Painter/born 1910
  253. WWII Fighter Ace (5.25 Victs) - US Navy - Navy Cross, flew the hellcat, skyraider, f8f bearcat, iwo jima, okinawa
  254. U.S. Air Force brigadier general (Ret.)& author 'Around the World with LBJ: My Wild Ride As Air Force One Pilot', White House Aide, & Personal Confidant/Military aide & chief Air Force One pilot under President Lyndon B. Johnson
  255. The Hon. Lloyd Roseville Crouse, P.C, member of the Parliament of Canada
  256. Admiral, former Joint Chief under Reagan and Bush
  257. French foil fencer. Olympian won 4 Gold Medals and 2 Silver Medals in foil competitions in the 1948, 1952 & 1956 Olympics.
  258. Soccer Player
  259. President of Somalia 1960 - 1967
  260. Oldest living former NFL player
  261. actor/director
  262. football
  263. John Davidson  (4)
    Host of early 80's show That's Incredible
  264. former NFL-Redskins
  265. Former Grambling State and Pittsburgh Steeler linebacker
  266. U.S. Representative from Virginia
  267. Baseball Player
  268. baseball
  269. Tim Davis  (2)
    Voice of Flower (adolescent)& Thumper (adult) in the 1942 film of Bambi
  270. nobel physics laureate 1991
  271. Right-handed hitting catcher who was signed by the Cardinals as a free agent in 2006
  272. Puerto-Rico-born right-handed pitcher drafted in the 24th round by the Dodgers in 2013
  273. French Banker & Aristocrat
  274. Vintage spanish actor, appeared in Breakfast at Tiffany's
  275. Former Deputy Chief of Staff to President Reagan
  276. WWII Fighter Ace (9 Victs.), Medal of Honor recipient, US Marines World War II
  277. Canadian actress born 1922.Lily Munster on'The Munsters'(1964-66),'The Ten Commandments','Criss Cross','Tomahawk','Captains Paradise','Fort Algiers','A Global Affair','McLintok!','Buccaneers Girl','Munster!Go Home', 'Follies' (Original BDWY Production)
  278. Actor who gained notority from his Larry Bud Melman character on David Letterman. Also starred in AT&T commercials.
  279. WWI veteran. Oldest man in world. Born 1891. Lives in Puerto Rico
  280. singer guitartist (boston)
  281. French Soccer Player - Celtic
  282. played for st louis cardinals, chicago white sox
  283. Time Bandits
  284. Long time General Manager for the St. Louis Cardinals
  285. Actress - Gunn (Edie Hart, Peter Gunn's girlfriend), Chamber Of Horrors, Goodbye Charlie, A Covenant With Death, Red Line 7000, The Richard Boone Show, Dr. Kildare (TV). Married twice: actor Brian Kelly & composer Maurice Jarre. Both ended in divorce
  286. Author;'Just A Kid, A Guard at the Nuremberg Trials' 18 years old when drafted in 1944, into infantry. Found himself standing guard over Nazi war criminals, & watched as atrocities were described in detail throughout the Nuremberg Trails
  287. British Stage Actor
  288. Author
  289. Singer/Guitarist in the Mamas and Papas
  290. Actress, Claire Tourneur in Wim Wender's
  291. costume designer (days of wine and roses)
  292. Actor (PT 109, Galaxy Being in first 'Outer Limits' episode), son of Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas
  293. Children's Author
  294. WWII veteran, born in 1913, believed to be the oldest living Pearl Harbor survivor. He served on the USS W> Virginia during the attack, and later served in the Korean War
  295. general army
  296. British Television Presenter/Writer
  297. U.S. Representative from Massachusetts - 3rd District (1971-73) and 4th District (1973-81); first Roman Catholic priest elected to public office
  298. simger
  299. Lead singer-quiet riot
  300. former Capitals,Nordiques and North Stars Left Wing
  301. American fighter ace VF-15, 5 Kills - US Navy, f4f hellcat, p-47, p-51
  302. British ace from WW2
  303. U.S. Secret Service agent assigned to the White House detail during the Kennedy years, Duncan served as the advance agent for Fort Worth during the Texas visit in November 1963
  304. 1972 Democratic Vice-Presidential candidate
  305. Sister and Dancing Partner to Actor Buddy Ebsen/born 1911
