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StarTiger - Recent Deaths
Recent Deaths
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  1. 2020-02-21
    An artist and comic book writer-editor, notable for his co-creation of E-Man (with artist Joe Staton) and Moonchild
  2. 2020-02-21
    Actor played Grandfather in Everything is Illuminated.
  3. 2020-02-21
    (Born Tao Porchon, August 13, 1918) is a French-Indian yogi, dancer, oenophilist, former model, and former actress. Born in India, she was attracted to yoga at a young age and is now the 'worlds oldest' yoga instructor
  4. 2020-02-20
    Born on February 20, 1920 in Cape Town, South Africa. She is an actress, known for No Orchids for Miss Blandish (1948), Lady Luck (1948) and A Night with the Stars (1950). She was previously married to Hubert Gregg
  5. 2020-02-19
    Former NHL left wing. Played for the Boston Bruins (1947/48 - 1948/49) Detroit Red Wings (1949/50) Chicago Blackhawks (1950/51 - 1952/53) & NY Rangers (1952/53)
  6. 2020-02-19
    Argentine Actress - TV Series - 'Teatro como en el teatro' (1973 -1975), 'María, María y María' (1980), 'La Torre en jaque' (1981), 'Teatro de humor' (1981-1982), 'Mesa de noticias' (1983), 'El infiel'(1986), 'Alta comedia'(1972,74,84), 'Illusions'(200
  7. 2020-02-19
    British astronomer
  8. 2020-02-19
    Brazillian actor/director: 'Coffin Joe'
  9. 2020-02-18
    Blind man in 'Suspiria' -Il Divo-
  10. 2020-02-17
    Author - True Grit, Norwood, The Dog Of The South, Masters Of Atlantis, Gringos
  11. 2020-02-17
    Golfer. Hall of Fame
  12. 2020-02-17
    German Actress born 1926.'Schwarzwaldmaedel','Am Brunnen vor dem Tore','Hollandmaedel','Die Lustigen Weiber von Windsor','Kaiserball','Der Zarewitsch','Das Bad auf der Tenne','Opernball','Darkness Fell on Gotenhafen','Matter of Who','Axel Munthe'
  13. 2020-02-16
    Sing and songwriter born in New-Zealand, moved in France in 1948, e.g. 'Sacrée bouteille'
  14. 2020-02-16
    Four time Tony winning actress: Masterclass, The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie, Medea,Road To Avonlea
  15. 2020-02-16
    English entertainer, popular during the 1950s and early 1960s, with her husband Teddy Johnson
  16. 2020-02-16
    British actress born 8/21/1936.'Scrooge','Oliver Twist','Hide and Seek','Henry the 8th','Watcher in the Woods','Afraid of the Dark','Hammer House of Horror','Casualty','Doctors'
  17. 2020-02-16
    Jason Davis  (7)
    Voice of Mikey on Disney's Recess
  18. 2020-02-16
    Legendary ex-Manchester United & Northern Ireland goalkeeper who was a hero in the Munich Disaster, when he saved a number of people from death in the minutes after the plane crash
  19. 2020-02-16
    Dutch Footballer for Ajax Amsterdam
  20. 2020-02-16
    basketball coach
  21. 2020-02-16
    actress-*M*A*S*H*,Clue The Movie,Amazon Women On The Moon,Shattered,3 Ninjas Kick Back,Black Day Blue Night,Doctor Dolittle
  22. 2020-02-15
    former Blue Jays,Padres,and Mets shortstop
  23. 2020-02-15
    TV Presenter 'Gladiators (Uk 2009)'
  24. 2020-02-15
  25. 2020-02-15
    Pearl Harbor Survivor - USS Arizona - suffered severe burns from ship explosion
  26. 2020-02-14
    Actress - Sex and the City (Magda), Law & Order (Judge Elizabeth Mizener - 11 episodes), Damages, The Last Days Of Leni Riefenstahl (title role)
  27. 2020-02-14
  28. 2020-02-14
    Radio dj
  29. 2020-02-14
  30. 2020-02-14
    Played 'Gaius' in Ridley Scott's 'Gladiator'
