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  1. Band
  2. Redirect Entry for The Mat Maniac
  3. M 
  4. Actor
  5. British House music band
  6. girl band
  7. Redirect Entry for Elena Margarit
  8. Soccer Player
  9. Actor
  10. German actress and singer
  11. Actor
  12. French Female Model. Has An Ivorian-Senegalese Father And An Algerian Mother
  13. Soccer Player
  14. French Actress - TV Series - 'Nouvelle Maud' (2010-2012), 'Le juge est une femme' (Guest Role)(2013). Movie - 'Villainous' (2012). Short Film - 'And They Climbed the Mountain' (2011)
  15. Soccer player
  16. Soccer Player
  17. Actor-LOST,The Great Elephant Escape,Whiskey Echo,Blood Diamond,Gilmore Girls
  18. Male Voice Over Talent
  19. Female Singer
  20. Soccer
  21. Band
  22. The M's  (2)
  23. Soccer Player
  24. Director
  25. French Professional Footballer
  26. Soccer Player
  27. Actor
  28. Band
  29. Redirect Entry for Matthew Capiccioni
  30. Band
  31. Band
  32. Actor
  33. Model
  34. Broadway play
  35. Band
  36. M. I. A.  (2)
  37. Band
  38. Singer/Musician
  39. American virologist. Along with Michael Houghton and Harvey J. Alter, he was awarded the 2020 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 'for the discovery of Hepatitis C virus'
  40. Redirect Entry for Mathangi Arulpragasam
  41. Author-All Her Little Secrets
  42. American hip hop duo
  43. Los Angeles based Talent Agency
  44. Singer
  45. M2M 
    pop duo - 'Mirror Mirror'
  46. M83 
  47. Actress
  48. Actress
  49. Female Model
  50. Actress, model appeared in An American Exorcism also ran for London Borough of Hacnkey Mayor as the One Love candidate
  51. Anesthesiologist,Survivor South Pacific
  52. Female Model
  53. Film '21' the movie, made about him
  54. Female Model
  55. Lei Ma 
  56. Female Model
  57. Lost
  58. Female Rapper of Terror Squad
  59. Tzi Ma 
    Actor: RoboCop 2, Rapid Fire, Golden Gate, Chain Reaction, Rush Hour, Martial Law, NYPD Blue, The Ladykillers, 24, The Sensei, American Dad!, Hell on Wheels, Satisfaction, Once Upon a Time, The Man in the High Castle, Veep, Mulan, Kung Fu
  60. President of the Republic of China (Taiwan)
  61. American Cellist Child Prodigy/United Nations Messenger of Peace since 2006. Awarded The Glenn Gould Prize in 1999, the National Medal of Arts 2001, Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2011 & Polar Music Prize in 2012/Time Magazine Award 2020
  62. Redirect Entry for Mason Betha
  63. Rugby Player
  64. Australian Rugby Player
  65. Chamber Music
  66. Soccer Player
  67. Dancer
  68. Writer
  69. Actress
  70. Actor
  71. Actor
  72. Actor
  73. Rugby League Player
  74. Ohio State Tackle/Kicker 1938-1940
  75. German politician - member of Deutscher Bundestag
