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Browsing Category Home->Music->Singer/Musician , A-Z Filter: M
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  1. Female Singer
  2. M. I. A.  (2)
  3. Singer/Musician
  4. Singer
  5. Female Rapper of Terror Squad
  6. American Cellist Child Prodigy/United Nations Messenger of Peace since 2006. Awarded The Glenn Gould Prize in 1999, the National Medal of Arts 2001, Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2011 & Polar Music Prize in 2012/Time Magazine Award 2020
  7. Singer/Musician
  8. Singer/Musician
  9. French musician
  10. Opera Singer
  11. Filipino American musician and singer-songwriter. She is lead vocalist for How to Destroy Angels and former-vocalist for West Indian Girl. She is the wife of Nine Inch Nails' founder Trent Reznor
  12. Ex vanilla ninja member
  13. Singer
  14. Dutch Presenter
  15. Opera Singer - Soprano
  16. Singer/Musician
  17. c&w artist
  18. Songwriter and Banjo/Guitar player born 1953.
  19. Singer/Musician
  20. Singer/Musician
  21. An American actor, playwright, performance artist, director, producer, and singer-songwriter active mainly in New York City
  22. Christian singer, former member of DC Talk
  23. Vocalist
  24. Conductor
  25. Opera Singer - Tenor
  26. Band member of Skyhooks
  27. Conductor
  28. Opera Singer - Tenor
  29. Musician/Guitarist
  30. Musician/Guitarist
  31. Singer
  32. British composer; titel song 'Starsky and Hutch','Something about Mary'. Wrote for Elvis, The New Seekers, The Fifth Dimension, Frank Sinatra, a.o. 'Build Me Up Buttercup', 'You Won't Find Another Fool Like Me', 'Kissing In The Back Row of The Movies'
  33. Singer
  34. Country Music Singer
  35. Bassist with the Foundations. Played on their famous song 'Build Me Up Buttercup' in 1968
  36. Actress
  37. Opera Singer
  38. Singer/Songwriter: A New England, They Don't Know, There's A Guy Works Down the Chip Shop Swears He's Elvis, In These Shoes?, Walking Down Madison, A Fairytale of New York
  39. Drums on Band 'Far Too Jones'
  40. Composer/Musician. Composer of the Broadway musical Hair. Songwriter's Hall of Fame in 2009
  41. Singer/songwriter
  42. Member of 'Timbuk3'
  43. Singer/Musician
  44. Actor, singer, songwriter, Voice Over Talent
  45. Musician; former bassist for The Alarm
  46. Pat MacDonald  (2)
    Member of 'Timbuk3'
  47. Singer/Musician
  48. Conductor
  49. Musician
  50. Singer
  51. Singer
  52. Female Vocalist
  53. Male Singer
  54. Singer/Musician
  55. Irish Singer/Song writer legend. The Pogues/The Popes/The Nips,solo performer
  56. concert pianist
  57. Torn between two lovers
  58. Singer/Musician
  59. Singer/Actress/Model - Miss Universe 1996, Playboy October 2007
  60. Tenor
  61. Singer / Songwriter from Atlanta, GA., USA. Rock / Alternative / Indie Rock
  62. Opera Singer - Soprano
  63. French musician
  64. Singer/Musician
  65. Cantante cubano boleros y musica popular español ,musica cubana y balada romantica de los 30's hasta los 60's . Cuban singer boleros and popular Spanish music, Cuban music and romantic ballad from the 30's to the 60's
  66. French singer and actor born 1938
  67. Singer
  68. The Vampire Diaries, Smallville, Country Music Singer
  69. Singer fiddler canadian
  70. Singer/Musician
  71. Canadian fiddler, singer and songwriter
  72. Celtic fiddler from Nova Scotia, Canada
  73. Musician - Scorpions
  74. Rapper/Hip Hop
  75. Vocalist
  76. singer/songwriter
  77. Song writer I've been every where
  78. Guitarist - Scandal
  79. singer, guitarist
  80. Singer/Musician
  81. Shane Mack  (2)
    Recording Artist
  82. C&W singer (the bridge washed out/65)
