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StarTiger - Address Requests
If you cannot find an address for a celebrity, you can submit an address request [see how].
If you know a working address for any of these celebrities below, please add it. Any help is greatly appreciated!
Requests to date : 103752
Fulfilled requests : 94699
Fulfillment rate : 91.3%
Displaying Requests 1-200
Date Req. Name  Comment
Today Penny Moore (2) Add Address Child actress from 40's in such films as Meet Me In St. Louis and played Susie in Mark Twain
Today Frederick Spencer Add Address Actor, known for 'Swing, You Swingers!' (1939)
Today Emmet Smith Add Address Actor
Today Viola Callahan Add Address Actress, played Mrs. Olson in The Luckiest Girl in the World (1936), elderly woman in Mark Twain (1948)
Today Karol Dobias Add Address Czech Soccer Worldcup 1970
Today Roberto Miranda Add Address Brasil Soccer Worldcup 1970 'Roberto'
Today Robert Gadocha Add Address Poland Soccer Worldcup 1974
Today Bob Benberg Add Address Founding member of the rock group 'Supertramp' Drummer
Today John Helliwell Add Address One of the founding members of the rock group 'Supertramp'. He played all the woodwind instruments on their albums
Today Dougie Thomson Add Address Bass player for the rock group 'Supertramp'
Yesterday Joyce Reynolds Add Address American actress born 1925.9 movies from 1942-50.'Girls School','Janie','Always Together','George Washington Slept Here','The Adventures of Mark Twain','The Constant Nymph'
Yesterday Jackie Brown (3) Add Address This Is the Army (1943), The Adventures of Mark Twain (1944) and Johnny Doughboy (1942)
Yesterday Joyce Reynolds Add Address American actress born 1925.9 movies from 1942-50.'Girls School','Janie','Always Together','George Washington Slept Here','The Adventures of Mark Twain','The Constant Nymph'
Yesterday Jackie Morrow Add Address Actor born 7/31/1925, acted in Penrod and Same, Ace Drummond, and Everybody's Hobby
Yesterday Emily Agnes Add Address Playboy Playmate-Miss July 2014
Yesterday Christopher Scarver Add Address Convicted murderer who, while in prison, murdered notorious serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer and convicted murderer Jesse Anderson. He described the killings as 'the work of God'.
Yesterday Shirley Cotterill Add Address Born 1933, affiliated with the 1952 miss universe pageant
Yesterday Alice Friedland Add Address Actress-Dr.Masher,Joys of Jezebel,Please Don't Eat My Mother,The Great Texas Dynamite Chase,Capitol Hill Girls
Yesterday Aya Hirano Add Address Voice actor Japanese
2018/12/16 James Jamesson Add Address Gay Adult Film Actor
2018/12/16 Bob Spiker Add Address Animal trainer who worked on 'Star Wars'
2018/12/16 Oliver MacGreevy Add Address British actor born 1928.'The Ipcress File','Flash Gordon','The Whisperers','Modesty Blaise','The Frozen Dead','Tales from the Crypt','Secret Agent','Department S','Jason King'
2018/12/16 Peter Böhlke Add Address Actor
2018/12/16 Penny Moore (2) Add Address Child actress from 40's in such films as Meet Me In St. Louis and played Susie in Mark Twain
2018/12/16 Garth Hudson Add Address organist - band
2018/12/16 Valery Bykovsky Add Address Russian Cosmonaut/flew three manned space flights -- Vostok 5, Soyuz 22 & Soyuz 37
2018/12/16 Masaichi Kaneda Add Address Japanese pitcher
2018/12/16 Jimmy Hannan Add Address Australian Television Host
