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Browsing Category Home->Performing Arts->Voice Actor/Actress , A-Z Filter: E
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  1. Female Voice Over Talent
  2. Young Broadway and Hollywood actress; at age 11 became the youngest Tony Award winning actress
  3. Actor
  4. Male Voice Over Talent
  5. Does the voice of Grim in The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy
  6. Actor, 'Turn Washington Spies'
  7. Actress - plays Nita in Casualty, Doctor Who
  8. Actress
  9. Male Voice Over Talent
  10. Voice Over Talent
  11. Voice Over Talent
  12. NCIS, Direcway commercials, various Directv commercials, commercials
  13. Voice Over Talent
  14. Voice Over Talent
  15. Female Voice Over Talent
  16. Male Voice Over Talent
  17. Voice Over Talent
  18. Singer-Morning Train,Strut,Sugar Walls,Lover in Me,U Got The Look/Actress-Miami Vice,Tek War,All Dogs Go To Heaven 2,Young Blades
  19. Female Voice Over Talent
  20. 'My Big fat Greek Wedding','Goin Down The Road'
  21. Male Voice Over Talent
  22. Actress
  23. Male Voice Over Talent
  24. Actress-Musical Hair,Playboy December 1969
  25. Voice Over Talent
  26. Voice actress - Finding Nemo (2003)
  27. Actress
  28. Voice Over Talent
  29. Voice actress - Rooster Teeth's RWBY
  30. Actress
  31. Male Voice Over Talent
  32. French Actor
  33. actor
  34. Actor
  35. Female Voice Over Talent
  36. voice actor - Krumm on 'Aaahh!!! Real Monsters'
  37. Voice Actress-Star Wars Dark Forces Video Game(voice of Jan Orls)
  38. Character actor / MASH / General Hospital / Voice of Aaron in Rankin - Bass's The Little Drummer Boy/ Dr. Shrinker/ Bad Ronald/ The Herculoids
  39. Actor - Doctor Who, Shallow Grave, Let Him Have It, Cracker, Our Friends In The North, Jude, The Others, Heroes, Gi Joe: Rise of Cobra
  40. British Voice Actor and Puppeteer - Rattus Rattus in Horrible Histories
  41. Actress in the bye bye man movie
  42. Actress
  43. Male Model
  44. Female Voice Over Talent
  45. German actress
  46. Male Voice Over Talent
  47. Voice artist, Ahsoka Tano (voice)Star Wars The Clone Wars, married to retired MLB Player, David Eckstein
  48. Actor
  49. David Eddings  (2)
    Voice actor for gearbox. Voice of Claptrap from borderlands
  50. Male Voice Over Talent
  51. Actor
  52. Actress
  53. Still Smokin, Peter Bell
  54. Female Voice Over Talent
  55. Voice Over Talent
  56. Male Voice Over Talent
  57. Male Voice Over Talent: Eeth Koth - Star Wars Clone Wars, Voice of Pathfinder of Apex Legends
  58. Voice Over Talent
  59. Male Voice Over Talent
  60. Kids Voice Actor
  61. Voice Actor - Trilogy Of Terror (v/Zuni fetish doll), v/Ernie The Keebler Elf, 5 Planet Of The Apes films, The Bugaloos (v/Sparky), HR Puffnstuf (v/Dr Blinkey), Sigmund & The Sea Monsters (v/BD Ooze), Transformers (v/Inferno), Land Of The Lost, Lidsville
  62. Actor
  63. Actress, 'Nicky' in 'Saving Grace'
  64. Actor
  65. British Actor/Comedian: Vivian in The Young Ones, Eddie Hitler in Bottom & Guest House Paradiso, Percy 'Abra' Durant in TV's Holby City & Brendan Baxter in TV's Jonathan Creek; husband of Jennifer Saunders; music video for Kirsty MacColl's song 'Terry'
  66. Actress
  67. Voice Over Talent
  68. Actress: Monsters Inc., Spiderman, The Twilight Zone, Star Trek Voyager, Lost Souls, The Amanda Show, MadTV, Dickie Roberts, House of Sand and Fog, The Mummy an' the Armadillo, Listen Up
  69. In Spy Kids 3-D as Francis
  70. Actress: Highlander, Lost Empires, Onassis, Trouble in Paradise, Mister Johnson, In the Name of the Father, Hard Times, MacGyver, The Coroner, Poldark // Daughter of Sylvia Syms
  71. Female Voice Over Talent
  72. Actor
  73. Voice Over Talent
  74. Sketch in Skins
  75. Dalek Operator In Doctor Who (2005)
  76. Plays Olly in Eastenders