  83. Singer/Musician
  84. Singer/Musician
  85. Musician Band Roxy Music
  86. Played Keyboards for Steve Harley in the 70's
  87. Accordion champion and recording artist
  88. Singer/Musician
  89. Singer
  90. Sang back up on the doors FULL CIRCLE album after jim died
  91. Saxophonist
  92. Musician/Guitarist
  93. Singer/Musician
  94. Actress/Singer
  95. Jazz artist
  96. austin texas singer songwriter
  97. Singer/Musician
  98. Country/Bluegrass Singer from the 90's on Red House Records
  99. Conductor
  100. Country singer; owner of Bobby Mackey's Music World in Wilder, KY
  101. Bass Player for Pulp
  102. Member of australian band 'The Cockroaches'
  103. Actress
  104. Singer/Musician
  105. Rapper
  106. Singer/Musician
  107. Singer/Musician
  108. Singer/Musician
  109. Singer/Musician
  110. Singer/Musician
  111. Recording Artist
  112. Singer/Musician
  113. Singer
  114. Singer/Musician
  115. Conductor
  116. Singer/Musician
  117. Scottish band leader
  118. Singer/Musician
  119. Fiddle Player & Musician
  120. folk-pop fiddle virtuoso
  121. Singer/Musician
  122. Composer
  123. Opera Singer
  124. opera singer
  125. Flora was a key figure in the revival of the Scots Gaelic music tradition that was almost moribund by the Second World War
  126. Canadian Singer
  127. Calypso Singer
  128. Theatre organist in the UK who as the second official BBC Theatre Organist
  129. Actress/Singer (Falsettos, A Catered Affair on Broadway; The Sopranos, Frasier, Sex and the City); daughter of Sheila MacRae and Gordon MacRae; sister of Meredith MacRae
  130. Singer/Musician, 2005/2006 ARIA Best Female Artist
  131. Played drums in Roger Taylor's group The Cross
  132. Singer/Musician
  133. Vocalist
  134. Singer
  135. drummer (sugarloaf green eye-lady 1970)
  136. Singer, songwriter, musician; original member of the Dixie Chicks
  137. Reggae musician
  138. Singer/Musician
  139. Singer/Musician
  140. singer
  141. 2nd Singer and guitarist in the band 'Good Charlotte'
  142. Dave Madden  (2)
    Singer/Musician - Album Anything Goes
  143. Singer
  144. Artist who wrote the album 'Song of the Irish Whistle'.
  145. Vocalist from Good Charlotte
  146. Of The Maddox Brothers and Rose,Rockabilly pioneers
  147. Singer with Marcels
  148. American singer/songwriter 'Promised land', 'Tell me girl', 'Where I wanna be'
  149. Musician
  150. French signer
  151. Guitarist
  152. Female Singer
  153. Singer/actress
  154. Singer
  155. Up and coming Country Singer
  156. Producer, Rapper, DJ, Multi-Instrumentalist
  157. Singer/Actress-Evita,A League of Their Own,Vision Quest,Desperately Seeking Susan,Shanghai Surprise,Who's That Girl?,Dick Tracy,Swept Away,Playboy January 1989/December 1990/November 2006/September 2008/January 2009
  158. Singer/Musician
  159. Band Twiztid, Rapper
  160. Pianist
  161. Singer/Musician, sang with The Forest Rangers for songs for Sons of Anarchy Audra Mae is an American singer and songwriter from OKC, OK, born on 2/20/84. She is the great-great-niece of Judy Garland, and a great granddaughter of Garland's sister Jimmie
  162. French singer
  163. pop singer, 'My Boy Lollipop' hit from 1974
  164. concert rock violinist
  165. Japanese Singer, Noriko Nakagawa in 'Battle Royale'
  166. Violinist
  167. Singer/Musician
  168. Singer
  169. Male Vocalist
  170. Singer/Musician
  171. Pop singer(with brooklyn bridge, the crests) performed the 1958 doo-wop hit '16 Candles' with The Crests and enjoyed a decades-long career with The Brooklyn Bridge
  172. Argetinian actress born 1978. 'Poseidon'(2005),'10 Commandments'(2005),Nadia Santos in 'Alias'(2001),'Frida'(2002),'Venice Projekt'(1999)
