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StarTiger is the World's Largest Autograph Community:

  • 460,000+ celebrities listed - with addresses
  • 1,100,000+ scanned autographs.
  • 1,200,000+ responses received by collectors
No one can offer you more.

Each page contains all the information you need

  • Current Addresses - so you know where to send
  • Outdated Addresses - so you know where not to send
  • Scanned Autographs - to compare what you get
  • Detailed Statistics for each Address - so you know who received a response, who is still waiting and for how long
  • Complete Change History - so you know what has changed since your last visit
  • Keep Track of your Letters - see exactly what you sent out and what you received
  • and much, much more!

Easy to use, all in one place.

Your complete autograph solution:
Find addresses, manage your collection, discuss with other collectors and much more!

"I love how extensive and complete the listings are. I was also happy to find info on many stars that I've not had much success finding info on."
- Heather Sue P.
StarTiger Daily Updates
StarTiger Example Page - Jeri Ryan
Manage your collection online - No more paperwork!

Forget about the paperwork - Manage your collection with ease!

  • When did I receive that autograph again?
  • Which address did I use?
  • When did I send it?

Get organized: The StarTiger way

With StarTiger you will always know exactly when, what and from where you received your response.
You can even attach scanned autographs directly to the response so you know which autographs you received from which response.

And you can sort it - with a simple click - by name, status, date sent, date received, address or comment - Try that with your notes!

...and it's really easy, too!

Just a click below the address and you know when you sent your letter - and to which address

And when you receive back the response: A short comment, and the response is saved in your online records.

"i just like how everything is so organized."
- Denise H.
StarTiger - Adding pending info is easy
StarTiger Autograph Collection Management
Compare your results - Identify fake autographs.
So you received an autograph through the mail - but is it authentic?

Spot Fake Autographs

Use our extensive autograph gallery of 1,100,000+ scans. Compare what you receive with other autographs, including many, many in-person signed autographs.

Each autograph includes its authenticity and how it was received (in-person, through-the-mail, pulled out of a card pack, etc.).

Compare Before You Buy.

The autograph gallery is a great tool to identify fake autographs you see for sale - e.g. on eBay. Don't spend money on a fake autograph by accident - simply compare it first!


Plus: The scanned autographs also give you great information on what to expect when sending to a celebrity.

Autograph Gallery for Tom Cruise
MyCollection - Showcase Your Collection Online!

Get your very own FREE collection website -
Show all your friends your collection online!

Get your own personal collection page, including:

  • Contains all your successes & other responses you received
  • Includes your own personal autograph gallery (searchable)
  • Includes your own blog to write about your autograph endeavors
  • Includes easy to use link list to link your friends
  • and more...!

Fully customizable!

  • Customize all colors to your liking
  • Many predefined color templates available
  • Define which sections should be visible
  • Hide specific scans/submissions with just one click

And the best thing:
Every time you manage your collection at StarTiger,
your website is automatically updated as well!

FREE with every subscription!

"I like that I can send a link to anyone and they can see the items I am proud of."
- Aaron C.
StarTiger MyCollection - Jason Alexander
StarTiger MyCollection Autograph Gallery
Know exactly what has been updated - and when

Never miss an update...
...and always know what has been changed.

StarTiger is HUGE -
and we perform hundreds of changes, additions and updates every day.

Use these features to see what changed:

Daily Update Lists
Every day we compile a huge list of all changes made during the day -
This makes it easy for you to stay up-to-date.

Plus: you can customize the list so you only see the updates you want to see.

Update Overview in Celebrity Page
Always know exactly what has changed - Each celebrity features a summary of all changes made to the page.

Recent Updates for You
Compiling recent updates for your favorite celebrities, this section gives you a quick overview without searching.

StarTiger - Last Changes
Extensive statistics about all addresses and celebrities

Know what to expect before you send.

StarTiger provides you with extensive statistics about all addresses and celebrities.

Cross-Referenced Addresses.