  77. Dr. Arthur Conan Doyle in the mystery series 'Murder Rooms', Edward VII in 'Bertie and Elizabeth'
  78. Voice of Twitchy in Hoodwinked
  79. Male Voice Over Talent
  80. Actor - Daredevil
  81. David Edwards  (9)
  82. Male Voice Over Talent
  83. Voice Over Talent
  84. Male Voice Over Talent; the voice of AOL greetings including 'Welcome,' 'You've got mail,' 'File's done,' and 'Goodbye'
  85. Eric Edwards  (5)
  86. Child Actor - Cowboy In Africa (as Samson, 1967 - 1968), Fat Albert & The Cosby Kids + (v/Weird Harold, 1972 - 2012)
  87. Stage actor and fitness guru; appeared in HAIRSPRAY and ALTAR BOYZ in NYC
  88. Female Voice Over Talent
  89. Actress (b: 1957) - Heidi (title role in the infamous 1968 NBC special that interrupted the Raiders-Jets FB game. Viewers deluged NBC with phone calls, causing the switchboard to blow out), many of her father's films (Blake Edwards), Spyder Games
  90. co-host Big Toe Radio Show
  91. Does the voice of Videl and Goten on DBZ
  92. Actor: Newsies, Little Big League, 21 Jump Street, Jeepers Creepers 2, The Wizard, Davis Rules
  93. Singer/Actress- Voice of Queen Beryl on Sailor Moon
  94. Voice Over Talent
  95. Female Voice Over Talent
  96. Voice Over Talent
  97. TV/movie actress from 1957 to 1994 in 10 titles including as Deirdre in 'The Inn for Trouble' (1960), and as a character voice in two of 'The Legend of Prince Valiant' cartoons of 1993 + 1994
  98. Male Voice Over Talent
  99. second Delia on now defunct soap, Ryan's Hope
  100. Rob Edwards  (3)
    Male Voice Over Talent
  101. local newsreader, 'BBC Wales Today'
  102. Tom Edwards  (2)
    Voice Actor
  103. Male Voice Over Talent
  104. Actor
  105. Male Voice Over Talent
  106. Female Voice Over Talent
  107. Voice Over Talent
  108. Female Voice Over Talent
  109. Male Voice Over Talent
  110. Actor/voice actor : THX 1138 , Robots, Transformers
  111. 'Nick' on Australia's 'Home and Away'
  112. Male Voice Over Talent
  113. Female Voice Over Talent
  114. Tony-nomination as original Belle in Disney's Beauty and the Beast; voice of Meg/Megara in Disney's Hercules, singing voice of Angel in Lady and the Tramp II, 13 Going on 30, Broadway's Cabaret, and Thoroughly Modern Millie
  115. Welsh actor and singer (born 1989), known for his roles in the British television series 'The Smoke', and the 2014 action comedy film 'Kingsman: The Secret Service'; he also appeared in 'Robin Hood' (2018) and the Elton John bio pic 'Rocketman' (2019)
  116. Actress: The Collector, Doctor Dolittle, The Molly Maguires, Walk Don't Run, The Walking Stick, The Brood, Return From The Ashes, Dr. Crippen, Curtains, The Phantom, The Astronaut's Wife, Anna and the King, Santa Barbara, Hercules, Commander-In-Chief
  117. Male Voice Over Talent
  118. Amy on Martial Law; Roswell,Journeyman
  119. Actor-Skyfall
  120. Actor: Quigley Down Under, The Great Raid, Deadly
  121. Voice Over Talent
  122. Voice Actor
  123. Actor
  124. German Voice Over Talent
  125. Male Voice Over Talent
  126. Actress: The Europeans, Yanks, Cutter's Way, Wildrose, Blind Justice, Opposing Force, Moon 44, Nocturne, A Woman Named Jackie, Devlin, The Vanishing, A Modern Affair, Judas Kiss, The Talented Mr. Ripley, Law & Order, Things I Don't Understand
  127. Young Actor, Boston Public, Complete Savages, Outward Bound
  128. Actor: The Littles, Trapper John MD, Stewardess School, Transformers, The Charmings, Dallas, Madhouse, Toxic Crusaders, Star Trek TNG, Picket Fences, The Pretender, Ben 10, The Golden Girls
  129. Actor
  130. Voice Actress
  131. Female Voice Over Talent
  132. Actor
  133. Male Voice Over Talent
  134. Voice Over Talent
  135. Storyboard worker and animator for hanna barbera co-created The Peter Potamus Show
  136. Voice of Wonder Woman on JLA Animated Series
  137. The Godzilla Power Hour
  138. Voice Over Talent