  173. German Singer
  174. Member of Danny & The Juniors best known for their song 'At The Hop'. Born 9/1/1939
  175. Miss America 1983. Host on TNN.
  176. British Singer (ex member of the So Solid Crew)
  177. Soprano coloratura. Star Soloist of Andre Rieu and JSO orchestra
  178. Conductor
  179. Musician Band Les Humphries Singers 1970?72
  180. Opera Singer
  181. Opera Singer - Baritone
  182. Soprano
  183. Musician/Guitarist
  184. Drummer / Musician
  185. Cabaret singer. sister of fiona apple
  186. Singer/Musician
  187. Swedish singer/songwriter
  188. Actress
  189. harmonica player (j geils band)
  190. Vocalist
  191. Vocalist
  192. Frontman of Dutch band Moke
  193. German model and singer
  194. Singer/Musician
  195. Music Producer
  196. Blues singer
  197. Singer with the 1950s group 'The Wrens'(Come Back My Love)
  198. Singer/Musician
  199. Singer
  200. Singer/Musician
  201. American singer-songwriter from Barnstable, Massachusetts who was the sixth place finalist on the ninth season of American Idol
  202. Rock-Olga
  203. former Member of The Spaniels. They did (Goodnight Sweetheart Goodnight)
  204. Singer/Musician
  205. pianist (gerry & the pacemakers)
  206. Opera Singer
  207. blues-folk singer (frankie & albert)
  208. Singer
  209. Singer/Musician
  210. Actor: Search for Tomorrow, The Mugger, Route 66, Quick Before It Melts, The Satan Bug, A Covenant with Death, Land Raiders, The Last Day of the War, The Most Deadly Game, The Victim, Mission Impossible, Rich Man, Poor Man, Doppelganger
  211. Was on America's Got Talent - sang Disney songs young little girl- has a cd out now
  212. Singer/Musician
  213. Singer/Musician
  214. Vocalist
  215. singer/saxophonist/actor
  216. Musician
  217. Singer
  218. Actor
  219. Singer/Musician
  220. Guitarist for 311
  221. Actress/Musician
  222. Country Singer & TV Host
  223. Singer as 'Mémé Loubard' and actress in Marbie Star de Couillu les 2 Eglises
  224. British R&B singer
  225. Singer
  226. German singer
  227. Singer- Our Lady Peace
  228. Drummer for the band Salty Dog
  229. Singer/Musician
  230. plays drums for band Dogstar
  231. singer (sweet honey in the rock)
  232. Singer & TV Animator
  233. Singer
  234. Singer
  235. He is playing Simba in the German version of the Musical The Lion King in Hamburg
  236. American Country Singer/Banjoist. Born: 04/21/1907
  237. Singer
  238. Musician
  239. Dixie Chicks
  240. Musician
  241. Singer/Musician
  242. Celtic fiddler; fiddler player for the Celtic pop band Mackeel
  243. Singer (Duet partner and widow of Louis Prima)
  244. Pianist
  245. concert cellist
  246. Member/The Incredible String Band/ISB psychedelic folk band formed in 1966. Band built considerable following, especially within British counterculture, before splitting up in 1974. Group's members are musical pioneers in psychedelic folk
  247. Singer
  248. Singer: Wishing Well, Sign Your Name
  249. Singer
  250. Country Singer
  251. Singer/Musician
  252. Singer/Musician
  253. Singer/Musician
  254. German guitarist - Evanescence 2015-
  255. hawaiian recording artist
  256. hawaiian recording artist
  257. Opera Singer
  258. South African Singer (Pata Pata). Civil Rights Activist
  259. sang for the past 40 years with The Clancy Brothers
  260. Singer/Musician
  261. Vocalist
  262. Canadian singer
