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  1. One out of 4 who won nobel Peace price 2015 and he is from Tunis
  2. Korean War: One of the 'Non-Repatriated 23' who didn't return to the US after the end of the Korean War. Most ended up returning to the US; a maximum of 7 are still alive
  3. Tuskegee Airmen 332nd Fighter Group!
  4. Lawyer & Community Activist: Member of the Order of Canada
  5. Professor/Poet , African American Studies and American Studies, Yale University. Incoming Chair, Department of African American Studies! Selected to compose and deliver poem at Barack Obama?s Presidential Inauguration @ the U.S. Capitol on 01/20/2009!
  6. Former Canadian radio broadcast commentator and was the first lay President and Vice-Chancellor of the University of St. Michael's College. Officer of the Order of Canada
  7. American veteran (1910-2007), served in the Spanish Civil War's Lincoln Brigade (seriously wounded in March 1937), and the US Army in WWII
  8. Social Activist. Member of the Order of Canada
  9. Pianist,Composer
  10. Social Activist. Member of the Order of Canada
  11. Social & Enviromental Activist. Member of the Order of Canada
  12. Social Activist. Member of the Order of Canada
  13. Spokesperson for, Stonewall Vets Assoc. 25 year reunion
  14. Canadian Artist and Social Activist. Member of the Order of Canada
  15. Author, motivational speaker and former United States Marine Corps officer who was the first African - American female naval aviator in the Marine Corps and the first African American female combat pilot in the U.S. Armed Forces
  16. One of the founders of the, 'American Conservative Union,'.. Right wing group
  17. Socialist, Philantrophist, distributed almost $200 million in grants to various organizations
  18. Artist; in 1978 designed the rainbow flag as a symbol of gay pride
  19. Jack Baker  (4)
    Gay activist; husband of Michael McConnell; in Minnesota 1971 they became the first same-sex couple to marry in the US
  20. Michael Baker  (5)
    Canadian physician, academic, and cancer researcher. Member of the Order of Canada
  21. 1978 Supreme court decision. He was denied access to Med school (UC DAVIS)because of color quota.. Affirmative action
  22. Dennis Banks  (2)
    Co-founder of A.I.M...(American Indian Movement)... 1960's wounded knee
  23. American environmentalist and labor leader
  24. Canadian entrepreneur & philanthropist. Member of the Order of Canada
  25. psychiatrist social activist
  26. Choral conductor, Teacher and Founder/Conductor Laureate of the Toronto Children's Chorus. Member of the Order of Canada
  27. Nigerian environmentalist activist and poet, elected chair of Friends of the Earth International, Executive Director of Environmental Rights Action
  28. Korean War: One of the 'Non-Repatriated 23' who didn't return to the US after the end of the Korean War. Most ended up returning to the US; a maximum of 7 are still alive
  29. One of the founders of, 'American Conservative Union,'...right wing group
  30. Management Professor, Author, Speaker, Consultant and Advocate for Working Parents
  31. Korean War: One of the 'Non-Repatriated 23' who didn't return to the US after the end of the Korean War. Most ended up returning to the US; a maximum of 7 are still alive
  32. Author, one of the founders of the make a wish foundation
  33. Social Activist Clergyman
  34. Former chair lady, US Commission on Civil Rights
  35. Survivor, expert, activist and one of the country?s pre-eminent voices on the subject of bullying. She is the author of The New York Times bestselling memoir, Please Stop Laughing At Me? One Woman?s Inspirational Story
  36. Episcopal priest who was special assistant for religious affairs to D.C. mayors Marion Barry and Sharon Pratt Kelly. Blaxton wrote articles for publications and spoke at conferences on a variety of subjects
  37. President Texas NAACP/ties enabled him to make substantial changes, which include his handling of racial discrimination complaints against the Austin DPS that dismantled racial barriers that prevented minorities from becoming Texas Rangers
  38. Canadian Businessman & Philanthropist
  39. Writer, Civil Right Activist. Born: 06/27/1915
  40. Ken Bone  (2)
    Became overnight internet meme by asking one question at the 2016 Town Hall Debate
  41. Nobel prize winner 1970 for developement against world hunger. Born: 03/25/1914
  42. Indian actor , a social activist and rugby player
  43. Dutch officer for the Salvation Army, also writer
  44. One out of 4 who won nobel Peace price 2015 and she is from Tunis