  139. Female Voice Over Talent
  140. Actor: Happy Birthday to Me, Blue Murder
  141. Male Voice Over Talent
  142. Female Voice Over Talent
  143. Male Voice Over Talent
  144. Female Voice Over Talent
  145. The Mole 2001, 2nd Executed
  146. Actress - Queens Supreme, Impastor, Kevin Can Wait
  147. Peaky Blinders
  148. Lebanese singer, songwriter and actor. Called the 'Voice of Lebanon'
  149. Female Voice Over Talent
  150. Female Voice Over Talent
  151. Actor - The Jungle Book, Zootopia, The Wire, Luther, 28 Weeks Later, RocknRolla, The Reaping, American Gangster, Prom Night 2008, The Unborn, The Human Contract, The Office, The Losers, The Gospel, Thor, Ghost Rider, Dangerfield, Ultraviolet, Insiders
  152. Actress
  153. Male Voice Over Talent
  154. Voice Over Talent
  155. Actor-NCIS,LOST
  156. Comedy Actor (Jam, Big Train, Nighty Night, Hyperdrive etc.)
  157. 'Shoulders'in Dick Tracy
  158. Voice Over Talent
  159. Actress-Harlots,National Treasure,Holby City,Howards End,Rellik
  160. comedy duo
  161. Actress
  162. Voice Over Talent
  163. Voice Over Talent
  164. Male Voice Over Talent
  165. Screenwriter/Playwright, Director
  166. Male Voice Over Talent
  167. Female Voice Over Talent
  168. Actress (b: 1942) - Hooperman (42 episodes as Betty Bushkin), Karen, John and Mary, A Night in Heaven, Munchies, Rock 'n' Roll High School, Handle With Care, Flora (title role), Naughty Nurse, Silent Lies
  169. voice actress - Princess Toadstool in 'The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!'
  170. Swiss Actor
  171. Voice Actress, Digimon Data Squad
  172. Actress
  173. Male Voice Over Talent
  174. Actress
  175. Actress
  176. Played Huw Edwards in Eastenders
  177. Female Voice Over Talent
  178. Actress
  179. Male Voice Over Talent
  180. Voice Over Talent
  181. Actor, born June 3, 1934 in Cleveland, Ohio, TV/movies: 1966-73 = 9 including: 'The New Scooby-Doo Movies (TV Series) . . . - The Loch Ness Mess (1972) as J.C. 'Gip' Gipson (voice)....' & in four episodes of: 'Dr. Kildare' as Little Al
  182. Actor
  183. Voice Over Talent
  184. Female Voice Over Talent
  185. Male Voice Over Talent. Star Trek The Voyage Home, Doctor
  186. Male Voice Over Talent
  187. David Elliot  (2)
  188. Actor
  189. Kids Voice Actor
  190. actress - the spitfire grill
  191. Brett Elliott  (2)
    Male Voice Over Talent
  192. Voice Over Talent
  193. Voice Actress
  194. Voice Over Talent
  195. John Elliott  (3)
    Voice Over Talent
  196. Voiced Lara Croft on the computer games
  197. Kate Elliott  (2)
    'Lily' on Cleopatra 2525, and 'Yakut' on Xena: Warrior Princess
  198. TV/Radio Presenter
  199. Voice Over Talent
  200. Eastenders
  201. Male Voice Over Artist
  202. Actress
  203. Male Voice Over Talent
  204. Actor (b: 1944) - Tombstone, The Right Stuff, The Big Lebowski, Mask, Road House, Frogs, Lifeguard, The Legacy, Mission:Imp., The Blue Knight, Evel Knievel '74 (title role), Quick & The Dead, The Shadow Riders, Prancer, Fatal Beauty, Hulk, The Contender
  205. Male Voice Over Talent
  206. Actor - Arthur 1-2, Beverly Hills Cop, Death Wish, Report To The Commissioner (title role), Remo Williams, The Hindenberg, Jac. Bouvier Kennedy/Young Joe (as Joe Kennedy, Sr.), Falcon Crest, Dallas, St. Elsewhere, Exec. Suite, Chicago Hope, Captain Video
  207. Female Voice Over Talent, Actress in 'The Guest' and 'The Film Student Movie'
  208. Andrew Ellis  (2)
  209. Actor: Company
  210. David Ellis  (2)
    Voice Over Talent
  211. Male Voice Over Talent-Star Wars:Ewoks Cartoon
  212. Voice actress
  213. Greg Ellis  (2)
    Actor-Pirates of The Caribbean,Star Wars:The Clone Wars(Voice of Turk Falso)
  214. Actress/Presenter: Blue Peter, The Wright Stuff, Doctor Who
  215. Actress
  216. Actor - plays Meat in We Will Rock You
  217. Actress: Foyle's War, Eastenders, Holby City,
