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StarTiger - Browsing Category Home->Authors & Writers , A-Z Filter: all
Browsing Category Home->Authors & Writers , A-Z Filter: all
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  1. Rap/ Hip Hop artist, hit song 'wanksta'
  2. Singer/Musician
  3. Professor/Author of 'Days On The Family Farm' & 'Great Depression Farmer'
  4. Cartoonist
  5. Aames writes the Cheese Shop Mystery Series
  6. Author, journalist for 'Bergens Tidende'. Received Journalis prise 2008 for her book on World war II, 'Tyskerjentene'(The German Girls)
  7. Journalist
  8. Writer 'Out of Sight, Out of Mind', 'Garlic Kisses'
  9. American writer and academic, founding president of the Library of America.Born 08/04/1912
  10. Author-Founder and Dean of The Isralight Institute
  11. MLB H.O.F. outfielder 1954-76 (23 yrs) for Braves, Brewers. 'Hammer', 'Bad Henry' MVP 1957, 25x All-Star, 3 Gold Gloves. Led league - Bat Title 2x, HR's 4x, RS 3x, Hits 2x, Doubles 3x. Hit 755 HR. All-time career leader in RBI's 2,297 & total bases
  12. Author, professor who teaches postgraduate and undergraduate modules on Welsh writing in English. 'A Double Singleness: Gender and the Writings of Charles and Mary Lamb', 'Pur fel y Dur: Y Gymraes yn Ll?n y Bedwaredd Ganrif ar Bymtheg'
  13. Comic book writer
  14. Fantasy author
  15. Author, 'Double Your Income Doing What You Love'
  16. Author
  17. Author, novelist, scriptwriter (Doctor Who)
  18. Author. Regular columnist for The Times. 'Paddling to Jerusalem: An Aquatic Tour of Our Small Country', 'Voodoo Histories: the role of Conspiracy Theory in Modern History'. He won the Orwell Prize for political journalism in 2001
  19. Author of Prayers for Bobby
  20. Australian journalist and author. 'War Criminals Welcome: Australia, a Sanctuary for War Criminals Since 1945'
  21. Author, currently executive editor at Harry N. Abrams
  22. Noted writing fiction in media in the 90s, several novels for the Star Trek franchise. Also co-wrote four novels associated with the game Doom/A Squeezed Novel by Mr. Skunk', was nominated for the Hugo Award and Nebula Award
  23. Author/Professor IESE (Business), Harward business school famoso por el informe Ninja de Economia en España. Libros : 'La crisis ninja y otros misterios de la economia actual .English :
  24. Nigerian author. 'Masters of the Board', Winner of the Agatha Award 2010, Best First Novel 'The Long Quiche Goodbye'
  25. Author. Expert on career issues facing women. 'Birthing The Elephant'
  26. Author
  27. Author, editor for the North Coast Journal, Humboldt County, California
  28. Australian Surfer, Bra Boy and Author
  29. Author
  30. Author, 'The Rifkind Saga': 'Daughter of the Bright Moon'; 'The Black Flame'; 'Rifkind's Challenge'
  31. Political author
  32. Author, Rockabilly songwriter and singer. 'Karling Abbeygate' CD
  33. Erotic Romance Writer
  34. Crossfit Competitor, Model, 1st ever female Nascar Pitcrew member CBS Big Brother 19 Houseguest
  35. Author-One TV Blasting & a Pig Outdoors
  36. Author
  37. Dean of Women at Trinity College, Author - A History Of Celibacy
  38. Author-Ghosts of the Tower Of London
  39. Children's Author
  40. Jeff Abbott  (2)
  41. MLB pitcher 1989-99 for Angels, Yankees, White Sox, Brewers. Best in 1991 (3rd place for Cy Young Award) going 18-11 with 2.89 ERA. Tossed no - hitter in 1993 for Yankees against the Indians. Born without a right hand. College Baseball H.O.F. (2007)