  45. Martin Boyce  (2)
    Gay rights activist, veteran of the Stonewall uprising in 1969
  46. One of the founders of 'The American Conservative Union'
  47. American Female Social Activist - Prominent Advocate For Gun Control In The United States Of America
  48. Surry County Deputy who took part in the Michael Vick investigation
  49. Tutored by Medgar Evers, Samuel Williams, J. Pious Barbour, & Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. as one of the 8 students in the only class Dr. King taught in his lifetime at Morehouse College/Known for activism, intellectual discipline, & oratory
  50. Harold Brown  (2)
    Tuskegee Airmen
  51. Award-winning entrepreneur, speaker, author and diversity and inclusion expert. Founder of Jennifer Brown Consulting. Her workplace strategies have been employed by some of the world's top Fortune 500 companies and nonprofits
  52. Larry Brown  (6)
    Tuskegee Airmen
  53. Civil Rights activist, wounded on 'Bloody Sunday' of the Selma march in 1965. In 1968, Martin Luther King hid overnight at her house in Greensboro after a speech two weeks before his assassination, as the KKK searched the area for him
  54. Paul Butler  (2)
    American lawyer, and current law professor of Georgetown. He is a leading criminal law scholar, particularly in the area of race and jury nullification. He has written 2 books including Chokehold: Policing Black Men
  55. Civil Rights activist. As a girl participated in the student protests that led to the Davis v. School Board of Prince Edward County case that became one of the 5 historic Brown v. Board of Education cases
  56. Argentinian famed inter-sex and trans-sex activist. Born female, he signed the Yogyakarta Principles accord and is a recipient of the Bob Hepple Equality Award
  57. One of the founders of, 'American Conservative Union,' right wing group
  58. educator
  59. Canadian Jewish musicologist and human rights activist known for secretly bringing to freedom thousands of Jews out of Syria over a period of 28 years
  60. Doctor, Writer Torture Survivor and Activist
  61. Self proclaimed,world-renowned expert on marijuana cultivation
  62. Noted French Resistance Fighter. Born: 05/22/1915
  63. One of the founders of, 'American Conservative Union,' right wing group
  64. American contemporary theater director, choreographer, video and installation artist. Internationally recognized as a director, writer, and multi-disciplinary artist, and is considered a seminal figure in Asian American theatre
  65. Marahon Runner (born Blind & with Mental Retaration), women in sports Hall of Fame, Disney Movie based on her life
  66. Is the founder of the non-profit organization Literacy Volunteers of America, now called ProLiteracy Worldwide in Syracuse, New York, in 1962. She was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by President George W. Bush in December 2006
  67. Founder of 'American Civil Rights Institute'
  68. Gay rights figure. Participant of the 1969 Stonewall Inn rebellion
  69. nobel peace laureate 1976
  70. Korean War: One of the 'Non-Repatriated 23' who didn't return to the US after the end of the Korean War. Most ended up returning to the US; a maximum of 7 are still alive
  71. established scouting for all
  72. Tuskegee Airmen
  73. 60's political activist educator
  74. Tuskegee Airmen
  75. One of the famous war protesters from the the 1968 protests in Illonois
  76. Whistleblower
  77. Civil Rights Activist, 1961 Freedom Rider
  78. Algiers Motel; a black security guard, witnessed the murders of 3 black men at the motel in 1967
  79. Tuskegee Airmen
  80. Transgender activist and model
  81. Tuskegee Airmen/Civilian Instructor 1942-1945
  82. Author, former activist, widow of activist Rudi Dutschke
  83. Landmark Case: Eckhardt was one of the students litigants in Tinker v Des Moines (1969), which defined the Constitutional Rights of students in US public school
  84. Watt's riot: Edelen was was a black cop during the riot, experienced a large amount of racism during his time in the LAPD
  85. Tuskegee Airmen
  86. Filmmaker, founder of a music label, motivational speaker, philanthropist and author. Ziman works as a writer, producer and director and is known internationally for her work on behalf of saving abandoned children
  87. Was an anti-war & environmental activist who became influential in various New Age movements during the 1970s. He was convicted in 2002, after spending 17 years on the run, for the 1977 murder of his girlfriend and is serving a life sentence