  306. Voice Actor - Trilogy Of Terror (v/Zuni fetish doll), v/Ernie The Keebler Elf, 5 Planet Of The Apes films, The Bugaloos (v/Sparky), HR Puffnstuf (v/Dr Blinkey), Sigmund & The Sea Monsters (v/BD Ooze), Transformers (v/Inferno), Land Of The Lost, Lidsville
  307. Buffalo Soldiers of WW2 'Age 90'
  308. Silent Film Child Actor, Born: 09/26/1920.'I Do' (1921), 'Gramdma's Boy' (1922), 'So This Is Marriage' (1924), 'Eastside Kids' (1940)
  309. Wasp (wwii pilot)
  310. Stuntman who specialized in motorcycle and car stunts. Did movies such as 'The Great Escape', 'Bullitt', and 'Diamonds are Forever'
  311. NASCAR Busch Series Driver
  312. Painter / Matte Painter On Star Wars And Many Other Movies/ Disney Pooh Prints
  313. Former WWE Female Wrestler (60's-80's) / WWE Hall of Famer
  314. Zulu
  315. baseball
  316. Author
  317. Baseball Player
  318. air force general businessman
  319. Retired Air Force General
  320. Bob Evans  (2)
    Founder of Bob Evans Country Restaurant based in Rio Grande, Ohio
  321. Michael Evans  (4)
    Actor: The Young and the Restless, Bye Bye Birdie, The Plainsman, Riot on Sunset Strip, Time After Time, Capitol, Olivia // Broadway: Gigi (1951) with Audrey Hepburn
  322. Mike Evans  (7)
    Football player - 2014 draft - WR
  323. Academy Award Winning Composer
  324. Musician, Actor - Titanic
  325. German ww2 pilot
  326. Founder/Senior Pastor of Thomas Road Baptist Church, Founder of The Moral Majority, Chancellor of Liberty University, Host of The Old Time Gospel Hour
  327. Russian Soviet-era spy chief who oversaw the espionage work of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg
  328. Actor;'Space:1999', starred as Col. Musgrove in ''Raider of the Lost Ark''
  329. German actor - Tatort
  330. Former Montreal Canadiens Hockey Star
  331. Spanish actor - Belle Epoque
  332. fashion designer
  333. American film producer - American Gigolo
  334. German Politician
  335. nobel chemistry 1973
  336. Porn star
  337. Former USC Trojan All-American in the 1960s
  338. Retired baseball player played for the st louis cardinals debut 1988
  339. Medal of Honor, US Navy, WWII: commanded USS Barb, most decorated submarine of the war
  340. director of Brainscan and Lock Up
  341. singer/songwriter
  342. Former NFL Player- Green Bay Packers
  343. British Hotelier
  344. First solo balloonist to circumnavigate the earth..
  345. former MLB player - cincinnati reds (1954-57), los angeles dodgers (1959), los angeles angels (1960-64)
  346. Actress
  347. ballerina choreographer
  348. Chairman of NASCAR racing .
  349. Oscar-winning cinematographer--Worked on 'The Elephant Man' and 'Glory'
  350. cartoonist (farley)
  351. Director of Psycho II
  352. 1949 St Louis Browns {Baseball}
  353. Instrumentalist
  354. Born 1893 14th oldest documented person in the world
  355. famed wine maker
  356. Italian World War 1 Veteran/ Born:03/30/1900/Lives in Civitanova Marche
  357. Baltimore Orioles infielder 1954
  358. Author of several James Bond novels and many mystery and spy novels
  359. Author
  360. American Football, 1947 Washington Redskins
  361. German Composer
  362. Band
  363. Actress - Bewitched (as Esmeralda), Designing Women (as Bernice), Evening Shade, Capt. Nice, Jackie Gleason & His American Scene Magazine, Grease, The Graduate, To Kill A Mockingbird, The Flim-Flam Man, Viva Max, Gator. 'The Female Paul Lynde'
  364. Actor- TV shows such as 'Gilmore Girls' & 'Will & Grace'
  365. U.S. Representative from Ohio
  366. Rugby League referee
  367. English footballer. Plays centre abck for Liverpool
  368. Former football player (Detroit Lions)
  369. Alex Gonzalez  (5)
    Baseball, right handed pitcher drafted by the Texas Rangers with the 23rd overall pick in the 2013 amateur draft
  370. British Stage and movie Actor born 1921.'Fiddler on Roof','The Hill','Bedazzled','Blood of Satans Claw','Crucible of Horror','Berserk','Innocent Bystanders','Avengers','Bramwell','Freud','Pat and Mo','Peter and Paul'
  371. Old Time Wrestler