2018/12/15 Alan Curtis (2) Add Address British Actor born 1930.'Whoops Baghdad','Morecambe and Wise','Carry On Abroad','Carry On Henry','Doctor Who','The Avengers','Horne A-Plenty','Footballers Wives'
2018/12/15 Jim Stewart Add Address Co-Founder of Stax Recordsrock and roll hall of fame inductee
2018/12/15 Anne Rogers Add Address Actress
2018/12/15 Irene O'Shea Add Address 102-year-old great-grandmother is he world's oldest skydiver after plunging 14,000 feet (4,300 metres) through the South Australian sky
2018/12/15 Annabella Soong Add Address Actress Breakfast at Tiffany's was in the party scene and 'Hong Kong' 1 TV episode
2018/12/15 Dean Hargrove Add Address Screenwriter & Producer: Matlock, Perry Mason, Columbo
2018/12/15 Robert Mugabe Add Address former President of Zimbabwe: 1987-2017
2018/12/15 Yoshihiro Togashi Add Address Creator of Japanese manga: YuYu Hakusho & Hunter x Hunter. Lives in Japan
2018/12/15 Tite Kubo Add Address Creator of Japanese manga: Bleach. Lives in Japan
2018/12/15 Kazue Kato Add Address Creator of Japanese manga: Ao no Exorcist. Lives in Japan
2018/12/15 Rafael Albuquerque Add Address Comic Book Artist- DC Comics
2018/12/14 Tyler Ecker Add Address Washington Redskins rookie tight end
2018/12/14 Brian DeMarco Add Address Brian DeMarco (born April 9, 1972) is a retired NFL offensive lineman. He was drafted in the 2nd round of the 1995 NFL Draft by the Jacksonville Jaguars. He played college football at Michigan State University
2018/12/14 Shawn Crable Add Address Linebacker for the New England Patriots, formerly of Michigan
2018/12/14 Shin Lim Add Address Magician
2018/12/14 Anton Tkac Add Address Cyclist
2018/12/14 Günther Schwägermann Add Address Was a German Officer in WWII, was in the Fuhrerbunker with Hitler. Born: 07/24/1915
2018/12/14 Abel Trujillo Add Address MMA Fighter; UFC
2018/12/14 Joan Webster Add Address Actress: Star Trek, Marcus Welby M.D
2018/12/14 Bart Conrad Add Address Actor: Star Trek, Perry Mason, My Favorite Martian, Mister Buddwing, Sea Hunt, Ada, The Mountain Road, Kraft Suspense Theatre, Five Finger Exercise, Arrest and Trial
2018/12/14 Sherri Townsend Add Address Actress - Played a Crewmember in the Star Trek episode, 'Tomorrow Is Yesterday'
2018/12/14 Jim Spencer Add Address Actor - Played an Air Policeman in the Star Trek episode, 'Tomorrow Is Yesterday'
2018/12/14 James Farley (2) Add Address Actor: Star Trek, Perry Mason, The Fugitive, The Green Hornet, Mod Squad, The World's Greatest Sinner, The Swinger, The Pigeon That Took Rome, Banning, The Young Lawyers
2018/12/14 Jim Gruzal Add Address Actor: Star Trek, The Munsters, John Goldfarb Please Come Home
2018/12/14 Jerry Foxworth Add Address Played a security guard in the Star Trek episode, 'Mudd's Women'
2018/12/14 Peguy Luyindula Add Address Soccer Player
2018/12/14 Henry Mercedes Add Address former A's catcher
2018/12/14 Greg Minton Add Address former Giants and Angels reliever
2018/12/14 Bruce Hurst Add Address former major league pitcher; played for Red Sox, Padres, Rangers & Rockies; 1X All-Star (1987)
2018/12/14 Bob McLeod Add Address Comic Book Artist
2018/12/13 Ramsey Nijem Add Address MMA Fighter; UFC
2018/12/13 Vanesa R. Del Rey Add Address Comic Book Artist - Scarlet Witch, Daredevil, Spiderwoman, Wolverine
2018/12/13 Jennifer Sciole Add Address Actress
