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  1. Homemaker/Activist-Boycotted The Show 'Married With Children' Which In Turn Made The Show More Popular Than Ever
  2. English Anglican bishop and the 100th Archbishop of Canterbury
  3. Cathlic Priest. Brother of Pope Benedict XVI
  4. Bishop of Bangued, Philippines (1988-92)
  5. Puerto Rican pianist, singer, preacher along with Bobby Cruz
  6. Prefect of the Congregation for Bishops (2000-present)Cardinal and Archbishop
  7. Bishop of Blackburn
  8. Off Broadway Show
  9. Bishop of Derby
  10. Civil rights activist, educator (born 1929). One of the 'Courageous Eight' who helped organize the Selma Marches in 1965, and the man who extended an invitation to Martin Luther King to join them
  11. Evangelist/Preacher of Prosperity
  12. Cardinal
  13. Archbishop of St. Louis, Missouri (1994-2003); Archbishop of Philadelphia (2003-present)
  14. preacher
  15. Televangelist
  16. Jim Robinson  (2)
  17. Cardinal
  18. Puerto Rican singer and pastor, Menudo
  19. Evangelist, Author, was seriously injured in Vietnam
  20. Archbishop of Palermo, Italy
  21. Professional Speaker, International Evangelist
  22. Apostle and a member of the First Presidency of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
  23. Host of Padre Rosado Podcast. Has two albums Regresen a Jesus and Ad Ieusus
  24. Cardinal
  25. Archbishop of Bogota, Colombia
  26. Christian Political Cartoonist
  27. Cardinal