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Browsing Category Home->Music->Singer/Musician , A-Z Filter: B
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  1. Singer/Musician
  2. Katy B 
  3. Raz B 
  4. rap artist (cypress hill)
  5. rappers (my baby daddy/1997)
  6. Singer/Musician
  7. Ali B. 
    Famous Dutch rapper, songwriter.
  8. Musiker (Solo + Schlagzeuger 'Die Ärzte')
  9. Dj
  10. Dj
  11. Jon B. 
    R&b singer/songwriter
  12. Singer/Musician
  13. Dj
  14. dance/music/singer (make the world go round)
  15. Rapper
  16. Singer/Musician
  17. Singer/Musician
  18. Voice Over Talent, Actress, Singer (South African singer best known as a contestant on the third season of the reality television competition Supersterre, in 2010)
  19. Opera Singer
  20. singer/songwriter - big boy in love, local boy
  21. Opera Singer
  22. Singer/Musician
  23. 'Soft Machine'
  24. Bassist - The Funk Brothers (studio Musicians For Berry Gordy's Hitsville USA/Motown), Standing In The Shadows Of Motown (docu Film, 2002)
  25. American singer and star during the Big Band era
  26. Opera Singer
  27. Country singer/songwriter; wrote 'I Washed My Hands In Muddy Water' (1965 Country #8 hit), later covered by Elvis. Co-Founder of 'The Nashville Edition' session vocal group. Sang back up for Elvis on hits like 'You're The Devil In Disguise'
  28. Singer/Musician
  29. Singer/Musician
  30. Singer/Musician
  31. guitarist (chesterfield kings)
  32. Singer/Musician
  33. Horn Player
  34. Swedish singer (born 1924)
  35. Singer/Musician
  36. Sings
  37. Singer/Musician
  38. Singer, goth music
  39. singer
  40. Keyboards in the Elton John Band; also musical director for Lestat: The Musical
  41. singer
  42. Pianist
  43. Opera Singer
  44. Female Rocker
  45. David Bach  (2)
  46. German Female Theater Actress
  47. Singer, 'Antonio', 'Charlie' and 'Erst ein Cappuccino'.
  48. rock vocalist/actor - skid row (had hits w/ 18 & life, i remember you), jekyll & hyde (broadway, 2000)
  49. Composer (usually w/lyricist Hal David) - Walk On By, Alfie, Anyone Who Had A Heart, I Say A Little Prayer, The Way To San Jose, The Look Of Love, Close To You, Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head, What The World Needs Now, 70 Top 40 Hits
  50. film scores (emmanuelle 1 & 5 gwendoline)
  51. Was on WB's Popstars, MTV's Say What Karoke, and also a finalist on Fox's American Idol
  52. Opera Singer, And Opera Stage Director
  53. singer/guilarist/songwriter from The Guess Who & Bachman Turner Overdrive
  54. Drummer
  55. singer, song She's so high
  56. Musician
  57. Singer/Musician, lead singer of Crooked Fingers
  58. Singer/Musician
  59. Singer
  60. Singer/Musician
  61. Singer/Musician
  62. Born: 12 September 1937, New York (USA) Singer, Actor, 'Uebermut im Salzkammergut' (BRD 1963), 'Ohne Krimi geht die Mimi nie ins Bett' (1962), 'Das haben die Mädchen gern'
  63. Italian Singer And Music Composer
  64. Musician of the Band 'Love Affair'
  65. opera singer
  66. conductor/composer
  67. Rapper
  68. Puerto Rican Latin trap and reggaeton singer
  69. Singer - Russian Tenor
  70. Music Producer
  71. drummer (mitch ryder & the detroit wheels)
  72. American independent hip-hop artist from Brooklyn, NY
  73. Conductor
  74. Musician/singer - Strawberry Blondes
  75. Bass player for rock band Extreme
  76. French singer
  77. Singer/Musician
  78. UK Singer/Songwriter
  79. German singer / rapper
  80. singer
  81. Voice Over Actress And Singer
  82. Singer/Musician
  83. Singer/Musician
  84. Singer/Musician
  85. Voice Over Artist And Singer
  86. Opera Singer
  87. Actress-Lost Dogs
  88. Singer
  89. Actress-Raging Hormones
  90. Actress, Producer, Singer, And Voice Over Talent
  91. French singer and brother of Edouard Baer
  92. Opera Singer
  93. (solo recording artist, former 80's band David + David) Note: His record company, Lost Highway Records won't forward the mail to him.