  76. Swiss luger
  77. Comedian
  78. Soccer
  79. German TV Presenter
  80. Singer/Musician
  81. Actor
  82. Author
  83. Singer/Musician
  84. Makeup/Hair
  85. French musician
  86. NFL - Minnesota Vikings Special Teams Coordinator. Former Coach for Miami Dolphins
  87. Actor
  88. Opera Singer
  89. Filipino American musician and singer-songwriter. She is lead vocalist for How to Destroy Angels and former-vocalist for West Indian Girl. She is the wife of Nine Inch Nails' founder Trent Reznor
  90. Finish athlete, silver & bronze medal Olympic games 1980
  91. Author - children's books, creator of 'Das Sams'
  92. Film Puppeteer, Ben Benziger in The American Scream
  93. Film Maker and Producer
  94. Rugby Player
  95. Actress
  96. Ex vanilla ninja member
  97. Former NFL football player for the Tampa Bay Bucs in the 80's
  98. Best Friend of Anne Frank
  99. Actress
  100. former NFL player - Kansas City Chiefs (1984-1992), Green Bay Packers (1993), FOX Sports Analyst - NFL Europe
  101. Snowboarder
  102. Director
  103. Dutch Presenter
  104. Director
  105. Former professional baseball player
  106. Former Soccer Player
  107. Actress
  108. Hollywoods Oldest scriptwriter Born: 07/06/1900, wrote scripts of 17 movies like 'His Secretary'(1925),'Flesh and devil'(1926),'Shocking Mrs.Pilgrim'(1947)etc
  109. German politician - Federal Minister of Justice and Consumer Protection (2013-)
  110. Actor
  111. Born: 19/02/1996 (Bergen op Zoom) The Netherlands Prof since 2015
  112. Hamilton Tigers QB, brother of ex Yankee Kevin Maas
  113. former new york yankee
  114. Author
  115. Stunts/Actor - Inglourious Basterds (2009), Mandy (2018) and Brimstone (2016)
  116. Actor
  117. Female Model
  118. Actor
  119. Author
  120. Singer
  121. Former dutch Soccer Player (Arminia Bielefeld) now Coach
  122. Broadcaster
  123. News - KUSI-TV San Diego
  124. Fantasy Author - Throne and Glass series and A Court of Thorns and Roses series
  125. Actor
  126. German DJ
  127. WW2 marine corp fighter ace 5.5 victories VMF-112
  128. Former minor league 3rd baseman. Philadelphia Phillies 15th round pick #389 1987. '87-'88 'A'
  129. Voice Over Talent
  130. Athlete
  131. Pro cyclist
  132. Actor
  133. Host/Actress - Alles is Liefde
  134. CBS4 Denver Anchor/Reporter
  135. Actor - batman tv as Second Broker
  136. Coach of the professional cyclingteam Rabobank
  137. Actor
  138. Dutch Presenter
  139. Baseball Player
  140. Politician - European Parlament
  141. African activist. Nobel Peace Prize (2004)
  142. Tutors of students from grade school through graduate school, and co-authors of The Straight A Conspiracy: Your Secret Guide to Ending the Stress of School