  88. 'Tuskegee Airmen' one of their Aircraft Mechanics
  89. American teacher and anti-racism activist.
  90. Tuskegee Airmen
  91. Mental health advocate, writer, motivational speaker, life coach, podcaster
  92. Civil Rights Activist, 1961 Freedom Rider
  93. Mover/shaker civil rights movement
  94. Civil rights activist (b. 1930), one of the last living organizers of the Montgomery Bus Boycott. Named recording secretary of the boycott's MIA group, to Martin Luther King's presidency of the group. Pastor of one of the churches bombed during the boycot
  95. Wrote a diary during the siege of Sarajevo- Often Called 'The Anne Frank Of Sarajevo'(Author Zlata's Diary)- well known peace and human rights activist
  96. Co-founder of the Center for Labor Renewal, columnist and long-time activist. Served as President of TransAfrica Forum and was formerly the Education Director and later Assistant to the President of the AFL-CIO
  97. African American WWII veteran. Montford Marines, served in Guam during WWII
  98. American attorney and women's rights activist
  99. South African rape survivor, anti-rape activist, founded the Jes Foord Foundation
  100. Cuban writer and political activist Carlos Franqui, an important figure in the Cuban revolution
  101. Adapted her debut novel, 'The Resurrection of Alice', into a one-woman play that won the 2014 African-American Arts Alliance of Chicago Outstanding Actress Award, the 2014 Black Theater Alliance's Best Lead Actress Award (Chicago), etc
  102. Philanthropist
  103. American literary critic, teacher, historian, filmmaker and public intellectual who currently serves as the Alphonse Fletcher University Professor and Director of the Hutchins Center for African and African American Research at Harvard
  104. Liberian peace activist responsible for leading a women's peace movement. Co-Awarded the 2011 Nobel Peace Prize 'for their non-violent struggle for the safety of women and for women's rights to full participation in peace-building work
  105. American (1910-2009), served in the Lincoln Brigade of the Spanish Civil War. Held as a POW from Jan 1938 to April 1939 in Spain. Had joined the Young Communist League in the early 1930s after a student trip to the Soviet Union
  106. Child involved with the 1950's Briggs v. Elliott case incorporated as part of the Supreme Court's Brown v. Board of Education Decision. His mother was the last living adult defendant when she died.
  107. Wife of Rev. Joseph Lowery, close friend and worker with MLK... Founder of SCLC
  108. Youtuber
  109. Well Known Temperance Speaker
  110. Participated in the 1963 Selma civil rights campaign as a 16 year old boy, including the 'Bloody Sunday' march
  111. Reverend to Rosa Park's Church; Secretary of the MIA aka Montgomery Improvement Association that helped support the boycott, appeared at meetings led by MLK
  112. White student who sued the Univ. of Michagan,for denying her admittance. Affirmative Action supporter and worker for
  113. Fred Gray  (2)
    Civil rights lawyer, preacher (born 1930). Defended Rosa Parks, Claudette Colvin, and the MIA during the Montgomery bus boycott. Worked with Martin Luther King and defended him in court. Named National Bar Association president in 1985
  114. Tuskegee Airmen
  115. Newspaper editor, politician and reformer. Encouraged readers to "Go West"
  116. Organizes 'Wiener Opernball'
  117. Original founder of the SDS movement(Students for a Democratic Society) 1962
  118. The Poland native also founded the 1939 Club, an organization of Holocaust survivors, and was a board member of the L.A. Museum of the Holocaust
  119. Author of The Sky's the Limit. Self-help expert
  120. Animal rights activist who is serving ten months in prison for raiding a mink farm
  121. African American WWII veteran. A Montford Marine, served in Guam in 1944
  122. Korean War: One of the 'Non-Repatriated 23' who didn't return to the US after the end of the Korean War. Most ended up returning to the US; a maximum of 7 are still alive
  123. Member of the 'Clinton 12', where a dozen students became the first to integrate a school in the South in the fall of 1956
  124. Civil Rights Activist.Born: 03/24/1912
  125. Grand Master of the Masonic Grand Lodge of Michigan
  126. Civil Rights/was in the forefront of the civil rights battle as he bravely stepped up to participate in the sit - in at the Woolworth?s diner. 1960 Woolworth lunch counter sit in
  127. Tuskegee Airmen
  128. Gay Rights activist, present at the Stonewall rebellion in 1969. A founder, director of the Stonewall Veterans Association
  129. Pierre Henry  (2)
    Tuskegee Airmen
  130. President and CEO of Fair Food Network, a non-profit organization based in Ann Arbor Michigan, is a national leader in sustainable agriculture and food systems and the author of Fair Food: Growing a Healthy, Sustainable Food System for All
  131. Swiss scientist known best for being the first person to synthesize, ingest, and learn of the psychedelic effects of lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD)
