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StarTiger - Browsing Category Home->Performing Arts->Actor/Actress , A-Z Filter: B
Browsing Category Home->Performing Arts->Actor/Actress , A-Z Filter: B
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  1. Argentine actress, singer and producer
  2. Actor played the slumloard in Quinceanera
  3. German porn actress
  4. Actress - I'm Dying Up Here, 5 Stages, Royally, Younger
  5. Actor
  6. Actor
  7. Actress (Empire; Ahead of the Class)
  8. Actor-Bellville Story,Welcome
  9. Actor
  10. Actor, known for Zombie with a Shotgun (2017), One Under the Sun (2017) and Secret Diary of an American Cheerleader (2012)
  11. Actress-Summertime Blues
  12. Actress-Tatort
  13. Actor-Sommer
  14. American actress, best known for her roles in 1990s films Hot Shots! Part Deux, Gunmen, Demon Knight and Under Siege 2: Dark Territory. Bakke also played Lana Turner in the 1997 neo-noir L.A. Confidential. Guest star on ST:TNG
  15. German actress: The Tunnel
  16. Actor-Tatort,Shoppen
  17. Actress-Low Cost
  18. Actor
  19. Actress-The Berlin Project
  20. Voice Over Talent, Actress, Singer (South African singer best known as a contestant on the third season of the reality television competition Supersterre, in 2010)
  21. Actress, Model - Miss Netherlands 2006
  22. Actor movies : Buddy and kon-tiki
  23. Female Voice Over Talent
  24. Actor
  25. Actor-8th Wonderland
  26. Actor known for The Legend of Tarzan (2016), Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation (2015) and State Zero (2015)
  27. Actress-Stan Helsing
  28. Actor: All My Children, Miami Blues, Necronomicon, Philadelphia, A Reason to Believe, That Thing You Do, The Temptations, Life, Dawson's Creek, John Q, The Manchurian Candidate, After the Sunset, Half & Half, The Young & the Restless, Dear White People
  29. Actress-Shall We Dance?
  30. Actress: All My Children
  31. Plays Jodie in Eastenders
  32. American singer and star during the Big Band era
  33. Actor: Played Lardass Heckler #1 in Stand By Me
  34. actress Dr. Quinn, guest appearance on Cheers, The Law and Harry McGraw, guest starred as Blanche's sister on The Golden Girls
  35. Actor- 'Desperate Housewives', 'Proxy Kill', & 'Turn Back Time' among others
  36. Actor
  37. Actor-Neighborhood Watch
  38. Days Of Our Lives, Guest Star (Tom) on Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Star Trek Voyager
  39. Entertainer played herself in On With the Show 1929
  40. French actress
  41. Actor - From Bubba with Love
  42. Danish actress. Helene in 'Efter Brylluppet' (aka 'After The Wedding' English title), Bente in 'Til Døden Os Skiller (aka 'With Your Permission' English tile. Lotte in 'Blå Mænd' (aka 'Take the Trash' USA title)
  43. Actor / Stunt Man in TV/movies 1964-70 (a) 'Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea'* as 'Frostman #2' of 2; The' Man from U.N.C.L.E.'*; The Green Hornet; (b) stunts: * + The Rat Patrol; (c) western movie 'Barquero' (1970), + 'Tiger By the Tail'
