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  1. Coast Guard Admiral who took charge of the Hurricane Katrina Relief effort after the FEMA director was fired
  2. U.S. Representative from North Carolina
  3. coast gaurd admiral
  4. Vice Commandant USCG
  5. U.S. Representative from Massachusetts (1997-2011)
  6. U.S. Senator from Indiana (1959-1977)
  7. USN Admiral
  8. secretary of the treasury carter
  9. Former Governor of Alaska (2002-07)
  10. Former U.S. Senator from Georgia (1972-1997)
  11. USCG Admiral
  12. Former U.S. Senator from Rhode Island (1961-1997)
  13. Governor of Idaho (1955-67)
  14. Ron Sparks  (2)
    2010 Democratic Candidate for Governor of Alabama
  15. First Director Of WW2 Coast Guard Womens Reserve
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