  94. Singer/Musician
  95. Folk Singer/Songwriter - Woodstock Diamonds & Rust, The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down (The Band cover), There But For Fortune (Phil Ochs cover), Farewell Angelina, Joe Hill, Love Is Just a Four-Letter Word, We Shall Overcome (gospel). Activist
  96. Singer/Musician
  97. Singer/Musician
  98. Singer/Musician
  99. Singer/Musician
  100. German Musician with turkish Roots,DSDS, Dschungelcamp
  101. Singer/Songwriter - The Chipmunk Song, The Witch Doctor
  102. German Music Star (Singer)
  103. Singer/Musician
  104. Singer/Musician
  105. singer
  106. Musician / Singer / Composer
  107. Opera Singer
  108. Musician
  109. Actress And Singer. French Entry in The Eurovision Song Contest (2003)
  110. Singer/Musician And DJing
  111. Female Singer
  112. Singer/Musician
  113. Country Music Artist
  114. Singer/Musician
  115. Brit-born American drummer, born 1934. Played for Queen Elizabeth in 1952, worked with Dizzy Gillespie, Sinatra, Benny Goodman, Fred Astaire, Miles Davis, many more. Played on the soundtrack of 'A Charlie Brown Christmas.'
  116. Guitarist , Author
  117. US jazz musician
  118. Soprano
  119. Singer
  120. Bass Guitar Player For PETRA
  121. Actor: Vegas, The Rockford Files, Back Roads, The Surrogate, Night Court, Penitentiary 3, Vultures, Ally McBeal
  122. Singer/Musician
  123. Musician
  124. opera singer
  125. Singer. Actress - Carmen Jones, Porgy & Bess, St. Louis Blues, That Certain Feeling, All The Fine Young Cannibals, The Landlord, The Fox & The Hound (v/Big Mama). Tony Award winner for the all black Broadway production of Hello Dolly in 1968
  126. singer - earth wind & fire
  127. Country singer 'Midnight Hauler', 'Friends', 'Lovin' Up A Storm', 'She Left Love All Over Me', 'Anywhere There's A Jukebox', 'True Life Country Music', 'Ain't Got No Business Doing Business Today'
  128. Sam Bailey  (2)
    English singer, known for winning the tenth series of The X Factor in 2013
  129. Musician/Guitarist
  130. Opera Singer
  131. Christian Singer/Songwriter/Recording Artist
  132. One of 80's band Thompson Twins
  133. Cellist
  134. Singer/Musician
  135. Singer/Musician
  136. singer / songwriter - 'baillie & the boys'
  137. Opera singer
  138. singer (3LW), That's So Raven, The Cheetah Girls 1 and 2, The Real
  139. Andrew Bain  (2)
  140. Session guitarist who can be heard in many tv theme songs
  141. Bassist for Dio and Rainbow
  142. singer/songwriter
  143. Singer
  144. Former Opera SingerEx Wife of Buddy GrecoMother of Buddy Greco, Jr
  145. Chris Baird  (2)
    Band Member Lustra
  146. Singer/Musician
  147. Opera Singer - Soprano
  148. American Soprano
  149. Singer/Musician
  150. Singer/Musician
  151. Musician of the band 'Pilot'
  152. Musician
  153. British Male Singer. Used To Be In The Group 'The Lighthouse Family'. Now A Solo Artist
  154. Singer with Stamps Quartet. Backed Elvis
  155. Singer/Musician
  156. Singer/Musician
  157. Opera Singer - Baritone / Bass-Baritone
  158. Conductor
  159. jazz singer
  160. Singer/ Songwriter
  161. Singer/Musician
  162. Singer
  163. country singer
  164. Brian Baker  (4)
    Musician/guitarist - Junkyard
  165. Member of British Band - The Barron Knights
  166. Carroll Baker  (2)
    Canadian Country Singer. Member of the Order of Canada
  167. Actress - 'Hee Haw'
  168. Musician
  169. TV Presenter and former member of 'Bucks Fiz'
  170. Singer/Musician
  171. Country Musician
  172. Lead Singer of Riddlin' Kids
  173. Better known by his stage names MGK and Machine Gun Kelly, is an American rapper and actor, from Cleveland, Ohio. MGK embarked on a musical career as a teenager, releasing a mixtape in 2006
  174. Singer/Musician
  175. Musician/Guitarist
  176. Singer/Musician
  177. Singer/Musician
  178. legendary '60s rock drummer - cream, blind faith
  179. Gregg Baker  (2)
  180. r&r bassist (the busters-bust out/1963)
  181. opera, concert singer
  182. Jim Baker  (3)
    Fiddler for Light Crust Doughboys
  183. Singer dancer and actress
  184. New Zealand Singer/Musician
  185. Kenny Baker  (2)