  143. Professional Footballer
  144. Finish hockey player currently with the London Knights. Drafted by the Pittsburgh Penguins
  145. Actress
  146. Actor
  147. Actor
  148. Author
  149. US actor - Tada Cuda in 'Martin' (1977)Born: 02/03/1903
  150. Music Director of the New York Philharmonics, son of actor Lincoln Maazel.
  151. Actor
  152. Opera Singer - Soprano
  153. Ex Tottenham Hotspur Footballer
  154. baseball
  155. Actor; 'Beautiful People', 'Trailer Park of Terror', Barry in 'Zack and Miri Make a Porno'
  156. Comedian
  157. Baseball Player
  158. Redirect Entry for Nelson Frazier Jr.
  159. English actress, director, writer, producer, and musician (b. 1982), best known for her role as Mary in Agnieszka Holland's 'The Secret Garden'; she also appeared in 'The Langoliers', in 'Gulliver's Travels', in 'Friendship's Field', and 'Mothertime'
  160. British Actress: Kitty Bennet in the BBC's pride and Prejudice
  161. Singer/Musician
  162. Author
  163. Blue Angels, U.S. Navy Flight Demonstration Squadron C-130 Demonstration pilot
  164. Rugby Union Player
  165. minor league prospect
  166. Author
  167. Actress
  168. Author
  169. A Congolese footballer who plays for the Portland Timbers
  170. Male Voice Over Talent
  171. Strength and Conditioning Rehab Coordinator for the Texas Rangers
  172. Voice Over Talent
  173. LA Sparks player
  174. Actress
  175. French humorist, TV and radio host
  176. NFL - CB, Oakland Raiders. 2019 UDFA
  177. Football Player, San Francisco 49ers, Iowa Hawkeyes
  178. Football Player
  179. US actor born 1971, in movies since 1995. 'The L-word'(2004),'Resident Evil'(2002),'The Crow'(2000),'Cruel Intentions'(1999), Ugly Betty
  180. Soccer Player
  181. Director of photography
  182. Uk actor born 1976,in movies since 1997, Scott Lucas in 'Dream Team'(1997),'Prince and Me'(2004),'Save Angel Hope'(2005),'Colour me Kubrick'(2005),'Holby City'
  183. Actor
  184. Actress
  185. Former NFL football player for the Falcons and Jets in the 70's
  186. Bailiff on Jack Ruby trial for killing Lee Harvey Oswald, in the Assassination of JFK. Possible, age 99 & living in Lewisville, Texas
  187. Actor-*M*A*S*H*,Here Comes The Judge,The Roommates,Shazam,The Other Side of The Mountain
  188. Actress: A Midsummer Night's Rave, The New Guy, Species 3, XXX 2, Snakes on a Plane, One Last Thing, San Saba, Repo, Final Approach, The Client List, Once Upon a Time, Mad Men
  189. Correspondent For 'Nightline', formerly CBS News/60 Minutes II
  190. Baseball - University of Tennessee (2020-2022) // 2022 Nationals 6th Round Pick
  191. Actor
  192. Actor
  193. Actress
  194. Actor
  195. College football player for Oklahoma State University
  196. Actor
  197. Baseball Player
  198. c&w artist
  199. United States Army officer and a recipient of the United States military's highest decorationâ-'the Medal of Honorâ-'for his actions during the Battle of Hurtgen Fo
  200. former major league first baseman/outfielder; played for Cardinals, Rockies, Marlins, Padres, Phillies, Mariners, Cubs & A's
  201. Football Player
  202. Actress-Ghouls Gone Wild
  203. Male Model
  204. NFL - TE. Seattle Seahawks. 2020 UDFA
  205. The Little Rascals (1994)
  206. Songwriter and Banjo/Guitar player born 1953.
  207. Redirect Entry for Raymond E. Mabus
  208. Former Governor of Mississippi (1988 to 1992); U.S. Ambassador to Saudi Arabia (1994 to 1996); Secretary of the Navy (2009 - 2017)
  209. German TV Presenter, a judge on Strictly Come Dancing
  210. Otlile 'Oti' Mabuse (born 8 August 1990) is a South African professional Latin American and ballroom dancer. She is best known as a professional dancer on the British TV series, Strictly Come Dancing, and its German equivalent, Let's Dance
