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Browsing Entries matching Tag serviceStartYear%3A:1951
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  1. air force general
  2. Governor of Idaho (1971-77 and 1987-95); Secretary of the Interior (1977-81)
  3. American Author, Retired United States Air Force Officer, Command Pilot, Combat Veteran, Aviation Historian, And Former Director Of NASA
  4. navy admiral
  5. Former U.S. Senator from Colorado (1993-2005)
  6. Medal of Honor, US Navy, Korean War
  7. medal of honor Korean war marines
  8. Secretary of Health, Education, and Welfare under Nixon
  9. Former U.S. Senator from Alaska (1969-1981); Declared Candidate for President in 2008
  10. air force general
  11. Former Governor of Alabama (1987-1993)
  12. Former Director of the National Security Agency (1977-1981)
  13. Author
  14. Retired 4-Star General Born Nov. 7, 1927
  15. British Politician
  16. U.S. Senator from Massachusetts (1962-2009); Brother of John F. and Robert F. Kennedy
  17. navy admiral
  18. Military, Marine Staff Sgt
  19. navy admiral
  20. Lz-xray-idarag valley-we were soldier- is a ret general
  21. Harvey Milk  (2)
    Gay rights activist; murdered in 1978; his life was the basis for the movie 'Milk'
  22. Vice President of The United States (1977-1981), 1984 Democratic Presidential Nominee
  23. medal of honor marines korea
  24. Victorian cross, army aust. vietnam war hero. Also awarded the DSC and Silver Star from the United States
  25. Retired General
  26. medal of honor army karean war
  27. medal of honor marines korean war
  28. Paul Simon  (2)
    U.S. Senator from Illinois (1985-97), Former U.S. Representative (1975-85)
  29. U.S. Senator from Pennsylvania (1981 - 2011)
  30. Air Force Medal of Honor Recipeint - Vietnam
  31. Former Governor of Louisiana (1980-1984)
  32. UK House of Lords
  33. Retired General And Former U.S. Air Force Chief
  34. Korean Vet, Battle of Pork Chop Hill/Governor of Virginia (1990-94); Mayor of Richmond, Virginia (2005-09); first African American to be elected governor of a US State