All agency, sports team, etc. addresses are cross-linked.
See how good a specific agency or sports team is with forwarding fan mail and select the address that delivers the highest chance of a successful reply!

Does the celebrity reply?

Detailed statistics about each celebrity show you how good a specific celebrity is with replying to fan mail.
Make a better informed choice by knowing this beforehand.

Identify and avoid "black hole addresses"

Return to senders are bad - black hole addresses are worse:
All is lost, nothing ever comes back.
Our statistics allow you to spot, identify and avoid "black hole addresses".

Make the better informed choice with StarTiger
Know what to expect before you send.

Combined Statistics for Addresses
Address History and Statistics
Discuss with the Community
Discuss your successes with other users.
Ask for advice, tips & tricks of experienced autograph collectors.

With more than 80,000 topics, 1,110,000+ posts and hundreds of new posts every day, this is a treasure of information and joy for every fan and collector and the heart of our community.

Have question about a specific submission or scan?

Simply send a the user a direct message.

StarTiger Forum
Request new/updated addresses with a few clicks.

Cannot find an address? - Let us look for it!

  • You've been looking for a working address for years?
  • Your favorite celebrity is not listed yet?
  • You believe the addresses listed are no longer accurate?
Simply request a new or updated address with a few clicks.

More than 120,000 fulfilled address requests speaks for itself:

If you're looking for a hard-to-find celebrity, this is your chance!

We research hundreds of address requests every month -
Join now to add yours!

In addition to our research services your your request is also shown in our request area, where our experienced members will help you out.

StarTiger Requests Section
Statistics: Everything you always wanted to know about your collection

Get extensive, live statistics on your collection!

With just one single click, see:

  • Your Successes/RTS's/Pending Totals
  • Wait Time Records
  • Average Wait Times
  • Wait Time Charts for your Pending Entries
  • Complete history graphs for all your submissions, both by year and by month.
  • And much more.

Updated automatically every time you submit a response!

Get a fast overview on how many letters you sent out.
See immediately...for each month and year:

  • how many you received back in a month/year...
  • How many of them were successes
  • How many of them were return to senders
  • How many you are still waiting for
  • more!
"I like that StarTiger is so easy to use and gives me a chance to organize my collection. Apart from that, I really like the statistics feature which has been a great improvement. Thanks very much!"
- Susanne E.
Autograph Collection Statistics
Events & Venues: Stay updated on where your favorite stars are.

44,980 current Events, Signings and Conventions

Get current details about all types of events; for example:

  • Sports & Book Signings...
  • Exciting Conventions...
  • Concert Events...
  • Theatre Plays...
  • Movies and Series Currently Filming...
  • and more...

Great for in-person collecting - or for sending a letter to the venue

StarTiger - Events Overview
StarTiger - Events Page for a Celebrity
MyStars: Favorites - Keep Track on Your Favorite Stars!

Keep track of your favorite stars!

Keep track of your favorites with just a few clicks... never miss an update for them!

We will show you the most recent changes for your favorites - directly on your personal, customizable welcome page!

Use the "want factor" to use your favorites list as a wish list on who to write next!

Bookmark addresses for later use
Add celebrities to your favorites
Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Your Satisfaction Guaranteed - Or Your Money Back!

... and this is the best part:

Joining StarTiger is completely risk-free and your satisfaction is guaranteed - or we will refund your money!

StarTiger is the World's Largest Autograph Community.
We work hard on keeping our contact database up-to-date, with hundreds of changes per day.
In addition to the feedback and submissions made by our members, we use unique techniques we developed for StarTiger over the years to provide you with address details for more than 460,000 celebrities, with constant updates.
And we constantly work on our community to provide all our members with new or extended features, tools or even more information so they can concentrate on and enjoy their hobby.

This is why we believe you will be satisfied with StarTiger. But don't just take our word for it - we guarantee your satisfaction, in writing:

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Our Satisfaction Guarantee To You:
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