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  1. Pitcher For Tennesse, 2005 Softball World Cup
  2. Softball player, University of Arizona 2005-2008, engaged to baseball player J.J. Hardy (as of 2013)
  3. Softball Player
  4. Coach of the 1996 Puerto Rican Olympic Softball team
  5. Catcher on the UCLA softball teams 1980-82
  6. Professional Softball Team
  7. Softball Coach Florida State
  8. 1996 & 2000 USA Olympic Softball team & UCLA
  9. Ayanna Jeanne Andrews is an American softball player that plays for the Akron Racers.[1] She is the first woman to win a Rawlings Gold Glove Award.[2]
  10. Softball Player
  11. Head Coach Softball
  12. Softball Coach University of Pittsburg
  13. Cal Bears Woman's Softball star
  14. Professional Women's Softball Team
  15. Women's softball team -Ft Leonardwood MO (1937) Members: Pearl Scroggins, Dorothy Richerson, Louise Guller, Dorothy Fancher, Beulah Ham, Louise Thompson, Marie Davis, Budde Brandel, Wanda Smith, Velma Veasman, Wilma Moore, Emma Hazelhurst
  16. softball coach
  17. Mercyhurst University Softball Coach
  18. Softball Player
  19. Softball Player
  20. Softball Player
  21. AAGPBL Baseball. Born April 7, 1923
  22. Softball Coach Middle Tennessee
  23. Pro Softball Player, Philadelphia Force 2006 season, Chicago Bandits 2005 season
  24. Softball Player
  25. Tennessee Lady Vols Softball
  26. American Head College Softball Coach Of The Oregon State Beavers And Former Collegiate 4-time All-American Softball Player At The Position Of Center Fielder. She Has Won Four Olympic Medals In Softball, Having Won A Medal At Every Olympics 1996-2008
  27. American Former Female Professional Softball Player - Chicago Bandits (Pitcher). Now Softball Coach At Loyola University Chicago
  28. American University Female Softball Player- Michigan Wolverines - Right-Handed Pitcher
  29. First Baseman- Michigan Ice, CMU Assistant Softball Coach
  30. American Former Female Professional Softball Player - Now Assistant Softball Coach - Blue Demons DePaul University, Chicago. Played Second Baseman For Texas Thunder And Chicago Bandits Pro Softball Teams
  31. American Female Former Softball Player - Catcher - Olympic Gold Medal Winner (Atlanta 1996)
  32. American Female Former Softball Player - Outfield - 'Chicago Bandits' (2007)
  33. American Female Former Softball Player. Now A Coach - Pitcher. - 'UCLA Bruins' (1992-1995). Olympic Gold Medal Winner (Sydney 2000). Coaching - 'Chattanooga' (1996-1997), 'UCLA' (1997-1998), 'Michigan' (1999- )
  34. American Former Softball Player - 'Washington Glory' (2008), 'USSSA Pride' (2009), 'Akron Racers' (2010-2011). USA National Team
  35. Softball Player - University of Texas
  36. American Female Former Basketball Player And Coach - Player = Guard - 'Kansas' (1976-1980). Coach - 'Lawrence HS' (asst)(1980-1981), 'Illinois'(asst.)(1981-1984), 'Southwest Missouri State' (asst.)(1984-1987,(Head)(1987-2002), 'Michigan'(Head)(2003-2007)
  37. Third Baseman For USA Olympic Softball, Akron Racers, Formerly Played For West Palm Beach Community College
  38. American Female Softball Coach And Former Player - Player - Catcher - 'Florida Gators' (2003-2006), 'Akron Racers' And 'Chicago Bandits' (2006-2009) Manager - 'Toledo' (2015-2018), 'Rutgers' (2019- )
  39. Puerto Rican Female Softball Player - Pitcher. 'Chicago Bandits' (2009- )
  40. Softball Coach, University of Arizona, United States Olympic Team
  41. American Female Softball Player - Pitcher. 'Northwestern University' (2004-2007), 'New England Riptide' (2007-20087), 'Chicago Bandits' (2009-2011) 'WBSC World Championship' Gold Medal (2010), 'World Cup Of Softball' Gold Medal (2010). USA Team(2010-11)
  42. Softball Player
  43. Softball Player
  44. American sports radio personality who currently co-hosts the Boomer (Esiason) and Carton in the Morning WFAN radio program. He and Boomer consistently organize softball, hockey and golf events for charity
  45. Catcher for the Akron Racers Softball Team
  46. Oklahoma Sooners 1b women's softball 2012-2015, all time NCAA home run leader #1 overall draft pick in the 2015 NPF Draft by the USSSA Pride 1B for USSSA Pride
