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  1. Model/Actress-Benchwarmer,Emmanuelle:First Contact,Bikini Traffic School,Kissing a Dream
  2. Actor
  3. German TV Host
  4. Civil right activist; Little Rock Nine member
  5. Host (Urban Rush)
  6. Hockey Player
  7. Actor - The Three Musketeers
  8. Female Model
  9. Baseball player
  10. Actor: Erin Brockovich, The Core, Thank You For Smoking, The Black Dahlia, The Dark Knight, Paycheck, Thursday, Battle Los Angeles, No Reservations
  11. Screenwriter - Brother Grimm (TV), The Coffee Trader
  12. Singer
  13. Author
  14. Actress
  15. Actor -Two And A Half Men,Desperate Housewives,Friends,Ellen, NCIS
  16. Actor: Beverly Hills 90210, The Learning Curve, Shakedown, Big, Fat Man and Little Boy, Junior, Judgment Day, Chicago Hope, A Cinderella Story, The Avengers
  17. George on ABC Family series 'Huge'
  18. Writer, Star Trek:The Kobayashi Maru Scenario
  19. Author
  20. Mathematician, master of world puzzles, writer
  21. Actor has appeared on 24 & CSI Miami
  22. football
  23. Female Fashion Model
  24. Male Voice Over Talent
  25. Female Basketball Player
  26. Drag Racer - NHRA
  27. Former Swiss Championship handball player now a lawyer who manages the swiss public broadcasting company
  28. German actor born movies from 1961-93.'Koeniglich Bayrisches Amtsgericht','Weissblaue Geschichten','Chiemgauer Volkstheater','Der Millionenbauer'
  29. German actor
  30. Fashion Designer
  31. German Radio Personality
  32. Redirect Entry for Rob Strauss
  33. Actress
  34. Male Model
  35. Actor
  36. Titles for 4 in the early 70's films including Klute 1971
  37. Voice artist, Ahsoka Tano (voice)Star Wars The Clone Wars, married to retired MLB Player, David Eckstein
  38. columnist
  39. Fighter
  40. Retired MLB Player - Shortstop for the Padres. Won World Series in 2002 with Angels, and in 2006 with Cardinals. 2006 World Series MVP. Also played for Diamondbacks & Blue Jays
  41. Actor
  42. Soccer Player
  43. Author
  44. Star Trek, Limara'Son - Yost - New Alpha Hirogen - Morak - Young Hirogen.He also appeared in the feature film Se7en and also appeared and co-produced the film Hoodlum
  45. Actor
  46. Baseball Coach for the Los Angeles Angels
  47. Singer/Bandleader
  48. Former Buccaneers' RB
  49. British Comedienne and Author
  50. Band
  51. Band
  52. Broadway play
  53. Italian writer, wrote the novel 'The Name of the Rose'
  54. metal-electronic band (all that you are/99)
  55. NASCAR Broadcaster
  56. Child/Teen film actor of 1940s/50s with his twin brother Michael in 'The Band Wagon', 'They Were Expendable'
  57. Child/Teen film actor of 1940s/50s. Appeared with his twin brother George in 'The Band Wagon', 'They Were Expendable'
  58. Stand up comedian. Regular on Bob & Tom. Husband of comedian Caroline Rhea
  59. NFL - Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2006
  60. Pitcher
  61. Actor
  62. Rock Band featuring members of AC/DC, Peter Criss' Band, and Sheryl Crow's band.
  63. Author
  64. Model blonde stripper born charlotte ball
  65. Leader of the Orthodox Church; Regarded as the second most influential Religious leader in the world; next only to the Pope in Rome
