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Florian Siwicki
Former General of the Polish Army (retired)
  • General Info
General Information
Florian Siwicki was a Polish career military officer, diplomat and a communist politician, as well as a General of the Polish Army. 
January 10th, 1925 in Lutsk  /  Died:   Mar 11th, 2013
Last Changes
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Allegiance : People's Republic of Poland
Award : Cross_of_Valour_(Poland)
Award : Partisan_Cross
Award : Medal_of_Victory_and_Freedom_1945
Award : Medal_for_the_Oder,_Neisse_and_Baltics
Award : Order_of_the_Cross_of_Grunwald
Award : Medal_of_the_Armed_Forces_in_the_Service_of_the_Fatherland
Award : Medal_of_Merit_for_National_Defence
Award : Order_of_the_Red_Banner
Award : Order_of_the_October_Revolution
Award : Medal_"For_the_Liberation_of_Prague"
Award : Medal_"For_the_Liberation_of_Warsaw"
Award : Medal_"For_the_Victory_over_Germany_in_the_Great_Patriotic_War_1941–1945"
Award : Medal_of_the_10th_Anniversary_of_People's_Poland
Award : Medal_of_the_30th_Anniversary_of_People's_Poland
Award : Medal_of_the_40th_Anniversary_of_People's_Poland
Battle : Battle_of_Smolensk
Battle : East_Pomeranian_Offensive
Battle : Vistula–Oder_Offensive
Battle : Prague_Offensive
Battle : Warsaw_Pact_invasion_of_Czechoslovakia
Battle : Martial_law_in_Poland
BirthYear : 1925
BirthMonthAndDay : 01-10
BirthDate : 1925-01-10
BirthPlace : Lutsk
BirthPlace : Wołyń_Voivodeship_(1921–39)
BirthPlace : Second_Polish_Republic
DeathDate : 2013-03-11
DeathYear : 2013
MilitaryBranch : Polish_People's_Army
MilitaryCommand : 8th Infantry Division
MilitaryCommand : Second Army (Poland)
MilitaryCommand : Silesian Military District
MilitaryCommand : Chief of General Staff of the Polish Army
MilitaryCommand : Minister of Military Affairs
MilitaryUnit : Motorised_infantry
MilitaryUnit : Recoilless_rifle
ServiceEndYear : 1990
ServiceStartYear : 1943
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This celebrity has passed away
Date: Mar 11th, 2013
This page has been left online for reference purposes only.
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