  47. Outfield- Arizona Wildcats, 2007 Chicago Bandits
  48. Woman's Collegete Softball star
  49. Professional Women's Softball Team
  50. Michigan Softball and Chicago Bandits and team USA
  51. Pitcher For Chicago Bandits Pro Softball Team
  52. Outfielder For Chicago Bandits Pro Softball Team
  53. Head Coach for the Texas Longhorns Softball Team
  54. Chicago Bandits softball player, member of 2004 Olympic Gold USA softball team.
  55. Outfielder for the 2008 UCLA Bruins Softball team
  56. Catcher- Women's Professional Fastpitch Softball Team, Chicago Bandits
  57. Softball Coach University of South Carolina
  58. Softball Coach Georgetown University
  59. Professional Softball Team
  60. General Manager for the Chicago Bandits
  61. Member of the 1996 U.S. Olympic (gold medal) softball team
  62. Softball Player
  63. Bobby Crosby  (2)
    AKA Dodgerfilms on YouTube. Famous for filming his experiences at baseball games with a camera in one hand and a ball glove in the other. Appeared on an interview on Sports Center. Also has a successful gaming and softball series on Youtube
  64. Softball player for the University of Oregon.
  65. Infielder for the Washington Glory
  66. One of the last few survivors of the 1917 Halifax Explosion, born 1916. Oldest member of the Maritime Sports Hall of Fame in Canada
  67. NC State Women's Softball
  68. Head Coach for the Chicago Bandits
  69. 2014 Nebraska Woman's Softball
  70. Softball Coach Auburn University
  71. Baseball player drafted by the minnesota twins in 1990
  72. Softball Coach Villanova
  73. Softball Coach University of Mississippi
  74. Softball Player
  75. Actress, Co-host Of Softball 360 Degrees
  76. USA Olympic Softball Team 1996 & 2000
  77. Olympic Softball Player
  78. Softball Player
  79. Tom Edwards  (4)
    Australian Softball Player
  80. Softball player for the University of Texas and lives in Indiana.
  81. womens softball player, South Florida University
  82. Softball Player
  83. First Basemen For Chicago Bandits Pro Softball Team
  84. Softball Player
  85. Softball Coach, South Florida University, USA Olympic Team
  86. Born February 5, 1973 @ Torrence California. softball
  87. Outfielder- 2006 Philadelphia Force
  88. Softball Player
  89. Pitcher - Softball Three time Olympic Gold Medalist, formerly pitched for UCLA; Current UCLA Softball Assistant Coach
  90. University of Alabama Softball player
  91. Pitcher - Chicago Bandits, Softball Olympic Gold Medalist, formerly pitched for Arizona
  92. Softball Player
  93. Softball Player
  94. Illinois State Softball Coach
  95. Infielder for the 2008 Notre Dame Softball team
  96. Softball Player
  97. Head Coach - USSSA Pride
  98. Softball Player
  99. Shortstop- Arizona Wildcats, 2007 Chicago Bandits Pro Softball
  100. Pitcher/ Utility - USA Olympic Softball Team, Texas Thunder, former player for UCLA
  101. Softball Player
  102. Oklahoma State University Cowgirls Softball Coach
  103. Softball Player
  104. Trainer, travel secretary and equipment manager for the ABA Kentucky Colonels in 1967-68 and 1971-76. He was part of the World Championships with the Kentucky Colonels in 1975 and with the Kentucky Bourbons pro softball team in 1981
  105. Head Coach for the Oklahoma Sooners Softball Team
  106. USA Softball Player (Played college at Tennessee)
  107. Outfielder - USA Olympic Softball Team, former player of Arizona
  108. Softball Coach Louisiana State
  109. Womens Softball player, P, UCLA & Team USA
  110. Born Jan. 15, 1970 @ Anchorage Alaska Member 1996 Olympic (gold medal) softball team
  111. Softball Coach University of Notre Dame