    Singer/Actor - The Jack Benny Show (radio, 1930s), The Marx Brothers At The Circus, The Harvey Girls, The Mikado, Stage Door Canteen, Calendar Girl, King Of Burlesque, 52nd Street, Mr. Dodd Takes The Air
  186. R&B Singer - Tweedlee Dee, Jim Dandy, I Cried A Tear, See See Rider, Bop-Ting-A-Ling, Jim Dandy Got Married, Play It Fair, I Waited Too Long, Saved. Rock & Roll HOF inductee - 1991
  187. Singer, saxophonist, former member of Sha Na Na and Danny & the Juniors, appeared in Grease
  188. singer (danny & the juniors)
  189. American R&B Guitarist
  190. Musician/Guitarist
  191. Sam Baker  (5)
    Singer songwriter musician
  192. Musician, Blues / Soft Rock / Instrumental Las Vegas, NV US. 'Emotion', 'Space Race', 'Moody Blues'
  193. Singer/Musician
  194. singer
  195. Comic Country performer/actor. Tours as his ornery redneck persona, Unknown Hinson. Best known as the lead voice of Early Cuyler in the cartoon 'Squidbillies.'
  196. Tim Baker  (2)
  197. Singer/Musician
  198. Jazz singer
  199. Vocalist
  200. Dutch Idols winner
  201. Opera Singer
  202. aka Brownsound, former lead guitarist in the Canadian punk rock band Sum 41
  203. Musician, songwriter, performer
  204. Singer/songwriter/recording artist in the Los Angeles area
  205. Opera Singer
  206. Opera Singer - Soptano
  207. Spanish singer of the 50's and 60's .Eurovision 1962: 'call me.'
  208. Musician
  209. Singer/Musician
  210. Singer/Musician
  211. Singer
  212. Singer/Musician
  213. French clarinettist (classical)
  214. Singer/Musician
  215. blues rocker (don't try to lay no boogle woogie)
  216. Singer/Musician
  217. Singer
  218. Vocalist
  219. Singer/Musician
  220. US pianist
  221. Dave Baldwin  (2)
    Former Member of The Drifters who did There Goes My Baby
  222. Singer. Album Fire song Underwarter
  223. Greta Baldwin  (2)
    Opera Singer - Soprano
  224. Drummer with R & B group Bobby Moore & The Rhythm Aces
  225. American Theater Actress And Singer
  226. Christian Singer
  227. Male Singer/Musician
  228. Singer
  229. Actor / singer
  230. Singer/Musician
  231. Opera Singer - Tenor
  232. American musician, songwriter and record producer. A multi-instrumentalist primarily known as a guitarist and singer, Belew is noted for his unusual, impressionistic approach to guitar playing
  233. singer/composer - jefferson airplane/jefferson starship, Holographic Band Singer The Star Wars Holiday Special
  234. Soul Singer/Musician
  235. Singer/Musician
  236. Canadian actor, songwriter, and musician
  237. Bassist for The Vamps and Dancing On Ice semi finalist
  238. Country Singer & Songwriter
  239. Opera Singer
  240. Singer/Musician
  241. Jazz trumpeter - Kenny Ball and his Jazzmen
  242. blue-eyed soul/blues singer (hot tamale baby)
  243. English actor, singer, and broadcaster (b. 1962). He made his West End debut in the original London production of 'Les Mis' and starred in 'The Phantom of the Opera' (1987). In 1989, he reached no. 2 in the UK Singles Chart with 'Love Changes Everything'
  244. Actor, Singer, Composer - Nightmare Before Christmas
  245. Rap Singer/Musician
  246. sings the song Hottie
  247. Singer/Musician
  248. songwriter
  249. R&B Singer/Songwriter - w/The Midnighters: Work With Me Annie; Annie Had A Baby; Sexy Ways; Finger Poppin' Time; Let's Go, Let's Go, Let's Go; The Hoochi Coochi Coo; The Switch-A-Roo; The Twist (the original, later covered by Chubby Checker). R&R HOF '90
  250. American Comedian/Actress/Singer (b: 1925) - 'The Mothers-in-Law', 'The Doris Day Show', 'Baby Geniuses', 'The Ritz', 'Freaky Friday', 'Which Way to the Front','Girl Most Likely', 'All My Children', 'What A Dummy', 'Due South', 'Falling in Love Again'
  251. Musician from the Band Argent
  252. Singer/Musician
  253. Musician/Guitarist
  254. Opera Singer - Baritone
  255. Country Music Singer
  256. Lead Singer of The Presidents of the United States of America
  257. Country Western Singer
  258. Opera Singer - Mezzo-Soprano
  259. American Female Model, Singer, And Actress - Movie - 'Everlasting' (2016), 'Dreamkiller' (2010), 'Silver Case' (2012). TV Series - 'Hit the Big Time' - Guest (2011), 'Wicked Wicked Games' - Guest, 'Etiquette 101' - Host (2004)