  44. Actor-Braquo
  45. model,singer, actor;School Of Rock ,Angel,,R.S.V.P, Sex And The City,Paris Hilton's video Stars Are Blind
  46. Actor
  47. Actress-Love In Paris
  48. Actress-Sweet Girls
  49. Actor-Army of Crime
  50. Actress-Blessed
  51. Actress-Videoblog
  52. Hitler:Rise of Evil, Hellboy
  53. Actress-Former Playboy Bunny,Playboy January 1981,Lily in Love,The Toxic Avenger,Goodbye New York,Class of Nuke Em High,Head Games
  54. Actress-Bad Girl,On The Edge
  55. Actor-The Smurfs
  56. singer
  57. Actor-Odd Thomas
  58. Craig Hobsen on The Wonder Years
  59. Actress - The Big Sleep, To Have & Have Not, Key Largo, Dark Passage, Confidential Agent, How To Marry A Millionaire, Blood Alley, Designing Woman, Written On The Wind, Shock Treatment, Harper, The Shootist, The Fan, Misery. Married to Humphrey Bogart
  60. Urban Legends: Final Cut, Manic, Scott Pilgrim vs The World (co-screenwriter), Inglorious Basterds, Free Willie
  61. My Baby's Daddy as Nina; Halfbaked as a Henchwoman; Bedazzled as a clubgoer; Snow Dogs as Barb
  62. The Relic (1997) as Bradley Miracle On 34th Street (1994) as Santa The Fugitive (1993) as Marshall Stevens Rookie Of The Year (1993) as Bleacher Bum
  63. Actress (b: 1945) - The Dunwich Horror, The Last Movie, Brainscan, General Hospital '78-'79, many TV guest star roles ('67-'91)
  64. Actress
  65. Actor - Late Watch , 'Island, Alicia', Ghost Dance
  66. Actress-Firefly, Stargate SG-1,Heartland, Homeland,Still Life,V, Stolen Lives,Perfume, Serenity,Playboy December 2012, Deadpool
  67. Italian Theater Actress, Dancer, Singer, Showgirl, and Voice Actress
  68. Actress
  69. Actor-No Introduction Necessary
  70. Actor-A Perfect Day,His Secret Life
  71. Actress-Doctor Who,The Bill
  72. Actress - Citizen Toxie
  73. Actress-Coast Guard
  74. Actress-Playboy June 1977/January 1981/December 1981/July 1983/January 1989,The Spy Who Loved Me,Black Belly of the Tarantula,The Humanoid,The Sensual Man,Up The Academy,The Unseen,Force 10 From Navarone,Caveman
  75. Actress - The Dukes of Hazzard (as Daisy Duke), Cannonball Run 2, Thunderbolt and Lightfoot, Hustle, Masters of Menace, Street Justice, Driving Force, Criminal Act, Rage and Honor, Crazed, Murder in Peyton Place, African Skies. Playboy - March 1980
  76. Actress starring in 2 Headed Shark Attack and Necessary Roughness
  77. Actor-Tatort
  78. 'Space:1999'
  79. Actor-That's Life,Tatort
  80. German Actor, most known for his role as 'Lukas Lenz' in the ZDF tv-series 'Lukas'
  81. French actress
  82. German Female Theater Actress
  83. 'Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place', 'Courting Alex', 'The Mentalist'
  84. Actor-Lord Of The Rings:The Two Towers/Return of The King(Madril),Close To Home,Bad Blood,Wild Horses,Spit Macphee,The Feels,Mysterious Island
  85. Actress-The World of Hemmingway
  86. American Actress - Zombie Strippers