  112. Shortstop For Chicago Bandits Pro Softball Team
  113. Infielder For Chicago Bandits Pro Softball Team
  114. Pitcher For Chicago Bandits Pro Softball Team
  115. Pitcher - Three time Olympic Gold Medalist, formerly pitched for UNLV
  116. Born March 4, 1968 @ Wilmington Delaware. Member 1996 U.S. Olympic (gold medal) softball team
  117. Former Oregon Ducks Pitcher, Former USA Team Pitcher, Currently Dallas Charge Softball Pitcher
  118. Olympic Softball 2000
  119. Pro softball player. 2018 NPF Pitcher of the Year
  120. Pro Softball Player, NY Juggernauts
  121. University of Texas Softball player
  122. Softball Player
  123. Women's Softball Coach Louisiana-Monroe
  124. Pitcher For Arizona, 2005 Softball World Cup
  125. Coach Softball/Ex-Player
  126. Softball Player
  127. University Of Michigan Softball Coach
  128. Softball Player
  129. Softball Coach UCLA
  130. Softball Player
  131. Pitcher- 2005 New York Juggernauts, 2006-2007 Chicago Bandits
  132. Softball Player
  133. Softball Player
  134. Pro Softball Player- Chicago Bandits
  135. USA Softball Team & University of South Carolina
  136. Womens Softball Coach, Central Michigan, Team USA
  137. Women's Softball and Women's Golf Coach Florida Atlantic. Know as a player of Softball, Golf, Basketball and Volleyball. One of three American's in the Women's International Sports Hall of Fame
  138. Second Baseman - Arizona Heat, USA Olympic Softball Team, former player for Arizona
  139. Pro Softball Player
  140. Softball Player
  141. First Baseman- Akron Racers
  142. Infielder- 2007 Chicago Bandits Pro Softball
  143. USA Softball Team
  144. Olympic Softball Player
  145. Softball Player
  146. Softball Great played 1934-1949
  147. Outfielder - Professional Softball: 2005 Akron Racers; 2006 Connecticut Brakettes, USA Olympic Softball Team, former player of Alabama
  148. Played for Connecticut Falcons Professional Softball Team in 1970s
  149. Softball Coach St Johns University
  150. USA Softball Olympic Team Member
  151. Softball Player
  152. Pro softball pitcher, retired. Washington Huskies (2006?-10) Canadian National Team (2005-2010) USSSA Pride (2010-2014)
  153. University of Kentucky Women's Softball Coach
  154. Softball Coach DePaul
  155. Second Baseman/Outfielder for the New England Riptide
  156. Outfield- 2007 Chicago Bandits Softball
  157. Co-head coach Louisiana Lafayette Softball
  158. Co-head coach Louisiana-Lafayette Softball
  159. Team USA softball player, University of Arizona star
  160. Pitcher- Michigan Ice, Grand Valley State University
  161. Won Olympic softball gold medal
  162. NC State Women's Softball
  163. Softball Player
  164. Third Baseman- Arizona Heat
  165. Professional Softball Player - Chicago Bandits
  166. Pitcher- Akron Racers
  167. Softball Coach Florida International
  168. American, former collegiate four-time All-American, left-handed hitting professional softball outfielder originally from Morris, Alabama. She played college softball for the Alabama Crimson Tide from 2013 to 2016
  169. Baltimore Orioles Pitching Coach. Baseball / 1980's Pitcher / Mets and Phillies / Known for his Humor / Popular Guest at MTV Rock & Jock Softball Fundraisers.'the second spitter'
  170. USA Softball team
  171. Pro Softball Player, Akron Racers
  172. Outfielder- Akron Racers
  173. Bruce Meade (born c. 1951) is an inductee of both the Independent Softball Association Hall of Fame and the United States Slo-pitch Softball Association Hall of Fame. Meade has also been named to the All-World Tournament Team seven times. During his caree