  260. singer/actor: formerly of Dream Street, new movie Mineville
  261. Italian pianist
  262. Opera Singer
  263. Vocalist
  264. Female Musician, Crossover Soprano
  265. Praise and Worship leader, christian artist
  266. Bass player with the group The Royal Guardsmen
  267. Nigerian Singer/Rose to the limelight after releasing 'Holla at Your Boy', the lead single from his debut studio album, Superstar (2011). 'Tease Me/Bad Guys', 'Don't Dull', 'Love My Baby', 'Pakurumo', and 'Oluwa Lo Ni'
  268. Singer
  269. Lithuanian-­born Female Operatic Soprano and Stage Actress Now Living In Canada
  270. Songwriter, actor, sculptor, but most importantly, a filmmaker extraordinaire
  271. singer (statler brothers)
  272. Trumpet
  273. Singer/Musician
  274. Cellist
  275. Accept Bassist
  276. Recording Artist
  277. Sings Down Ass Chick with Ja Rule and I Wanna be Your Chick with Irv Gotti Ashanti Ja Rule and Vita
  278. opera singer
  279. bassist for the Red Hot Chili Peppers
  280. Singer/Musician
  281. UK Radio Presenter
  282. electro-funk artist (planet rock perfect beat)
  283. French singer and actress
  284. Canadian Female Voice Over Talent and Jazz Singer
  285. conductor
  286. Country singer
  287. Opera Singer
  288. Actor-Chante!
  289. Conductor
  290. Quiet riot band member
  291. Swedish comedian and 'singer'
  292. Pianist
  293. Singer From The Calling (Rock Group)
  294. Singer/Musician
  295. Country Music Singer/Songwriter
  296. Irish Actress And Singer
  297. Opera Singer
  298. US jazz musician
  299. German Rapper
  300. Singer/Musician
  301. Singer/Musician
  302. Actress And Musician/Singer
  303. Opera Singer
  304. Singer 'This is what it feels like'
  305. Singer/Musician
  306. Opera Singer - Tenor
  307. Singer/Musician
  308. 50s singer with 3 guys and a doll, recording artist 'go now' 1964
  309. Comedy singer, makes up his own songs, e.g. 'Toast'
  310. British singer and songwriter
  311. part of 50 Cent's group 'G-Unit'
  312. 1950s Rockabilly singer
  313. Funk, soul, R&B singer
  314. Singer/Musician
  315. Big bank singer and canadian senator
  316. Tony Banks  (2)
    Genesis - Gitarist / Pianist
  317. Singer/songwriter
  318. Singer/Musician
  319. Singer/Musician
  320. Muscian
  321. Opera Singer - Bass
  322. Musician - Concert Pianist
  323. Welsh actor in West End; performed in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, My Land's Shore and V for Victory
  324. Singer, Song Writer - Once Married To Louise Mandrell - Appeared On The Barbara Mandrell And Mandrell Sisters - Songs Include Southbound, Reunited, Where There's Smoke There's Fire
  325. drummer (systematic)
  326. Theater Actress And Singer
  327. German Opera Soprano
  328. Actress-I am Bob
  329. Reggae/Dance Hall Artist
  330. Singer/Musician
  331. Singer/Musician
  332. Singer/Musician
  333. Singer/Musician
  334. Musician (french horn), composer and arranger
  335. Singer/Musician
  336. French actor and singer
  337. (7 February 1930 - 5 November 2003) was an Israeli pianist, author and newspaper editor/In 1950, he graduated from the Juilliard School and settled in the United States
  338. Vocalist
  339. Opera Singer
  340. Singer
  341. Musician - All Time Low
  342. Opera Singer
  343. Opera Singer - Baritone - Bass-baritone
  344. Singer/Musician, is an English musician, best known for being the co-frontman with Peter Doherty of the garage rock band The Libertines
  345. American R&B singer and songwriter from Cleveland, Ohio. In 2015, Baraz and electronic producer Galimatias released a collaborative EP together titled Urban Flora through Ultra Music
  346. American Idol Season 6
  347. Conductor
  348. Latin singer
  349. Member of the Brooklyn-based Do Wop group 'Donnie & The Del Chords' who were popular from 1961 to 1965. Songs include When You're Alone, I Found Heaven, Be With You, a.o
  350. Drummer: Adam & the Ants / Bow Wow Wow / Rebulica
  351. Italian singer
  352. John Barbata (born April 1, 1945) is an American drummer, born in Passaic, New Jersey and raised in San Luis Obispo, California, active especially in pop and rock bands in the 1960s and 1970s, both as a band member and as a session drummer.