  66. Former Notre Dame football player. Co-captain 1958. 18th round pick by New York Giants in 1959. Played in C.F.L
  67. Actor
  68. Ed 
    NBC show starring Tom Cavanaugh
  69. Football Coach - Los Angeles Avengers 2007
  70. IndyCar Race Team
  71. Canadian Cartoon on Cartoon Network
  72. German politician - member of Deutscher Bundestag
  73. Former NHL hockey player with the Washington Capitals from 1978 - 1981
  74. Tennis Player - Mens singles Wimbledon Champion 1988 & 1990
  75. Actor
  76. Actor - 'Fear the Walking Dead,' 'The Bridge,' 'The Long Way.'
  77. Actress
  78. Actor
  79. Former jockey
  80. Author
  81. Choreographer
  82. Rugby Player
  83. Olympian Rowing
  84. singer/songwriter (let me down hard, shithole bar)
  85. Redirect Entry for Eddie Edwards
  86. Dj
  87. author
  88. David Eddings  (2)
    Voice actor for gearbox. Voice of Claptrap from borderlands
  89. MLB Umpire
  90. Baseball player drafted by the chicago cubs in 1987
  91. Animator/Actor
  92. Actress 1920's-40's Goldwyn Girl, Chorus girl 'Gold Diggers in Paris', 'Gold Diggers of 1935', 'Gold Diggers of 1937'.
  93. Played DH/first base for Michigan State Univesity in the early 1980s. Originally from Ionia, Michigan
  94. Jerry leadbetter in 70s uk sitcom the good life
  95. Actor
  96. Basketball Player
  97. Actor, Star Trek Enterprise
  98. Author, Former Auburn University star defensive end, kinown as 'The Big Cat from Bratt'
  99. Football Player
  100. Actor,was the Grail Knight in Indiana Jones & the Last Crusade
  101. Actor
  102. Author
  103. Baseball player drafted by the tampa bay rays in 2000
  104. Hair & Make-Up Designer
  105. Screenwriter
  106. Actress-Star Wars Episode IV:A New Hope(Garidan),Secrets of a Windmill Girl
  107. C3-PO & Princess Leia Stunt Double On Star Wars Episode VI Return Of The Jedi
  108. LB Iowa
  109. Soccer Player
  110. American Actress 1940's. Born: 10/02/1915
  111. Former Kansas City Royals Pitcher
  112. Author
  113. Hockey Player
  114. Hockey Player, *10. December 1989
  115. Country singer
  116. Baseball / 1970-71 / Pitcher for Chicago White Sox / Great Minor League Career Compiling 36 Wins in Only 3 Years
  117. R&R Guitarist - Rebel-'Rouser, Movin' & Groovin', Cannonball, Ramrod, The Lonely One, Yep!, Peter Gunn, Because They're Young, Forty Miles Of Bad Road, Pepe, Some Kind-A Earthquake, Dance With The Guitar Man, Boss Guitar, Ballad Of Paladin. R&R HOF '94
  118. Pro Women's Soccer Player
  119. Production Designer
  120. Actress - silent film star, later a character actress - born 1897, died 1990
  121. Male Voice Over Talent
  122. Baseball player drafted by the montreal expos in 1989
  123. Actress-Day 5,Camp Camp,Mustang Island
  124. ASA Series Driver
  125. (June 29, 1901 - March 6, 1967) was an American singer and actor who appeared in 19 musical films during the 1930s and 1940s, as well as in opera and on the concert stage, radio, television, and in nightclubs
  126. Former Notre Dame and Professional Football Player
  127. Actor
  128. Female Model
  129. Singer/Musician
  130. Visual Effects Camera Operator on both Star Wars and Star Trek films
  131. Actress: General Hospital, Married With Children, High School High, Motel Blue, Seinfeld, Sour Grapes, The Godson, Inspector Gadget, Buying the Cow, Barbershop, Daddy Day Care, Matchstick Men, ER, Gridiron Gang, Seven Pounds, Legit
  132. Pitched a few games for the Angels in 1979
  133. WASP, Flew the bt-19, p-47, p-39, p-40, p-51, p-63
  134. Soccer Player
  135. 'Star Trek: The Next Generation' .... Poet # 'Spin City' .... Elderly Man # It Had to Be You (2000) .... Father Fitzpatrick #
  136. Male Model
  137. Costume Designer
  138. Author
