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Browsing Category Home->Music->Singer/Musician , A-Z Filter: R
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  1. Singer/Musician
  2. german entertainer, host of 'TV Total'
  3. opera singer
  4. Female Norwegian singer---known song dont kill my wibe
  5. Ingrid Raack (* 22. Mai 1954 in Zeißig near Hoyerswerda) is a german host and singer. Biggest hits: Königin der Nacht, Das Beste der Welt, Good Bye, Mama
  6. Actor, musician, author/composer of Fireflies and Shooting Stars winner of the prestigious Mom's Choice Awards Silver Seal of Excellence & the Moonbeam Children's Book Awards Gold Medal. President of publishing comp MoonWatch Productions
  7. Singer/Musician
  8. Country Music Singer/Songwriter - Kentucky Rain, Pure Love, Every Which Way But Loose, Suspicions, Step By Step, The Best Year Of My Life, On Second Thought
  9. Musician & Composer // YES (1983-1995)
  10. The Five Americans lead guitar player/"Western Union"
  11. Singer/Musician
  12. Singer/Musician
  13. Singer from Minneapolis, MN., USA. Pop
  14. Hugo Justin Race is an Australian rock musician and record producer who had been based in Europe from 1989 to 2011. He was a member of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, and The Wreckery with Nick Barker and Robin Casinader
  15. opera singer
  16. Singer/Musician
  17. concert violinist
  18. Singer/Musician
  19. Georgian operatic mezzo-soprano
  20. Opera Singer
  21. US jazz musician
  22. Musician/Guitarist
  23. singer/songwriter
  24. Singer
  25. Singer/Musician
  26. Vocalist
  27. Violinist
  28. Opera Singer - Soprano
  29. Opera singer
  30. Vocalist
  31. Singer / song writer
  32. Singer/Musician
  33. UK-singer and songwriter
  34. Back-up singer on Eminem songs; Releasing her own album this year.
  35. Singer/Musician
  36. lingerie model (fredericks of hollywood, playboy), c&w artist, Benchwarmer Model, actress
  37. American singer, songwriter and author Songs as: 'Perfect strangers' 'I gotta dance'Books: 'Insiders secrets for making your music a succes'
  38. rap artist
  39. The voice
  40. German Singer
  41. Folk Singer/Song Writer/Celebrates the music of Woody Guthrie with his own recordings of Guthrie's songs
  42. Jazz singer in the 60's & 70's and recently performing in NYC. AKA Renee Raff-Nave
  43. Singer/Musician
  44. Singer
  45. Children's entertainer
  46. Opera Singer
  47. British Blues and Soul Singer
  48. Singer/Musician
  49. Singer/Musician, Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo (2005)
  50. Singer
  51. Vocalist
  52. Singer/Musician
  53. Singer/Musician
  54. Violin player for KANSAS
  55. Composer
  56. Opera Singer - Soptano
  57. vocal percussionist (roots)
  58. French old singer, sometimes actress
  59. Vocalist
  60. Italian opera singer, sometimes actor
  61. Singer and actress - daughter of actor and comedian Mark Moseley
  62. English singer and songwriter; as a child sang solo on the song Suo Gan from the Steven Speilberg film 'Empire of the Sun'; also sang backup on the Tina Turner song 'We Don't Need Another Hero' from the film 'Max Max Beyond Thunderdome'
  63. Music Producer
  64. Singer
  65. Singer
  66. Chuck Rainey  (2)
    US jazz musician
  67. Singer/Musicianrock and roll hall of fame inductee 1990
  68. Singer, Actress appeared in Reet Petite and Gone
  69. Singer
  70. Member of The Spaniels. They did (Goodnight Sweetheart Goodnight)
  71. Musician // Lonestar
  72. American Rockabilly/C&W Singer/Songwriter - Gonna Find me A Bluebird, Whole Lotta Woman, I Dig You Baby, Nothin' Needs Nothin', My Love Is Real, Half Breed, My Brand Of Blues, The Majesty Of Love (duet with Connie Francis)
  73. Conductor
  74. Singer/Songwriter/Queen of Bottleneck Slide Guitar - Nothing Seems To Matter, Nick of Time, Thing Called Love, Love Letter, Have a Heart, Something to Talk About, Love Sneaking Up On You, I Can't Make You Love Me, Luck of the Draw
  75. Broadway Actor/Singer: Carousel, Pajama Game, Bonnie Raitt's Father
  76. Broadway Dancer/Singer/Actress
  77. rap artist - eric b & rakim
  78. film scores (laura, forever amber, sep, tables)
  79. American actor,dancer and singer born in 1929.'Seven Brides for Seven Brothers','Pennies From Heaven','Kiss Me Kate','Invitation To The Dance','Merry Andrew','My Sister Eileen','Ziegfeld Follies'
  80. The Bells singer
  81. 'Rock & Roll' Member of Bad Company
  82. pianist-organist (the lawrence welk show)
  83. John Ralston  (2)
    Actress: Vanished Without a Trace, The City, Exit Wounds, The Cradle Will Fall, Instant Star, Kaw, Demons from Her Past, Flash Gordon, Life with Derek, Living in Your Car, Bomb Girls, The Lizzie Borden Chronicles, Dregrassi, Bitten, Street Legal