  353. Singing member of all girl group the velvelettes
  354. French singer and pop music composer
  355. Is an American country music singer and performer. She is best remembered for performing on The Lawrence Welk Show throughout much of the 1970s and early '80s.
  356. jazz trombonist (pettie fleur 59) - The BIG Chris Barber Band
  357. Canadian folk/country singer/songwriter
  358. Canadian singer-songwriter based in Halifax
  359. Opera Singer
  360. Singer/Musician
  361. Female Singer And Voice Over Talent
  362. American Jazz And Blues Singer, Pianist, Songwriter, And Bandleader
  363. British Singer
  364. Vocalist
  365. Female Drummer For The Minneapolis-based Band 'Babes in Toyland'
  366. jazz saxophonist
  367. Musician-Guitar
  368. Guitarist/Musician
  369. singer - four freshmen
  370. jazz trumpeter
  371. 1/2 of the sister duo (The DeJohn Sisters) aka as Dux DeJohn
  372. Opera Singer
  373. Musician-Danny Barcelona was a jazz drummer best known for his years with Louis Armstrong's All-Stars. He was a Filipino-American born in Waipahu a community of sugar cane plantation families East of Honolulu, Hawaii
  374. Musician - violin and viola
  375. Singer/Comedian
  376. Opera Singer - Bass-Baritone
  377. Stage Actress And Singer
  378. Soprano
  379. Singer/Musician
  380. Clarinet Player
  381. Musician Band Army of Lovers
  382. Australian Recording Artist
  383. Opera Singer - Mezzo-Soprano
  384. Opera Singer
  385. Musico .Bajista. Bajista del cantante Elvis Presley en 181 conciertos entre 1974-1975 . English : Music. Bassist singer Elvis Presley in 181 concerts between 1974-1975
  386. Country Singer and Country Music Hall of Fame Member. Known for his songs '500 Miles Away From Home' and 'Detroit City'
  387. rock artist (i hate myself/1998 bobby baer's son)
  388. Singer/Musician
  389. Singer/Musician
  390. Singer/Musician
  391. conductor/concert pianist
  392. Singer/Musician
  393. Lead singer for Alt country band American Aquarium
  394. Country music singer
  395. American actor in television and theatre
  396. Opera Singer
  397. American songwriter/producer. Wrote 'She's a Fool' (Lesley Gore) 'Pretty Flamingo' (Manfred Mann), 'I'm Gonna Be Warm This Winter' (Connie Francis), 'Do Not Disturb' (Doris Day), 'How Would You Like To Be' (Elvis)
  398. Opera Singer - Soprano
  399. Emily Barker  (3)
  400. Win the X Factor 2011 (France)
  401. Singer/Musician
  402. Singer/Musician
  403. Drummer for Blink-182, co-star - Meet The Barkers (reality t.v. series,2005)
  404. Singing Sensation, Performs Crazy
  405. German Female Opera Singer - Soprano
  406. Opera Singer
  407. Radio Commentator
  408. Singer
  409. Singer
  410. Musician - Mister and Mississippi
  411. Welsh Theater Actress
  412. musician, producer, and former drummer for jethro tull
  413. Singer
  414. Bass player for commander cody in the 70s
  415. Canadian Jazz Singer, And Voice Actress In 'Fugget About It'
  416. Lead singer of Take That
  417. Canadian Folk Singer/Musician
  418. Singer/Musician
  419. Singer/songwriter; 'Twenty Four Hours from Tulsa', 'Slow and Easy', 'No Sleep Tonight', 'Fall in Love with Me Tonight', 'Sweet Melinda'
  420. Singer/Musician
  421. Musician
  422. Israeli Soprano
  423. One of the singers from the ex band Scooch
  424. Male Singer/Musician
  425. Jazz singer
  426. Chris Barnes  (7)