  174. ELSE's first female baseball analyst Outfielder - USA Olympic Softball Team, Professional Softball Player for Arizona Heat, former player of Stanford
  175. Anchor for Root Sports Northwest for the Seattle Mariners. Former All-America softball player for the University of Washington. Also played for the Colorado Silver Bullets
  176. Shortstop- 2006 Connecticut Brakettes, 2005 New England Riptide, Former Player Of University Of Michigan
  177. Professional Softball Team- Midland, Michigan
  178. Softball Player
  179. Jay Miller  (2)
    Softball Coach Mississippi State
  180. Softball Coach
  181. Catcher - USA Olympic Softball, Professional Softball Player Arizona Heat, formerly played for UCLA
  182. Softball Player
  183. Softball Player
  184. Softball Player
  185. General Manager for the Rockford Thunder
  186. Jessica Moore  (3)
    Softball Player
  187. Softball Player
  188. Softball Player
  189. 2018 NPF Softball Player of the year. Professional softball player
  190. Softball P Lady Vols
  191. Softball pitcher, graduated from the University of Arizona,plays professionally, won Espy for Best Female Athlete of 2007
  192. Women's softball coach university of connecticut
  193. Head Coach for the Alabama Crimson Tides Softball Team
  194. Softball Coach Arizona State
  195. Women's Softball Coach North Carolina State
  196. Softball Coach Rutgers University
  197. Softball Player
  198. Professional Softball Team-
  199. Professional Women's Softball Team
  200. Softball Player
  201. Softball Coach University of California
  202. Infielder and Outfielder for the 2008 Notre Dame Softball team
  203. Catcher - USA Olympic Softball, Professional Softball Player Arizona Heat, formerly played for UCLA
  204. First Baseman - Pro Softball Player, Three time Olympic Gold Medalist, Chicago Bandits, former player for Arizona
  205. Pitcher For Chicago Bandits Pro Softball Team
  206. University of Texas Softball Player
  207. Pitcher - Softball Olympic Gold Medalist, former Texas Longhorn pitcher; currently plays for USSSA Pride
  208. Softball Player
  209. University Of Oklahoma Softball Pitcher
  210. Softball Player
  211. Softball Player
  212. Softball Player
  213. NC State Women's Softball
  214. Softball Coach Georgia Tech
  215. head Softball Coach Univ. of Pittsburg
  216. Professional Softball Team
  217. Softball Coach University of Arkansas
  218. Softball Player
  219. Women's Volleyball Coach Syracuse University
  220. National Softball Hall of Fame (1999) & a Coach at Yale
  221. Tennessee softball player
  222. Tennessee softball pitcher
  223. University of Tennessee softball pitcher
  224. 2018 NFP Gold Glove Winner. Professional Softball player
  225. Women's Fast pitch Softball from the 40's and 50's
  226. softball player
  227. Oklahoma University Woman's Softball star
  228. Softball coach, Stanford, USA Olympic Team
  229. A softball pitcher from Westleigh, New South Wales, Australia who signed a contract to pitch for the Chicago Bandits.She played college softball at Memphis University
  230. Professional Women's Softball Team
  231. Michigan Softball and USSSA Pride
  232. Women's Softball Coach Syracuse University
  233. Pitcher- 2006-2007 Chicago Bandits Softball
  234. Softball Player
  235. Softball Coach Virginia
  236. Softball- Tennessee Lady Vols, 2007 Chicago Bandits
  237. Softball Player
  238. Professional softball player. 2018 NPF Rookie of the Year
  239. Womens softball, University of Michigan 1984-87, 3 time all Big Ten team
  240. Softball Player
  241. Softball Player
  242. South Carolina Softball Coach
  243. Julie Smith  (3)
    Born May 10, 1968 @ Glendora California. Member 1996 U.S. Olympic (gold medal) softball team