  211. Adult film star
  212. Actress: Two Pints Of Lager & A Packet Of Crisps.
  213. Actress
  214. Author
  215. Singer/Musician
  216. US actor and comedian born 1957 in movies since 1992. 'Oceans Twelve'(2004),'Bad Santa'(2003),'Oceans Eleven'(2003),'The Bernie Mac Show'(2001) 'Mr. 3000'(2004)
  217. Author
  218. English actor - Hollyoaks, Strictly Come Dancing, Legally Blonde:The Musical, Les Miserables, Wicked, Pretty Woman: The Musical
  219. Female Voice Over Talent
  220. Actress
  221. Actor in the movie The Lost Boys, Wrote 'Is That You' from KISS album Unmasked
  222. Female Model
  223. TV Presenter - CityTV Winnipeg
  224. Actor
  225. Model
  226. Model, Penthouse Pet
  227. Singer/Musician
  228. Stage actor
  229. Songwriter
  230. Female Voice Over Talent
  231. An American actor, playwright, performance artist, director, producer, and singer-songwriter active mainly in New York City
  232. Christian singer, former member of DC Talk
  233. Redirect Entry for Derek Graham-Couch
  234. Vocalist
  235. Actress
  236. Voice Over Talent
  237. Female Model
  238. Conductor
  239. Reporter on Fox 5 TV
  240. General manager for the Colorado Avalanche of the National Hockey League (NHL)
  241. Posed for Norman Rockwell as Coca- Colas 'Barefoot Boy' in 1930's. Born: Daniel M. Grant 11/21/1918
  242. Male Model
  243. Famed Mathematician
  244. Band
  245. Opera Singer - Tenor
  246. Soccer Player
  247. Male Voice Over Artist
  248. Female Model
  249. Writer - The Adventures of Buckaroo Banazai across the 8th Dimension
  250. Female Model
  251. Band
  252. Former NHL Hockey Player
  253. Author
  254. Artist
  255. 1986-87 Detroit Red Wings NHL Assistant Coach
  256. Female Voice Over Talent
  257. Redirect Entry for Rachel McAdams
  258. former college/NFL tightend; played for University of Notre Dame & 49ers; 3X All-American; member of College Football Hall of Fame; #7 pick overall 1978 NFL Draft
  259. First officer of the French Navy and joined on 16 August 1927 to the Compagnie Generale Aeropostale , a French airmail company, from which, after the nationalization in 1933, Air France emerged. He participated in the first postal service
  260. Band member of Skyhooks
  261. Actress
  262. Actress
  263. Former czech Soccer Player (FC Schalke 04)
  264. Female Model
  265. Conductor
  266. Australian Actor - Mad Bastards
  267. Author
  268. Female Model
  269. Actress - Mistresses, DC Legends of Tomorrow
  270. Actor
  271. US american business man and former auto racing driver
  272. Soccer Player
  273. Female Voice Over Talent
  274. Opera Singer - Tenor
  275. Actor
  276. Actress
  277. Musician/Guitarist
  278. Head baseball coach at Cal State Bakersfield
  279. Face Off Contestant: Make-Up Artist
  280. Played football at colgate and was a wreastler under the name of Iron Legs Macaluso
  281. Actor
  282. Musician/Guitarist
  283. Baseball Coach
  284. WHL Player - Regina Pats
  285. Actor - Sorted, Holby Blue
  286. President of the Philippines (2001-2010)
  287. Former Mens Basketball Head Coach at Canisius, Fordham, and Stony Brook (1977-2005)
  288. CBC Personality
  289. Actor
  290. Actor, The Irregulars, Sex Education, Harlots
  291. Manchester United legend
  292. Actress. Chuck: Antonia in s04e16 Chuck Versus the Masquerade. Also: The Tudors, Glee, House, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, The Artist
  293. played in the movie murdered innocence
  294. Once Upon A Time
  295. Spanish Civil War veteran (Born: 1920) Second Spanish Republic. Mobilized in 1936. Secretary general of JSU of Alcala in Peguerinos's zone in 1936. Affiliated to Communist Party of Spain. Age: 96. Lives in Spain
  296. Toronto Maple Leafs (NHL) Forward - Formerly Played for the Buffalo Sabres & Atlanta Thrashers
  297. Redirect Entry for Ellen MacArthur
  298. American general
  299. Fastest solo racer around the world. (and came 2nd in the 2001 race) the first woman to sail solo around the world, comes from the Isle Of Wight - UK
  300. Michael on Salute Your Shorts
  301. Author
  302. Comedian/Actor - The Game Plan
  303. Actor: Kidnapped, Swiss Family Robinson, Cry for Battle, The Angry Breed, Hang 'Em High, Storm Chasers, Hawaii Five-O
  304. Wife of Douglas MacArthur