    Original singer for legendary death metal band Cannibal Corpse. Chris Barnes was with Cannibal Corpse from 1988 to 1995. Shortly after leaving Cannibal Corpse, he started his current death metal band called Six Feet Under
  427. Singer
  428. Singer/Musician
  429. Singer/Musician
  430. Guitarist, vocalist for .38 Special
  431. Singer/Musician
  432. Musician/Guitarist
  433. solo artist
  434. Singer/Musician
  435. Singer/Musician
  436. Singer
  437. Singer/Musician
  438. member of the Moonglows
  439. Singer/Musician
  440. Opera Singer
  441. American jazz saxophonist, Author
  442. 60s country music singer born 1936 in ok
  443. Musician
  444. country singer
  445. Actor - plays Doddington in the TV series Strange
  446. French singer
  447. Trumpet player
  448. singer (sweet honey in the rock)
  449. Actor/singer/director/writerOfficer of The Lambs, Incworks include film, stage, and television including 13 episodes of The Sopranos
  450. Singer and former member of 'The Bongos'
  451. French actor, composer and singer
  452. Member of the band Dropkick Murphys
  453. Singer/Musician
  454. Opera Singer
  455. Country music singer
  456. Musician/Guitarist
  457. Opera Singer
  458. Martial arts, rock musician/singer
  459. Will Barratt  (2)
    English theatre actor, credits include Phantom of The Opera, Carousel, Jesus Christ Superstar
  460. singer/ Real tv Star Academy
  461. guitarist for Jethro Tull
  462. Gutarist. Member of Little Feat
  463. Conductor
  464. Broadway actor and singer -- Annie Get Your Gun, Chicago, Kiss Me Kate
  465. Guitar player for Roy Orbison last eight years of Roy´s carrer and the group the travelling wilbury days
  466. Musician - The Mighty Mighty Bosstones
  467. 3rd place on 16th season of American Idol
  468. Canadian Country & Western singer
  469. Singer/Musician
  470. Musician Band Boney M
  471. actress/singer - Dark Shadows (t.v. series, 1966-71), Ryan's Hope (t.v. series, 1976)
  472. American pop singer
  473. Singer - Tenor For 50's Band Crew Cuts, Sang Sh-Boom
  474. Opera Singer
  475. Singer/Musician
  476. Susan Barrett  (2)
    Singer/Actress/Impressionist - many 1960s TV appearances (Dean Martin, Ed Sullivan, Steve Allen, Jackie Gleason, Johnny Carson - Tonight, Dom DeLuise)
  477. Founder of Pink Floyd, known to be in Cambridge
  478. Singer In Pop Group S Club 7
  479. latin percusslonist (el watus, soul drummers)
  480. Singer/Musician/Songwriter -Christian pop/rock. She was a former contestant of the reality television show American Idol during its fifth season in 2006
  481. Opera Singer - Tenor
  482. Canadian Male Singer songwriter had 1976 UK Chart Topper 'No Charge'
  483. Singer/songwriter
  484. Actor/singer, 'Postman Pat'
  485. Singer
  486. French singer
  487. Singer, American Idol 3 winner
  488. clarinet
  489. Actress/Singer - The Howdy Doody Show/Peppy Mint; Get Yourself A College Girl. Daughter of Harry Barris of The Rhythm Boys
  490. Singer/songwriter
  491. Lead singer for The Spin Doctors
  492. English Singer - Operetta, Stage Musicals, Contemporary Music And Jazz Singer. She has appeared in London's West End, notably as Christine in The Phantom of the OperaShowstoppers and West End Nights! Broadway Lights!
  493. Eporter for The New York Times; Pianist, Author
  494. jazz pianist/composer
  495. Gospel music singer, songwriter, presenter and manager in Brazil, winning 11 Trofeu Talento, five Latin Grammy, a Dove Awards and a Brazilian International Press Award
  496. Singer