  84. John Ralston  (3)
    Florida-based musician
  85. Musician
  86. Singer/Musician
  87. italian singer
  88. One top ten hit single called: 'Concrete and Clay'. And, as a composer.
  89. Singer
  90. Singer/Musician
  91. guitarist (godsmack)
  92. opera singer
  93. Musician
  94. Guitar Player
  95. Singer
  96. Carlos Ramrez  (3)
    Legendary Columbian Singer
  97. Musician
  98. Singer/Musician
  99. David Ramirez  (2)
    Singer songwriter
  100. Singer/Musician
  101. Singer
  102. Long TIme Florida Marlins Spanish Radio Annocuer...Also is a member of the Hall of Fame
  103. former bassist - marilyn manson, current bassist - a perfect circle
  104. Musician - Former Contestant on American Idol
  105. Singer/Musician
  106. Singer/Musician
  107. Female Singer
  108. Singer/Actress - 'Land Of Smiles'
  109. Rapper, HipHop and Graffiti Artist of the 80`s
  110. Rock singer, actor, writer, and Spanish presenter (Spain)
  111. Member of the band Ramones
  112. guitarist the ramones
  113. drummer the ramones
  114. legendary grammy award winning music producer
  115. Drummer for the Ramones
  116. The original drummer of the band Ramones
  117. singer - association
  118. Singer/Musician
  119. Musician/Guitarist
  120. Conductor
  121. Vocalist
  122. singer
  123. singer, guitarist - association
  124. Bassist with short lived English band Dangerous Girls. They made four 7 inch recoords between 1980 and 81
  125. Opera Singer
  126. Actor & Singer
  127. US-German Jazz Singer
  128. Singer/Musician
  129. Buck Ramsey  (2)
  130. Elvis - Singer, musician, songwriter who wrote 'We Can Make The Morning', which Elvis recorded on May 20, 1971 in Nashville, and RCA released as the flipside of 'Until It's Time For You To Go' on January 4, 1972
  131. singer - 10000 maniacs
  132. Country music singer who gained fame from a viral video of him singing Hank Williams' 'Lovesick Blues' in a Walmart
  133. Steve Ramsey  (2)
    Guitar Player, 'Satan', 'Blind Fury', 'Pariah', 'Skyclad'
  134. Christian Singer/Musician
  135. Singer/Musician
  136. Singer/Musician
  137. English rapper and songwriter
  138. Singer/Musician
  139. Female Vocalist
  140. Opera Singer
  141. Former Bassist for the band Autograph
  142. Rock Star Supernova
  143. Singer
  144. Bobby Randall  (2)
    Guitarist // Sawyer Brown (1981-1991) & Confederate Railroad (2011-20??)
  145. Musician/Guitarist for Steely Dan
  146. Singer
  147. Singer Everyone's Hero Soundtrack
  148. Pianist
  149. Singer/Musician
  150. singer/composer wrote hits for little anthony
  151. Actor/Musician, Justin Finch Fletchley in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, singer in The Swingles