  42. Author-Sin in The Second City,American Rose
  43. Author-Gardens of Plenty
  44. Author crime fiction
  45. Writer - wrote the story that became the movie C.H.U.D.
  46. Author-The Bookmaker's Daughter
  47. Author
  48. Author-The Secret of Droons
  49. Author/Fashion Designer
  50. Author-Clinical Assistant Professor in The Department of Otolaryngology
  51. Author-Political Science
  52. Author-Does My Head Look Big In This?
  53. Author-Liaison of The United Nations Alliance of Civilizations
  54. Author-The Poet Game
  55. Author/Poet/Columnist
  56. Peformance Artist,Writer,Painter
  57. Author-The Canterbury Trail,The Bone Cage
  58. ASMA Founder.'American Society for Muslim Advancement'
  59. NBA All Time Leading Scorer, Basketball Hall of Famer, Was in the movie 'Airplane', 'Game of Death'
  60. Author-The Power of One:Authentic Leadership in Turbulent Times
  61. Shana Abé  (2)
    Author-The Last Mermaid
  62. French writer
  63. German Children's Author
  64. Author-Johnny Future
  65. Author
  66. Author-The Dead Sea Scrolls Bible
  67. Author-Dierriere La Haine
  68. Author-Architecture
  69. Cartoonist/Writer-Life Sucks
  70. Author-The Burying Field
  71. Technology Specialist
  72. Author-Ghost Club,Max Remy Superspy
  73. Canadian writer, historian and academic: Member of the Order of Canada
  74. Author
  75. Author
  76. editor columnist
  77. Author-Cranks Recipe Books
  78. Author-Carrie Measures Up
  79. Author-Surviving Trauma
  80. Author-Kicking in The Wall
  81. Author-The First Law Trilogy
  82. Author-The Penguin Dictionary of Socialogy
  83. Author-Amande's Bed
  84. Screenwriter
  85. Author-A Girl Made Of Dust
  86. Author
  87. Author-The Pool Was Empty
  88. US author-Eclipse Fever
  89. Author-The Prodigal Tongue
  90. Author-The Perfect Distance
  91. Talk Show Host/Psychatrist
  92. Comic Book Writer
  93. Author-The Giant Jellybean Jar
  94. Author/Illustrator-Clean House
  95. Author-30 Days To A More Sprititual Life
  96. Author/Professor of Law
  97. Director and writer and is married to Mary McCartney
  98. Author/Psychatrist
  99. Author-Lyrics Alley
  100. Author - The Juggler's Children
  101. Author-Intricate Butterflies
  102. Author - Shadow in Summer; Betrayal in Winter; Autumn War
  103. American Actor born 1939.won Oscar for Antonio Saleri in 'Amadeus'(1984),'The Grand Budapest Hotel,'Thir13en Ghosts',.'Mimic','Finding Forrester','Nostradamus','Last Action Hero','Mobster','The Name of the Rose','Mighty Aphrodite','StarTrek:Insurrection''
  104. Reality Show Teen Mom & Celebrity Sex Tape
  105. Writer Born:25.08.1921
  106. Author-CEO of Abraham Croup
  107. Ken Abraham  (2)
    Co-Author: Payne Stewart: The Authorized Biography
  108. Author-Teaching Good Sex
  109. Author-First We Quit Our Jobs
  110. Author-Giving Up America
  111. Representative from Louisiana
  112. Author-Conversational Japanese
  113. Comic Creator, 'Stumpy Stumbler', 'The Spacers', 'Space Shots', 'Impressions', 'Animal Chatter' and 'The Sports File'.