  372. actor/vocalist,/star of stage & screen, carousel (tv), brigadoon (tv), naked gun 2 1/2
  373. French Writer/Born: 07/29/1910
  374. Stage Director
  375. author (prodigals and those who love them)
  376. Jonathan Gray  (2)
    Baseball player, pitcher, Colorado Rockies 2015-
  377. Tim Gray  (2)
    Played football
  378. Tuskegee Airmen
  379. Radio DJ
  380. Am. Actor (b: 1917) - Gunsmoke (Wilbur Jonas: 1955-74), Little House On The Prairie (Rev. Robt. Alden: 1974-84), Picket Fences (Rev. Novotny), The Green Mile, House of Wax, Invasion of The Body Snatchers, The Vampire, It! The Terror from Beyond Space
  381. French World War One Veteran
  382. 2000 Parade High School Basketball Player of the Year, #7 Pick in the 2001 NBA Draft by the Nets traded to the Houston Rockets
  383. Actress/Comedienne - Suddenly Susan-Reality Show 'My Life on the D-List(bravo Channel)'
  384. Talk Show Host, Actor, Singer, Executive Producer of 'Jeopardy' & 'Wheel Of Fortune', composer of 'Jeopardy' theme song
  385. writer, director
  386. Australian actor from the seventies - starred in Bluey and later remade into barge-arse
  387. Actor: The Twilight Zone, From the Terrace, Alfred Hitchcock Presents, Warning Shot, Bachelor Party, The Stranger Within, The Deliberate Stranger, The Adams Chronicles, Comes a Horseman, Golden Girls, Law & Order, Flags of our Fathers
  388. French Abbot
  389. Juan Guzman  (2)
    World boxing champion
  390. Opera great
  391. Author
  392. Author
  393. Danish Statistician
  394. former Bucs tight end
  395. former Reds, Braves, Cubs, Mets & Royals outfielder; holds minor league record for stolen bases in one season (155); currently plays in White Sox minor leagues
  396. NASCAR Winston Cup Driver Car # 55
  397. Baseball Player and Coach
  398. Pitcher for the Cardinals
  399. Bobby Hansen  (2)
    Baseball Player born 1989, from 2008 MLB June Amateur Draft
  400. German Actor also in British Movies born 1930.'Frozen Alive','4..3..2..1..Morte','Bridge at Remagen','Erben von Bjoerndal','Stalingrad','Stern von Africa','Boys from Brazil','Geheimniss der Schwarzen Koffer','Via Mala',,'Wenn die Heide Blueht'
  401. actor (night of the living dead/harry cooper)
  402. J. J. Hardy  (2)
    Herman - Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Ralphy - Nobody's Fool
  403. Played for Philadelphia Phillies in 1941
  404. film director (games whats the matter with helen)
  405. former basketball player for the suns
  406. Billy Harris  (2)
    NHL right wing from 1973-84, 12 seasons with Islanders, Kings, Maple Leafs. 1976 All - Star. Had 2 Hat Tricks during the 1973-74 season
  407. Baseball player born 1926, 1948-51 Philadelphia A's and the 1951 Cleveland Indians
  408. Played football for 1960'Los Angeles Chargers
  409. Tuskegee Pilot
  410. Former University of New Orleans Basketball Player
  411. cartoonist
  412. Actress - The Slime People, Pajama Party, Ride The Wild Surf, City Under The Sea, Dr. Goldfoot & The Bikini Machine, The Ghost In The Invisible Bikini (title role). Wife of A.I.P. president James H. Nicholson from 1964 until his death in 1972
  413. Former NFL football player for the Chicago Cardinals in the 50's
  414. Retired NHL player
  415. hockey
  416. James Harvey  (2)
    Tuskegee Airmen Flew PT-17, BT-13, A-26, P-40, P-47, P-51, F-80, F-86, F-89, F-94 and the F-102
  417. Pathologist. Did autopsy on Albert Einstein. Kept his brain.
  418. American Politician
  419. Singer/Songwriter/Prod. - Nancy Sinatra: These Boots..., Sugar Town, How Does That Grab You Darlin?, Some Velvet Morning, Lady Bird, Summer Wine. Duane Eddy: Rebel Rouser, Cannonball, Because They're Young, The Lonely One, 40 Miles-Bad Road, Guitar Man
  420. former NFL-51 Redskins
  421. Actor - Hollyoaks
  422. Hockey - Montreal Canadiens 1941-44
  423. TV director - The Rockford Files
  424. Olympic Silver 1956 Gold 1960 - figure skating/ three stooges meet snow white
  425. Hotel Tycoon: was convicted of income tax evasion
  426. singer (spinners)
  427. author (robak in black)