  87. Danish Actress - Those Who Kill
  88. Actress-Tatort
  89. Actress: Appointment with Fear, Nudity Required, The Young and the Restless, Baywatch, Sirens, Route 66
  90. Actor-Jack Holborn
  91. Actor-SOKO Wismar
  92. Actress-CityExpress
  93. rock vocalist/actor - skid row (had hits w/ 18 & life, i remember you), jekyll & hyde (broadway, 2000)
  94. Actress-It Had To Be You,Malcolm In The Middle
  95. Anna and the King of Siam (1946)
  96. Dutch Actress, famous in the 60s and 70s (Wünsch Dir was)
  97. Actor
  98. Actress - 'Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle' And Dancer/Singer For Music Group - 'Pussycat Dolls'
  99. Actor in 'Cannibal! The Musical', 'Orgazmo', & 'BASEketball', South Park
  100. Indian Bollywood Actor
  101. Bollywood Hero - Kaala Pathar
  102. Bollwood Actress, Married to Amitabh Bachchan
  103. Actor-One To Another
  104. Actor
  105. Actress
  106. Actress
  107. Actress-The 3 Minute Update
  108. Actor
  109. Actress-Ainom
  110. Actress
  111. Actress
  112. Actress-The American Side,Friendship
  113. Actress
  114. Actor-Outbreak,Tremors
  115. Comedian
  116. Writer/Screenwriter
  117. Actor-Tatort
  118. Actor-The Legend of Rita,Tatort
  119. Was on the Disney TV show Bug Juice
  120. German Playmate August 2015
  121. Actor-The Chase
  122. Actor-The Royals,Doctor Who
  123. Actor
  124. Actor-Traveling Avant
  125. Actor: 21 Jump Street, Street Justice, The X-Files, The 6th Day, X2, Stargate SG-1, Andromeda, Whistler, Good Luck Chuck, Flash Gordon, The Guard, Smallville, Big Love, The Final Storm, The Tooth Fairy, Republic of Doyle
  126. Actress
  127. Actor-Mobsters and Mormons
  128. Actor- The Comebacks, Sam & Janet
  129. Actor-Bad Ronald
  130. actor - 'Ratner' in 'Fast Times At Ridgemont High', Alfred in 'The Burn ing'
  131. Actor
  132. Actress-The Man In The Iron Mask
  133. Actress from the 30's-60's
  134. Actress
  135. Actress: The Bill, Rosemary & Thyme
  136. Actress: Jaws, Day of the Animals, Two-Minute Warning, The Grizzly & the Treasure, 1941, The Great Muppet Caper, The Fall Guy
  137. Australian actor and singer
  138. Singer/Musician
  139. Actor/host
  140. Actor-Sea Patrol,Inspector Gadget 2
  141. Actor, director and screenwriter; husband of Mira Sorvino
  142. The Shield, Charmed, Gigli
  143. Born: 12 September 1937, New York (USA) Singer, Actor, 'Uebermut im Salzkammergut' (BRD 1963), 'Ohne Krimi geht die Mimi nie ins Bett' (1962), 'Das haben die Mädchen gern'
  144. American Actress, T.V.-Host and Author born 1911.was married to Actor Jim Backus.'Meet Me in Las Vegas','The Great Man','Magic Carpet','Holiday for Lovers','Blondie','Gilligans Island'
  145. Actor - Gilligan's Island (Thurston Howell), Mr. Magoo (v), Rebel Without A Cause, ...Mad, Mad World, Macabre, I Married Joan, Francis In The Navy, Critic's Choice, Johnny Cool, Zotz!, Advance To The Rear, Blondie '68, Myra Breckinridge, Pete's Dragon