  132. Tuskegee Airmen
  133. Rape victim who became an activist. She changed New Hampshire law.
  134. Hooks, a lawyer, minister and pioneering judge who revived a flagging NAACP after he became its executive director in the late 1970s
  135. 'Tuskegee Airmen' '99th Fighter Squadron' 'Class of 44-J'!
  136. Civil Rights activist, part of the Selma marches, including the infamous 'Bloody Sunday' of 1965
  137. One if the freedom riders, on the bus
  138. Algiers Motel; as a young white female, Hysell witnessed the events at the motel in 1967 and was harassed and beaten brutally by the police
  139. Politics/Activist
  140. American journalist, TV producer and author of The Book of Matt. Marched in the first National March on Washington for Lesbian and Gay Rights in 1979. Won 2006 Writers Guild Award for Analysis, Feature or Commentary
  141. Presidential advisor, pastor, theologian, author, activist, speaker and academic who served as the United States Ambassador-at-Large for International Religious Freedom from April 2011 to October 2013
  142. Dan Johnston  (2)
    Landmark Case: Johnston won the US Landmark Case Tinker v Des Moines (1969) as a 30 year old lawyer, just one year out of law school
  143. Politician & leader of the Civil Rights movement. 1st African American elected to Senate & 1st southern black female elected to the US House of Representatives. Received Presidential Medal of Freedom
  144. Activist. Wife of Judge John W. Keefe
  145. American author & historian. Won the 2016 National Book Award for Nonfiction for Stamped from the Beginning: The Definitive History of Racist Ideas in America. Founding dir of the Anti-Racist Research & Policy Center at American University
  146. Forida Author & Civil Rights Activist
  147. Father of slain Muslim Army captain challenged for Donald Trump at the DNC/His bold speech was well received
  148. Served as a developmental advisor for Sesame Street and HBO films for children. Appears regularly on Good Morning America. Author of How Toddlers Thrive. Director of the Barnard College Center for Toddler Development
  149. USDA agent who took part in the Michael Vick investigation
  150. Producer, entertainment lawyer, manager and activist; organized Hands Across America in 1986
  151. Author, Enviromental activist
  152. political and social activist
  153. Civil rights figure, Montgomery bus boycott. Her mother was a lifelong childhood friend of Rosa Parks, and Lacey as a young woman worked as an assistant to the MIA, led by Martin Luther King to organize the bus boycott after Parks' arrest
  154. Army captain helped plan invasion of Normandy
  155. 'Tuskegee Airmen' '301st Fighter Squadron & 332nd Fighter Group' flew the pt-17, bt-13, at-6, p-39, p-40, p-47, p-51, at-11, b-25
  156. Women's equality activist; inspiration of President Obama's Fair Pay Act
  157. Irish retired nurse and activist, lives in St. Albans, England (born March 24, 1933) Main character of a true story based on the book 'The Lost Child of Philomena Lee' by Martin Sixsmith. The book was filmed in 2013 as a 'Philomena'
  158. Hitlers messenger boy, author, peace activist
  159. Pioneering gay rights activist and writer, born 1935. President of NYC Mattachine Society in the 60s, the premiere gay rights group before Stonewall. Led 1966 NYC gay 'Sip-In' protest, and covered Stonewall as a reporter, whose on-scene account was the fi
  160. Supreme Court: Social worker and civil rights activist, lead plaintiff in the landmark First Amendment case Lemon v. Kurtzman (1971)
  161. American businessman who is the current president and CEO of Stew Leonard's, a supermarket chain based in CT and NY. Founded the Stew Leonard III Children's Charities. Released a series of children's books featuring Stewie the Duck
  162. Attorney for the Wounded knee fiasco.. AIM