  218. Voice Over Talent
  219. Waitress on It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
  220. Matt Ellis  (3)
    Male Voice Over Talent
  221. Actor: 20yrs in The Bill. Acorn Antiques, An American Werewolf in London, The XYY Man
  222. Rob Ellis  (3)
    Voice Over Talent
  223. Robert Ellis  (2)
    Male Voice Over Talent
  224. actor; portrayed Ross Poldark in 1970's 'Poldark'
  225. The Zombie Diaries
  226. Actor
  227. British Actor: Eastenders (Dr Oliver Cousins), Miranda, Doctor Who, Vera Drake, Pollyanna, Buffalo Soldiers, Messiah 3: The Promise
  228. Voice Over Talent
  229. Male Voice Over Artist
  230. Actress
  231. Submarine Crewman in 'The Spy Who Loved Me'
  232. Actor
  233. Female Voice Over Talent
  234. Female Voice Over Talent
  235. Actor
  236. Female Voice Over Talent
  237. Voice Over Talent
  238. Actor - plays Tariq Larousi in Eastenders; Generation Kill; Journey to Mecca; The Path To 9/11
  239. Voice Over Talent
  240. Actor
  241. Male Voice Over Talent
  242. Male Voice Over Talent
  243. Male Voice Over Talent
  244. Voice Over Talent
  245. Male Voice Over Talent
  246. Voice Over Talent
  247. Actor: Saw, Princess Bride, Oxford Blues, Lady Jane, Glory, Days of Thunder, Hot Shots, Bram Stoker's Dracula, Robin Hood - Men in Tights, Twister, Liar Liar, Kiss The Girls, The X-Files, Shadow of the Vampire, Ella Enchanted, The Jungle Book, The Chase
  248. Little Women
  249. Voice Over Talent
  250. Voice Actor
  251. Female Voice Over Talent
  252. Actress
  253. actor, 'Brookside'
  254. Voice Actor
  255. 6'2' Actress - Caged (Oscar nom.), Peter Gunn (as Mother - Emmy nom.), Adam's Rib, Cry Of The City, Westward The Women, Casanova's Big Night, Untamed, The Guns Of Fort Petticoat, Rock-A-Bye Baby. Voice of Elsie the Cow in radio commercials
  256. Actor
  257. Voice Over Talent
  258. Voice Actor,Clone Wars,Everquest 2, Call of Duty games,24,Mass Effect,General Hospital,CSI NY,90210,Dragon Age:Origins,Final Fantasy XIII,NCIS Los Angeles,The Mentalist
  259. Male Voice Over Talent
  260. Actress, 'The Bill'
  261. Male Voice Over Talent
  262. Actor
  263. Plays Sooz in As if
  264. Voice Actor
  265. Actress Doctor Who
  266. Male Voice Over Talent
  267. Actress
  268. Actor - The Truman Show, Cop Land, Beautiful Girls, Frequency, Crazy In Alabama, Windtalkers, Beyond Borders, Pride & Glory, Fair Game,The Walking Dead
  269. Female Voice Over Talent
  270. Dan Emmett  (2)
    Voice Over Talent
  271. Actress
  272. Actor, Supervisor Lonni Jung in Andor (2022)
  273. Actress - Film: Pollock, Julie & Julia, City By The Sea, Dark Water, North Country. TV: many guest appearances on all Law & Order series, The Sopranos, Wonderland. Broadway: 1776, Life (x) 3. Winner of the Lortel Award and Obie for Homebody/Kabul
  274. Voice Over Talent
  275. Actress
  276. Presenter
  277. comedian and actor
  278. Voice Over Talent
  279. Voice Over Talent
  280. Actor; 'American Horror Story: Asylum', 'Sugar', '24', 'The Incredible Burt Wonderstone'
  281. German voice Actress (dubbing Linda Gray and Gates McFadden)
  282. Actress
  283. Actress - The Vampire Diaries, Chicago Med
  284. Actress
  285. Male Voice Over Talent
  286. Female Voice Over Talent
  287. Actress: Unrest, Holliston, Devil May Call, Killer Pad, The Bedford Diaries, House MD, NCIS, CSI Miami, Without a Trace, Joan of Arcadia
  288. Actress
  289. Voice Over Talent
  290. Female Voice Over Talent
  291. Voice Actress - Baldur's Gate III, Elden Ring, Divinity: Original Sin II, Augmented Empire, Harmony: The Fall of Reverie
  292. Voice of Marie from Disney's The Aristocats
  293. The Benny Hill Show, Voice in The ArtistoCats
  294. actor
  295. Voice Over Talent
  296. Male Voice Over Talent
  297. actress: played Dirka in Channel 4's The Book Group.