2018/12/13 James Fields Add Address Voice actor in YuYu Hakusho
2018/12/13 Aaron Hatch Add Address Voice actor in YuYu Hakusho
2018/12/13 Sara Pichelli Add Address Comic book artist- Marvel
2018/12/13 Rocky Johnson Add Address Professional Wrestler,is also Dwayne Johnson's father
2018/12/13 Benito Santiago Add Address former Padres,Cubs,Reds,and Blue Jays catcher
2018/12/13 Tim Kelly (3) Add Address Retired gay porn star
2018/12/12 Amanda Rachels Add Address Comic book artist
2018/12/12 Sam De La Rosa Add Address Comic Book Artist for DC, Marvel, Darkhorse and Disney Comics
2018/12/12 Brandy Mason Add Address Stars in 'Don't F*ck In The Woods', 'Don't F*ck In The Woods 2'
2018/12/12 Jared Cook Add Address Billy Madison
2018/12/11 Tony Reed (2) Add Address Singer/Musician
2018/12/11 Harold E. Anderson Add Address Second officer on the D.B. Cooper flight in 1971
2018/12/11 Dominique Troyes Add Address Actress-Emmanuelle 3-4,Sweet Dreams,Programmed for Pleasue,Little School Girls,Yound Wild and Crazy,The Comeback of Marilyn,Traci I Love You,The Arrangement,Playboy June 1984
2018/12/11 Jack McKenzie (2) Add Address Canadian ice hockey player. McKenzie was a member of the Kitchener-Waterloo Dutchmen who won the bronze medal for Canada in ice hockey at the 1956 Winter Olympics
2018/12/11 Siouxsie Sioux Add Address singer - siouxsie & the banshees
2018/12/11 Rich Dodson Add Address Member of the 'Stampeders' Famous Rock Group from the 70's
2018/12/11 Alan Williams (3) Add Address Lead singer of the Rubettes
2018/12/11 Theo Custers Add Address Former Belgian goalkeeper (soccer)/International for Belgium
2018/12/11 Frank Anton Add Address Vietnam Vet, POW 1968-1973. Author of the book 'Why Didn't You Get Me Out'
2018/12/11 Joe Hamilton (3) Add Address Was picked 114 by the Boston Red Sox in the 1992 MLB draft
2018/12/10 Willy Mota Add Address Dominican-born outfield prospect signed by the Red Sox as a free agent in 2002
2018/12/10 Jesus Mendez Add Address Position: First Baseman Bats: Left ? Throws: Left 5-10, 173lb (178cm, 78kg) Born: June 14, 1964 (Age: 54-179d) Full Name: Jesus A. Mendez
2018/12/10 Roberto Mejia Add Address Baseball-2B, played 4 years for Col and STL
2018/12/10 Carlos Maldonado (2) Add Address Pitcher who debuted for Kansas City Royals in 1991
2018/12/10 Carlos Mota Add Address Position: Catcher Bats: Right ? Throws: Right 6-0, 210lb (183cm, 95kg) Born: January 10, 1968 (Age: 50-334d) in San Cristobal, Dominican Republic do Full Name: Carlos Manuel Mota
2018/12/10 Vinny Testaverde Add Address NFL, QB, Tampa Bay Buccaneers 1987-92, Cleveland Browns 1993-95; Baltimore Ravens 1996-97; New York Jets 1998-2003, 2005; Dallas Cowboys 2004; New England Patriots 2006; Carolina Panthers 2007. College - Miami
2018/12/10 Ron Cobb Add Address Star Wars Episode IV:A New Hope(Conceptual Creature Designs), Production designer for Alien, Conan and many others
2018/12/10 Elijah Marcano Add Address Actor - The Walking Dead, Chicago P.D., Tag, Nascent Nation, The Leisure Seeker
2018/12/10 Kristen Bicknell Add Address Poker Player
2018/12/10 Cesar Crespo Add Address former MLB Player (second baseman) - Baltimore Orioles, San Diego Padres, Boston Red Sox
2018/12/10 Laysla De Oliveira Add Address Actress -IZombie, Nikita, Gothica, 7 Seconds, Covert Affairs
2018/12/09 Dana White Add Address UFC President
2018/12/09 John Williamson (4) Add Address Basketball Player
