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StarTiger - Browsing Category Home->Artist/Designer->Fine Artist , A-Z Filter: J
Browsing Category Home->Artist/Designer->Fine Artist , A-Z Filter: J
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  1. Artist
  2. Chilean artist, lives in NY
  3. Children's Author ton of movie production and cover art for albums of zz top, dio, ect
  4. Artist
  5. Artist
  6. Scott Jackson  (5)
  7. American painter known for his photorealistic work of Harley-Davidson motorcycles
  8. American artist best known for illustrating the covers for nearly 100 books in R. L. Stine?s Goosebumps series
  9. Actor, Painter
  10. Artist
  11. Fine Artist, mostly Ceramics
  12. Tattooist; Reality show ' Miami Ink'
  13. Artist
  14. Artist
  15. Fantasy artist
  16. Artist
  17. Artist
  18. erotic artist
  19. Comic Book Artist
  20. Graphic art designer- made Apple Logo
  21. Cover artist for music-did henry mancini -the theme scene album cover
  22. Star Wars Artist
  23. World famous artist who wraps buildings
  24. Comic penciller
  25. Graphic artist; did a print for BAM Box for the movie Insidious
  26. American painter
  27. Artist
  28. Artist, Painter, Illustrator, Toy Design
  29. Jess  (2)
  30. Seoul-based artist recent artworks present nuanced statements on gender through shocking subject matter
  31. Artist
  32. Artist
  33. Dutch Comic Designer-Cover Illustrations (Donald Duck-Flintstones)
  34. JK5 
    Artist, Tattoo Artist, Illustrator, Designer
  35. Actor: 'A Girl Like Me: The Gwen Araujo Story', 'Devil's Diary', 'Aliens in America', 'Gym Teacher: The Movie', 'Spectacular!', 'Caprica', 'Triple Dog', 'Victorious', 'Finding Hope Now'; Artist
  36. Artist
  37. Artist
  38. Famous Painter
  39. Animator - Worked 17 years with Walt Disney Animation on films such as The Lion King, Mulan, Brother Bear and others
  40. Artist
  41. Artist
  42. Karl Johnson  (3)
  43. Nick Johnson  (6)
    Artist ( aka Nick the Ring )
  44. Artist
  45. American artist best known for his life-size statues including 'Forever Marilyn' a replica of Marilyn Monroe and 'Unconditional Surrender' a replica of the famous Life Magazine photo of a sailor kissing a nurse in Times Square on VJ Day 1945
  46. Songwriter, artist
  47. Classic Disney animator
  48. Artist
  49. Pop-Art Artist
  50. Ben Jones  (6)
    Comic Book Illustrator and designer
  51. Artist
  52. Jaime Jones  (2)
    Fantasy artist
  53. Comic Artist, 'Batman'
  54. Matt Jones  (7)
    Aka Lunartik (Artist, Illustrator, Toy Design)
  55. Artist
  56. Sandy Jordan  (2)
    Jazz Singer/actress/artist
  57. Matte Painter / Concept Artist
  58. Spanish Basque sculptor notable for his monumental abstract works
  59. MTG Artist
  60. Realism Oil painting artist. One of the top 50 most expensive artists
  61. Poster Artist
  62. Artist
  63. Artist
  64. Artist
  65. Animator for Disney in 1937. Creator of 'Chip and Dale' also Thumper from 'Bambi'. Born: 02/09/1914
  66. Famous swedish artist and sculptor
  67. Artist