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Wynne Greenwood
  • General Info
General Information
Wynne Greenwood is a queer feminist performance artist who works in various media such as installation art, photography, filmmaking and music. Wynne currently works out of Seattle, Washington. She attended Douglass College, and Rutgers University for her undergraduate studies and later received an MFA from the Milton Avery Graduate School for the Arts, Bard College in 2004. Wynne is best known for her work under the name Tracy + the Plastics. While working as the Plastics, Wynne played the role of three characters: Tracy and her back-up singers Nikki Romanos and Cola. In live performances, Nikki and Cola existed in pre-recorded video which played behind Tracy as she gave live vocals. The project ended in June 2006. In late 2004 she had an exhibit Maps to Radical Imagining at the Tollbooth Gallery in Tacoma, Washington. In 2005, Wynne and fellow artist K8 Hardy collaborated on the New Report, a video piece in which the two played reporters on a fictional feminist news station. The film combines activism and campy satire, critiquing the absurdity of televised news. It was part of the Tate Modern Level 2: Media Burn exhibition. 
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