  146. Barry Ryan on 'Ryan's Hope' - now a writer on 'One Life to Live'
  147. Actor
  148. Actress-Skins
  149. Actor-Chante!
  150. Actor-Tactik
  151. Actor-The Sleeper Effect
  152. "Mary Tyler Moore Show" "Bob Newhart Show"
  153. Stargate SG-1 Technician
  154. played Aurico Red Aquitar Ranger on Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers
  155. Actress-The Bill
  156. Actor - Footloose, Wild Things, Hollow Man, Diner, She's Having A Baby, Sleepers, Apollo 13, Picture Perfect, Animal House, Mystic River, Planes, Trains & Automobiles, Tremors, The River Wild, JFK, Stir of Echoes, Criminal Law, The Woodsman
  157. English Actress-Melody,The Medicine Man
  158. Actress
  159. actor - J.B. Reese on VR Troopers
  160. Author. Actress (as Buni Bacon) - Sex Kittens Go To College, The Private Lives Of Adam & Eve. Pinup Model. Former wife of The Ventures guitarist, Don Wilson
  161. Actor-Loser,Harvard Man,Warehouse 13
  162. Actress-The Bill,Casualty,Doctors
  163. Actor-Son of God
  164. Actress - Loverboy, The Closer, Scream: The TV Series, Aquarius, The Visitor, Here and Now, 13 Reasons Why
  165. Actress. Appeared in several uncredited roles in the 40's and 50's including 'Mrs. Miniver'
  166. Actor-The Bill
  167. Actress in Vampyres (2015) also known as Veronica Polo
  168. Actress
  169. French actor-Subway,Cinema 16
  170. Actress-Workinggirls
  171. Actor-Coast Guard
  172. Actress - Lost,American Gods,Masters of Sex
  173. Actor-Love Streams
  174. Actor-Boardwalk Empire
  175. American actor, worked on 'Pirates of the Caribbean'
  176. Actor: The Practice (1997-04), Summer of Sam (1999), Mac (1992), Men of Respect (1991), Law & Order (1993), Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (2008)
  177. Jimmy Altieri on the Sopranos
  178. Actress-50 to 1
  179. Stars in 'Shameless'
  180. British Actress - Room At The Top (Oscar nom.), Maude (Golden Globe win as Mrs. Naugatuck), Scrooge '51 (as Mrs. Cratchit), Mary Poppins, Expresso Bongo, Midnight Lace, Harlow, Do Not Disturb, The Unsinkable Molly Brown, Batman (3 eps.-Frontier Fanny)
  181. British Actor, Voice Of The Historian In 'The Dark Crystal' (1982)
  182. Actor
  183. German Theater Actress
  184. Actor who was the alien in the original movie Alien
  185. French Actor-Eyes Find Eyes
  186. British Actor - Arabesque, Day Of The Jackal, Children Of The Damned, This Sporting Life, Telefon, The Medusa Touch, Agatha, Nijinsky, Luther, Otley, The Adventurers, Bitter Harvest, Salome (as John the Baptist), Magic Fire (as Richard Wagner), Shogun
  187. Actress-Small World
  188. Actor-Tatort
  189. Actor:Lasko-The Fist of God
  190. Actress, played as Kyra on Kenan and Kel
  191. British actress: Love Thy Neighbour, Carry On Up The Jungle
  192. South African Theater Actress
  193. Actor: The Drew Carey Show, The Beverly Hillbillies, Teresa's Tattoo, Hercules, Office Space, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, Ice Age, EuroTrip, The Country Bears, Miss Congeniality 2, Napoleon Dynamite, Cattle Call, Balls of Fury
  194. Actor - Dating In The Middle Ages, The Practice
  195. Actress
  196. Male Model
  197. Actress-East of Everything
  198. Actor-Double Trouble
  199. Actress
  200. Italian actor born movies from 1968-82.'Caligula','A Man Called Magnum','Madam Kitty','why does One Kill a Magistrate','Secret of the Green Pins','Ace High','Confessions of a Police Captain'