  263. Singer/Musician
  264. Jazz pianist living in Toronto
  265. Opera Singer
  266. Conductor
  267. Singer/Musician
  268. Singer/Musician
  269. Jazz musician
  270. Singer who sounds like Michael Jackson
  271. singer, guitarist (system of a down)
  272. Singer, Musician
  273. Singer/Musician
  274. In the band sweetwater, 1st band to play woodstock-drums
  275. Singer/Musician
  276. Contemporary Singer/Musician
  277. Reggae singer, had a Hit in the UK singles chart with Fat Bum Bum in 1975
  278. Counter-Tenor
  279. Singer, Member of Pentatonix
  280. Singer/Musician
  281. austrian actress
  282. opera singer
  283. Singer/Musician
  284. Country music singer
  285. The Rocky Fellers: Filipino-born pop/rock band discovered by Stanley Kahn in the 1960s, they had a hit single called 'Killer Joe' (#16 on the Billboard Hot 100, April 1963)
  286. The Rocky Fellers: Filipino-born pop/rock band discovered by Stanley Kahn in the 1960s, they had a hit single called 'Killer Joe' (#16 on the Billboard Hot 100, April 1963)
  287. Hindi and Crossover Music Old School Girl- Tanu Weds Manu Returns (2015) Graduation Day video
  288. Singer with the band One Direction
  289. Violinist
  290. Singer/Musician
  291. Singer/Musician
  292. German singer
  293. Actress, Singer Mexican Hayride 1948 last listed appearance in 1960
  294. Banjo Player
  295. drummer (goo goo dolls)
  296. German singer
  297. Opera Singer
  298. opera singer
  299. Indie-rock musician
  300. Singer from Spain .Ex-component of 'Los Ronaldos', currently solo .Albuns 'Mujeres'
  301. Scottish Act
  302. Singer-songwriter
  303. Singer songwriter was a member of UK group Tymes 4
  304. Saundra mallet-edwards, 60s lead singer of the elgins from detroit mi
  305. Singer/Musician
  306. Country singer via her website:
  307. French singer-songwriter
  308. Actress: The Young and the Restless, Santa Barbara, Unabomber- The True Story // Guest Star: Promised Land, Touched By an Angel, Everwood // Broadway: West Side Story, Follies, A Little Night Music, Carnival!
  309. Musician
  310. Dan Malloy  (2)
  311. Vocalist
  312. Swedish singer, actress, songwriter and photographer
  313. Opera Singer - Bariton
  314. Swedish Singer born 1936. 'Liebeskummer lohnt sich nicht mei Darling'(1964),'Küsse nie nach Mitternacht'(1965),'Harlekin'(1968).
  315. Singer/Musician
  316. Legendary entertainer / actor
  317. musician
  318. Jazz violinist, songwriter & arranger/member of Paul Whiteman orchestra from 1926 to 1937, recorded with Mildred Bailey, Annette Hanshaw, Frank Signorelli, and Frankie Trumbauer, lead big band that recorded for Brunswick, Columbia, & Decca
  319. Lead singer of The Mavericks - All You Ever Do Is Bring Me Down, Dance the Night Away
  320. German singer, former member of the band 'The Flippers'
  321. UK Presenter
  322. Singer with The Monotones who did 'Who Wrote the Book of Love'
  323. Singer/Musician
  324. Male Singer
  325. singer / songwriter
  326. Singer/Musician
  327. Trombone player for the Blues Brothers, SNL band from the first show, Late Show With David Letterman Band
  328. Chris Maloney  (2)
    English Singer & Musician
  329. Singer
  330. Drummer for Motley Crue
  331. Singer
  332. songwriter/keyboardist for '80s band Klymaxx
  333. Musician
  334. Vocalist
  335. American Idol - Season 7 contestant