  163. Kent State student shot in the stomach and leg during the 1970 shooting, the closest to the line of fire of all the students hit
  164. Stephen Lewis  (2)
    Canadian Politician, Humanitarian and AIDS Activist
  165. Secretary General/co-founder of the Council of Women World Leaders, which is composed 72 of women presidents, prime ministers, and heads of government. International, award-winning speaker/author re leadership, diversity, women in politics
  166. One of the children survivors of the 1963 Birmingham 16th Street Church bombing that killed 4 young girls during the civil rights era
  167. Minister and leader in the American civil rights movement
  168. African activist. Nobel Peace Prize (2004)
  169. American psychiatrist, parapsychologist, writer, & professor at Harvard Medical School. He was a Pulitzer Prize-winning biographer, a leading researcher and writer on alien abduction experiences
  170. One out of 4 nobel Peace prize winners 2015 and from Tunis
  171. Civil rights activist, born 1925. After her children had been jailed during schoolkid civil rights protests, she felt the need to stand with them. She participated in the Selma march of 1965. She was one of the marchers tear gassed on 'Bloody Sunday', aft
  172. Civil Rights Activist during the Selma campaign. Was jailed as a tenth grader after student protests, and later tear gassed with his family during the Bloody Sunday March in 1965
  173. Supreme Court: 'Rosa Parks of the Fourth Amendment'. Defied the police search without a warrant in the case Mapp v. Ohio (1961)
  174. Author of the book 'The Training and Experience of a Quaker Relief Worker'. Worked as a relief worker in post-war Germany during the aftermath of WW2. Born: 1920. Lives in West Hagley, Worcestershire, England. Now aged 96
  175. South African activist. Mother of former South African President Thabo Mbeki
  176. One of the original four who took part in the Woolworth sit-ins
  177. Activist/Founder of Earth Day. Born: 03/22/1915
  178. Gay activist; husband of Jack Baker; in Minnesota 1971 they became the first same-sex couple to marry in the US
  179. Tuskegee Airmen
  180. 'Tuskegee Airmen' (both Maintenance Chief & Pilot)
  181. Centenarian and community volunteer (b. 1909) who became known for her joyous dancing as a then-106 year old with the Obamas during a White House meeting
  182. Tuskegee Airmen & 761st Tank Battalion Member
  183. Member of the 'Clinton 12', where a dozen students became the first to integrate a school in the South in the fall of 1956
  184. Former Skinhead, now anti-racism activist
  185. Nobel Peace Prize winner of 1992
  186. One of the founders of, 'The American Conservative Union.'
  187. former NAACP president
  188. Internationally acclaimed author
  189. Co-founder, of the Brown Berets
  190. 1051st Quartermaster Company, provided food & clothing to Tuskegee Airmen. Recieved Gold Medal from President Bush with Tuskegee Airmen. Chaplin to Tuskegee Airmen East Coast Chapter. 'Bodyguard to Martin Luther King from Selma Alabama to Montgomery'
  191. Psychologist for the TV series 'Hoarders'
  192. Tuskegee Airmen 'Crew Chief' 'Staff Sergeant'/302nd FS, 99th FS & 332nd FG/Italy 1943-1945
  193. Tuskegee Airmen
  194. One out of 4 who won nobel Peace price 2015 and he is from Tunis
  195. Author of OMG That's Me!: Bipolar Disorder, Depression, Anxiety, Panic Attacks, and More. Mental health advocate and stand-up comic. Former businessman and politician
  196. German-based Yazidi-Iraqi human rights activist and recipient of the 2018 Nobel Peace Prize. She was kidnapped and held by the Islamic State for three months. She is the first Iraqi to be awarded the Nobel Prize
  197. Member of the WW2 761st Negro 'Black Panthers' Tank Battalion that worked with General George Patton. Recieved Silver Star & Purple Heart! Featured in book 'Brothers in Arms'!