  201. Actress-Black Venus
  202. Comedienne
  203. Actress-Home Fires
  204. Stuntwoman/Actress: Played Judith in Children of the Corn V:Fields of Terror
  205. Stuntwoman, Dialogue Actress - Angel, The Hitcher
  206. Actor
  207. The Young and Restless, Brothers Garcia, The Mountain, John Tucker Must Die, Gossip Girl
  208. American actress, known for her portrayal of Jean Louise 'Scout' Finch in To Kill a Mockingbird, for which she was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress
  209. Actress-Fresh Flesh
  210. Actor-Eden Is West
  211. French actress-Forbidden Games
  212. Actor-The Violinist
  213. Actor-Getting On,Outlaw
  214. Actor-The Satin Slipper
  215. Actress
  216. Actress
  217. Actor
  218. Actor
  219. Margaret Blaine in Doctor Who (2005), films include Little Voice (1998) and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005)
  220. Actress: V, Mission Impossible, Falcon Crest, One Life To Live, The Doctors, Covenant, The Highwayman, Black Snow, Easy Kill, Neighbours, Needle, Cluedo, Snowy River, The Dough
  221. Actress in lets dance
  222. Actress
  223. Actress-Clem
  224. Actress
  225. Actor
  226. Actress-Cracked,A Brand New You
  227. Actor-The Fickle
  228. Actor-Transporter:The Series
  229. Actress-The Wrong Door,Doctors
  230. Actor-Glee,Dexter
  231. The Insider, Three Kings, Independence Day, True Lies, Seinfeld, Iron Man, You Don't Mess With The Zohan,LOST
  232. Male Voice Over Talent
  233. Female Model(Germany's Top Model TV Show 2008) And Actress
  234. Voice Over Actress And Singer
  235. Actress - Cloud Atlas
  236. Actress
  237. Voice Over Artist And Singer
  238. Actress-The Air Rescue Team
  239. Director
  240. Actor-Dr.Ketel
  241. Actor-Tatort
  242. Actress
  243. Mrs. Talbot on LOST EP 3.13
  244. French actress-Maflosa
  245. Actress-Lost Dogs
  246. Actor-Hotel 13
  247. Actor-Queer As Folk,Witchblade
  248. Actor
  249. Actress 1970's-80's. Born: 09/27/1919
  250. Actor-The Target
  251. Actress
  252. Actor-Just A Sigh
  253. Actor-My Prison Yard
  254. Actor, Adán y Eva
  255. Actor/Boxer - 'Quo Vadis', 'Africa Screams', Heavyweight Boxer
  256. Actress-Raging Hormones
  257. Actor - NCIS
  258. French actor-The Tiger Brigades
  259. Actress, Producer, Singer, And Voice Over Talent
  260. Voice Over Actress
  261. Actor-Frost,Tatort
  262. Actor - Terry & The Pirates (as Terry), Night Of The Blood Beast, Superman & The Mole Men, We're No Angels, The Miami Story, City Of Shadows, Guns Girls & Gangsters, The Mississippi Gambler, The Chapman Report, The Hardy Boys: Mystery Of the Ghost Farm
  263. Actress - 'Private Lessons', 'Coach'
  264. Actor - The Andy Griffith Show (Mayor Stoner), Ozzie & Harriet (Darby), Gunsmoke (radio - Chester), The Addams Family (Mayor Henson), Dukes Of Hazzard (Doc Appleby), many Disney films, Union Station, Gypsy, many TV guest-starring roles (1952-1996)
  265. Actor - Pioneer Woman (1973) and Illusions (1992)
  266. Actor-Dudes,Humane Resources
  267. Jethro Bodine in The Beverly Hillbillies
  268. French actress-All Our Desires
  269. Nathan Baesel  (2)
    Actor, 'Invasion'
  270. Actor:Outer Limits,Special Unit 2, Played Young Jonesy in Dreamcatcher
  271. Actress-Tabula Rasa,The Team,Beyond The Walls
  272. Actress-Karnaval