  114. Author-The Mission Statement Book
  115. Author/Photographer-I'm Perfect,Your Doomed
  116. Author-The Man Who Tried To Clone Himself
  117. Author of Their Wildest Dreams, The Tutor, Crying Wolf, etc.
  118. South African writer living in Jamaica. Wrote Mine Boy 1946 and Tell Freedom 1954
  119. Author-Miss Conducts:Mind Over Manner
  120. News - KTRK TV
  121. Author
  122. Author-The Spell of The Sensuous
  123. Author-Chasing Charlie Chan
  124. American former lobbyist and businessman, Author
  125. CEO of Energiya Global Capital
  126. Host of A&E's reality series, LIVE PD & Grace Vs. Abrams, Chief Legal Affairs Anchor for ABC News, co-host of Nightline
  127. Author-The Multi-Orgasmic Couple
  128. Author - The Lost Diary of Don Juan
  129. Deputy National Security Advisor (2005-2009)
  130. Author-Seven Kings:How It Feel To Be A Teenager
  131. Director-Alias,Lost,Mission Impossible 3/Producer-Forever Young,Joy Ride/Writer-Taking Care of Business,Gone Fishin,Armageddon, Star Wars: The Legacy Revealed
  132. Author/Therapist
  133. Author-Charting By The Stars
  134. Author-The Making of Modern Woman
  135. American Literary Critic and Writer, 'The Mirror and the Lamp'. Born: 07/23/1912
  136. Author-The Evolution Angel
  137. Author-The View From The Center of The Universe
  138. Author-Now I Eat My ABC's
  139. Author-Touching Distance
  140. Georgia State Representative (2007-2017); Georgia State House Minority Leader (2011-2017); Candidate for Governor of Georgia, 2018
  141. Author-Inside Obama's Brain
  142. Author-Inside Dinosaurs
  143. Author/Photographer
  144. Author-Executive Editor for The New York Times
  145. Author/Physician-Overdose America:The Broken Promise of American Mecidine
  146. Author-Paint Your Own Dreidel
  147. Hi-Profile Attorney who represented Erik Menendez in his two trials for killing his parents
  148. movie director/writer
  149. Author-Changing a Troubled Ship's Course
  150. Author-Physician & Diet Councelor
  151. Mystery writer
  152. Author-White Spells
  153. Poet-Speak Old Parrot
  154. Author-Birds of Paradise
  155. Author-The Best of Enemies
  156. Author of 'I shall not hate'
  157. Author-Mornings in Jenin
  158. Author-The Electronic Intifada
  159. Author-Nasser:The Last Arab
  160. Author
  161. member of National Assembly of France, former president of this assembly
  162. Children's Author-Circle of Heroes
  163. Author-A Falling Star
  164. Author; X-Rated Vampires, Undead Karma Sutra, The Nymphos of Rocky Flats
  165. Puerto Rican author, '¡Papi, Quiero Ser Un Menudo!' Father of Raymond Acevedo
  166. Public figure
  167. Writer/Actor-American Playhouse
  168. Author
  169. Author/Chef
  170. Author-The Arabs and The Holocaust
  171. Comic Artist - Lucky Luke 2003-
  172. author (things fall apart arrow of god)
  173. Author-59 in '84
  174. director, artist, author
  175. Author-Beating The Business Cycle
  176. Author-Twitterture
  177. Author-Harvard Square
  178. Author-Attack of The Theater People
  179. Author - Fiction
  180. Author - Fiction
  181. Author-100 Hundred Names For Love
  182. American Science Fiction and Horror Writer, Editor, Actor born 1917.'Dracula vs. Frankenstein','Evil Spawn','Return of the Living Dead','The Howling','My Mom´s a Werewolf','Vampirella','Schlock','Scalps'
  183. Author-The Architecture of Michelangelo
  184. Author-AH-CHOO:The Uncommon Life of Your Cold
  185. Author-Another J.Edgar Hoover?
  186. Author-The Identity Code
  187. Canadian novelist, playwright, and journalist
  188. actor/writer - origin of the species (1998)
  189. Author-De Florentijnse vlock
  190. Author-The Getting of Wisdom
  191. Chemist & Author: Member of the Order of Canada
  192. author (the mercury 13)
  193. Writer-Notes For A New Culture
  194. Author-28 Artists and 2 Saints
  195. journalist
  196. Canadian author, newspaper columnist, filmmaker, indigenous language advocate and professor of indigenous and English literature at First Nations University of Canada in Saskatchewan
  197. Male ballet dancer, Author - No Way Home
  198. Author-The She-Hulk Diaries
  199. Author-The Mediterranean Prescription
  200. Author-Wisdom To Grow On
  201. Author-Baby Minds
  202. Author-Bear Nuts
  203. Author
  204. Author-Uranium Wars
  205. Children's Author-A Magical Encounter
  206. Author-The Island of Bicycle Dancers
  207. Psychologist, therapist, prolific author and founder of EMETT ('Emotional Maturity Established Through Torah')
  208. Author-Richochet
  209. Author-The Physics of Baseball
  210. Author-The Blacksmith's Daughter
  211. Author-Living on Fire
  212. Author-How To Publish and Promote Online
  213. Spanish writer of historical novels .Example: 'The mozarabe way', 'The soul of the city'
  214. Comics
  215. Author-Ellie and Tess and The Lost Letter
  216. Screenwriter/Director
  217. Children's Author-Dixieland
  218. Author
  219. Author-Fybromyalgia for Dummies
  220. Writer whose work regularly appears on National Public Radio, KQED Radio and in the New York Times, the San Francisco Chronicle
  221. Author-Requiem for A Fish
  222. Author-Murder on Ice
  223. Author-The Talbot Twins
  224. American photographer, Author
  225. Comic book artist, creator of 'Longshot'
  226. Author-Madam:Prostitutes,Punters,and Puppets
  227. Author-Kornel Esti
  228. Billy Adams  (2)
    Author - Ewan McGregor
  229. Author-The Siren Song Series
  230. Author - Fiction
  231. Author-The Pornography of Meat
  232. Author-The Godmother
  233. Author
  234. Author-DEFinition
  235. Chris Adams  (4)
    Author & retired United States Air Force officer/Distinguished Service Medal/Chief of Staff, Strategic Air Command 1983 accepted an appointment as Associate Director @Los Alamos National Laboratory/Brazos River Authority Board of Directors
  236. Reporter/Gossip Columnist
  237. Author-An American Dream
  238. Author-The Knot Book
  239. Author
  240. Author: The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
  241. Author-Going To Heaven
  242. Author-Poisoned Prose
  243. Author-Between The Covers
  244. American columnist known as Franklin P. Adams and by his initials F.P.A.. Famed for his wit, he is best known for his newspaper column, 'The Conning Tower', and his appearances as a regular panelist on radio's Information Please