  305. Pastor/Teacher on 'Grace To You' radio broadcast, also a prolific author
  306. publisher
  307. Baseball player, Visalia Oaks 1992
  308. Rugby Player
  309. Hockey Player
  310. Reality tv star
  311. Male Voice Over Talent
  312. Australian professional soccer club based in South Western Sydney, New South Wales
  313. Only son of General Douglas MacArthur. Lives in New York, City. Born: 02/21/1938
  314. Alpine Skier
  315. Director
  316. Mountain climber
  317. Broadway Actress: Six
  318. Singer
  319. Female Model
  320. Actress
  321. Director of Photography; husband of Elizabeth Perkins
  322. Home Alone
  323. American sports broadcaster for CBS Sports and Tennis Channel
  324. Hockey Player
  325. Star Trek: The Original Series
  326. Actress (The Tudors - Princess Elizabeth)
  327. Scottish comedian
  328. Make-Up
  329. Costume Designer
  330. German Actress
  331. Female Model
  332. Actress
  333. Actor
  334. Hockey Player
  335. Actor: Burn Notice, Premonition, Miami Vice, Wild Things 1 & 2, The Real McCoy, My Bloody Valentine
  336. Male Model
  337. English novelist
  338. Hockey Player
  339. Hockey Player - Hamilton Bulldogs
  340. British composer; titel song 'Starsky and Hutch','Something about Mary'. Wrote for Elvis, The New Seekers, The Fifth Dimension, Frank Sinatra, a.o. 'Build Me Up Buttercup', 'You Won't Find Another Fool Like Me', 'Kissing In The Back Row of The Movies'
  341. UK house of Lords
  342. Hockey Player
  343. Former St. Louis Bomber, Boston Celtic and St. Louis Hawk; Member of Pro Basketball Hall of Fame
  344. Uk comedian born 1956. 'McCoist and MacAulay Show' (1998), 'Pulp Video' (1995),'Best show in the world... probably' (1998)
  345. Soccer Player
  346. Male Model
  347. Author
  348. Male Model
  349. Singer
  350. Actor
  351. Broadway Production
  352. Star Trek Private E. Hamboyan # 'The Search for the Next Elvira' .... Sinister Man (1 episode, 2007) # 'CSI: NY' .... Jarrod Stanton
  353. Author
  354. Actress-Vampire Diary,Holby City,Outlander
  355. Country Music Singer
  356. Bassist with the Foundations. Played on their famous song 'Build Me Up Buttercup' in 1968
  357. Soccer Player
  358. U.S. lawyer, political figure, television producer, Children's Author
  359. Author
  360. Adult Film Star
  361. Actor - Meet The Spartans
  362. Author
  363. Band
  364. Actress
  365. Football Scout
  366. Male Model
  367. Italian Swimmer
  368. Author
  369. Actor
  370. Fox News
  371. Actor
  372. Baseball Player
  373. Redirect Entry for Lelita Rosa
  374. Actor, The final Terror
  375. Italian Actress
  376. Hockey Player
  377. Director
  378. Professional Footballer
  379. Big Brother 21 Contestant
  380. PBA Bowler
  381. Actress
  382. Author
  383. Male Adult Film Star/Model
  384. Director of Photography
  385. Actress
  386. Baseball player drafted by the chicago white sox in 1991
  387. 'Once Upon A Time','Supernatural'
  388. Bram Stoker's great grandson/Now retired, he and his wife Jane (nee Hague) have homes in Oxfordshire and the Isle of Wight in the UK. They have a daughter Mimi (born 1980) and a son Joe (born 1982) who both live and work in London
  389. Basketball Player
  390. Actor - The Karate Kid 1-2-3, My Cousin Vinny, The Outsiders, Crossroads, Distant Thunder, Up The Academy, Teachers, Beer League, Eight Is Enough, Ugly Betty, Cobra Kai
  391. Actress
  392. Actress
  393. Actor. Italian French actor born in Italy in 1935. Live in Monaco
  394. 30's Actress. Born: 06/02/1909
  395. World champion watercraft racer
  396. Actor and singer known for numerous off-Broadway productions
  397. Opera Singer
  398. Is a centenarian and author of several books including The Development of Sex Differences
  399. The Beyond, House by the Cemetary, House of Voices
  400. Composer/Songwriter ('Dirty Old Town', 'The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face')
  401. Singer/Songwriter: A New England, They Don't Know, There's A Guy Works Down the Chip Shop Swears He's Elvis, In These Shoes?, Walking Down Madison, A Fairytale of New York
  402. Drums on Band 'Far Too Jones'
  403. Actor: Casualty, Falcon Crest, Death on the Nile, Jaws 3D, Dynasty, Manimal, Quatermass, The Riddle of the Sands, I Claudius, Beasts, Counterstrike, Poltergeist - the Legacy