  31. 2020-02-14
    Clayton 'Claytie' Williams, Jr. (b. 10/8/1931), businessman from Midland, Texas, was unsuccessful Republican gubernatorial nominee 1990 against Democratic State Treasurer Ann Richards even though Williams initially led in opinion polls by 20 points
  32. 2020-02-13
    singer/songwriter (friends, bette midler)
  33. 2020-02-13
    football coach
  34. 2020-02-13
    Children's Author
  35. 2020-02-12
    Paul English  (2)
    Country Musician, Willie Nelson's longtime drummer who started playing with him in Fort Worth in 1955
  36. 2020-02-12
    Dutch Author
  37. 2020-02-12
  38. 2020-02-12
    Olympian canoer of Hungary
  39. 2020-02-11
    Mayor of Reno, Nevada
  40. 2020-02-11
    Australian Actor born in 1929. 115 Movies & TV-Series 1955-2015
  41. 2020-02-11
    Japanese Baseball Legend. 5-Time Pacific League MVP. Japanese Baseball HOF Member.
  42. 2020-02-11
    German Director
  43. 2020-02-10
    jazz pianist
  44. 2020-02-10
    Dick Scott  (2)
    Spent 8 years pitching in the Cubs chain, even appearing in a few games for the Cubs in 1963, and was then traded to the Dodgers for Jim Brewer and Cuno Barragan, appearing in a few games for the Dodgers in 1964
  45. 2020-02-09
  46. 2020-02-09
    opera singer
  47. 2020-02-09
    Dancer/Actress-Once Upon A Time,When We Were Colored,Santa Barbara,Sweet Charity,The Andromeda Strain,Soylent Green,Lost in the Stars,Uptown Saturday Night,Feel The Heat,Chiefs,Night Court,Women of Brewster Place,Playboy November 1972/January 1989
  48. 2020-02-08
    American Actor born 1935.James T.West on 'Wild Wild West'(1965-69),Tim Lopaka on 'Hawaiian Eye'(1959-63),'Jingle All the Way','Palm Springs Weekend','Murph the Surf','Sudden Death','Lady in Red','Samurai Cowboy','High Sierra','Assassin','Mission Impossibl
  49. 2020-02-08
    Maurice Girardot (born December 22, 1921) was a French basketball player. He competed in the 1948 Summer Olympics Girardot was part of the French basketball team, which won the silver medal, and is the last surviving player from the 1948 team
  50. 2020-02-08
    Founded Mammoth Lakes resort
  51. 2020-02-08
    Author & Actor: Spenser for Hire, Cop Rock, Law & Order, The Postman, Sex and the City, The Practice, Judging Amy, Person of Interest, The Flamingo Kid, Third Watch, Ed, Champs, Ryan's Hope
  52. 2020-02-08
    Former NHL player for the New York Rangers
  53. 2020-02-08
  54. 2020-02-07
    Actor, Author, Game Show Panelist . The Hobbit (1977) Voice of Bilbo Baggins in animated LOTR, married to Actress Alley Mills
  55. 2020-02-07
    outfielder (39)
  56. 2020-02-07
    Holocaust survivor of the concentration camps of Auschwitz, Neuengamme and Bergen - Belsen; also survived the Lodz Ghetto in Poland
  57. 2020-02-07
  58. 2020-02-07
    Former Rugby League Player
  59. 2020-02-07
    AAGPBL player; catcher and bat girl for the 1952-1954 Grand Rapids Chicks
  60. 2020-02-07
    American Child Actress born 1931 - 'How Green was My Valley','Intermezzo','Blue Bird','All This and Heaven Too','Brigham Young','Jolston Story','Three Daring Daughters','Cover Up','Trouble with Father'
  61. 2020-02-06
    former college/NBA player; played for Indiana State University, NY Knicks & Detroit Pistons
  62. 2020-02-06
    WWII - Captured during Battle of the Bulge, he became the most famous POW of WWII when LIFE featured a photo taken at prison camp Stalag 12-A in Limburg, Germany, on the day of his liberation. He became known as 'The Human Skeleton'