  336. Colombian hip hop singer
  337. Singer - Schön Genug
  338. French singer (leader of the band Dionysos) and writer
  339. singer
  340. Pianist
  341. Singer/Musician - aka Keith Tenniswood
  342. Wu Man 
    Pipa soloist
  343. Conductor
  344. Singer/Musician
  345. Conductor
  346. Singer/Musician
  347. Singer: 'Don't Cry Out Loud', 'Out Of My Head', Appeared in 'The Great Mouse Detective' and Sang 'Let Me Be Good To You' in the film
  348. Big band singer, widow of henry mancini
  349. pop singer (daughter of henry mancini)
  350. Singer/Musician
  351. Conductor
  352. Guitartist --canned heat woodstock band
  353. Singer/Musician
  354. Singer/Musician
  355. banjo player (Duelling banjos)
  356. Born: Frisco (Texas) American singer/songwriter He formed his own band in 1992 'Nuevo Tejas Band'. 'Headin' out West', 'The Greenhouse Sessions'
  357. Singer-songwriter from South London who writes punchy, punky rock-pop songs that get you on your feet and moving. Scratch the surface though and lyrically her tough upbringing and life experiences can be felt too
  358. Singer/Musician
  359. Contemporary Christian Music
  360. Singer/Musician
  361. Musician, Producer - Dschingis Khan
  362. Country Singer: I Was Country When Country Wasn't Cool, Sleeping Single in a Double Bed, I Don't Want to Be Right, Tonight My Baby's Coming Home, The Midnight Oil // Actress: Sunset Beach, Burning Rage, The Wrong Girl, Stolen from the Heart
  363. Singer and actress, Barbara Mandrell and the Mandrell Sisters, race car driver
  364. Country Singer & Actress // Sister of Barbara Mandrell
  365. Member of the Electric Light Orchestra
  366. Singer/Musician
  367. Opera Singer - Tenor
  368. Singer/Musician
  369. Australian/American soprano, but also competed at the Australian National Championships in rhythmic gymnastics and pole vaulting
  370. Opera Singer
  371. Singer/Musician
  372. Singer/Musician
  373. Indian Singer
  374. American Musician & Songwriter
  375. Jazz Flugelhorn Player, Composer (Feels So Good - 1977). Voice Actor (King Of The Hill - 11 episodes as himself - 1997-2003)
  376. pianist (planet gap, ardis)
  377. Pianist
  378. Lead singer and frontman for the American Southern rock band Black Oak Arkansas
  379. Leader singer of Neutral Milk Hotel
  380. American singer/songwriter He plays old - time country, bluegrass, Americana and folk 'The last troubadour', 'Harvest dance'
  381. Bass guitarist for the english group stone roses
  382. Vocalist/soprano
  383. Singer/Musician
  384. Singer/Songwriter - Copacabana, Mandy, Could It Be Magic, Looks Like We Made It, I Write The Songs, Can't Smile Without You, It's A Miracle, Even Now, Weekend In New England, Tryin' To Get The Feeling Again, Somewhere In The Night, The Old Songs, Ships
  385. Singer/Musician
  386. Opera Singer - Mezzo-Soprano
  387. Singer/Guitarist of german band Staubkind
  388. Musician of the Band Sparks
  389. Musician of the Band Sparks
  390. Singer/Musician
  391. Opera Singer
  392. US singer
  393. Vocalist/formerly of til' tuesday (had top 10 hit during '80s w/ voices carry), The Big Lebowski
  394. Songwriter of the 'Mann & Weil' songwriting team; wrote You?ve Lost That Lovin? Feelin?, On Broadway, I Just Can?t Help Believing, Sometimes When We Touch, Somewhere Out There, Blame It on the Bossa Nova, Saturday Night at the Movies