  139. Actor
  140. Football Player
  141. Author
  142. German-born Director (Last Exit to Brooklyn, Rasputin)
  143. Actor
  144. Flight sicentist
  145. Former MLB baseball player. Pitcher for the Cardinals and Reds in 1981-82
  146. Watt's riot: Edelen was was a black cop during the riot, experienced a large amount of racism during his time in the LAPD
  147. Author
  148. Attorney
  149. Baseball Player
  150. Comedian
  151. football player
  152. Director - O.J.: Made in America (Academy Award Winner 2017, Best Documentary Feature)
  153. nobel medicine 1972
  154. Broadway Actor, and film actor 'Little Children'
  155. Actor - The Golden Girls (as Stan - 2 Emmy noms), St. Elsewhere, The Odd Couple, Barefoot In The Park (Broadway & film), California Suite, The Way We Were, The Front Page '74, The Yazuka, Steambath, The Good Guys, Murder She Wrote, Big John Little John
  156. Author
  157. Author
  158. Member of 1955 Milwaukee Braves. Played 5 games
  159. Singer/Musician
  160. NFL WR, New England Patriots. College, Kent State QB
  161. Cinematographer - the pianist
  162. Lawyer, Policy Maker, Law Professor
  163. Composer: DragonHeart, The Last of the Mohicans, Ghostbusters 2, Anaconda, My Cousin Vinny, Beethoven, Dragon - The Bruce Lee Story, The Mask, Billy Madison, Edtv, xXx, Twins, Feds, Gettysburg, MacGyver, The Skulls, Billy Madison
  164. Author
  165. Author
  166. Author
  167. Actor: Flightplan, Blue skies, Catch me if you can
  168. Author
  169. Art Director for Yellow Submarine
  170. opera singer
  171. Vocalist
  172. Opera Singer
  173. Former German Soccer Player (FC Schalke 04), *19. March 1965
  174. Actor
  175. Nordic Combination
  176. Author - Great Monsters of the Movies
  177. Author
  178. Actor: The Hills Have Eyes 2, Green Room, Bad Night, Jurassic World, Fresh Off the Boat, Parks and Recreation, Shameless, Hotel for Dogs
  179. Actor
  180. Actress-House,Ally McBeal,The West Wing,Almost Perfect,Relativity,30 Days,What Women Want,Daddy Day Care,Leap of Faith,Superman The Animaed Series,In The Loop,L.A. Without a Map,Susan's Plan,Keeping The Faith,Felicity,Mrs.Harris,Justice League Unlimited,D
  181. Author
  182. Author
  183. Screenwriter
  184. Circus
  185. fashion designer
  186. Actress
  187. Actor
  188. Author
  189. Author
  190. Redirect Entry for Fiona Russell-Powell
  191. Adult Film Star
  192. Male Model
  193. Male Model
  194. Redirect Entry for Alaura Eden
  195. Redirect Entry for Alaura Eden
  196. Actor
  197. Actress/Model
  198. Star Trek 2009, Parks And Recreation, Jimmy Kimmel Live, 90210,Material Girls
  199. American Actress born 1934.was married with Actor Michael Ansara.Jeannie on 'I Dream of Jeannie'(1965-70),'Flaming Star','7 Faces of Dr.Lao','Dallas','Brothers Grimm','Voyage to Bottom of Sea','Yellow Canary','5 Weeks in a Ballon','Brass Bottle'
  200. porn star
  201. Porn star/Penthouse Pet March 2016
  202. Adult Star
  203. Singer/Musician
  204. Playboy Playmate - Miss December 1960, mother of Playboy Playmate Simone Fleurice Eden - Miss Feb. 1989
  205. Israeli-American Actress/Singer - 1958 to 1987 in Bat Masterson, The Aquanauts, and many others
  206. Singer
  207. Widow of Sir Anthony Eden, 1st Earl of Avon (1897-1977) and ex Prime Minister (UK)
  208. Author
  209. Soccer Player from Ghana
  210. Author of The Thrill of the Chaste , Professional Speaker
  211. Actress
  212. Actress in small roles between 1960-66. Born 1940 in Israel
  213. Actress
  214. Baseball Player
  215. internet model
  216. Rugby League Player
  217. Young Actor: Pure(2002), Peter Pan(2003), Oliver Twist(2005), has appeared on many British TV shows
  218. Harry Eden  (2)
    Rugby League Player (Deceased)