  63. 2020-02-06
    Singer with The Chordettes; had hits with Mr Sandman, Lollipop, Zorro in the 1950s-1960s
  64. 2020-02-06
    Dean of American Sportswriters; Most famous work is 'The Boys of Summer' about the 1955 Brooklyn Dodgers
  65. 2020-02-06
    WWII vet, born 1920. Last living member of the Flying Tigers pilot unit that worked in China, Burma, and Thailand
  66. 2020-02-06
  67. 2020-02-06
  68. 2020-02-06
    WWII: Pearl Harbor survivor, 7 December 1941. USS California
  69. 2020-02-05
    nobel med. laureate 1986
  70. 2020-02-05
    Actor: The Outer Limits, Oz, The Bronx is Burning, The Black Donnellys, Gods & Generals, Gettysburg, Slaughterhouse-Five, Portnoy's Complaint, Thirteen Days, One Good Cop, Rambling Rose, Streets Of Laredo, The Funhouse, Mystic River
  71. 2020-02-05
    Hockey player
  72. 2020-02-05
    WWII - Captured during Battle of the Bulge, he became the most famous POW of WWII when LIFE featured a photo taken at prison camp Stalag 12-A in Limburg, Germany, on the day of his liberation. He became known as 'The Human Skeleton'
  73. 2020-02-05
    Actor (b: 1916) - Spartacus, Paths Of Glory, Lust For Life, Out Of The Past, The Bad & The Beautiful, Detective Story, Ulysses, Champion, Young Man With A Horn, Gunfight At The OK Corral, Lonely Are The Brave, 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea, The Vikings
  74. 2020-02-04
    Italy, Fencing, 3 olympic medals, born 2 August 1926
  75. 2020-02-04
  76. 2020-02-04
  77. 2020-02-04
    Musician innew riders of the purple sage
  78. 2020-02-04
    MLB outfielder from 1946-56 for the Senators, Orioles, White Sox, and Giants. Twice had batting average of .303 in 1950 and 1951. Minor League Player of the Year 1945
  79. 2020-02-04
    Playboy Playmate - Miss August 1967
  80. 2020-02-04
    Former President of Kenya (1978-2002)
  81. 2020-02-03
    Child actor on radio. Did bit boy parts for 'The Lone Ranger' original radio show (and other shows), then hired as a soundman for the show as older soundmen were going into WWII
  82. 2020-02-03
    Actor - Captains Courageous, Boys Town, In Old Chicago, The Country Girl, Love Finds Andy Hardy. Producer - MASH (TV - 121 episodes). Director The Andy Griffith Show. Writer
  83. 2020-02-03
  84. 2020-02-03
  85. 2020-02-03
  86. 2020-02-03
    football hof def. back
  87. 2020-02-02
  88. 2020-02-02
    Former Worldcom CEO
  89. 2020-02-02
    Mercenary leader of 'The Wild Geese,' known for military battles in Africa and the Indian Ocean, full name is Thomas Michael Hoare
  90. 2020-02-02
    WWII: PTO. Battle of Midway (June 1942), USS Hammann, DD-412. Survived the sinking of his ship when she was hit by a torpedo. He jumped overboard and would remain in the water for nearly 6 hours before being rescued. Also Korea/Vietnam
  91. 2020-02-02
    The Happy Hooker
  92. 2020-02-02
    Lord Sheldon, British Politician
  93. 2020-02-01
    Andy Gill  (3)
  94. 2020-02-01
    Swiss Actress, Radio-Moderatorin,born 1930, 'Uli der Knecht' (1954, Anneliesli), Oberstadtgass (1956)
  95. 2020-02-01
    concert pianist
  96. 2020-02-01
  97. 2020-01-31
    World champion boxer
  98. 2020-01-31
    Businesswoman; former U.S. Ambassador to Belgium (1977-1981). Born: 12/01/1919
  99. 2020-01-31
    Author of thriller books
  100. 2020-01-31
  101. 2020-01-31
    Pearl Harbor Survivor, aboard U.S.S. Maryland when the attack took place. Also fought in the Korean War