  273. Actor-Bullhead
  274. Actor: Dexter, The Crow-Wicked Prayer, 9/Tenths
  275. actress-The Way We Live Now,MI-5
  276. Escape from Alcatraz, The Paper Chase, The Great Gatsby, Below the Belt
  277. Actress-The Front Line
  278. Actor & Director: Dawn of the Dead, Knightriders, All the Right Moves, Silver Bullet, It Had to Be You, Law & Order, Days of our Lives, All My Children
  279. Actor-The Car Keys
  280. French humorist, theatre writer and TV/radio host
  281. Actress-Tatort
  282. Actress-Slave.Hamlet-X
  283. Actor: The Sopranos, Salt
  284. Actress
  285. Actress-Our Tropical Island,Francesco
  286. The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel â-' Executive Assistant
  287. Plays 'Conor' on the show 'Ray Donovan'
  288. Larry on Buffy the Vampire Slayer
  289. Actor. Played 'One of Cutters Men' in The Aftermath 1982
  290. Actress, known for General Hospital (1963), The Octagon (1980) and The Aurora Encounter (1986). ' in TV/movie 1963-86= 15 credits: Dynasty, Lou Grant, The Amazing Howard Hughes, Mannix, Ironside;& 'Daughter of Ross Bagdasarian,' b. 1947 in Fresno, CA
  291. Actor-Midnight in Paris
  292. Actor-The Decoy Bride
  293. Currently plays Baaz Nahir on Degrassi: Next Class
  294. Actor-Lalola
  295. Actor (b: 1947) - The Eddie Capra Mysteries (title role), Chicago Story, The Colbys, Days Of Our Lives, Embryo, Two-Minute Warning
  296. Italian Actress-The Story of Boys and Girls
  297. Actor
  298. Actress
  299. Actress
  300. Actress
  301. Actress
  302. Actor - Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
  303. Actress
  304. Supermodel/Actress-Tommyboy,Kingpin,The Deli,54,Celebrity,Mickey Blue Eyes,The Crew,Veronica's Closet,Ice Age,The Stepford Wives
  305. Actor, 'Pretty Little Liars' (1.8, as Jason DeLaurentis), 'A Nightmare on Elm Street' (2010, Paxton), 'Grimm' (1.2 'Bears will be bears' as Barry Rabe), The Guiding Light, 'Law & Order' (S18E13, as Chris),
  306. Child Actor (b: 1988) - The Little Rascals '94 (as Buckwheat), Fresh Prince... (as Nicky, 26 episodes), Independence Day, Eye For An Eye
  307. Employee of the Month, Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story, Knocked Up, The Day After Tomorrow, Austin Powers, the Spy Who Shagged Me, The Mask.......TV Show MONK, several episodes as Harold Crenshaw
  308. Actress-Doctors,Where The Heart Is,Emmerdale
  309. Actress
  310. Forrest in 'Robin Hood' (2006)
  311. Actor - plays Marvin Maddocks in TV's Coronation Street
  312. Actor
  313. Actor-Bloodlust Zombies,The Suspect
  314. Actress-Doctors,The Fair Sex
  315. Actress
  316. Actor - NCIS, Monk
  317. Actress-1,2,3 Whiteout
  318. Actress-Toulouse
  319. Actor-Guilty,The Tenant
  320. Actress
  321. Actress
  322. Actor - National Treasure
  323. Model/Actress/Radio Personality
  324. Actress-The Judge Is A Woman,Sang
  325. Actor-Chefs
  326. Turkish Actress (Schimanski muß leiden), *1972
  327. Actress-Doctors,Coronation Street
  328. Actor
  329. Actor
  330. Actor in I Spit on Your Grave 2
  331. Actor-Game Of Thrones,The Monuments Men
  332. Actor
  333. Actress-Celebrity Close Calls
  334. Theater Actress
  335. Actress
  336. Actor-2 Days In Paris
  337. Actor-Interpol,The Assault
  338. Actress
  339. Actor Lethal Pursuit
  340. model / actress / triathlete - the brothers mcmullen (1995), she's the one (1996)