  244. US Olympic softball pitcher
  245. Dutch Handball Player
  246. AAGPBL player for the 1946 Peoria Redwings; inducted into the Montana Softball Hall of Fame
  247. Outfielder For Chicago Bandits Pro Softball Team
  248. 1965 inductee in the National Softball Hall of Fame
  249. Australian Softball Player
  250. 1996 & 2000 Olympic Softball Team
  251. Born July 12, 1938 @ Meridian Conn. ember National Softball Hall of Fame
  252. Infielder-Colorado Silver Bullets(softball) All Big 8 at Nebraska in 84-84. All Pac 10 selection at UCLA in 1988. Played on UCLA's 1988 NCAA title team
  253. Softball Player
  254. Washington Huskies softball coach
  255. Professional softball player. 2018 Jennie Finch award winner. Plays for NFP Softball
  256. Outfielder For Chicago Bandits Pro Softball Team
  257. College Softball
  258. Softball Team
  259. Softball Coach Virginia Tech
  260. Softball Player
  261. 'Blazing Bertha' Born March 15, 1925 @ Dinuba California. Member National Softball Hall of Fame
  262. Softball Coach
  263. Catcher- 2004 Softball Gold Medalist
  264. University of Alabama Womans Softball
  265. Professional Softball Player--- Chicago Bandits
  266. Australian born softball player who plays catcher. Chicago Bandits 2017
  267. Born October 23, 1974 @ Chicago IL. Member U.S. 1996 olympic (gold medal) softball team
  268. Softball Team
  269. Softball Player
  270. Softball Coach Seton Hall University
  271. Catcher/Outfielder For Chicago Bandits Pro Softball Team
  272. Outfielder For Chicago Bandits Pro Softball Team
  273. Manager for the Rockford Thunder
  274. US Olympic Soltball 1996 & 2000
  275. Womens Baseball/Softball/Basketball Player, University of Michigan, Olympic Baseball 2004
  276. Pro Softball Player (Chicago Bandits) C
  277. Pro Softball player - Chicago Bandits
  278. Softball Player
  279. Softball Coach Oregon State
  280. Outfielder For Chicago Bandits Pro Softball Team
  281. Tim Walton  (2)
    Former Philadelphia Phillies Minor League Baseball player; University of Florida Women's softball coach
  282. Natalie Ward  (2)
    Australian Softball Player
  283. NC State Women's Softball
  284. Shortstop - USA Olympic Softball Team, Professional Softball: 2005 New York Juggernauts, 2006 Philadelphia Force, formerly played for UCLA
  285. Softball Coach Marylamd
  286. 2016 Penn State Woman's Softball Team
  287. Womens softball coach, University of Tennessee, Team USA
  288. NC State Women's Softball
  289. Lady Vols Softball
  290. NC State Women's Softball
  291. Softball Coach
  292. Softball Instructor - Diamond Kings
  293. Mike White  (9)
    Texas Longhorns Softball Coach
  294. US-BB Minor Leaguer (1986-89), Japan's Hanshin Tigers (1990); Current Manager of OSU Softball team
  295. First Baseman- Connecticut Brakettes
  296. Born October 9, 1921) is an American former softball player and bowler who is a member of the halls of fame of both sports
  297. Professional Softball Player - Chicago Bandits
  298. Head Softball Coach Illinois Wesleyan Univ.
  299. Pro Softball Player, Texas Thunder, Team USA
  300. Professional Softball Player - Chicago Bandits
  301. Softball Player
  302. NC State Women's Softball
  303. Catcher- Texas Longhorns, 2007 Chicago Bandits Softball
  304. Softball Player
  305. Softball Coach Texas Tech
  306. Former NCAA softball player
  307. Played slow pitch softball in North Dakota for over 25 years with a variety of competitive teams and he was always a leading player. In addition, he managed teams, Including Heartland Investors which captured a National Title in 2012.
  308. Softball, born 1987 - Olympics Beijing 2008