  198. American economist and Sterling Professor of Economics at Yale University. He is, together with Paul Romer, one of the laureates of the 2018 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences
  199. Documentary filmmaker, motivational speaker, and peace activist
  200. Streaker in famous 1974 photograph. Currently a businessman in Australia
  201. American activist, born Nathanial Burns in 1944. Joined Malcolm X's OAAU in 1965, then the Black Panthers, and later the Black Liberation Army. One of the 'Panther 21' accused by the feds of various violent acts. Caught in 1981, imprisoned until 2014
  202. Hiroshima survivor, born in 1931 in Canada, moved to Japan when he was nine. Survived Hiroshima at 14, and then moved back to Canada
  203. German Unesco Charity-Lady
  204. Whistleblower
  205. Unitarian Minister who was attacked with Rev. James Reeb in 1965 during the Selma March campaign. Reeb died and became a martyr to the cause
  206. American (1915-2008), served in the Spanish Civil War's Lincoln Brigade. Had joined the Communist party in the 1930s, later hassled by the FBI and HUAC. Left the party when he saw Stalin's actions. Worked also in the civil rights movement
  207. Author, speaker, associate professor of medicine at NYU?s School of Medicine. He was an advisor to President Ford?s White House physician and assisted First Lady Nancy Reagan with the Chemical People Project
  208. Whistleblower
  209. Canadian lawyer, politician, and university chancellor
  210. Tuskegee Airmen
  211. American poet, essayist and critic. Her writing focuses on political & social issues from a left-leaning perspective, including abortion, racism, welfare reform, feminism, & poverty. She writes the 'Subject to Debate' column for The Nation
  212. Played by Susan Sarandon in the film 'Dead man walking'
  213. Dutch woman who saved the lives of many Jews during the Holocaust
  214. June 15, 1919 - January 23, 2011 Texas lawyer for more than fifty years. She was the first female prosecutor in Dallas County, Texas. She spearheaded a coalition to establish the Marital Property Act of 1967, and the Texas Family Code
  215. Civil Rights Activist (1889-1979). Founder of Pullman Car Porter union, 1925. Led push to have FDR and Truman end military discrimination and segregation. Official head of the 1963 March on Washington. Presidential Medal of Freedom, 1964
  216. Human rights activist and advocate of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community in America
  217. Algiers Motel; a black youth, Reed witnessed the events at the motel in 1967 and was harassed and beaten brutally by the police
  218. Civil rights activist, educator (born 1929). One of the 'Courageous Eight' who helped organize the Selma Marches in 1965, and the man who extended an invitation to Martin Luther King to join them
  219. Young schoolgirl who was at the 1963 Birmingham 16th Street Baptist Church bombing that killed 5 others
  220. Scientist, founder 'Community of Sant'Egidio'
  221. Civil Rights activist, born 1922. led the Cambridge Movement. One of the few women honored at the 1963 March on Washington, tho the mike was taken from her as she started to speak, due to efforts to keep women in the background at the time
  222. Civil Rights activist, born 1943. Worked with SNCC, the Selma march, and the Black Panthers. In Mississippi after James Meredith was shot, he coined the term 'Black Power!' which his friend Stokely Carmichael then helped popularized
  223. Sally Ride's mom and advocate for death row inmates to be exonerated
  224. Veteran, born 1943, of the 101st Airborne, 327th Division that was called into service by President Eisenhower to protect the Little Rock Nine students integrating the high school in 1957
  225. Author, 'A Game of their Own-Voices of Contemporary Women in Baseball', college professor
  226. Author/illustrator, dancer/choreographer, rapper, environmentalist, teaching artist. Themes range from anti-bullying to understanding children with autism to environmental awareness
  227. American economist, a pioneer of endogenous growth theory, and a co-recipient with William D. Nordhaus of the 2018 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences
  228. First Lady - Late Wife of FDR