  404. Actor
  405. Broadcaster and Journalist.
  406. Director
  407. aeronautical engineer build- 1st solar airplaine; built first practical human-powered aircraft, the Gossamer Condor
  408. American aeronautical engineer & founder of AeroVironment & designer of human-powered aircraft that won the first Kremer prize. He devoted his life to developing more efficient transportation vehicles that could 'Do more wit
  409. Starred as the character Polson in the BBC TV Series 'All Quiet on the Preston Front'
  410. Sixers Center
  411. Animation TV exective Producer at warner bros. animation & Hanna-barbera
  412. Hockey Player
  413. Hockey Player
  414. Hockey Player
  415. hockey player
  416. Composer/Musician. Composer of the Broadway musical Hair. Songwriter's Hall of Fame in 2009
  417. Football Coach - Toronto Argonauts
  418. Male Model
  419. Actor
  420. Actor
  421. Vikings
  422. Wife of Peter Andre
  423. Nick on Vampire High, Peter on Wild Roses
  424. Author
  425. British Actress, At Last the 1948 Show
  426. Author
  427. Soccer Player
  428. Actress-Misfits,Stage Fright,Killjoys,Orphan Black,
  429. Actress - NCIS
  430. Singer/songwriter
  431. Hockey Player
  432. Film Producer
  433. Skater - won Gravity Games in Cleveland OH
  434. Sound Re-Recording Mixer worked on Charmed
  435. New Zealand Rugby Player
  436. Soccer Player
  437. Believed to be the last living person to have seen the Titanic ship with his own eyes
  438. Member of 'Timbuk3'
  439. Children's Author
  440. Male Voice Over Talent
  441. Broadcaster - Los Angeles Lakers
  442. William Paul Macdonald, Jr. was a right-handed pitcher who appeared in 36 Major League games for the 1950 and 1953 Pittsburgh Pirates. He passed away in 1991
  443. Political Cartoonist
  444. Hockey
  445. Actor
  446. Hockey Player
  447. Retired hockey player played for the canucks (1987)
  448. Author
  449. Author
  450. Singer/Musician
  451. Former American WW-Fighter Ace, USAF
  452. Professional Footballer
  453. Redirect Entry for Christopher McDonald
  454. Author
  455. WHL Player - Everett Silvertips
  456. Author
  457. Hockey Player
  458. Hockey Player
  459. Baseball Player
  460. Baseball Player
  461. former NHL Player
  462. B.02/02/1928, NYC, American Poet. Wrote The Libretto for The Rehearsal (1978), An Opera by Thomas Benjamin. In 1995, Macdonald coedited Connectionism and Philosophy of Psychology, with Graham Macdonald
  463. Retired NFL football player for the Denver Broncos. Rookie year 1987
  464. Australian actress who originally booked the role of Becca on the ABC family show Huge, which she was unable to do after her VISA came in too late. She moved to Los Angeles in mid 2010 and her first credit was a short film for Glamour Reel
  465. CBC Personality
  466. Hockey Player
  467. US actor born 1961. Sebastian Winslow in 'Guiding Light'(since 1999), Jordan Stark in 'Another World'(1998-1999), Robert Brandt in 'Paramour'(1999)
  468. Lost Girl, Breakout Kings
  469. Director
  470. Composer
  471. Voice Over Talent
  472. Actor, singer, songwriter, Voice Over Talent
  473. NASCAR Camping World Series driver
  474. Musician; former bassist for The Alarm
  475. Female Model
  476. Canadian foreign minister