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  1. Singer/Musician
  2. Musician/Guitarist
  3. Songwriter - Co-writer, with Fats Domino, of most of Fats Domino's hits,1991 Rock and Roll Hall of fame inductee
  4. Jazz Musician, Author
  5. Graeme Bell  (2)
    Australian Jazz Pianist and Composer. Born: 09/07/1914
  6. Singer/Musician
  7. jazz clarinetist
  8. Jazz musician
  9. Musician-Michael Andrew 'Peanuts' Hucko (April 7, 1918 - June 19, 2003) was an American big band musician. His primary instrument was the clarinet but he sometimes played various saxophones
  10. jazz saxophonist composer
  11. French jazz clarinettist (a great friend of Sidney Bechet)
  12. Jazz Trumpeter & Band Leader
  13. Singer/Musician
  14. Saxophone Player
  15. Jazz musician
  16. Singer/Musician
  17. US jazz musician
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