  102. 2020-01-31
    WW2 Navajo Indian Code Talker, 1 of only 13 remaining
  103. 2020-01-30
    NASCAR Sprint Cup Driver of the #49 BAM Racing Car
  104. 2020-01-30
    movie diretor
  105. 2020-01-30
    Military leader in Bay of Pigs invasion force
  106. 2020-01-30
    tv executive
  107. 2020-01-29
    AFL All Star DE (Boston Patriots 1961-69)
  108. 2020-01-28
    English Actress - TV Series - 'Q6' (1975-1980), 'The Two Ronnies' (Guest Role)(1978-1979), 'Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em' (Guest)(1973), 'Milligan in...' (1972), 'Oh in Colour' (1970), 'On the Buses' (Guest)(1972), 'Man at the Top' (Guest)(1972) Plus More
  109. 2020-01-28
    WWII Pearl Harbor survivor, USS Nevada. Served in the USS Nevada throughout the war
  110. 2020-01-28
    Former Vikings/49ers defensive end NFL Hall Of Fame Inducted Class of 2012
  111. 2020-01-28
    Former Major League Pitcher
  112. 2020-01-28
    Wing Commander, RAF Pilot
  113. 2020-01-28
    Screenwriter Wrote Hud & Norma Rae
  114. 2020-01-28
    Baseball Player - Philadelphia Phillies
  115. 2020-01-28
  116. 2020-01-28
    Léon 'Trouet' Motombo Mokuna (born 1 November 1935), former Congolese footballer who played for Sporting CP, KAA Gent and SV Waregem. He was the first African footballer in the Belgian competition. He played two games for a Belgian national 'B' sel
  117. 2020-01-28
    The Lemon Pipers, 'Green Tambourine' Keyboardist
  118. 2020-01-28
    British TV Host and actor born 1923.Host on'Just a Minute'(1994-99),'The Benny Hill Show'(1969-74),'Countdown','Too Many Crooks','Brothers in Law','The Wrong Box','Murder Ahoy','Doctor in Love','Carry On Regardless'
  119. 2020-01-28
    Actress, Pin Up Model, Vintage Burlesque Dancer Las Vegas Show Girl -Ilsa The Wicked Warden,Lash of Lust,Sin in The Suburbs,Love Me Like I Do,Erotic Adventures of Pinocchio,Point of Terror,Blood Sabbath,The Swinging Barmaids,Ilsa She Wolf of the SS,Beyonn
  120. 2020-01-27
    retired baseball player for the phillies
  121. 2020-01-27
    Allen Brown  (2)
    Former NFL football player (TE) who played for Green Bay in the '60's. College: Ole Miss
  122. 2020-01-27
  123. 2020-01-27
    WWII: PTO. Served on the USS Bunker Hill (CV-17); survived the Kamikaze attack on May 11, 1945 (Battle of Okinawa) when 390 sailors and airmen were killed and 264 wounded
  124. 2020-01-26
    Perennial All-Star shooting guard for the Los Angeles Lakers, 5 Championship Rings, once scored 81 Points in a game
  125. 2020-01-26
    Actor - The Andy Griffith Show (as Warren), Fridays, Wait Till Your Father Gets Home (v/Ralph Kane), Getting Together. Comedian - Burns & Schreiber. Writer - The Muppet Show
  126. 2020-01-26
    Puerto Rican television paparazzi, 'SuperXclusivo', 'Dando Candela' Cuban comedian Leopoldo 'Pucho' Fernandez's son
  127. 2020-01-26
    (born Lucile Howard; June 24, 1917) is an American television producer. She was producer for a 1988 Russian-American co-production of the Broadway musical Sophisticated Ladies
  128. 2020-01-26
    French artist of cabaret, TV host, sometimes singer and actor
  129. 2020-01-26
  130. 2020-01-26
    WWII veteran, born in the Ukraine and served in the Soviet Army (1942-45)
  131. 2020-01-26
    singer - kingston trio
  132. 2020-01-25
    Little League player (1927-2020). Original member of the first 3 Little League teams of 1939. Batting champ of the first year's champions, the Lycoming Dairy team