  245. Author-The Five Ages of The Universe
  246. Children's Book Author-The Railway Rabbits
  247. Author
  248. Author-The Spectre of Salem
  249. Founder of Geshundheit Institute, portrayed by Robin Williams in movie of same name.
  250. Children's Author-Robert Pattinson:Eternally Yours
  251. Author-The HIV Myth
  252. Author-Everything Women Of Color Should Know About Cosmetic Surgery
  253. Jane Adams  (3)
    Author-A Kiss Goodbye
  254. Author-25 Stupid Mistakes Dog Owners Make
  255. Author-Single White Email
  256. Author-Darkside Sun
  257. Author/Chef
  258. Joey Adams  (3)
    American Columnist of the New York Post, Comedian and Actor born 1911.'The Ed Sullivan Show','Howard Stern Show','Singing in the Dark'
  259. John Adams  (6)
  260. Author-Agent of Influence
  261. Author-Truth Serum
  262. Author-Here I Come
  263. Wnner, 2015 Peacemaker Award for Western Short Fiction
  264. Kathryn Adams  (3)
  265. Children's Author-Hook Up Or Break Up
  266. Author-Beautiful Liars
  267. Author-Money Girl's Smart Moves To Grow Rich
  268. Author of 7 books about the trapps family
  269. Journalist/Author-Harbor
  270. Author-Change Your Questions,Change Your Life
  271. educator
  272. Mark Adams  (3)
  273. Matt Adams  (2)
    Author / Golf
  274. Archaeologist , Author
  275. Mike Adams  (7)
    Former PGA touring pro, golf instructor, Author
  276. Mike Adams  (8)
    Author-Feminists Say The Darndest Things
  277. Legendary comic book artist. 'Deadman', 'X-Men', 'The Brave and the Bold', 'The Avengers'
  278. Paul Adams  (2)
    Author - Summer of the Heart
  279. Author-Motherguilt
  280. Author-Adams VS God
  281. Author/Producer/Documentary Director - The Behaviour of Moths
  282. Author-Bonar Law
  283. Author, 'Watership Down'
  284. Robert Adams  (2)
    Author-Time and Thisness
  285. Writer-Crushing on The Enemy
  286. Syndicated Cartoonist for Dilbert
  287. Terry Adams  (3)
    Author-Eye of The Beast
  288. film critic/columnist - US Weekly Magazine
  289. Author-On Being John McEnroe
  290. Author-The Whole Systems Approach
  291. Will Adams  (2)
    Author - The Alexander Cipher
  292. Author - Dogs All In One For Dummies
  293. Cartoonist
  294. Author
  295. Author-Ashland
  296. Author-Kinki Lullaby
  297. Author-Topsy and Tim
  298. Author-The Noble Revolt
  299. Author - 'Born Free'
  300. Author-The Dangerous Edge
  301. Narrator-Fast Food Nation
  302. Author - Inside Out, Reading the River – Selected Poems
  303. on ESPN Around the Horn
  304. Author-Pipeline
  305. Author-Hipster Haiku
  306. Author-Dark Maze
  307. Author-Dina The Deaf Dinosaur
  308. Author-The Acne Cure
  309. Author-The Sky is Falling
  310. Author-The Interceptor
  311. Cartoonist and columnist with the Times Publishing Company (St. Petersburg) since 1964
  312. Author-Invisible Men
  313. Author-Disappearing World
  314. American Poet-Dark Duet
  315. Author-Start Your Own Personal Concierge Service
  316. Author-The Road to 1945
  317. Author-Japanese Ghosts and Demons
  318. Author-The Consequences of Love
  319. Author-Little Beauties
  320. Illustrator
  321. Author-Cyrano:The Life and Legend of Cyrano De Bergerac
  322. Author-Some Kind Of Black
  323. author/editor - the palm of my heart
  324. Author-Letter to George Clooney
  325. Author-The Ultimate Guide To Chick Flicks
  326. Author-Lodz Ghetto
  327. Author-The Lives of Dwarves
  328. Author-Tokyo Vice
  329. Author-The Princess and The Pea
  330. Author-Imagine This
  331. Space Scientist
  332. Author-Baby Facts
  333. Screenwriter/Playwright
  334. Author-War Child
  335. Author-Purple Hibiscus