  341. Actress
  342. Actress in Curb Your Entusiasm, Exit 8A, Guest on Friends, Star Trek VOY
  343. Actress-Grabuge!
  344. Actress-Tatort
  345. German Actor-SOKO 5113
  346. German Actress-The Old Fox
  347. actress
  348. Model And Actress (Italian Big Brother 2011)
  349. Actor-Clem
  350. Actress
  351. Actress
  352. Actress-SOKO Wismar
  353. German actor 'Marienhof'
  354. Actress-Gamer
  355. Actress-Hure
  356. Actress-Taxi
  357. Actress
  358. Actress And Singer. French Entry in The Eurovision Song Contest (2003)
  359. Former MLB pitcher - cleveland indians (1986-1989), california angels (1990-1992), texas rangers (1997-1998) Appeared on Nickelodeon show 'Wild and Crazy Kids'
  360. Actress
  361. Bring It On Again, One Tree Hill
  362. Adam Bailey  (3)
  363. Actress-Down By The River
  364. Doctor Who
  365. Actress-Vikings,Alice in Wonderland
  366. Actress
  367. TV Host (Cash Cab). Stand-Up Comedian. Actor
  368. Actor
  369. New Zealand-born Australian writer, theatrical manager and actor best known for playing Dad Rudd on stage and screen
  370. Actress-Terminator Salvation
  371. Actor starred in Lurking Fear & Head Of The Family
  372. Actor
  373. Actor - The Mentalist
  374. Actor, 'Going Down in La La Land'
  375. Was the girl in A-ha's 'Take On Me' music video, played Cassandra Castle in 'Spellcaster' and played Isabel Prange in 'Dolls.'
  376. Actress of 1930's, 'Rustler's Paradise' (1935)'California Frontier' (1938)'Drifting Westward' (1939) Born: San Juan,Puerto Rico 09/12/1912
  377. Model, Actress 'Doctors' 'The Grind' 'House of Anubis'
  378. 'Dreamcatcher',
  379. Actress-Pleasureland
  380. Dennis Bailey  (3)
    Actor: Dallas, Murder She Wrote, Hunter, L.A. Law, China Beach, Knots Landing, General Hospital, Columbo, Dream On, Sworn to Vengeance, Melrose Place, Martin, Ally McBeal, Crossing Jordan, Summerland
  381. Actress - plays Michelle Corrigan in TV's Doctors
  382. Actor
  383. Actor -'Band of Brothers'& 'Once Upon a Time'
  384. actress
  385. Male Voice Over Talent
  386. Actor: M*A*S*H, How The West Was Won, A Force of One, St. Elsewhere, Rustler's Rhapsody, Police Academy, Short Circuit, Mannequin, Burglar, War and Remembrance, Runaway, The Closer, The Jeff Foxworthy Show, Major Crimes
  387. Gary Bailey  (2)
  388. Known from the british TV series 'The Railway Children, Here Cme The Double Deckers, Poldark'
  389. Lost - Hawaii local magician
  390. Actress- American Teen
  391. Actor
  392. Jason Bailey  (2)
    Male Model
  393. Jeff Bailey  (2)
  394. Actress - 'Living With Models'
  395. Actor: Vegas, The Rockford Files, Back Roads, The Surrogate, Night Court, Penitentiary 3, Vultures, Ally McBeal
  396. Actor: Beverly Hills Cop, Santa Barbara, Turner & Hooch
  397. John Bailey  (3)
    Actor - Chuck
  398. Actor - Broadchurch, Off The Hook, Campus, Leonardo
  399. Actress-Team Xtreme
  400. Actress and audiobook narrator: voiced the character Blanche in an episode of 'The Wild Thornberries'
  401. Actor - NCIS
  402. Actress
  403. Actress-Where The Day Takes You,Playboy December 1991
  404. Laura Bailey  (2)
    Model/Actress-The Black Out,The Mirror Has Two Faces,Return From Rome
  405. Actress
  406. TV Actress from 1987-99. 'Exhibit A: Secrets of Forensic Science' (Canada 1997) The Commish, 'Friday the 13th', 'Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night II', plus 'The Outer Limits' The Refuge, 1996 as Sister Angelique and Fiancee #2 of 3: 'You can call me 'Angel'.'
  407. Sam Bateman in casualty
  408. Actress
  409. Mark Bailey  (3)
    American Actor, 'North to Alaska', 'General Hospital', born 1934
  410. Male Model
  411. played wendy in the mary martin version of peter pan.