  298. Female Voice Over Talent
  299. Actress - The Killing, Big Love, Gangster Squad, World War Z, Falling Objects. Broadway: Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? (2005 Tony nom.). Married to actor Alan Ruck
  300. CBC Personality
  301. Actor: Midnight Express, The Gangster Chronicles, M*A*S*H, The A-Team, The Star Chamber, Ghostbusters, House, License to Drive, Star Trek TNG, Guns of Paradise, Born Yesterday, Children of the Corn 3, Titanic, The X-Files, Seabiscuit, Boston Legal
  302. Male Voice Over Talent
  303. Female Voice Over Talent
  304. Voice Actor, Voice Of Myotismon And Malomyotismon, Robotech
  305. 'Mandy' in Last Man Standing - Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones - Paranormal Activity 2 - Into the Woods (Broadway)
  306. Male Voice Over Talent
  307. Actor: Dracula 2000, Love & Basketball, The Mod Squad, The Wood, In Too Deep, Major League 2, ER, House MD, Scream 2, The Program, Juice, Higher Learning, Resurrection
  308. Voice Over Talent
  309. Actor; voice actor on Beauty and the Beast (Disney)
  310. Female Voice Over Talent
  311. Actor
  312. author
  313. Peppermint Patty (voice) in 'It's the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown' (1974)
  314. Actress
  315. Female Voice Over Talent
  316. Female Voice Over Talent
  317. Voice Over Talent
  318. Voice actor of Digimon Adventure, Bleach, Final Fantasy, and Naruto Shippuden
  319. Male Voice Over Talent
  320. Actor: Accidentally In Love, The Closer, Castle, Jawbreaker, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The Guiding Light, The In Crowd, Fashion House, Melrose Place, General Hospital
  321. Actress
  322. Actress - 'House,M.D.',seance
  323. he voiced van in the anime zoids
  324. Male Voice Talent
  325. Female Voice Over Talent
  326. Actor: Short Time, The Commish, Captains Courageous, Heaven's Fire, Beggars and Choosers, Boston Public, 88 Minutes, The 4400, Ice Twisters, See No Evil 2, A Christmas Detour // Guest Star: MacGyver, Neon Rider, Star Trek Enterprise, NCIS, Criminal Minds
  327. Male Voice Over Talent
  328. Male Voice Over Talent
  329. Voice Over Talent
  330. Actor
  331. Voice actor known for voicing Christopher Robin
  332. Voice Over Talent
  333. Female Voice Over Talent
  334. Voice Over Talent
  335. food writer, stylist and television presenter
  336. Female Voice Over Talent
  337. Male Voice Over Talent
  338. Actress and recording artist
  339. Voice of HE-MAN in the 1980's cartoon. ( voice actor), He-Man and the Masters of the Universe
  340. Actor - NCIS, Reba, the hulk/teenage bruce banner on everwood, One Tree Hill. Voice of Jak in Jak and Daxter series
  341. Vocalist, Pal Joey
  342. Male Voice Over Talent
  343. Voice Over Talent
  344. Male Voice Over Talent
  345. Voice Actor -- Cohila in the Extreme Ghostbusters episode 'The Crawler', Prof. Spinoza in The Wild Thornberrys episode 'Blood Sisters'
