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  1. Soccer Player
  2. Soccer Player
  3. Steve Arnold  (2)
    Soccer Player
  4. Steven Arnold  (2)
    Soccer Player
  5. Wrestler - Real name Douglas A Baker
  6. Soccer player
  7. Volleyball Player
  8. Former heaveyweight boxer.
  9. Buzz McNab in Psych
  10. Aaron Brown  (4)
    Soccer Player - Reading FC
  11. Soccer Player
  12. Soccer Player
  13. WWE Superstar
  14. Track and Field
  15. Known as the King of Swing in WWE
  16. Soccer Player
  17. Jack Clark  (2)
    Jack Clark is an American former rugby union player, former head coach of the U.S. national rugby team, and the current head rugby coach at the University of California, where he became the sixth head coach in team history in 1984
  18. Comedy actor/writer: Monty Python, A Fish Called Wanda, Fierce Creatures, James Bond films, Shrek 2, Harry Potter Films, Fawlty Towers, Doctor Who
  19. Boxer
  20. Baseball Player: Chicago Cubs, Brooklyn Dodgers // Actor: The Rifleman, Branded, Soylent Green, Flipper, Old Yeller, Big Country, Geronimo, Vendetta, Airplane, Designing Woman, South Sea Woman, Summer Camp Nightmare, Support Your Local Gunfighter
  21. Hockey Player
  22. Australian Rugby Player
  23. Rugby League Player
  24. WWE Wrestler Edge, guest Star of SyFy's Haven
  25. Rugby Player
  26. Former MTV VJ
  27. Scott Dann  (2)
    Soccer Player
  28. Golfer
  29. WWE Development Wrestler (Jinder Mahal)
  30. WWE Development Wrestler
  31. Boxer
  32. Soccer Player
  33. Actor-The Green Mile, Armegeddon,Planet of the Apes,The Whole Nine Yards,A Night at the Roxbury,Sin City, Kingpin in Daredevil,The Scorpion King
  34. Soccer Player
  35. WWE NXT Wrestler
  36. Wrestler, Former WCW Champion, Actor- The Devil's Rejects
  37. Driver of the Superman Monster Truck
  38. Wrestler
  39. Soccer Player, Formerly of Hull City FC
  40. Soccer player
  41. Soccer Player
  42. Soccer Player
  43. ATP tennis player from the USA
  44. Soccer Player
  45. boxing
  46. Goliath in 'Gladiators (UK 2009)', Former WWE Wrestler
  47. MMA Fighter
  48. Author
  49. AWA wrestler 70's and 80's, Also known as the Ax. Father of Curt Henning
  50. WCW/WWE Wrestler (was Mr. Hughes in WWF/WCW)
  51. Soccer Player
  52. Tom Jordan  (4)
    Soccer Player
  53. Professional Footballer
  54. Soccer Player - Kansas City Wizards
  55. MMA Fighter Team DeathClutch
  56. Soccer Player
  57. Soccer Player - Kansas City Wizards
  58. WWE Development Wrestler (Kevin Hackman)
  59. WWE Wrestler, multiple time tag team champion with Wyatt Family members and former intercontinental champion; formerly wrestled in ROH and Chikara
  60. Soccer Player
  61. Joe Lewis  (3)
    Played football for 1961 Baltimore Colts
  62. Joe Lewis  (2)
    Soccer Player
  63. Soccer Player
  64. Actor: 8 Million Ways to Die, Blue City, Extreme Prejudice, 1st & Ten, The Night Before, No Hold Barred, WWF, WWE, WCW, Universal Soldier, Trespass, Posse, Men of War, Friday, The Fifth Element, Jackie Brown, Little Nicky, Santa's Slay, American Justice
  65. Soccer Player - New England Revolution
  66. Retired American Soccer Goalkeeper, NASL, Member of the National Soccer Hall of Fame
  67. Soccer Player
  68. Soccer Player
  69. Soccer Player
  70. Current WWE/NXT Superstar. Current NXT Champion. Former TNA/Imapct Wrestling/GFW Wrestler
  71. Boxer
  72. Australian wrestler of the seventies of Italian heritage
  73. Australian Boxer
  74. Soccer Player
  75. WWE Superstar
  76. golfer
  77. Ex Bradford City, Aston Villa & Leicester City Footballer now Community Foundation Officer
  78. WWE Wrestler
  79. wrestler
  80. WWE Wrestler (Conor O'Brian)
  81. Soccer Player
  82. Rugby Player
  83. Soccer Player
  84. Former wrestler, host of tv show American Digger
  85. Soccer Player
  86. Soccer Player
  87. PGA Tour
  88. Harry Smith  (3)
    Former WWE Superstar
  89. Ross Smith  (3)
    Soccer Player
  90. Golfer
  91. wrestler known as Outback Jack
  92. track athlete
  93. PGA Golf Player
  94. Former Wrestler (Mr. Olympia)
  95. Former WWE Diva
  96. Volleyball Player
  97. Kevin Taylor  (2)
    Soccer Player
  98. Kevin Taylor  (4)
    Baseball Player
  99. Former Rugby Player
  100. Professional Wrestler - The British Invasion
  101. John Thomas  (5)
    Rugby Manager
  102. Rugby Player
  103. USA Olympic (1984 & 1988)& Pro Volleyball Player
  104. Ex Boxer, IBF world Heavyweight champion
  105. PGA Golfer
  106. Professional Footballer
  107. Former WCW wrestler
  108. PGA Golf Player
  109. Female Voice Over Talent
  110. Football Player
  111. Former WWE & WCW wrestler 'Big Van Vader'
  112. Former Pro Wrestler/The Patriot in WWF, WCW and GWF/The Trooper in the AWA
  113. Dan Williams  (4)
    English Rugby Player
  114. Professional Soccer Player
  115. wrestler
  116. Former wrestler, son of BlackJack Mulligan, brother of Barry Windham
  117. Chris Wood  (4)
    British Golfer
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