  229. 1950s Army Veteran and gay husband of Hubert Spires. He helped fight for a honorable discharge for Spires and they succeeded in 2017 when Spires got a honorable discharge from the US Military after over 60 years
  230. Tuskegee Airmen/332nd FG/302nd FS
  231. Founder, and owner of The Royal Treatment Veterinary Center. Internationally-renowned pioneer in complementary medicine and physical rehabilitation.Author and advocate of common sense and cutting-edge approaches to optimal animal health
  232. One of the 'Chicago7' war protesters from 1968
  233. Tuskegee Airmen 99th Pursuit Squadron
  234. Tuskegee Airmen
  235. British environmentalist rowing solo across Pacific. Already has rowed Atlantic Ocean
  236. Activist provided information that led to exposure of Catholic Church Coverup which became the basis for the film Spotlight. Played by Neal Huff in the film
  237. 1960's free speech movement, Berkley
  238. Founder of the 'Deutschen Krebshilfe'. Wife of German Ex-President Walter Scheel. Very honoured german doctor. Died young at age 54 on cancer
  239. German social activist, author
  240. Female WWII veteran, WASP pilot (1917-2017). One of the 'Lucky Thirteen' WASP pilots to train and fly the B-17 'Flying Fortresses'
  241. Lawyer & President & CEO of Consumer Technology Association. Author of The Comeback: How Innovation Will Restore the American Dream. Inducted into the Academy of Digital TV Pioneers. Received award as most influential in advancing HDTV
  242. US Army Deserter applied for asylum in Germany
  243. American broadcast journalist and author, best known as a correspondent for the ABC news magazine 20/20. Received a 1994 George Foster Peabody Award for the 'Hunger Inside' a 20/20 documentary about extreme anorexia
  244. Founder Of The Special Olympics, Sister To President John F. Kennedy
  245. Writer/Actvist
  246. Member of the 'Clinton 12', where a dozen students became the first to integrate a school in the South in the fall of 1956
  247. US Army vet, born 1925. 'Undesirable' discharge for being gay, 1948. Hid the anguish from his family, until he married his partner of decades in 2009 and fought years for an honorable discharge, which came at the age of 91 in 2017
  248. Tuskegee Airmen
  249. The last surviving woman to have flown on the Hindenburg, born in 1925. Her flight was in Sept. 1936, her mother named it's 1,000th passenger. She grew up to be one of South Carolina's leading environmentalists
  250. One of the founders of, 'American Conservative Union,' right wing group
  251. Physician, Politician. 2016 Green Party Canidate for president
  252. Born: 1937. Activist and long-time campaigner for civil rights for the British African-Caribbean community in Bristol, England. His campaigns were instrumental in paving the way for the first Race Relations Act, in 1965. He lives in the UK
  253. Lawyer, Libertarian political activist. Patron of the Stonewall Inn, participant in the Stonewall Rebellion of 1969
  254. President and CEO Planned Parenthood, Minnesota
  255. Tuskegee Airmen
  256. Detective/Creator of SAFEKIDS
  257. Politician, Comedian, and Presidential Canidate
  258. Hiroshima survivor, born in 1926 in California, moved to Japan at age 6. Drafted into the Japanese army during WWII, he was helping to dig an air raid shelter into a hill about a mile and a half from Hiroshima's center when the bomb hit. He emerged to see
  259. Environmental sociologist and author. Research involves environmental history, justice, & policy, leisure and recreation, gender and development, urban affairs, race relations, collective action and social movements, etc
  260. Hudson Taylor  (2)
    Founder and Executive Director of the non-profit organization Athlete Ally, former wrestling coach at Columbia University and a prominent straight ally and civil rights activist of LGBT rights
  261. Henry Thomas  (3)
    Civil Rights Activist, member of CORE, Freedom Rider on bus that was firebombed in 1961
  262. As a girl, was one of the students connected to the Topeka, KS Brown v. Board of Education case. Her mother was the adult plaintiff on her behalf, along with several other Topeka area families. Her mother was also actively involved in organizing the case