  152. Opera Singer - Bass
  153. Opera Singer - Tenor
  154. Jazz Saxophonist/Played On Elvis, Roy Orbison, and Brenda Lee recordings.
  155. bassist (reveille)
  156. Tony, Drama League and Outer Critic's circle nominated actress- played Oda Mae Brown in Ghost the musical in the West End and Broadway
  157. Conductor
  158. Lead Singer for Bayside
  159. Singer/Musician
  160. Singer/Musician
  161. Pop/Jazz Singer (b: 1940) - Sang with Nelson Riddle, Ray Anthony, Stan Kenton. On the soundtracks of Wait Until Dark (theme song), The Careless Years (theme song), The Hell With Heroes, Men Of Honor
  162. Singer in girl band 'Sugababes'
  163. Jazz Singer/Musician
  164. Singer/Musician
  165. British Musician - drummer in 'the pogues'
  166. concert pianist
  167. Singer/songwriter
  168. singer/songwriter/guitarist
  169. British conductor and composer who was of Austrian birth
  170. Jamaican Dancehall Singer
  171. Singer/Musician
  172. Pianist
  173. Opera Singer
  174. Born in Ste. Rose du Lac, Manitoba, Canada in August 1st, 1953; also known as 'C-Weed'; singer/musician
  175. Singer for The Toasters, The Pilfers, has worked with Reel Big Fish and The Pietasters
  176. Conductor
  177. Singer badge from Spain / Cantante insignia desde España
  178. Raphael  (2)
    French singer, actor : Hotel de l'Univers, Je sais que la Terre est Plate, Ces amours là
  179. Puerto Rican rock singer
  180. Member in Singing Group 'Dreamstreet'
  181. Frontman for the group Danny & the Juniors, best known for their 1957 hit 'At the Hop'
  182. Singer/Musician
  183. Vocalist
  184. Singer
  185. rapper (playaz club i'll be around)
  186. Female Rapper
  187. Raquel  (2)
    Ghanaian singer
  188. Scorpions Drummer 1977-1995
  189. Musician
  190. Singer/Musician
  191. Was the lead singer of Long Beach Dub Allstars and Long Beach Short Bus
  192. soul/rap artist (arrested development)
  193. Guitar and sitar for 60's psychedelic jazz-rock band 'Sweet Smoke'
  194. music
  195. Musician
  196. rap artist
  197. Pianist
  198. Conductor
  199. Opera Singer - Baritone / Bass-Baritone
  200. Norwegian Model And Music Artist.
  201. (June 21, 1928 - December 21, 1984) was an American lyric soprano, renowned for her fine voice as well as her acting
  202. Pianist
  203. american idol contestant
  204. Singer/Musician
  205. Swedish pop artist
  206. Opera Singer
  207. Opera Singer - Soptano
  208. lead singer the gentrys (keep on dancing 1965)
  209. Singer known as Mr. AL
  210. Singer & Musician
  211. Singer/Musician
  212. Singer
  213. US-american singer-songwriter and artist
  214. Nathanial Rateliff and the Night Sweats; band
  215. Vocalist
  216. Singer/Musician
  217. Singer
  218. Female Vocalist
  219. Singer/Musician
  220. Singer/Musician
  221. Violinist
  222. conductor
  223. Singer/Musician
  224. Singer from South Africa
  225. Percussion
  226. Opera Singer
  227. Singer/Musician
  228. Composer
  229. Singer. With Bob Wills
  230. opera singer
  231. Singer/Musician
  232. Singer/Musician
  233. Singer/Musician
  234. Born: 11/08/1961 (Dendermonde) Died:2021 Belgian singer 'Annelies', 'Alles doen'
  235. Country-Western Singer/Songwriter (b: 1944) - Joe Knows How To Live, Bayou Boys, Got Mexico, I'm Gonna Get You, In A Letter To You, Right Hand Man
  236. M2M member, now going solo, sings with Meatloaf
  237. Singer/Musician
  238. Voice Actor - Tony the Tiger (Frosted Flakes commercials for over 50 yrs. - 'They're grrreat!'), Pinocchio (Monstro the Whale). Singer - This Ole House (Rosemary Clooney's hit, bass voice), You're A Mean One Mr. Grinch (How the Grinch Stole Xmas)
  239. Singer/Musician
  240. Female Singer
  241. Vocalist
  242. Soul/Jazz/Blues Singer - Love Is A Hurtin' Thing, A Natural Man, Dead End Street, Your Good Thing (Is About To End), Show Business, You'll Never Find Another Love Like Mine, Lady Love
  243. Musician on Mister Roger's Neighborhood from 1974-2001
  244. singer, songwriter - indigo girls
  245. Singer/Musician