  219. Model
  220. Lord. UK House of Lords
  221. Porn Star
  222. Athlete
  223. Actor: Alan Bradley in Coronation Street, Marco Polo in Doctor Who, Number 100 in The Prisoner
  224. Former Rugby League Player
  225. Baseball player from 1976-1978 with the Braves and White Sox
  226. Detroit Mich Lawyer. Ran for office unsuccessfully. Was a member of the first integrated law firm in the USA.
  227. Lord Henley, British Politician
  228. Screenwriter/Dramatist
  229. Actor (b: 1959) - Robocop (TV series, title role, 23 episodes), Santa Barbara (220 episodes as Brick Wallace), Emerald Point NAS (as Christopher Bailey), The Accuser, Public Enemies '96
  230. German Playboy and actor born movies from 1959-85.'Terror of Doctor Mabuse','Das Siebente Opfer','De Sade','Drei Lederhosen in St.Tropez','The French Sex Murders','Higher and Higher'
  231. Redirect Entry for Sadie Eddon
  232. Race Car Driver
  233. Playboy Playmate - Miss February 1989, daughter of Playboy Playmate Carol Eden (Miss Dec. 1960)
  234. auto racing sprint cars
  235. German adult star
  236. Adult Model/Adult Film Star
  237. Popstars, single 'Get Over Yourself'
  238. Band
  239. Actress
  240. Swedish musical actor and former soccerplayer for 'AIK Stockholm' born in 1975.Das Phantom in 'Phantom der Oper'(seit 2013),Graf von Krolock in'Tanz der Vampire'(2006-08),'West Side Story','Wicked','Miss Saigon','AIDA','Die Paepstin','Elisbeth'
  241. Multi Media Journalist
  242. Right-hander who pitched in 7 games for the Angels in 1995 and in 2 games for them in 1996
  243. WWII - Fighter Ace, 7 victories. Europe, 56th Fighter Group ('Zemke's Wolf Pack'), 62nd Fighter Sqadron. Few the P-40, P-47, P-51, F-84, F-100. Also served in Korea (23 January 1951, 'Mig alley')
  244. TV Host (NL)
  245. Baseball Player
  246. Baseball/Cincinnati Reds prospect
  247. tv writer
  248. Tv writer - X-Men, dungeons and dragons
  249. tv writer
  250. former major league pitcher; played for Brewers, Astros, Phillies, Mets, Cubs & Twins
  251. Co-Owner of the Milwaukee Bucks
  252. Band
  253. Nashville 'A-Team' studio musician, rcorded with the Who's Who of Country music in the late 1950s and early 1960s
  254. Singer/Musician
  255. Actor
  256. Director
  257. Soccer Player
  258. Actress
  259. Director of Photography
  260. Broadway Star and Singer
  261. Female Model
  262. Actress
  263. Model
  264. German Playboy model, Playmate of the year 2003
  265. Vocalist
  266. German soccer player
  267. Actor
  268. Author
  269. Sports Agent
  270. Scott Eder  (2)
  271. Biathlete
  272. Equestrian
  273. WWII Navy Pilot Ace
  274. Female Model
  275. 1st woman to swim english channel. won 3 medals in 1924 olympics. hall of fame swimmer
  276. Still Smokin, Peter Bell
  277. Actor
  278. Female Voice Over Talent
  279. Author
  280. Movie & stage actor silent era/1914 starred in Cecil B. DeMille's film, Call of the North. Edeson replaced actor Rudolph Christians in Erich von Stroheim's production of Foolish Wives (1922)
  281. Hockey player
  282. Soccer Player, West Ham United FC
  283. swimming olympics
  284. David Edgar  (2)
    Soccer Player
  285. David Edgar  (3)
  286. Author of the book 'A Journey Between Souls - The Story of a Soldier and a Pharaoh' and long-time friend and confidante of the late Corporal Richard Adamson, one of the last survivors of the discovery of the tomb of Tutankhamun in 1922
  287. Student photographer captured iconic moment of Vancouver riot kissing couple via cellphone video
  288. Voice Over Talent
  289. UFC Fighter; nickname: 'The Answer' - current UFC lightweight champion
  290. Singer/Musician
  291. Redirect Entry for Jim Edgar
  292. Former Governor of Illinois (1991-1999)
  293. Jim Edgar  (2)
    Author - Dark Side of the cat, Bad Cat, My Cat Hates You
  294. Director
  295. Actress
  296. British Olympian Cyclist (Track Cycling)
