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  1. ex Footballer now Manager
  2. Former Chelsea and England international footballer
  3. Ex Wimbledon, Sheffield United & Fulham Footballer now Reserve Team Coach
  4. Ex Swansea City footballer
  5. Legendary ex-Manchester United & Northern Ireland goalkeeper who was a hero in the Munich Disaster, when he saved a number of people from death in the minutes after the plane crash
  6. Ex chelsea professional footballer
  7. Ex-Soccer Player, Now Turned Coach
  8. soccer star from Denmark, played for Real Madrid and Barcelona, now coach for the danish team Bröndby
  9. Baseball Player - El Paso Diablos
  10. Former manager of Everton & Wigan Athletic FC, now Head Coach of the Belgium national team
  11. Professional Footballer. Since February 2014, Head Coach for Swansea City FC Premier League Squad
  12. Former Danish professional football
  13. Soccer Player
  14. Soccer Coach. Since June 2012 Coach for Liverpool FC Premier League Squad
  15. Soccer Player
  16. Welsh Soccer Player
  17. soccer player
  18. Former manager of Wales National side
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