2018/12/09 Aaron James (3) Add Address Former NBA Basketball player. Played for New Orleans Jazz 1974-1979
2018/12/09 Aaron James (3) Add Address Former NBA Basketball player. Played for New Orleans Jazz 1974-1979
2018/12/09 Glen Cargyle Add Address Actor, known for White Christmas (1954)
2018/12/09 Phyllis Lynne Add Address Big Band singer of 1940's sang with The Frankie Carle Orchestra
2018/12/09 Kathleen Lane Add Address Kathleen Lane, sometimes billed as Kitty Lane, was a Big Band singer in the 1930s and 1940s
2018/12/09 Cynthia LaMontagne Add Address Actress/That '70's Show
2018/12/09 Diana Davies Add Address Norma Ford in Coronation Street. Also in Brookside
2018/12/09 John Sillett Add Address Former soccer player & manager
2018/12/09 Emile Idee Add Address French cyclist
2018/12/09 Kennedy Summers Add Address Playboy Playmate of the Month December 2013, Playmate of the Year 2014
2018/12/09 Tito Stewart Add Address Former Red Sox prospect baseball
2018/12/09 Sang-Hoon Lee Add Address Former Red Sox pitcher
2018/12/09 Tori Baker Add Address Pornstar
2018/12/09 Lilia Dale Add Address Italian Actress 1930's-1940's. Birth Name: Korlin Hand. Born: 07/18/1919
2018/12/09 Sam Gray Add Address American Actor born 1923.'Wolfen','One Life to Live','Steal the Sky','Hanky Panky','Homeboy','Heart','Law and Order','Naked City','The Sopranos'
2018/12/09 Matt Vogel (2) Add Address Muppet Performer
2018/12/08 Rio Blaze Add Address Brazilian Adult Film Star
2018/12/08 Janie Black Add Address 60s country music singer, sister of recording star jeanne black
2018/12/08 Lauren Stanley Add Address 80s child actress in the mac and me film, her only film
2018/12/08 Margaret Lee (3) Add Address The Violent Four and The Five Golden Dragons
2018/12/08 Candice Roman Add Address Actress-The Big Bird Cage,Manson Massacre,Unholy Rollers
2018/12/08 Merissa Mathes Add Address Actress aka Marrisa Joffrey / Marrisa Mathes / Merissa Mathes appeared in 'How to Succeed with Girls' 1964 'Ride beyond Vengence' and 'Blood Bath' both in 1966
2018/12/07 Rosita Quintana Add Address Mexican actress born 1925
2018/12/07 Ed Puig Add Address Position: Relief Pitcher Bats: Left ? Throws: Left 5-10, 183lb (178cm, 83kg) Born: October 16, 1965 (Age: 52-349d) in Michigan City, IN us Full Name: Edward Benito Puig
2018/12/07 Mike Deodato Add Address Comic Book Artist, Batman, Xena, Avengers, Wonder Woman. Mike Deodato the professional pseudonym of Brazilian comic book artist Deodato Taumaturgo Borges Filho
2018/12/07 Emanuela Lupacchino Add Address Comic Book Artist - Bombshell United, Supergirl, Starfire, Ghost Rider, Thor
2018/12/06 Elisabeth Kalhammer Add Address Born Elisabeth Marchtrenkerin, she was Maid to Adolf Hitler at his vacation home The Berghof, 1943-1945. As of 2015 she is 89 years old
2018/12/06 The Chiffons Add Address female vocal group (he's so fine, 1 fine day)
2018/12/06 Judy Craig Add Address Original lead singer of The Chiffons; 'He's So Fine', 'One Fine Day', 'Sweet Talkin' Guy'
2018/12/06 Helga Line Add Address German born actress now working and living in Spain, starred in 'Nightmare Castle', 'Horror Express', 'My Dear Killer', 'China 9 Liberty 37' and many other horror movies
2018/12/06 Paul Huttel Add Address Actor
2018/12/06 Kurt Westergaard Add Address Cartoonist for Jyllandsposten, famous for making Muhammed caricatures
