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  1. Former Israeli Military General
  2. navy admiral england
  3. Medal of Honor, US Navy, Korean War
  4. U.S. Army Medal Of Honor recipient (November 1965, Ia Drang Valley, Vietnam). Born 1933
  5. Reired General
  6. WWII/Korean War - RAF pilot, later holding senior command roles in the RAF; author of a noted technical report that evaluated the performance and tactics of jet combat during the Korean War.
  7. Former head of the Australian Defence Force and a WW2 and Korea veteran, knighted by the Queen in 1976, living in Australia
  8. British Army officer who was Commading General Officer in Northern Ireland during the 'Troubles'
  9. Marine Corps Staff Sergeant when he led an eighteen-man reconnaissance patrol in a fierce battle against a battalion of Viet Cong in June 1966. As a result of his heroic actions, Howard became the sixth U.S. Marine to be awarded the Nation?s highest
  10. Former NYC Police Commissioner
  11. Korean war ace - USAF - 6.5 Kills
  12. WWII fighter Ace (8.5 kills) & Lt. General - USAAF - DSC flew the p-51
  13. Vietnam War Veteran and retired US Army Lieutenant General. Is 93 years old now
  14. Lz x-ray 1965 nam wrote we were soldiers with joe galloway 87 years old- 2 war veteran
  15. United States Secretary of Energy (2017-present), Governor of Texas (2000-15), Presidential candidate 2012, 2016
  16. medal of honor army karean war
  17. Spy/C.I.A./US Army General
  18. navy admiral
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