  246. Singer/Musician
  247. guitar and bass (on tour with paul mccartney)
  248. Born in Houston (Texas) Singer/songwriter He wrote songs for Johnny Nash. He has albums as 'I love country music' en 'Play that country music black boy'
  249. Danny Ray  (2)
    Daniel 'Danny' Brown Ray was James Brown's MC for over 30 years. He was also the famous 'capeman' who put the cape on Brown's shoulders at every show
  250. Country singer
  251. Singer, songwriter; sang backup for Chuck Berry, Chubby Checker, Lena Horne, Ray Charles and Darlene Love
  252. Eddie Ray  (2)
    Member of 'The Jewels'; their most enduring song is the often-covered 'Hearts of Stone' which he co-wrote with Rudy Jackson
  253. Conductor
  254. singer/songwriter
  255. Pop Singer - Cry, The Little White Cloud That Cried, Please Mr. Sun, Walkin' My Baby Back Home, All Of Me, Somebody Stole My Gal, Candy Lips, Just Walking In The Rain, Whiskey & Gin
  256. Johnny Ray  (3)
  257. Country music singer
  258. Kevin Ray  (2)
    Singer, songwriter, musician. Bass player for Walk the Moon
  259. Singer/Musician
  260. Michael Ray  (2)
  261. Michael Ray  (3)
    Country Music Singer and Songwriter 'Kiss you in the Morning' 'Real Men Love Jesus'
  262. Singer
  263. Puerto Rican pianist, singer, preacher along with Bobby Cruz
  264. Former drummer for the group The Leaves
  265. r&b singer (wait a minute) brandy's brother
  266. singer
  267. Musician
  268. country singer 'Love Me'
  269. US-Singer
  270. Sang duets with Buck Owens, 'Hee Haw'
  271. Singer/Musician
  272. Singer
  273. singer, album 'my way'
  274. Singer/Musician
  275. Singer/Musician
  276. Blink 182 drummer before travis barker
  277. Dj
  278. singer/songwriter
  279. French singer, winner of Star Academy 8
  280. Singer/Musician
  281. Singer & member of the boy band A1
  282. Singer with Fairground Attraction
  283. Gospel Artist
  284. Singer of country music
  285. singer - sweet honey in the rock
  286. Singer/Musician
  287. Rap artist
  288. Rapper
  289. singer emcee (prodigy)
  290. Played keyboards for Cockney Rebel from 1973-74
  291. Musician
  292. actor/singer
  293. John Reardon  (2)
    American baritone opera singer, 1930-88. Sang at the Met from from 1965-77, and was a regular performer on Mr Rogers' Neighborhood
  294. Opera Singer
  295. Country Singer/Musician
  296. Singer/Musician
  297. opera singer
  298. Singer/Musician
  299. Reba  (4)
  300. Male Singer
  301. Singer
  302. Musician, social media influencer
  303. Singer/Musician
  304. Singer/Musician
  305. swamp-rock singer (right place wrong time)
  306. Member of the former swiss music trio 'Peter, Sue & Marc' in the 70's
  307. Russian/German singer, former opera singer.
  308. American music artist
  309. Opera Singer - Mezzo-Soprano
  310. Israeli musician and composer
  311. Singer/Musician
  312. Model, singer; ex-wife of Mick Fleetwood; subject of the Fleetwood Mac song 'Sara'; Playboy February 1995
  313. Singer/Musician
  314. singer
  315. Singer/Musician
  316. Rapper
  317. An Americana Folk Acoustic Bluegrass all female band:Laurie MacAllister ,Abbie Gardner,Molly Ventner-founded 2004- cd's include 'The Red Album' 'Love and Other Tragedies'
  318. Jamaican dancehall reggae recording and performing artist
  319. Multifaceted Orchestra trained musician from Smyrna, GA., USA. Instrumental / Rock / Pop
  320. Singer/Guitarist/Songwriter - Interpreter of early American jazz, blues & Tin Pan Alley songs. Champagne Charlie, Theme to Mr. Belvedere
  321. Singer/Musician
  322. Vocalist
  323. Plays Lorraine in Hairspray
  324. Michael Lamar White IV, known professionally as Trippie Redd, is an American rapper, singer, and songwriter. His debut mixtape A Love Letter to You and its lead single 'Love Scars' propelled him to popularity
  325. Rock'n'Roll singer/songwriter, nowadays mostly remembered for writing 'Judy' which Elvis covered
  326. Singer
  327. Guitarist and lead singer in band Bowling for Soup, Phineas and Ferb Voice Actor