  263. Peace Corps volunteer Jim Toner relates the story of his 74-year-old Irish-Catholic father's unexpected visit to Sri Lanka in Serendib
  264. Award-winning author and professor of education policy at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne. Chairman of education companies in Ghana (Omega Schools Franchise Ltd) and India creating low cost chains of low cost private schools
  265. Civil Rights Activist/ Sept 11, 1963, along with 2 other courageous students, seized the opportunity to change dark traditions of segregation at University of South Carolina & became 1st African American students to attend the university
  266. Civil rights figure. Father a plaintiff on her behalf in Delaware's Belton v. Gebhart case that was part of the Supreme Court's Brown v. Board of Education lawsuit
  267. German entrepreneur and billionaire who co-founded the German software giant SAP AG in 1972 together with Hans-Werner Hector, Dietmar Hopp, Hasso Plattner and Claus Wellenreuther
  268. Holocaust Survivor portrayed in film 'Memoirs of Holocaust' 'Graphic Artist'
  269. Jean Vanier  (2)
  270. Von Moltke was a member of the the Kreisau Circle, an anti-Nazi resistance group co-founded by her husband Helmuth, who was executed for treason in 1945. Born: 03/29/1911
  271. George Walker  (3)
    One of Ken Kesey's Merry Pranksters, who's escapades were chronicled in Tom Wolfe's The Electric Kool Aid Acid Test
  272. Paul Watson  (2)
    One of the founders of Green Peace, Captain of the Sea Shepard on tv reality show 'Whale Wars', animal activist for whales, seals, turtles, etc
  273. Tuskegee Airmen
  274. Korean War: One of the 'Non-Repatriated 23' who didn't return to the US after the end of the Korean War. Most ended up returning to the US; a maximum of 7 are still alive
  275. One of the famous 'Chicago 7' war protesters, 1968
  276. Founder, 'Democracy 21.' US watchdog group
  277. Hiroshima survivor. 13 years old, working in a factory to support the war effort when the bomb hit. Her widowed mother died in the blast and her grandparents died of radiation sickness weeks later. She became sick but recovered and later married an Americ
  278. Korean War: One of the 'Non-Repatriated 23' who didn't return to the US after the end of the Korean War. Most ended up returning to the US; a maximum of 7 are still alive
  279. Whistleblower
  280. Tuskegee Airmen (Would have to be 83 years old or older if lied about age & entered at age 16 to become an Airmen)
  281. Leader of the, 'American Family Association,' and activist
  282. Member of the 'Clinton 12', where a dozen students became the first to integrate a school in the South in the fall of 1956
  283. Peace activist, winner of the Peace Nobel Prize 1976
  284. Tuskegee Airmen
  285. Tuskegee Airmen, In 1948, Williams was recalled to military service during the Berlin Airlift. President Harry Truman integrated military service in 1949 & Eldridge Williams departed for his first integrated assignment on the island of Okinawa
  286. Woman whose lawsuit, United States v. Windsor, caused the US Supreme Court to find Section 3 of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) to be unconstitutional, thereby granting federal benefits to legally married gay couples; lesbian activist
  287. Civil Rights activist... 1960's
  288. German Lesbian Activist
  289. Uday Hussein's Body Double; Basis of movie 'The Devil's Double' based off his Book
  290. Pakistani school pupil and education activist, shot in the head by Taliban gunmen in 2012. Also the author of I am Malala
  291. Nobel Peace Prize 2006
  292. The real life daughter of the Zoo Keepers Wife. The movie is based on her family
  293. One of two last surviving members of the White Rose movement in Nazi Germany during WW2. Lived in Stuttgart, Germany as of 2010
  294. American lawyer, author, and television talk-show host of the PBS syndicated program Conversations with Jim Zirin. He also a member of the Consolidated Corporate Fund Leadership Committee of the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts
  295. Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg´s wife
  296. Civil Rights Activist, 1961 Freedom Rider famously beaten 5/20/61 off a bus in Montgomery, Al