  346. Male Voice Over Talent
  347. Male Singer
  348. Male Voice Over Talent
  349. Actor
  350. Billable Hours, Young People Fucking, Wipeout Canada, The Listener
  351. Male Voice Over Talent
  352. Voice Over Talent
  353. Broadway actor: Taboo, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, and The Rocky Horror Show.
  354. Actress - NCIS
  355. Actor - NCIS
  356. Voice Over Talent
  357. Voice actress in Coco
  358. Originated role of Patchy the Pirate in the Spongebob Squarepants Broadway musical
  359. ER, Gilmore Girls
  360. Actor: Sesame Street, Maximum Overdrive, Do the Right Thing, Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man, Malcolm X, The Usual Suspects, Homicide - Life on the Streets, The $treet, Breaking Bad, Revolution, Once Upon a Time, Better Call Saul
  361. Mike Espy  (2)
    Voice Over Talent
  362. Voice Over Talent
  363. Male Voice Over Talent
  364. Singer / Actor
  365. Actor
  366. Male Voice Over Talent
  367. Mrs Huber on Desperate Housewives
  368. Voice Over Talent
  369. Voice Over Talent
  370. Voice Over Talent
  371. Actor: Days of our Lives, Silk Stalkings, Melrose Place, Providence, Suddenly Susan, Gilmore Girls, The Evidence, CSI Miami, Women's Murder Club, 90210, Necessary Roughness
  372. Actress/Model-LOST
  373. Actress
  374. Actress
  375. Voice Over Talent
  376. Voice Over Talent
  377. Voice Actor
  378. Male Voice Over Talent
  379. Actress-The Walking Dead
  380. Female Voice Over Talent
  381. Female Voice Over Talent
  382. Actress-La La Land,Jett
  383. Actress
  384. Daniel Evans  (4)
    Male Voice Over Talent
  385. Actor - Bill Cosby's son-in-law on
  386. Darren Evans  (2)
    Voice Over Talent
  387. Female Voice Over Talent
  388. Voice actress in Fire Emblem
  389. Author
  390. James Evans  (2)
    Male Voice Over Talent
  391. Josh Evans  (2)
  392. Singing voice of Rarity and Princess Luna in My Little Pony
  393. TV show Good Witch (2015 - 2021)
  394. Actress, Voice Over
  395. Actress - Mile High, Brief Encounters, Rocket Man
  396. Female Voice Over Talent
  397. Actress
  398. Voice of Maid Marian in Disney's Robin Hood, voice in Aristocats, Pigeon sister in the Odd Couple, born June 7 1940
  399. Female Voice Over Talent
  400. Kids Voice Actor
  401. Actor
  402. Roger Evans  (2)
  403. Kids Voice Actress
  404. Male Voice Over Talent
  405. Male Voice Over Talent
  406. Voice Actress
  407. Actress
  408. Male Voice Over Talent
  409. Tony Evans  (2)
    Male Voice Over Talent
  410. Actor: Waking the Dead, Dracula '79, Troy, She's Out of My League, Shoestring, Kidnap & Ransom, Aspen Extreme, The Interceptor, Unforgotten
  411. Female Voice Over Talent
  412. Actress
  413. Female Voice Over Talent
  414. Male Voice Over Talent
  415. Male Voice Over Talent
  416. Playwright & former actor - Please Sir!
  417. British Actor born 1959.voice of Prince Charming on 'Shrek 1-3'.'Another Country','Insp.Gadget','My Best Friends Wedding','Hearts of Fire','Comfort of Strangers','Cemetery Man','Ideal Husband','King George','Stage Beauty'
  418. Voice Over Talent
  419. Presenter
  420. Entertainer
  421. Edwin Evers  (2)
    Voice Over Talent
  422. Actress
  423. English actor appeared in the KEen Loach film Looking for Eric
  424. Actress: Step Up 2 the Streets, House of the Damned, S. Darko, Sorority Row, Burning Bright, Mother's Day, Rites of Passage, The Devil's Carnival, Stash House, She Loves Me Not, Lap Dance, Paranormal Island, Step Up All In
  425. Female Voice Over Talent
  426. Male Voice Over Talent
  427. Female Voice Over Talent
  428. Sugababes
  429. Actor
  430. Played Waldo in the early 90's The Little Rascals, Played Derek on Full House, 1996 Voice of Eugene on Hey Arnold!
  431. Female Voice Over Talent
  432. Voice Over Talent
  433. Model
  434. Actress - Last Time Forever, Hitters Anonymous, Planet Ibsen, Ocean Ave., Sheena, Mad Men, Two and A Half Men, CSI:Miami, The Secret Life of The American Teenager
  435. Female Voice Over Talent
  436. Actress