  336. Teacher, Civil Rights Activist, Writer. Books - The Legacy of a Freedom School and To Be Young Was Very Heaven: Women in New York Before the First World War
  337. BBC Journalist
  338. Author-The White Tiger
  339. Author-Scarcity
  340. Author-The Fruit of My Lipstick
  341. Children's Author/Illustrator-Te Perfect Thanksgiving
  342. Author-The Sharpe Companion
  343. Author-The Craft of Making Wine
  344. Author-Nelson's Trafalgar
  345. Historians, archaeologists, Authors
  346. The Walking Dead comic artist/Actor -Walking Dead Walker
  347. French writer-CIA:Secret Wars
  348. Author
  349. Author-The Kennedy Wit
  350. Author-Cam Jansen Mysteries
  351. Author - The Art of The Automobile: The 100 Greatest Cars
  352. Author-Sailing To Capri
  353. Author-Essays and Letters
  354. Jerry Adler  (2)
    Senior editor at Newsweek and the author of High Rise: How 1,000 Men and Women Worked Around the Clock for Five Years and Lost $200 Million Building a Skyscraper
  355. Author-A Story About Raisins
  356. Author-Keeping Faith With The Party
  357. Writer/journalist-A Year In The Dark
  358. Acting Teacher (b: 1901). She taught Marlon Brando, Judy Garland, Robert De Niro, Warren Beatty, many others. Actress. She appeared in only 3 films, including Shadow Of The Thin Man. Author
  359. Author-Letters of The Century:American 1900-1999
  360. Susan Adler  (2)
    Childrens' author
  361. Author of 'The Producers: Money, Movies and Who Really Calls the ShotsHollywood and the Mob: Movies, Mafia, Sex & Death'
  362. Author-Daily Dose of Knowledge
  363. Author-The War Of The Roses
  364. Danish Author-The Absent One
  365. Author-Mommy's Having A Watermellon
  366. Author-Cherry Heaven
  367. Author-The Marshals Destiny
  368. Tv journalist
  369. Author-Roots and Blues:A Celebration
  370. Author-The Songs Shoots Out Of Mine Mouth
  371. Syrian Poet, real name Ali Ahmad Said
  372. German actor - The Tin Drum, Der Grosse Bellheim, Rossini, Ten Little Indians, Station Six-Sahara, Bird With The Crystal Plumage, Ghosts - Italian Style, Fedora, Brainwashed, Lulu, The Red Tent, Marco Polo, The Holcroft Covenant, Smilla's Sense Of Snow
  373. Archeologist
  374. Spanish cook, considered as one of the best chefs in the world and tops the European Restaurant Ranking
  375. Journalist and author
  376. Author-Gob's Grief
  377. actress/choreographer/writer
  378. Author-Numerology Kit
  379. Youngest person to sail around the world
  380. Author
  381. Author-The Brain Game
  382. Writer-Liberation Et Ses Fantomes
  383. Actor: 200 Cigarettes, Chasing Amy, Pearl Harbor, Bounce, Armageddon, Daredevil, Jersey Girl, Dogma, Dazed and Confused, Sum of All Fears, Changing Lanes, Mallrats, Good Will Hunting, Argo, Batman v Superman, Suicide Squad, Gone Girl
  384. Glasses creator
  385. author of Lillian Gish,,Her Legend Her Life
  386. Author-Advanced Sudoku & Kakuro
  387. Author-A Life Elsewhere
  388. Author-Hogs in The Shadows
  389. Author-Russian Origami
  390. Author-When Talk Is Not Cheap
  391. Author-Heal Thyself:For Health and Longevity
  392. Author-The Relunctant Mullah
  393. Writer and philosopher
  394. Author-Ripping and Running
  395. Author-Shoot Me With Flowers
  396. Former tennis Professional, Wimbledon Mens Singles Champion in 1992
  397. Cardologist and author of The South Beach Diet
  398. Author
  399. Children's Author-Little Santa
  400. Author-Strange Angels
  401. author
  402. Author-Radical Therapist
  403. Author the accidential adventures of inda mcalister
  404. Actor
  405. Actress: The House of Sand and Fog, X-Men 3, 24, The Exorcism of Emily Rose, The Lake House, The Stoning of Soraya M., Grimm, The Mob Doctor