  412. Skins actor c4
  413. Dead & Breakfast, Unearthed
  414. Actor - EastEnders
  415. US Actor-Scrooge & Marley
  416. Played Anthony Trueman in Eastenders
  417. Actor-Coronation Street,Casualty,The Bill
  418. Actor - Dexter
  419. Actress-The Night Of,Dead of Night,Unfaithful
  420. Actor
  421. Actor - The Beverly Hillbillies (247 episodes as Mr. Drysdale), ... Dobie Gillis, My Sister Eileen (TV), Picnic, The Space Children, King Creole, The Incredible Shrinking Man, Tarantula, Black Friday, Twilight Zone (3), Alf. Hitchcock (10), Gunsmoke (2)
  422. Actor-Ink,Still Water
  423. DC Mel Ryder the Bill
  424. Actor - Harry Potter
  425. Ryan Bailey  (4)
  426. Sam Bailey  (2)
    English singer, known for winning the tenth series of The X Factor in 2013
  427. Actress - NCIS, The Young and the Restless
  428. Actor, 'Just Ask My Children', 'Guiding Light'
  429. The River
  430. Actor: starred on the reality show 'My Big Fat Obnoxious Fiance', Buffy The Vampire Slayer Guest Star
  431. Actress-Three Days
  432. Model And Actress - Miss Leeds Winner 2009
  433. Actor-Day Labor
  434. Actor-Prey,Coronation Street
  435. Actor-Law & Order UK
  436. actor, mission to mars
  437. Actor: Cotton in Pirates of the Caribbean, Dask in Doctor Who: The Robots of Death
  438. Actress:The Vamps Next Door,How The Grinch Stole Christmas
  439. Actor-Homicides
  440. Actor-Starbuck
  441. Actor-The Warrior's Brother,President
  442. French Actor-Coulisses
  443. Actor
  444. Actor-Night Squad
  445. Played Tracy Turnblad in NBC's 'Hairspray Live'
  446. Actor-Mongeville
  447. French actor-The Dark Room
  448. Actor-Brothel,Spiral
  449. Actress
  450. Actor
  451. Guest starred on Stargate SG-1
  452. Actress - plays Dannii Carbone in TV's Hollyoaks
  453. Actor
  454. Played Kevin 'Ug' Lee in Salute Your Shorts, Star Trek: Voyager
  455. Child actor - plays Simon Barlow in Coronation Street
  456. Actor-The Bill,Doctor Who
  457. Actor-Yes Dear
  458. 50s ten commandments child actress
  459. Actress - Mission: Impossible (as Cinnamon Carter - 3 Emmys), Space: 1999, Richard Diamond Private Detective, The Harlem Globetrotters On Gilligan's Island. Married to Martin Landau (1957-1993)
  460. Actress-The Firm,Warehouse 13
  461. Actor - NCIS
  462. Actor: Diff'rent Strokes, Maude, Dark Shadows, The Anderson Tapes, Bananas, I Never Sang for My Father, C.H.O.M.P.S., The Edge of Night, Hello Larry, Mr. President
  463. Actress - 'Pumpkinhead, Spontaneous Combustion', Now A Performance Consultant To Help Teach Acting
  464. Played Deacon in Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure; produces a lot of tv shows like Pawnography (2014), Man vs Vegas (2005) and Big Brother (2000)
  465. Actress-'Robin Hood:Prince of Thieves'
  466. Actress And Female Voice Over Talent
  467. Actress / model
  468. Male Voice Over Talent
  469. Actress played Reba in The Ballad of Billie Blue
  470. Actor-The Strip
  471. Actor-Sirens
  472. Actress
  473. Theater Actress
  474. actress, writer
  475. Actor - Chuck
  476. Actress
  477. Actor
  478. Actress
  479. Actor
  480. UK Actress
  481. Actress-Night Junkies
  482. Actress-Call The Midwife,Doctors
  483. Actor-Home & Away
  484. Actress
  485. {1893-1968} Major theatrical star on Broadway she went on to Hollywood and won an Oscar as Best Supporting Actress in 1938 for 'Jezebel'. That same year she was nominated as Best Actress for 'White Banners' but lost to Bette Davis