2018/12/06 Rolland Bradley Add Address Tenor of 'The Charms', a 1950s American doo-wop vocal group. Their biggest hit was a cover of 'Hearts of Stone' (#1 R&B charts, #15 Pop charts, 1954). They also placed 'Ling, Ting, Tong' (#5 R&B, 1955) and 'Two Hearts' ('8 R&B, 1955) in the charts
2018/12/05 Eve Bernhardt Add Address 1950s actress born 1930. IMDb says she lives in Thousand Oaks, CA, married to Richard Harwood, daughter is actress Elizabeth Reynolds
2018/12/05 Donna Drew Add Address 1950's actress
2018/12/05 Gerardo Sandoval Add Address Comic book artist- Marvel
2018/12/05 Joëlle Jones Add Address Comic Book Artist- DC Comics
2018/12/05 Chris Bachalo Add Address Comic book cover artist
2018/12/05 Bianca Kmiec Add Address Model
2018/12/05 Carlo Pagulayan Add Address Comic Book Artist
2018/12/05 June Preston Add Address Former child actress who went on to become opera singer
2018/12/04 Hector Marini Add Address Retired hockey player. Played with Islanders and Devils. Won 2 Stanley Cups with Islanders in 1980s
2018/12/04 Jaime Escobedo Add Address Child Actor - The Bad News Bears & The Bad News Bears In Breaking Training (as Jose Aguilar)
2018/12/04 Lesley Roach Add Address Known for Les Misérables (1967), The First Churchills (1969) and The Moon Over the Alley (1976)
2018/12/04 Robert Summers Add Address Actor, known for Prisoner: Cell Block H (1979) and Zoo Family (1985)
2018/12/04 Beth Sullivan Add Address Creator of Dr Quinn Medicine Woman
2018/12/03 Rachel Blakely Add Address Australian Actress - TV Series - 'Neighbours' (1991-2005), 'The Lost World' (1999-2002), 'Tales of the South Seas' (1998-2000),'Blue Heelers' (1995-1997), 'Mortified' (2006-2007). Movie - 'The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader' (2010)
2018/12/03 Sea Shimooka Add Address Actress- Green Arrow
2018/12/03 Dolf De Vries Add Address Dutch actor - Paul Verhoeven's Black Book
2018/12/02 Everett Lee Add Address Born: August 31, 1916. American conductor and violinist. He was the first African American to conduct a Broadway musical. Currently lives in Sweden
2018/12/02 Frank Løke Add Address Former male handball player also on the national team,was in Kjendis Farmen 2018,kicked out of dancing With the stars 2018 after stripping and only wear Borat costume
2018/12/02 William Edward Quarles Add Address Iran Hostage Crisis Survivor (Fifty-two American diplomats and citizens were held hostage for 444 days (November 4, 1979, to January 20, 1981) (/ U.S. Marine Corps Guard
2018/12/01 Laurette Maritz Add Address Laurette is a South African professional golfer. She made her debut at the Ladies European Tour in 1988. Maritz has won three Ladies European Tour titles in her career in 1988 and in 1990. Apart from LET titles, she has won other tournaments such as South
2018/12/01 Corinne Dibnah Add Address Corinne is an Australian professional golfer. Dibnah played on the ALPG Tour and the Ladies European Tour (LET). She won the 1991 LET Order of Merit after winning three tour events that year
2018/12/01 Kelsey Williams Add Address Cheerleader for the NBA's Oklahoma City Thunder
2018/11/30 Fernanda Suarez Add Address Artist - lives in Santiago, Chile
2018/11/30 Erika Flores Add Address Plays Colleen in the serie 'Dr Quinn medicine woman'
2018/11/29 Skylar Valentine Add Address Adult film star
2018/11/29 Phoenix Dawn Add Address Adult film star