  406. Author-Black and White in America
  407. Author-The Late Talker
  408. Author-Highjacking the Runway
  409. Author-Silence Like Blood
  410. Stars in 'Growing up Gotti' is the grandson of the deaceased mobster John Gotti
  411. Author-Lose Weight With Nlp
  412. Author-Twins!
  413. Author-Primordial
  414. John 'Jack' Agnew, one of the original members of a U.S. Army unit that operated behind enemy lines in World War II and is often credited with having loosely inspired the novel and movie 'The Dirty Dozen,'
  415. Cricket Commentator
  416. Author-Drop Dead Gorgeous
  417. Illustrator
  418. Author-Forza Italia
  419. Author-The Lillian Lectures
  420. Author-The Light of Desire
  421. Author-The Bookmaker
  422. Author-Bad Bridesman
  423. Author-Three Books of Occult Philosphy
  424. Author-Tell The World
  425. Author-Mama Dot
  426. Author-The Lost Island of Tamarind
  427. Author-Magnolia
  428. Author and wife of FMR MLB Player Kevin Aguilera
  429. French writer-La Derive:Roman
  430. Author-Wunderlust
  431. Actress played Aunt Silvia in Quinceneara
  432. Author-From The Land of The Moon
  433. Filmmaker, Author
  434. Canadian author, activist and academic of Cree descent. Memeber of the Order of Canada
  435. Author-Where Rainbows End/Creator of Samantha Who?
  436. Former News Anchor on WISH-TV (1967-2004)
  437. Auxiliary Bishop
  438. Iran Hostage Crisis Survivor (Fifty-two American diplomats and citizens were held hostage for 444 days (November 4, 1979, to January 20, 1981) Vice consul
  439. Author-The Jolly Postman
  440. Author-Illustrator
  441. Author-Fatal Distraction
  442. Director/Playwright-Good Neighbors
  443. Presenter/Journalist
  444. Author-The Perfect Gentleman
  445. Author
  446. Author-We Sinful Women
  447. Guitarist, Polio Goodwill Ambassador, poet, professor, peace-activist, artist, author & actor
  448. Cartoonist
  449. anthropologist, writer and filmaker; former Ambassador from Pakistan to the United Kingdom, Professional Speaker
  450. Political Scientist
  451. Kamal Ahmed  (2)
    News Reporter for BBC
  452. Author-The War on The Freedom
  453. Author-Throne of The Crescent Moon
  454. Presenter/Reporter, Channel 4 News
  455. Actor-3 Idiots
  456. Cardiologist
  457. Writer/Screenwriter-Frau Ella
  458. Author-The Watcher
  459. Author-Investing In Vice
  460. Author/Therapist-The Good Divorce
  461. Author-The Brilliant Book of Calm
  462. author - cognoscenti: New York City
  463. Writer
  464. Author-The Good Meat Cookbook
  465. Author-The Garden
  466. Author-A Field Guide To The Urban Hipster
  467. Author-Baby Einstein
  468. Contestant on second season of American Idol
  469. Author-Dragon Actually
  470. writer
  471. Author - U-Turn: Putting You Back Into Your Relationship
  472. Author - Fiction
  473. Sci-fi writer/"The Wall At the Edge of the World"
  474. Artist, Illustrator Dora The Explorer -Kolchak Tales: Night Stalker of The Living Dead
  475. author & former TIME Magazine Sr. Correspondant , Professional Speaker
  476. Singer songwriter
  477. Author
  478. Author of overalls, red serge and robes
  479. Author of northern memories
  480. Author-Blackthorn
  481. Author
  482. Author-We Just Want To Live Here
  483. Author-Surviving Childhood Sexual Abuse
  484. Author/No dancin' in Anson: an American story of race and social change
  485. Author-Body Language of Horses
  486. Author-The Automotive Nightmare
  487. Author
  488. Author-South of Superior
  489. Author-Once A Spy
  490. Author
  491. Author-We're British
  492. Author-Sworn Sword
  493. Author-The Lowland Clearances