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Tim Armstrong
Singer for Rancid
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General Information
Timothy Lockwood Armstrong, is an American musician, songwriter, and producer. He is best known as the singer/guitarist for the punk rock band Rancid and hip hop/punk rock supergroup the Transplants. Prior to forming Rancid, Armstrong was in the influential ska punk band Operation Ivy. In 1998, along with Brett Gurewitz of the band Bad Religion and owner of Epitaph Records, Armstrong founded Hellcat Records. In 2012, through his website, Armstrong started releasing music that influenced him, along with stripped-down cover songs of his own work under the name Tim Timebomb. He has released at least one song per week since late 2012. Armstrong is also an accomplished and sought-after songwriter for other artists. Armstrong won a Grammy Award for his work with Jimmy Cliff and Pink and he has also worked with Gwen Stefani and Joe Walsh. [More at Wikipedia]
November 25th, 1966 in Berkeley, California (Age 53) as Timothy Lockwood Armstrong
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ActiveYearsStartYear : 1980
AssociatedBand : Rancid_(band)
AssociatedBand : Tim_Timebomb
AssociatedBand : Transplants_(band)
AssociatedBand : Operation_Ivy_(band)
AssociatedBand : Devils_Brigade
AssociatedBand : Dance_Hall_Crashers
AssociatedBand : Downfall_(band)
AssociatedBand : Operation_Ivy_(band)
AssociatedBand : Shaken_69
AssociatedBand : The_Distillers
AssociatedBand : Pink_(singer)
AssociatedBand : Box_Car_Racer
AssociatedBand : Danny_Diablo
AssociatedBand : Jimmy_Cliff
AssociatedBand : Gwen_Stefani
AssociatedMusicalArtist : Rancid_(band)
AssociatedMusicalArtist : Tim_Timebomb
AssociatedMusicalArtist : Transplants_(band)
AssociatedMusicalArtist : Operation_Ivy_(band)
AssociatedMusicalArtist : Devils_Brigade
AssociatedMusicalArtist : Dance_Hall_Crashers
AssociatedMusicalArtist : Downfall_(band)
AssociatedMusicalArtist : Operation_Ivy_(band)
AssociatedMusicalArtist : Shaken_69
AssociatedMusicalArtist : The_Distillers
AssociatedMusicalArtist : Pink_(singer)
AssociatedMusicalArtist : Box_Car_Racer
AssociatedMusicalArtist : Danny_Diablo
AssociatedMusicalArtist : Jimmy_Cliff
AssociatedMusicalArtist : Gwen_Stefani
Background : solo_singer
BirthYear : 1965
BirthMonthAndDay : 11-25
BirthDate : 1965-11-25
BirthPlace : Albany,_California
BirthPlace : California
BirthPlace : United_States
Genre : Punk_rock
Genre : Ska_punk
Genre : Street_punk
Genre : Hardcore_punk
Genre : Reggae
Genre : Ska
Genre : 2_Tone
Genre : Country_music
Genre : Rapcore
Hometown : Albany,_California
Hometown : California
Hometown : United_States
Instrument : Singing
Instrument : Guitar
Instrument : Bass_guitar
Instrument : Drum_kit
Instrument : Keyboard_instrument
Instrument : Synthesizer
Instrument : Harmonica
Instrument : Cigar_box_guitar
Instrument : Melodica
Instrument : Fender_acoustic_6-string
Instrument : Gretsch
Instrument : Hagström_Viking
Instrument : Gibson_SG
Instrument : Gibson_Les_Paul
Instrument : Gretsch_Tim_Armstrong_Electromatic
Instrument : Fender_Musical_Instruments_Corporation
RecordLabel : Lookout_Records
RecordLabel : Hellcat_Records
RecordLabel : Epitaph_Records
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