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  1. air force hero
  2. USMC Ace during WWII-[7 victories] Member of VMF-323
  3. WW2 air ace - 5 Kills - USAAF
  4. 'Dr. Werner Von Braun Rocket Scientest Team Member'
  5. german pilot of second world war
  6. Witness to Hindenburg crash. American Airlines employee, had driven Hindenburg official to site to pick up crew luggage
  7. 'F-16' & 'F-111' Test Pilot!
  8. World War II Japanese fighter pilot. Lives in Tokyo
  9. Ogden was co-pilot on one of the flights of the first trip around the world by plane
  10. Enginieer, constructor PZL M-28 Dromader
  11. co-pilot bockscar b-29 that dropped the bomb on nagasaki japan in ww2
  12. Vacuum Guy/WW2 B-29 Navigator
  13. Test pilot
  14. Pilot of US reconnaissance plane downed in China
  15. Aerospace engineer; Project Engineer (Flight Operations) for the Lunar Landing Research Vehicle and for the X?15 Rocket Aircraft served as the flight test Propulsion Engineer. Founder of ALETRO in 2008
  16. Ww2 p-51 pilot; chased fw190 under eiffel tower
  17. Pilot of 1st operational overflight of Soviet Union