  297. Singer/Musician
  298. Author
  299. Athlete - Track & Field
  300. Author
  301. Remington Steele, The A-Team
  302. guitarist/singer - U2
  303. Edge  (2)
    Redirect Entry for Adam Copeland
  304. Actor
  305. Actress
  306. Baseball Player
  307. Author - Fiction
  308. baseball Played for the 1979 Toronto Blue Jays
  309. Author
  310. Drummer for the Moody Blues, The Moody Blues: Live at Montreux 1991 (1991)
  311. Soccer Player
  312. Male Voice Over Talent
  313. LPGA professional first playing on the tour in 1985
  314. Author
  315. Gondorian Soldier 1 in the Return of the KIng
  316. Actor
  317. Former NFL football player for the Steelers. Rookie year 1996
  318. Alan in Phoenix Nights
  319. Former Rugby League Player
  320. Film/TV Writer
  321. Former Governor of New Jersey and US Senator
  322. Author
  323. Baseball Player
  324. Actress
  325. Second tenor of the Doo-Wop group The Valentines, also a member of The Val-Tones, The Orientals, The Del-Knights
  326. Author from Gloucester
  327. Actress
  328. Children's Author
  329. Male Voice Over Talent: Eeth Koth - Star Wars Clone Wars
  330. Member Early Birds of Aviation/devoted to history of early pilots. Started 1928 & membership totaled 598/Membership limited to the pilots of glider, gas balloon, or airplane, pre-12/17/1916. Time of Wright Bro's 1st flight-1916 when many trained 4 WW1
  331. Actor
  332. football
  333. Harlem Globetrotters
  334. Pitcher for Kansas City A's in 1966 (6 games) and 1967 (7 games) and was member of the 1969 Pilots (4 games)
  335. author (walk across egyp, killer diller)
  336. Author - Non-Fiction
  337. Burger King
  338. actor- trans, all shook up
  339. Female Cyclist - BMW Bianchi
  340. Last surviving passenger from the Morro Castle disaster in 1934; he was the ship's radio operator
  341. Actor-Star Wars Episodes II-III:Attack Of The Clones/Revenge of The Sith(Owen Lars),Loaded,Race The Sun,Dogwatch,The Hard Way,Ned Kelly,Secret Life of Us,Smokin Aces,Open Window,Dossa and Joe,King Arthur
  342. Drafted in the 9th round (283rd overall) by the Atlanta Braves in 2014
  343. Stunt double for Obi Wan Kenobi in Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones, and Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith
  344. Author
  345. Female Model
  346. Romance Writer/writes sexy love stories about characters along that sometimes scary, often thrilling path toward self-discovery
  347. James Bond, Dr.No
  348. Author
  349. Professional Footballer
  350. Author
  351. Female Model
  352. Backup vocalist; 'The Nashville Edition'. Sang backup on countless Country albums in the 1960s and 1970s, including Elvis
  353. Baseball Player
  354. Actress
  355. Actress
  356. actress, 'chiana' on tv's farscape
  357. Band
  358. Discovered the Dead Sea Scrolls in winter 1946/47. He lives in Bethlehem, near Israel
  359. Actor
  360. Band
  361. Rock Band - At Hello, 2012, Meaning Of Shady Pt. 2, Paralyzed, Better Days
  362. Baseball Coach
  363. Redirect Entry for Christopher Kenney
  364. Edie  (2)
  365. Actor
  366. Actor
  367. Author
  368. Author of arnold edinborough an autobiograghy
  369. Former soccer player. Played for Southend United, Tottenham Hotspur and Portsmouth Football Clubs. Now Manager of Rushden & Diamonds Football Club
  370. Hockey Player
  371. Violinist
  372. football player (2) (k)
  373. Author
  374. Author
  375. Swimming Team Australia
  376. Soccer Player
  377. Actor
  378. Basketball player for St John's
  379. Voice Over Talent
  380. MTV Real World
  381. NFL - WR, Tennessee Titans, (2009 draft, #206 overall). College; Stephen F. Austin
  382. Rock Band, Most Known For Their 1-800-OK-Cable Commercial Jingle - 'I Got Cable'
  383. Actress
  384. Singer/Musician
  385. Male Voice Over Talent