  428. T.V.'s Mr. Wizard!
  429. Author
  430. medal of honor army ww11
  431. Former President of Venezuela, served 1979 - 1984
  432. French Architectural Photographer
  433. football
  434. Author
  435. American jazz pianist and composer
  436. Fighter ace- Flying Tigers
  437. NFL - New England Patriots 2006
  438. Civil Rights Attorney- One of the attorneys for the Prosecution in the Brown Vs. Board of Education Supreme Court Case- Born 1907
  439. James Hillier  (2)
    Canadian Scientist and Inventor - Designed and built, with Albert Prebus, the first successful high-resolution electron microscope in 1938
  440. Don Ho 
    Hawaiian Singer: 'Tiny Bubbles', 'Pearly Shells'
  441. Former baseball player
  442. Indiana Hoosiers Head Football Coach
  443. Film/TV Writer - Eastenders
  444. German Philospher/Director Born 1906
  445. Wheels on degrassi High
  446. British Actress/Starred in The Constant Nymph-1933
  447. Author
  448. Actor
  449. Baseball Coach in MLB no Playing Experience 1984 Mets
  450. 1930's actress,42nd Street,Gold Diggers of 1933
  451. Actor, - NCIS, Joey, CSI: Miami, born 1975
  452. Actor - played The Young Master in the TV series Doctor who
  453. British WWII Rear Admiral
  454. British Actor 30's-50's Birth name Harry Idris Miller. Lives in Toronto, Ontario Canada Born 1910
  455. Wrote spy novels, involved in Watergate, convicted of burglary, conspiracy, and wiretapping/Depicted in movie by Martin Scorsese 'The Irishman' (2019)/American intelligence officer and author. From 1949 to 1970, Hunt served as an officer in the C.I.A
  456. British actor: The New Avengers, Upstairs Downstairs, Space:1999
  457. Pianist - The Funk Brothers (studio Musicians For Berry Gordy's Hitsville USA/Motown), Standing In The Shadows Of Motown (docu Film, 2002)
  458. American Actress,Dancer and Singer born 1921.'Annie Get Your Gun','Greatest Show on Earth','Perils of Pauline','Stork Club','Here Come the Waves','Lets Dance','Cross My Heart','Miracle of Morgans Creek'
  459. Author
  460. Jamaician Actor- 'Cool Runnings' & 'The Saint' among others
  461. Former Rugby League Player
  462. Representative From Illinois
  463. Actor- Vic & Sade (radio as Rush), Dick Van Dyke Show (as Herman, Sally's boyfriend), The Bill Dana Show. Writer - The Crawling Hand, Twilight Zone (1), Andy Griffith (19), Gomer Pyle (23), Bob Newhart Show (4), Happy Days (3), Get Smart, MASH, many more
  464. German painter
  465. Played Mr. Humphries on 'Are You Being Served'
  466. journalist/politican/commentator
  467. Lingerie/Legends Football League (LFL) Baltimore Charm 2011
  468. Bestselling writer on whiskey; Michael Jackson's Bar And Cocktail Companion, Michael Jackson's Complete Guide To Single Malt Scotch
  469. WWII Fighter Pilot, 56th Fighter Group, 'Zemke's Wolfpack'
  470. 'Tuskegee Airmen' & fighter ace of ww2
  471. former OSU/NFL-47lions
  472. USS Indianapolis survivor
  473. Baseball / Outfielder 1948-59 / Chicago Cubs / Great Defensive Outfielder
  474. Comedian & Actor: Platypus Man, Bird, The Mask, Dad's Week Off, An Alan Smithee Film
  475. stage designer movie art director
  476. Leroy Jenkins  (2)
    Jazz’s violinist
  477. American actor and stunt-man, starred in movies like 'Somebody Up There Likes Me', '13 Ghosts' and was a guest on the classic 'Star Trek'
  478. Golfer
  479. Former point guard for the Champion Boston Celtics..Current Head Coach of the Austin Toros
  480. Pearl Harbor Survivor, aboard U.S.S. Maryland when the attack took place. Also fought in the Korean War
  481. Bomb Aimer, 617 Squadron (Dambusters)
  482. Pearl Harbor survivor (7 Dec 1941), USS Oklahoma
  483. Member of rescue Ship USS Bassett to the aid of the USS Indianapolis Survivors
  484. First Lady of the United States from 1963 to 1969 during the presidency of her husband Lyndon B. Johnson. Advocate for beautification of US cities & highways. Recieved the Presidential Medal of Freedom and the Congressional Gold Medal
  485. WWII US Fighter Pilot, 56th FG, Zemke's Wolfpack
  486. WW2 vet, born 1921, and the last surviving member of Richard Byrd'sThird Antarctic Expedition in 1939. Also returned with Byrd on his 1946 and 1947 expeditions
  487. Hockey HOF
  488. Author
  489. Alex Jones  (5)
    The One Show
  490. Former Rugby League Player
  491. British ace from WW2
  492. British Actor born 1909.Father of Actress Gemma Jones.Movies-->'Comedy of Errors','Kill Her Gently','Wicked Lady','Notorious Gentleman','First a Girl','King Henrys Battle at Agincourt','Became a Criminal','Miranda','A Yank at Oxford','Black Arrow'
  493. Singer/Musician
  494. American Actress (b: 1924) - 'These Three','The Little Princess','Heidi','Adv. Of Tom Sawyer','First Love','...Emile Zola','Meet Dr. Christian','Let's Go Collegiate','Lady In The Death House','Hi-Jacked','Street Corner','The Champ','The Way We Were'