  395. Former Member of The Drifters who did There Goes My Baby
  396. Singer /songwritter rock´n´roll 50´s. Label Sun Records. Songs: Mona Lisa, I´m coming home
  397. Chris Mann  (2)
  398. Singer/Musician
  399. Pop/R&R Singer - Earth Angel, Teen-Age Prayer, Why Do Fools Fall In Love?
  400. jazz flutist
  401. John Mann  (5)
    Folk singer
  402. composer conductor
  403. Musician, 'Manfred Mann`s Earthband'
  404. American country singer
  405. Singer/Musician- Cora in Tyler Perry plays and Films
  406. Singer/Musician
  407. Swedish singer/songwriter (hiphop/Blacknuss)
  408. british singer, was in the first series of bbcs fame academy
  409. Singer/Musician
  410. American Singer and Actress born 1912.Belonged to the Glenn Miller Orchestra.'Yankee Doodle Dandy','The Desert Song','Shine On Harvest Moon','Old Corral','The Big Shot','Make Your Own Bed','Escape in The Desert','Doughgirls','Spy Ship'
  411. opera singer
  412. Singer/Musician
  413. Singer: Boomkat // Actress: Cold Mountain, 8 Mile, Crossroads, Crazy/Beautiful, Sons of Anarchy, Devils Tomb, Orange Is the New Black, Groupie, The Breed, Hawaii Five-O
  414. Singer/Musician
  415. Singer with the Uncanny X-Men
  416. Italian Pop-Singer
  417. Finnish actress and singer, Miss Finland 1958, born 27 December 1938 in Sääksmäki (Finland), She has appeared in over 50 films and television shows
  418. Folk/rock musician, Supernatural
  419. BLACKPINK singer dancer
  420. Singer/Actress-Nina And The Guardians
  421. Singer/Musician
  422. Actor known for Running with Delays. Made Broadway debut in Mean Girls
  423. Singer
  424. Jazz trumpeter
  425. French pianist and composer
  426. singer
  427. French singer
  428. German singer
  429. Singer with the 1950s group 'The Wrens'(Come Back My Love)
  430. British music composer. Composed the theme music to the BBC Programmes Grandstand, Wimbledon and The Big Match. Married to singer Selena Jones. His soundtracks were frequently used for NFL films
  431. Conductor
  432. Leader of 'New Musik' band
  433. Opera Singer - Mezzo-Soprano
  434. Belgian singer
  435. Conductor
  436. Country Music Artist
  437. US-born French citizen, singer/actress/model - Playboy Playmate - Miss August 1974, Hot Thrills, War Nights,The Young Nurse, Dirty O'Neil, Nightmare Circus, 10 to Midnight
  438. singer/songwriter
  439. Garbage Lead Singer
  440. Green jelly
  441. Singer/Musician
  442. vocalist (the four coins/shangri-la 1957)
  443. Vocalist
  444. Drummer for Primus, Guns N' Roses, Praxis, and Godflesh
  445. US jazz musician
  446. US jazz musician
  447. Singer/Musician
  448. German singer
  449. Actor, singer, songwriter, and voiceover artist from Lake Charles, Louisiana. Currently performing in West End
  450. Singer/Musician
  451. Musician, the band
  452. Singer Songwriter from Wartau, SG, Switzerland. Rock / Independent / Alternative. Manuel K was formerly known as lead singer and guitarist of the rock bands Nextmile and Rockcousins which are on longtime hiatus
  453. Opera Singer - Tenor
  454. latin ppop singer (que habria sido de me 98)
  455. Singer/Musician
  456. Singer/Musician
  457. Musician Band Roxy Music
  458. keyboardist in the band 'the Doors'
  459. Conductor
  460. Musician/Guitarist
  461. 1960's Country Singer. Born: 12/29/1922
  462. Band
  463. Musician from Why Don't We
  464. Actor
  465. Opera Singer - Soprano
  466. Singer/Musician
  467. Vocalist
  468. Singer/Musician
  469. opera singer
  470. Singer/Actor - Luke Cage
  471. Country Singer: Country Rock Star, Tennessee
  472. Singer/Musician
  473. German Singer
  474. Singer/Songwriter/Actor: founding member of 'Sha Na Na', appeared in 'Grease', appeared in the 'Sha Na Na' variety show in the early '80s
  475. Ex-guitarist of Europe
  476. Musician - Jenny Don't and the Spurs
  477. Singer - at age 14 had a #1 hit in the US with 'I Will Follow Him'
  478. French actor and singer
  479. Singer in the all gay band. 'Well Strung'
  480. Musician
  481. Conductor
  482. Singer/Musician
  483. Vocalist
  484. Peruvian singer
  485. Conductor
  486. Latin Award Winning Actress, Singer, and Dancer- Famous for her role as Karicia in 'Salomé'
  487. Actress: The Front, The Hand, The Stuff, Spacehunter, The Concorde - Airport '79, Jack the Bear, Berrenger's, Trapper John MD, Hill Street Blues, Magnum PI, General Hospital