  133. 2020-01-25
  134. 2020-01-25
    Actor - Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope(Princess Leia's Rebel Escort), Episode V:The Empire Strikes Back (Bossk/Bespin Security Guard), Squeeze Play, Evil Speak, The Living Daylights
  135. 2020-01-25
    Actress & Model (b: 1925) - Andy Warhol's Frankenstein, Tarzan and The She-Devil (as the She-Devil), Happy Anniversary, The Decameron, The Infiltrator, Fearless Frank, Sugar Cookies, Ash Wednesday, Gigi, Graystone, Batman (TV '68 - as Miss Clean)
  136. 2020-01-24
    Yugoslavian rower, olympic champion 1952, born 10 April 1929
  137. 2020-01-24
    Producer for plays and musicals both on Broadway and off-Broadway. She is known for her role in producing the stage and screen hit Hairspray. Combined, the works Lion produced have won 20 Tony Awards and a Pulitzer Prize
  138. 2020-01-24
    Former Dutsh footballer (finalist WW 1974 and 1978 with The Netherlands)
  139. 2020-01-24
    U.S. Representative from California
  140. 2020-01-24
    Poster Artist
  141. 2020-01-23
    actor:played Charlie Gereson on Stephen King's Creepshow
  142. 2020-01-23
    Stephen Joyce  (2)
    Grandson of James Joyce, the famous Irish novelist and poet, considered to be one of the most influential writers in the modernist avant-garde of the early 20th century. He lives in the French town of La Flotte, on the Île de Ré, off the Atla
  143. 2020-01-23
  144. 2020-01-23
    News Hour With Jim Lehrer/he reported for the Dallas Times-Herald, where he was covering the assassination of JFK John F. Kennedy assassination in 1963 and other events until 1966
  145. 2020-01-23
    Opera Singer
  146. 2020-01-23
  147. 2020-01-22
    Puerto Rican wrestler
  148. 2020-01-22
    Movie and television producer; former NYPD detective, his life (along with Eddie Egan) became the basis for the film The French Connection
  149. 2020-01-22
    Cagney and Lacey; Dark Shadows
  150. 2020-01-22
    WW2 veteran. A decorated soldier whose military career lasted through the Vietnam War. He became an anti-nuclear activist. Father of former bassist of the Talking Heads Tina Weymouth
  151. 2020-01-21
    Actor, Monty Python's Flying Circus
  152. 2020-01-21
    Former Austrian soccer player, bronze FIFA World Cup 1954
  153. 2020-01-21
    WWII: Pearl Harbor survivor, 7 December 1941. Was stationed with the 98th Coast Artillery at Schofield Barracks, but had traveled to the Navy yard that morning, where he witnessed the attack
  154. 2020-01-21
    Former American football wide receiver for Mississippi State University
  155. 2020-01-21
    basketball coach
  156. 2020-01-20
    Known as an excellent fielder in the A's chain, he never could hit well enough to become a permanent major-leaguer, but he did play in major league games with the Kansas City A's in 1961 and again in 1963
  157. 2020-01-20
    German actor
  158. 2020-01-20
    United States Congress from 1967-1983 for Illinois's 19th congressional district/last surviving members of the House Judiciary Committee that voted to impeach Richard M. Nixon
  159. 2020-01-20
    Japanese actor born 1933, is a big star in Japan and is known in the west for his starring role in the thriller 'Branded to Kill' (1967)
  160. 2020-01-19
  161. 2020-01-19
    WWII: Radio man in the 23rd Headquarters Special Troops, the 'Ghost Army'. The Ghost Army deceived enemies into thinking that there were unaccounted divisions out there
  162. 2020-01-19
    jazz sax.