  386. Actress: Heat, Escape from L.A., Face/Off, Armageddon, Star Trek: Insurrection Descendant of Thomas Edison
  387. Singer/Musician
  388. Conductor
  389. American inventor and businessman who developed many devices that greatly influenced life around the world, including the phonograph and a long lasting light bulb
  390. Football Player - Winnipeg Blue Bombers 2007
  391. pop group (love grows)
  392. Great Grandson of Thomas Edison
  393. Great Great Granddaughter of Thomas Edison
  394. Actress
  395. Singer/Musician
  396. Band
  397. Soccer player
  398. Former Playboy Bunny,Playboy October 1976
  399. Actress
  400. Baseball Player
  401. Baseball Player
  402. Vancouver Canucks (NHL) Defenseman
  403. Professional Poker Player
  404. Baseball / 1980-83 / Third Baseman For Seattle Mariners / Washington State University 1976-78 / Elected Mayor Of Yakima, WA In January 2006
  405. Model
  406. Baseball Player
  407. Former swedish actress and now politician
  408. Radio Presenter - FM4 (Austria)
  409. Musicians
  410. Creator of The Tick Comic Book, Firefly, Point Pleasant, Angel-Supernatural-
  411. Actress
  412. Soccer Player
  413. Snowboarder
  414. cinematographer, First cameraman: miniature and optical effects unit for Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, Special visual effects for Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back, Visual effects for Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi
  415. Professional Footballer
  416. Swedish sport shooter, Olympic champion 2000
  417. Female Model
  418. Baseball Player
  419. Editor
  420. Soccer Player
  421. Redirect Entry for José Edmílson Gomes de Moraes
  422. Football Coach
  423. Actor
  424. Stage and film actress - 'Cats', 'The Wiz', 'Stop the World'
  425. Kids Voice Actor
  426. Former Balmain Rugby League Player
  427. Musical theatre actress: member of the original cast of 'Cats'
  428. Actress
  429. Lord Edmiston, British Politician
  430. Redirect Entry for April March
  431. Voice Actor - Trilogy Of Terror (v/Zuni fetish doll), v/Ernie The Keebler Elf, 5 Planet Of The Apes films, The Bugaloos (v/Sparky), HR Puffnstuf (v/Dr Blinkey), Sigmund & The Sea Monsters (v/BD Ooze), Transformers (v/Inferno), Land Of The Lost, Lidsville
  432. Actress
  433. Newt in Alien 3
  434. Former Soccer Player (VfB Leipzig)
  435. Actress. Played Ghost of Harriet Collins, Stella Young on Dark Shadows
  436. Pumpkinhead II, Return of Living Dead 3, Beverly Hills 90210 (Season 7), Pacific Palisades (german title: 'L.A. Affairs')
  437. Actor/60's-80's
  438. NFL - CB, Los Angeles Chargers, 2018 UDFA
  439. Author
  440. Actor
  441. College football player for University of Texas
  442. Actress, 'Nicky' in 'Saving Grace'
  443. Retired General
  444. Redirect Entry for Al Edmonds
  445. Soccer Player
  446. The Nurse's Secret (1941), Here Comes Happiness (1941) and Thieves Fall Out (1941) and the Male Animal(1942)
  447. Actor
  448. Presenter
  449. Maine State Senator (2001-present)
  450. Former professional American football running back who played for the Seattle Seahawks, the Los Angeles Raiders, and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers from 1986 to 1989 and 1995
  451. NZ Rugby Player
  452. Football - Fordham RB
  453. Screenwriter
  454. Author - Non Fiction
  455. Actress
  456. Actress
  457. TV Personality
  458. Model
  459. Actor
  460. Guy Edmonds  (2)
    Baseball Player
  461. Australian Rugby Player
  462. Chicago Cubs Outfielder/Former Center Fielder for the St. Louis Cardinals, San Diego Padres and Los Angeles/Anaheim Angels
  463. MLL - Charlotte Hounds
  464. Redirect Entry for Babyface
  465. Singer/Musician
  466. Pro Women's Soccer Player
  467. Actor - Dark Shadows (as Brutus Collins), All My Children (as Langley Wallingford), Young Dr. Malone, Search For Tomorrow, Come Spy With Me
  468. Australian Rugby Player