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Browsing Entries matching Tag serviceEndYear::1970
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  1. First CMSgt of the Air Force
  2. Tuskegee airmen ace WW 2
  3. medal of honor army vietnam war
  4. US Marine Corp, Medal of Honor Recipient Korea
  5. U.S. Representative from North Carolina (2004-present)
  6. American actor born 1926; Jerry Austin on 'Cannonball'(1959-60),'Star Trek','Dementia 13','Hush,Hush Sweet Charlotte','Blood Bath','Portrait in Terror','Young Racers','Love Me Tender','Man in Vault'
  7. Col. Campbell was a Tuskegee Airman
  8. medal of honor marines vietnam war
  9. Received Congregational Medal of Honor 3/18/2014 for his actions in the Viet Nam War
  10. Commanded the Tuskegee Airmen in WWII Born 1912
  11. Bombardier 'Enola Gay'
  12. Representative from California
  13. P-38 Lightning Pilot- fighter Ace during WWII [11 victories]
  14. Col. Lukas, 'Tuskegee Airmen', graduated at what is now Tuskegee University, Alabama. First African American woman in the Air Force to be promoted to the rank of colonel.Wiki:
  15. Jim Marshall  (2)
    U.S. Representative from Georgia
  16. 103 kills- nam usmc sniper
  17. U.S. Representative from Washington (1989-2017)
  18. English Politician
  19. Governor of Virginia (1982-1986); U.S. Senator from Virginia (1989-2001); husband of Lynda Bird Johnson
  20. U.S. Representative from Virginia
  21. Carl Leonard Sitter (December 2, 1922 - April 4, 2000) was a highly decorated United States Marine Corps officer and Korean War Medal of Honor recipient
  22. John Spencer  (2)
    Former Yonkers, New York Mayor & Candidate for 2006 U.S. Senate Seat
  23. U.S. Ambassador to Italy and San Marino (2009-13)
  24. Army general