  328. Musician/Actor - LOST, Great Expectations, Godzilla, The Seige, Falcone, The Corner, Oz, Law and Order: Special Victims Unit, CSI: Miami, Dirty Work, The Wire, Fringe
  329. bass guitarist in The Jimi Hendrix Experience
  330. Singer/Musician1988 rock and roll hall of fame inductee
  331. German actor/singer
  332. Singer/Musician
  333. presenter Music Box, GMTV, actress Flodder 2, Singer
  334. Ex-Eternal singer
  335. Rapper & Actor: Ride, How High, Seed of Chucky, Method & Red, Dark
  336. jazz reeds player composer
  337. Jazz Tenor Saxophonist
  338. Contemportary Christian Musician/Praise and Worship Leader
  339. Singer; worked on the 'Dean Martin Show' in 1968, ?The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour', ?The Red Skelton Hour?, studio singer for commercials, television specials, movies, records, toured with Elvis in 1970, recorded with Frank Sinatra
  340. German pop singer, musician
  341. US jazz musician
  342. Singer/Musician
  343. guitarist (EvinRudes) songwriter
  344. Opera Singer
  345. Singer/Musician
  346. Played keyboard with the band Guns N' Roses
  347. jazz pianist
  348. Singer - last surviving original male member of The Platters (Rock & Roll Hall of Fame 1990)
  349. Singer: 'Hot Stuff', 'She Got The Gold Mine, I Got The Shaft', 'When You're Hot, You're Hot', 'Pretty Mary Sunlight' Actor: Smokey and The Bandit I, II, and III, Hot Stuff, Waterboy, The New Scooby-Doo Movies
  350. 1991 rock and roll hall of fame inductee-old blues singer-and hes alive lol
  351. Blues musician
  352. Musician 'Walk on the wild side', Involved in Velvet underground.
  353. Member of Singing group Blaque and also starred in Bring it on as Jenelope
  354. Singer, inducted into the Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame 2009
  355. former lead singer of The Drifters
  356. Country music singer and daughter of Jerry Reed. She did a tribute album to her dad titled 'Today Is Mine'
  357. A singer and harpist-zitherist who was a star of the post- World War II folk music scene
  358. Tony Reed  (2)
  359. Music Artist
  360. Female Singer
  361. German singer
  362. Singer/Musician
  363. Actor/Musician
  364. Male Model/Dancer
  365. bassist (men at work)
  366. Singer/Musician
  367. Singer & Actress: Touched By An Angel, Chico & The Man, The Royal Family, Promised Land, Harlem Nights, The A-Team, Psychic Killer, MacGyver, Me Again
  368. singer
  369. Guns N Roses Keyboardist
  370. Rik Reese & Neon Highway is country band
  371. Singer
  372. Singer/Musician
  373. Country-Western Singer/Songwriter (b: 1932) - Girl On The Billboard, The Belles Of Southern Bell, Good Time Charlies, Be Glad, Looking At The World Through A Windshield, One Bum Town, Talking To The Night Lights, Blame It On My Do Wrong, Bar Room Talk
  374. singer
  375. American rockabilly singer-songwriter and radio deejay. He released eight singles in his recording career, but is best-remembered for his demo of the song 'Heartbreak Hotel' which later became Elvis Presley's first number one hit
  376. Former bassist with Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young at Woodstock. Also played with Neil Young on other projects
  377. English operatic, oratorio and ballad tenor vocalist of the mid-Victorian era
  378. Singer/Musician
  379. Country Singer- 'What I Need', 'It's About Time', 'Survivor'
  380. singer - martha & and the vandellas/Detriot Councilwoman
  381. British Operasinger from Oxford, married to Ross Anthony (Ex-Bro'Sis singer)
  382. Country Singer: The More I Learn (The Less I Understand About Love), We Can Hold Our Own, Rodeo Man
  383. Singer with Martha and the Vandellas (1967-1972), sister of Martha Reeves
  384. Bridget Regan  (2)
    Musician - Flogging Molly
  385. Singer/Musician
  386. Fionn Regan  (2)
  387. Vocalist
  388. German musician and writer
  389. Singer
  390. Conductor
  391. Eurodance vocalist, dancer & actress
  392. Regina  (3)
    Slovenian Singer
  393. Singer/Musician