  163. 2020-01-19
    Philadelphia kids show host
  164. 2020-01-19
    American mountaineer, author and artist from Burley, Washington. He is best known as the author of The Challenge of Rainier, first published in 1971 and considered the definitive work on the climbing history of Mount Rainier
  165. 2020-01-19
    r&b singer (bearfootin/1966)
  166. 2020-01-19
  167. 2020-01-19
    US Ambassador to Hungary (2003-2006)
  168. 2020-01-18
    Author - Non-Fiction
  169. 2020-01-18
    UK House of Lords
  170. 2020-01-18
    WWII: ETO. Served with the 761st Tank Battalion (5th Tank Group), aka 'Black Panthers', the first black armored unit to enter combat on Nov. 8, 1944, fighting in France, Luxemburg, Belgium, Holland, Germany and Austria
  171. 2020-01-18
  172. 2020-01-18
    German Actor - Edgar Wallace, Boat Trip,Post Mortem - Der Nuttenmörder
  173. 2020-01-18
    Prophecy speaker and author
  174. 2020-01-17
    UK actor - Yes Prime Ministre, Heartbeat
  175. 2020-01-17
    Radio Personality
  176. 2020-01-17
    Austrian painter, sculptor and graphic artist
  177. 2020-01-17
  178. 2020-01-16
    Colombia Soccer Worldcup 1962
  179. 2020-01-16
  180. 2020-01-15
  181. 2020-01-15
    Mark Harris  (5)
    Former Rugby League Player
  182. 2020-01-15
    Professional Wrestler,is also Dwayne Johnson's father
  183. 2020-01-15
  184. 2020-01-15
    Author. Son of J.R.R. Tolkien
  185. 2020-01-14
    Lead singer of 1960's band The Left Banke
  186. 2020-01-14
    WWII: Marine veteran of the Battles of Tarawa (1943) and Guadalcanal. 33 years in the Marine Corps, also served in Korea and Vietnam
  187. 2020-01-14
    Actor - The Sting, Serpico, Young Guns 2, Midnight Run, Law & Disorder, The Star Chamber, The Pope Of Greenwich Village, DOA '88, The Paper
  188. 2020-01-14
    John Kessler  (2)
    World War II veteran and purple heart recipient, fought on D-Day. Two bronze stars for valor, two purple hearts, 5 combat stars, presidential citation, the French croix du guerre, the Belgian croix du guerre
  189. 2020-01-14
    Pro basketball. '54-'55 milwaukee hawks. purdue university
  190. 2020-01-13
    French cyclist, Olympic champion 1956
  191. 2020-01-12
    Actor: M*A*S*H, Dog Day Afternoon, Heaven Can Wait, Centennial, The Greatest American Hero, War Games, Small Wonder, A Perfect Murder, Dave Chapelle Show
  192. 2020-01-12
    WWII: ETO. 18th Infantry Regiment. Arrived in Germany after the war and guarded some of the top Nazis like Albert Speer during the Nuremberg Trials
  193. 2020-01-12
    Pro wrestler, Dragon Master
  194. 2020-01-12
    former college/NBA forward; played for Ohio State University, Washington Capitals & Minneapolis Lakers; All American; member of Lakers 1953-54 NBA Championship team
  195. 2020-01-12
    Professional Speaker
  196. 2020-01-12
  197. 2020-01-11
    Actor: Shallow Ground, Highlander, General Hospital, Friends, JAG, Invincible, First Monday
  198. 2020-01-11
    Is an American writer, journalist, and historian. He was presented with the Polish American Historical Society's Haiman Award in 1989
  199. 2020-01-10
    Retired Voice actor
  200. 2020-01-10
    Sultan & Prime Minister of Oman