2018/11/29 Crystal Knight Add Address Adult Film Star/Exotic Dancer-Playboy's Night Calls 411
2018/11/29 Barry Hulshoff Add Address Dutch Footballer for Ajax Amsterdam
2018/11/29 Gianni Garko Add Address Spaghetti Westerns, Space: 1999
2018/11/29 Ardian Syaf Add Address Comic Book Artist- Marvel
2018/11/29 John Paul Leon Add Address Comic Book Artist- DC Comics
2018/11/29 David Finch Add Address Cartoonist/ comic book artist
2018/11/28 Jason Paz Add Address Comic Book Artist- DC Comics
2018/11/28 Ariel Olivetti Add Address Comic Book Artist
2018/11/28 Paul Pelletier Add Address Comic Book Artist- DC Comics
2018/11/28 Andrew Hennessy Add Address Comic Book Artist- DC Comics
2018/11/28 Joe Prado Add Address Comic Book Artist- DC Comics
2018/11/28 Clay Mann Add Address Comic Book Artist- DC Comics
2018/11/28 Justin Ponsor Add Address Comic Book Artist- Marvel
2018/11/28 Esad Ribic Add Address Comic Book Artist- Marvel
2018/11/28 Erica Henderson Add Address Comic book artist- Marvel
2018/11/28 Dale Keown Add Address Comic Book Artist
2018/11/28 David Mack (2) Add Address Comic book artist- Marvel
2018/11/28 Scott Wilson (4) Add Address Comic book artist- Marvel
2018/11/28 Amy Reeder Add Address Comic book artist- Marvel
2018/11/28 Andrea Sorrentino Add Address Comic book artist- Marvel
2018/11/28 Mark Brooks (2) Add Address Comic book artist
2018/11/28 Camelia Dee Add Address Actress: 'Hellraiser: Revelations'
2018/11/28 Hilda Bernard Add Address Classic film actress
2018/11/27 Jeremy Bodkin Add Address Child star from the 50's. In films like 'Decision Against Time'
2018/11/27 Gerard Lohan Add Address Child star in films 50's films 'Decision Against Time' and 'The Man in the Sky'
2018/11/27 Audrey Grace Add Address Adult film star
2018/11/27 Melody Marks Add Address Female Model
2018/11/27 Brooke Benz Add Address Adult film star
2018/11/27 Alice Wayne Add Address Adult film star
2018/11/27 Hadley Haze Add Address Adult film star
2018/11/27 Xeena Mae Add Address Adult film star
2018/11/27 Liya Silver Add Address Adult film star
2018/11/27 Mae Meyers Add Address Adult star
2018/11/27 Valerie White (3) Add Address Pornstar
2018/11/27 Leyla Morgan Add Address Adult film star
2018/11/27 Chase Ryder Add Address Adult film star
2018/11/27 Audrey Irons Add Address Adult film star
2018/11/26 Kylie Sinner Add Address Adult star
2018/11/26 Kylie Nicole Add Address Porn Star
2018/11/26 Kiki Minaj Add Address Adult film star
2018/11/26 Blanche Summer Add Address Adult film star
2018/11/26 Canela Skin Add Address Adult film star
2018/11/26 Doreen Tryden Add Address Singer/actress dubbed the singing voice of several actresses in films The Sound of Music 1965, The Second Greatest Sex 1955 and others was the singing voice of Carol Forman in Code of the West 1947
2018/11/26 Sandra Greigo Martinez Add Address Sandra Greigo Martinez(Formerly Sandra Ego) born 1947 in New Mexico, USA. She is an actress, known for McCloud (1970), The Trial of Billy Jack (1974) Cade's County (1971) Born Innocent(1974) Fer - de - Lance(1974). She now lives in NM
2018/11/25 Dave Greenwood Add Address Actor in 1970's TV Series 'Land of the Lost'
2018/11/25 Moulay Idriss Khanousi Add Address Morocco Soccer Worldcup 1970
2018/11/25 Mohammed El Filali Add Address Morocco Soccer Worldcup 1970
Displaying Requests 1-200

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