  394. Singer,Deutschland Sucht Den Superstar 2006
  395. Singer
  396. TV and Movie Actress:'General Hospital', 'Miami Vice', 'Nine','A chorus Line', 'Producers'
  397. Italian singer
  398. composer
  399. Singer, Songwriter
  400. Hawaiian singer
  401. Female Singer
  402. Single The Game, Canadian artist
  403. Bobby Reid  (2)
    Bassist for the lat 60's Oakland band The Right Kind
  404. Lead singer of The Exciters (1960s pop/soul music group, known for 'Tell Him' (1962, US Pop #4, US R&B #5), 'He's Got The Power' (1963, US Pop #57), 'Reaching For The Best' (1975). Original recording of 'Do-Wah-Diddy' (1964, US Pop #78)
  405. Opera Singer
  406. Singer
  407. Craig Reid  (2)
  408. singer (statler brothers) songwriter
  409. Singer
  410. Male Singer
  411. singer (statler brothers) songwriter
  412. Musician/Guitarist
  413. Singer
  414. Lead singer of The Jesus and Mary Chain
  415. Singer/Musician
  416. Lead Guitarist - Third Eye Blind
  417. Singer/Musician
  418. Mike Reid  (2)
    former college/NFL linebacker; played for Penn State University & Bengals; All-American; 1969 Outland & Maxwell Trophy winner; 2X Pro Bowler; country music signer/songwriter; wrote 12 #1 hits
  419. Mike Reid  (4)
    American country music artist, composer, and former American football player
  420. Sam Reid  (3)
  421. Korean female rapper
  422. rock singer-guitartist (super lungs)
  423. Guitarist for Living Colour
  424. Musician, Singer
  425. Opera Singer - Tenor
  426. Cellist
  427. Sung on several of mike oldfield tracks including Moonlight shadow, Family man , To France
  428. Singer/Musician
  429. Irish folk singer
  430. Born: 1996 (Florida) German singer He's a son of Matthias Reim. His first single, released in 2019, was titled 'Grau'
  431. Born: 08/05/2000 Singer Germany, daugher of singer Matthias Reim and singer Michelle. Her first single was 'SOS'and her fist album '14 Phasen'
  432. German Singer
  433. Piano player
  434. Lead singer of Australian band Old Man River
  435. Singer/Musician
  436. Original and last active member of The Capris who had a hit 'There's a Moon Out Tonight' in 1961
  437. German Singer
  438. Opera Singer
  439. Country Singer // Gloriana
  440. Opera Singer
  441. Guitarist grandson of Django Reinhardt
  442. Singer/Musician
  443. Singer/Musician
  444. Jazz Guitarist great grand nephew of Django Reinhardt
  445. Violinist. Grand Nephew of Django Reinhardt
  446. Jazz Guitarist
  447. Opera Singer - Tenor
  448. Singer, American Idol 2nd runner up 2011
  449. Singer / Songwriter
  450. Opera Singer
  451. Vocalist
  452. German singer
  453. Composer
  454. Singer/Musician
  455. Opera Singer
  456. Opera Singer - Bass
  457. Opera Singer
  458. Country Music Singer
  459. Steel Guitar player
  460. Country & westernsinger, most of the time for SUN-records
  461. Singer
  462. Singer/Musician
  463. German Singer 'DSDS' 2021
  464. Conductor
  465. Vocalist
  466. Singer (ex Trio)
  467. Vocalist
  468. Singer and mother of tv presenter Julien Lepers
  469. Singer/Musician
  470. Singer
  471. Singer
  472. French singer and actress
  473. Singer/Musician
  474. Singer
  475. pop singer (navy blue/1964)
  476. guitarist
  477. Musician, producer and filmdirector
  478. Member of The Impalas, best known for their song Sorry (I Ran All The Way Home)
  479. Tenor
  480. Singer. Finished 3rd on the first season of The X Factor (USA)
  481. Singer/Musician
  482. Folk Singer and Song Writer
  483. singer/actress
  484. Conductor
  485. Singer/Musician
  486. Singer/Musician
  487. Italian Singer
  488. Singer
  489. Italian Singer/Songwriter/Producer (b: 1938) - Quando, Quando, Quando; Merry Christmas In Love (2005 Golden Globe nom.); The Prayer (1999 Golden Globe win & Oscar nom. Popularized by Celine Dion & Andrea Bocelli. Quest For Camelot soundtrack
  490. Vocalist
  491. Broadway actress and singer
  492. Vocalist
  493. Country Musician
  494. French-Canadian singer and sometimes actress - Mambo Italiano (2003)