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Browsing Entries matching Tag serviceEndYear%3A:1973
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  1. Ascani, a retired Air Force major general, flew an F-86 Sabre jet at 628.698 mph at the National Air Races in Detroit in 1951. He later oversaw development of a supersonic bomber. Fred J. Ascani, a retired Air Force major general and former test pilot at
  2. Last Survivor Of The HMS Hood
  3. navy admiral writer
  4. First USMC Ace during WWII--[18 victories]
  5. Former college basketball forward; All-American; member of Oregon's 1939 NCAA Championship team
  6. U.S. Senator from Wyoming (1997-present)
  7. Test Pilot
  8. 4 Star General
  9. Korea, Vietnam: Captain Hudner received the Medal of Honor for his actions in trying to save the life of his wingman, Ensign Jesse L. Brown, during the Battle of Chosin Reservoir in the Korean War, by intentionally crash-landing his plane
  10. Doolittle Raiders 'Pilot Crew #5'
  11. Medal of Honor, US Army, WWII
  12. United States Senator from Massachusetts (2013-present), United States Representative (1976-2013)
  13. 'WW2 Hump Crew Chief/Flew the Hump' 750 Flying Hours!
  14. WWII/JFK - US Air Force General who started as a test pilot flying well over 100 different airplanes, served in Europe starting January 1944; leading 40 P-38 fighter planes on D-Day, 370th Fighter Group; met JFK in 1962 at Vandenberg Air Force Base
  15. Former Governor of Nevada (1989-1999)
  16. American WWII-Fighter Ace & Lt. General - USAAF - 8 Kills - DSC
  17. U.S. Representative from Kansas
  18. medal of honor army ww11
  19. Prime minister of Israel
  20. WWII Ace[17 victories] and shot down four jets in Vietnam
  21. Governor of Idaho (2007-), Former United States Representative
  22. U.S. Representative from California (1999-present)
  23. Air Force Medal of Honor Recipeint - Vietnam
  24. U.S. Secretary of Veterans Affairs (1998-2000)
  25. U.S. Representative from Kentucky (1995-2016)